Lady On A Box, Part Two: Playing Me
Rating: NC-17 / Slash
Diana DeRiggs

Captain Hotok took over Erisi's training to get her response times down and her problem-solving experience up. He called it "taking you under my wing," and he enjoyed Erisi's flushed look and rapid breathing when he stood near her. She'd get all flustered when he spoke to her kindly or gently, or if he took her for a meal in the cafeteria after sims. As the primary Rebel fighter training specialist, his orders were clear -- train her up to elite fighter squadron status, and do whatever was necessary to get her there quickly. He had complete carte blanche, signed by the Xucphra directorate.

That included beating, punishing, torture, humiliation ... as well as seduction, all as necessary. He had not had to use any of these on Erisi, for she had a driving desire to do well and she followed him around like an affection-starved pet. Hotok had heard that she had failed on a previous mission for the entity, and was likely trying to show herself worthy of a second chance. That might explain the hard work and determination, but not the way she mooned after him.

He included her adoration toward him on his reports to Isard, and the Director smiled whenever she came to the part where he described Erisi's unrequited displays. This would make binding Erisi to the Empire a simple matter. Sex, money, and blackmail -- in that order -- were the normal means by which a subject can be coerced into doing as you need them to do. Isard knew that Erisi had failed in the seduction of Bror Jace of the Zaltin entity, and knew that being near Bror daily in Rogue Squadron would be tense and difficult. She did not need a flaky agent who'd quit or snap under the strain. She needed someone strong -- and someone who had the means appreciate rewards for a job well done.

Isard would have ordered Hotok to seduce Erisi at the right time, but the Director did not feel this would work too well. Hotok would train other operatives as pilots, and Erisi would see this as betrayal of her feelings. It was too big a risk to entrust the captain with Erisi's conversion. Isard would have to see to the seduction herself.

After all, that's how I stole Hotok from the damned Rebels.

* * * * *

Erisi's flight performance at last came up to snuff, and she was released from the training program. Isard had passed down the order for Hotok to attempt to have sex with the girl, in order to emotionally bind her to the Empire and obligate her to them; she knew the Captain would execute the job only as described, for he had a preference for young men.

As planned, Isard walked in on them during the attempt and nearly laughed at loud at the scene. It had not escaped her notice that Erisi was very boyish in figure, but seeing them together, she wondered if Hotok might be able to penetrate her after all. It seemed he had encouraged her to cut her hair short, further emphasizing the young woman's androgynous features. Hotok had not removed Erisi's flightsuit, and instead had torn it down the back so he had access to Erisi's buttocks from behind. Erisi was crying as the big man attempted to place his not-so-engorged penis in her anus!

Isard noticed that Erisi wasn't begging him to stop; the girls was just crying silently and trying hard to endure the extreme pain. Her eyes were screwed closed tightly and she was alternating panting hard and biting her lip, like a woman going through childbirth pains.

He had tried pushing himself into Erisi, but her vagina was too tight. He didn't like looking at the female organ, so it made the attempt at penetration even clumsier. Then he discovered that she was a virgin! For all his perversions, Hotok was not a cad; he did have a code of ethics and morals of his own. This personal morality made him seek out the Rebellion many years ago, to do what was right. He also intended it to distract him from the demons which haunted him ...

Hotok had always known that someday he'd be arrested for his predilection for young boys and men, and so he put his energies toward his work and his body instead. He had had some sexual relationships with men and women, and had discovered that he simply could not endure vaginal sex; he found it repulsive on many levels. The smell of a woman's sex was repellent; he could fuck her only for a short period of time before queasiness overwhelmed him. But he found if he could flip her over and have her close her thighs, the smell would be minimized and he could concentrate on looking at her buttocks instead. Anal entry would be best, but he could orgasm in this position if he had to enter her vagina, as long as he didn't see it. He'd push very deeply to block the view of what he was doing.

But he couldn't enter Erisi, because she was a virgin and he just felt that was wrong to take a girl's virginity when he was simply playing with her head. My damned morality ... he also felt that it was wrong to fuck young boys, so he'd never imbibed. His personal ethical code kept him from his personal sexual satisfaction until Ysanne Isard captured him. She tortured him to find out his secrets, then hooked him up to a machine that was normally used as a electro-plasma torture device. Electrodes would pulse directly into his brain, feeding him images and sounds and false memories ...

