Kiera Knightly: The Phantom Menace XXX
Aliens In The Ass
Rating: NC-17


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The invasion was over. Her people had been conquered, her cities occupied. Outside the Royal Palace there was only mayhem as men were gunned down and the women brutalized by droids and Neimoidians alike.

Their Queen had failed them when they needed her most; and now, the enemy would come for her.

Sabé waited patiently at the window, watching as far below the beautiful Moenian governor was stripped nude by a contingent of droids before being set upon by her own people. They smiled as they impaled her on their manhoods and pounded away on her fragile holes, and when Sabé leaned against the sill and peered closer she could have sworn the governor was smiling too.

"Come Highness, we must flee before they find you!"

Sabé shook her head, placing a hand over Eirtaé's.

"It's too late, my love. They're in the palace now; I can feel them coming for me."

"We'll die before we let them touch you," Saché said, drawing a blaster from within her robes. Beside her Dormé did the same, a steely look of determination in her pretty brown eyes.

"No," Sabé said, her tone brooking no dispute. "You'll put those weapons down right now and make no move to stop them. I've already lost too many people today; I won't lose my closest friends as well."

The trio didn't like it, but they weren't about to disobey their Queen, one by one placing their blasters on the ground. Saché was the last to go, almost shaking with impotent anger. Older than Sabé by a decade, she had served many royals and political figures in her time as handmaiden, but none she had loved as fiercely as she did the current occupier of the throne, her amazing blue eyes filling with tears as she contemplated what was about to happen.

Before Sabé could console her, the Throne Room doors burst open. As the smoke began to clear, she saw several droids coming at her, followed by a pair of tall Neimoidian creatures with arrogant smirks written across their flat green faces.


Keira Knightley went to her knees without a word, throwing her silk robe to one side before leaning in and finding the creature's crotch. He was a large black pornstar hired because of his penis size, but it was still disconcerting to see the beady red eyes of Nute Gunray looking down at her while she fished around inside his pants. She had been a teenager back then, and the character held a nostalgic place in her memories. That she was now about to suck his dick in front of a large film crew was enough to set her head spinning.

"Oh my gods," Keira said, brown eyes crossing when the biggest penis she had ever seen sprung out and smacked her on the forehead. "Holy fuck."

It must have been twelve inches long and as thick as her forearm, but that wasn't all. Wrapped around the swollen girth was a rubbery layer of green fleshy substance that gave the beautiful cock an alien appearance. It also enhanced his size somewhat, and Keira's jaw dropped when she contemplated taking the throbbing beast into her body.

Getting a hold of herself, she grabbed the swollen shaft and began jerking it up and down, forced to use both hands in order to control it. Nute, or whoever it was behind the mask, threw his head back and loosed a muffled, distinctly American groan. He would be dubbed over in the final product, but for the moment Keira was fine with it, staring up at him and grinning lustily before lowering her mouth to the bulbous head and engulfing him with a damp heat that nearly buckled his knees.

Keira bobbed her head up and down, slurping on his salty flesh while she licked the underside of his shaft. Gunray moaned even more deeply at that, and after pausing a moment for him to recover Keira started moving even faster, sucking even harder.

The only warning she received was a sharp grunt, but it was enough for the experienced Englishwoman, Kiera pulling off his cock just in time to take his load all over her pretty face, Gunray crying out and jerking his pulsing meat until his balls were empty and their contents dripped from her stunning features. Keira quickly crammed the mammoth green hose back into her mouth and sucked out whatever remained, moaning cheaply until it grew too limp to handle.


Her silken robes cascaded down her slender body and pooled at her feet, leaving her mostly nude. She had removed her makeup after the tryst with her ladies, and with her light-brown hair hanging loose around her bare shoulders she looked more like a pin-up than the supposed Queen of a billion peoples.

The character of Rune Haako pulled her close and began fondling her small but perky breasts, teasing the hard pink nipples until she cried out. Like the other man, Keira didn't know his name, but that didn't matter much to her. An accomplished actress, she could work with anything, shuddering bodily when he reached between her thighs with his thick alien fingers.

Taking her by her tiny waist, Rune lifted her into the air and carried her over to the waiting arms of a pair of battle droids. They were simple stand-ins at the moment, waiting for post-production magic to give them life, but were sturdy enough to hold the slim actress, Keira yelping when her bare backside made contact with the cool metal.