Isard was on his lap, forcing his electrically stimulated, artificially hardened cock into her vagina, grinding against him. His gut was in turmoil as usual with a woman who spread herself so wantonly ... but then everything changed! Her smell changed, her womanly form was replaced by a soft-skinned man-child with long, dark hair ... the boy was working his opening up and down Hotok's penis, which hardened and stiffened more than it ever had before. The ease with which this grown child took his hardness indicated he was experienced, and Hotok was in ecstasy! He screamed out his orgasm; fireworks crashed in his brain as light and sound ... the vacuum that followed such a release emptied him out so completely that Hotok became insensible. He awoke to the youth licking his testicles, putting his penis in his unlined, pink mouth ... the boy mounted him again and rode him to another shattering climax ... over and over ...

That was how a moral, otherwise uncorruptable man like Hotok came to be enslaved by Director Isard. Having tasted sexual satisfaction -- albeit via drugs and illegal electrical stimulation -- he chose not to live without it ever again. And this was why he was trying to push his rapidly softening penis into Erisi Dlarit before he was forced to give up, and he hoped the Director would come save him the embarassment before long.

Isard cleared her throat and both Hotok and Erisi looked up. Hotok looked immensely relieved; Erisi looked frightened. The contrast almost made Isard lose her hardened mien.

"What is the meaning of this? Captain Hotok, you are dismissed!" She did her best not to laugh.

The man, not even bothering to mumble an apology, quickly gathered up his things and left the room as rapidly as possible. He flashed her a look of gratitude, which she ignored.

Erisi had stood up and was holding the back of her flight suit closed with both hands, chagrined that it had been torn. She looked down, unable to meet the Director's appreciative look at this unintentional bondage pose. Erisi was more upset that she might now not qualify to participate in Director Isard's project. What would the Xucphra entity do to her now?

"Dlarit, it's not right to take advantage of the good Captain," Isard spoke sternly and gave her a glare when the girl tried to speak to defend herself. "He is not a toy to play with and discard. He is an integral part of my Intelligence team, and I do not appreciate you using him like one of your petty boyfriends!"

"No! Madam, it's not like that, I never--" Erisi's face felt hot with a mixture of shame and indignation.

"Silence! This is not a negotiable situation, Dlarit. Do you want me to send you home right now?" Isard was delighted to see the girl's eyes fill with tears. "Or are you interested in proving to me that this was a one-time dalliance that will not be repeated?"

Sobbing, Erisi forced herself to answer, "Yes, Madam! Please let me make it up to you!" Her eyes and nose ran with the flood of liquid. She was unable to stem her panic anymore. "I'll do anything, please! It was a mistake, I won't do it again, please don't send me --" The poor girl was gasping and hiccuping and couldn't continue. Hysteria was rising through her gut and she couldn't form words ... then she felt a sharp sting to the side of her face!

She felt her head came to rest in the hollow formed by the other woman's shoulder and arm. Isard embraced her and murmurred, "I understand. He's very nice, isn't he? Calm down, girl. There is a way out of this. Quiet now ..."

As Erisi sobbed, her head was pressed hard against Isard and she soon had trouble breathing. In her panic her mind's eye started seeing flashing lights and blood-red spatters ... and a memory welled out of her past ...

"But why can't I see Mama? You said she's not dead!" Young Erisi had been told the previous week that her mother had gone away and would not be coming back. Her father had ordered her portraits and records removed from the Xucphra properties, and Erisi had panicked. "Where is she if she's not dead?"

"Oh, she most certainly is dead, Erisi. To me, to you, to Xucphra, she is dead. She is gone and will never come back -- that's what death means, Erisi. Get used to it." Director Dlarit did not even look up from the work he was doing at his desk.

Trying not to cry, Erisi blurted out, "Did you put her out on the road? On a box? Like those women I saw from th--" She stopped when she felt the blow across her cheek where her sire had struck her.

"How do you know about those women? Never mind! It figures your mother would expose you to them ... she's on a box for sure, Erisi. That's the type of woman your mother is, always on a box, on display, on show to the highest bidder! I have no time for this, young lady! Don't ever bring it up again if you value your position as my daughter!" She'd never seen her father so angry -- he was spitting! Erisi ran out, holding her cheek, before her father could strike her again ...

"Feeling better, Erisi?" Erisi was disoriented at where she was and what she was doing. She was surprised she felt ... naked? She opened her eyes with a start and felt the tingling of the slap on her face. Had I fallen asleep? She looked around and saw her ruined flightsuit was pooled on the floor ...

Erisi also slowly realized she was panting, conscious of a feeling of agitation ... but also of excitement ... I'm ... I'm ... Don't stop! ... Oh, I'm going to ...

Her orgasm washed over her in an explosive wave, making her toes curl and her back arch. Her mouth opened but no sound was emitted. As she came down from that sexual high, she felt something moving out of her vagina. But the captain isn't here?

"I'm surprised you are a virgin, Erisi." A woman's voice spoke, "Obviously, the Xucphra directors thought you'd be more valuable as a virgin. Ah well, it's always thus. Men value a shred of skin that is more a nuisance than an asset. But don't worry, you're still intact." Erisi was in a daze as she watched the woman in red wipe her hands on the torn flight suit on the floor, then leave the room.

Erisi was confused ... had she just been raped by Madam Isard? Erisi was alone, so ventured to touch herself between her legs. She felt slippery, but the liquid had run down her thighs. She touched her vulva and started at the soreness. Had she been fucked? By whom? Or by what?

Had she imagined something was inside her? She pushed her fingers in her deeper and felt the soreness from friction. Then her fingers bumped against her hymen and she wondered what was going on?

* * * * *

Erisi had received a recorded holo transmission from her father, congratulating her on successfully passing muster for the flight performance portion of her assignment. He reminded her that this was only part of the job Madame Director had in mind, and that she should not sit on her laurels. "Xucphra is relying on you to give us a good position with the Empire, Erisi. Don't fail Xucphra. When you succeed, you are buying all of Thyferra; soon Zaltin will be crushed, entirely due to your efforts!"

It figured that her father sent her a message instead of talking to her live, and probably as ordered by the directorate and not of his own volition or initiative. He never preferred to speak to her directly, stating that it made him angry when she replied in an inappropriate or stupid manner. Which seems to be always, sighed Erisi. But the good news was that if he wsa happy, Director Isard had not reported to him her transgression with Captain Hotok. She had not seen her flight instructor since they were caught in the ready-room. That attempt at consummation had not been successful, but Erisi had released her sexual tension with Madam Isard ... hadn't she?

When she thought it was safe, Erisi had pulled the flightsuit on and run back to the lockerroom. She would salute men who were walking toward her and turn to keep the front of her body toward them as she scurried down the corridors -- anything to avoid them seeing the ripped back of her flightsuit. Once she got there, she ran into the refreshers to wash the sweat and stickiness away, and then changed into other clothing. Then rather than throwing her suit into the laundry chute, she wrapped it up tightly to take it with her. It might be stealing, but she didn't even want the laundry 'droids to know her suit had been provocatively torn! They'd analyze it to need repairs and log it into some database. She couldn't stand having this detail on some official Imperial log somewhere!

Safely back in her room, she wasn't sure what to do with the suit, so she kept it tightly wrapped and stashed in a bottom corner of her footlocker. She'd deal with it later. But for now, she was receiving a signal to report to the Director's office. A uniform was not necessary, the notte explained, so Erisi just checked herself in the mirrors. She was inexplicably nervous about seeing Isard again, What's with the butterflies and knots in my stomach??

Ysanne Isard's office was deliberately designed in the Imperial manner, so that guests would stand below her and be forced to look upward to address her. In the politics of the Empire, the higher your position, the more like the Emperor's throne room your office would be. Isard's office was the largest one in the Imperial Palace, other than the throne room itself.

The Director was sitting, but not at a desk. Like the Emperor, she sat on a throne-like chaise, her legs crossed and her body slightly sideways in a casual manner. She watched the young woman cross the room, observing her body language: timid, self-conscious, but well-trained by the Xucphra men to walk in an appealing manner. Her choice of clothing was interesting, too. The last time Isard had seen Erisi in civilian clothing, she was wearing the provocative, tight sheath that was a sort of uniform among the Xucphra women. Today, she was wearing tailored slacks with a well-fitting belted tunic. It was not lost on the Director that Erisi was not-so-subtly mirroring Isard's own blood-red uniform. Even the colors the younger woman had chosen -- hues of soft grays -- were complimentary to Isard's, rather than clashing. Such things told the Director volumes about the person, including how to accomplish the seduction to bind the person to her and make him or her a willing Imperial agent.

"Approach," commanded Isard, in a voice that echoed in the sparsely furnished audience chamber, then, "Stop."

Erisi had walked up the steps of the dais, but halted on command and found herself just under Director Isard's eye level. She noticed that unlike a normal dais, the steps to this one narrowed as they ascended, making a pyramid which pointed up to the person sitting on top. The step on which Erisi stood now was a box-like cube, barely larger than her shoes ...

Erisi realized that she should not think about the narrow step, lest she fall of of it. She did, however, wonder if Isard knew the significance of that box to the ruling class of Thyferrans ... how the men could find a row of beautiful, cast-off women standing on boxes on the side of a particular road ... where her mother had likely been abandoned when she was no longer the desired trophy wife ...

The Director stood up and grabbed Erisi's face, pulling it toward her, "You pay attention, Erisi. This is important and you will only hear it once." The younger woman stood at attention with Isard's hand pinching her cheeks to force her to keep looking at her. Isard quietly explained the mission, which was simple enough. Erisi was to infiltrate Rogue Squadron, under the auspices of "equalizing" Bror Jace's presence there. She would report their plans and actions via secure transmission buoys; she would receive encoded orders when required. "You understand the importance of what I'm telling you, Erisi? This is not about destroying Rogue Squadron. It's about crushing the whole Rebellion!" Isard's face hardened, hoping she could trust the unconfident young woman standing before her. "Say something, Dlarit! Show me you understand!" Then she let go of the girl's face and glared at her.

Erisi was mesmerized by Isard's mismatched eyes and the intensity of her stare, and didn't feel the soreness of having her face held so hard. She swallowed slowly, and finally spoke. "Pardon me, Madam, but they are simply a starfighter squadron ... would they actually have that sort of influence within the Rebellion?"

"I assure you," the Director smirked, "they are indeed that stupid. They put all faith and power in a 12-man squadron -- and not all men. Women and aliens, too."

"Surely, Madam," Erisi's voice was small, not at all confident she was giving the right response, "they can't possibly succee-"

"Smart girl!" Isard had walked down the steps till she stood one head in height above Erisi. "They will not succeed, not on my watch! Unlike the Emperor and Vader, I am not arrogant about failure." She raised the palm of her hand and placed it on on Erisi's cheek and stroked the girl's cheekbone with her thumb. The girl tried very hard not to flinch. Then she placed her thumb on Erisi's lips and the Thyferran found herself allowing the other woman to enter her mouth. Erisi sucked on the digit lightly, which brought a smile to Isard's face and a shiver down her own inner workings.

Isard stepped down again till her face was level with Erisi's; her other hand went behind the girl's neck and she pulled her closer. "This is an important mission. You will be my eyes and ears, I will be your brain. We will be the same person on this mission, do you understand? We will be one person." The two women were so close together that Erisi could not focus on Isard's face anymore, and the fragrance of the older woman filled her senses, her murmurs filled Erisi's whole focus, "You will not fail me, Erisi ... you wouldn't dare ..."

As waves of pleasure stabbed deep within her core, Erisi felt herself drowning in Isard's will. Please ... oh, help me ... is she just trying to keep me off-balance?? The friction of their lips clashing burned her. Is she just playing me? Like a battle dog in a pit? Like the Xucphra directors did to me? She didn't know, should she show the Director just how wild she could be? Or was she meant to resist ...? What was the right answer?

Oh, but it feels so ... help me ...

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