Rune reached down and unleashed his cock while she waited in mid-air, revealing a green erection much like Gunray's. He took her by the ankles, lifting her long legs up, then moved forward with his hips and slowly penetrated her with a head half the size of her fist. Keira gasped, curling her toes and kicking her pretty feet while she was packed to the brim with inch after inch of spectacular alien dick.

"Ugh ugh," Keira whimpered, breasts jiggling in time with his thrusts. He was so big, so much larger than any man she had ever been with, and humped away with all of his might, stretching her tight little pussy to the breaking point, Keira's eyes going wide while she watched her cunt gape whenever he accidentally slipped out.

Rune stared at the naked Englishwoman while he worked, clearly proud of what he was doing to her fragile body. When just hurting her pussy proved unfulfilling enough for him, however, he took hold of her tits and twisted and kneaded them until the creamy flesh turned a sensitive red. Keira screamed at that, more from pleasure than pain, and gritted her perfect movie star teeth while the camera captured every moment of her willing defilement. She was enjoying herself more than she was willing to admit, and when he reached down and gave her engorged clitoris a sharp tug she could no longer deny what she had become, the British whore screaming while she came all over his throbbing cock.

The feel of her undulating vagina was too much for Rune to endure, and after a few more deep pumps he loosed a muffled shout, cock throbbing while it spewed thick spunk deep into her quivering pink mess.

It wasn't over yet though, and after he finished shooting Rune pulled out of her glistening body and stepped aside. Keira blushed as she was left gaping and on display, barely able to look at the camera while it got a nice big close-up of her ruined vagina.


Keira gasped when she was thrown against the table. Gunray had taken the time during her session with Rune to sufficiently recover, and now he kicked her feet apart and reached down to tease her puckered ring. They had taken a twenty minute break between scenes so Keira could get ready, the Englishwoman lying on her back while Rose and Emma lubed her up and used a large dildo to get her properly stretched out, and as Gunray's fat cock slipped between her firm cheeks she couldn't have been more appreciative of all the preparation, gritting her teeth while the swollen green rod slowly pushed deeper into her body, refusing to stop until every inch was lodged in her rectum and bowels.

Keira collapsed on the table, her pretty face hitting the surface rather hard, but not a soul noticed, not even her female co-stars. They were all focused on Gunray, on his massive prick as it slid in and out of her tight bum. Gone was any concern for her and her well being, replaced with an intense fascination at watching a dick over twelve inches long being forced into a hole that was never meant to take anything half as large.

With her slutty pedigree, however, it wasn't long before the pain faded away and Keira was left with something approaching intense pleasure, the British screen icon closing her eyes and moaning while she was lifted into the air with every deep pump. It helped that sexy Kirsty Mitchell had climbed under the table and was alternately rubbing her cunt and eating it, thumbing and chewing on her clitoris while she was brutally reamed out.

Gunray reached over and grabbed her by the hair, growling loudly while he gave her a good yank. Keira screamed, her back bowed painfully, and stared straight ahead into a nearby camera while the alien bastard rammed her with all of his might, her perky mounds flopping violently as a result. It hurt, but it also felt unbelievably great, and after several long seconds she couldn't help groaning cheaply, feeling so hot, so sexy, as she took it up the arse from a virtual stranger.

If it was intense for her it was even more so for Gunray, the alien bastard speeding up and his pumps growing more and more sloppy. Keira shouted, her rectum burning from the friction, and kicked her feet and pounded her fists on the table. She squeezed down on him with her bum, trying desperately to bring him to a quick finish, and was simultaneously punished and rewarded when he gave her one more hard shove destined to leave her sore for days and unloaded his hot seed in her bowels.

Keira collapsed when he finally released her hair, squeezing her knees together and lifting one foot in a girlish pose while he pumped shot after shot into her ruined body. She drooled all over the table, not caring how it looked on film, and fluttered her eyelashes while she waited for him to finish, Gunray giving her one last hard shove before pulling his cock out of her body, her loose red hole making a disgusting slurp when he did so.

Keira remained where she was, relaxing while she waited for the cameras to get a good look at what the alien had wrought. The other women gathered around her, both excited by what they had seen and frightened because they knew it would eventually happen to them.


Keira reclined on her throne, groaning softly while she held onto the back of her knees and curled her toes in the air. Rose was making a mess between her thighs, kneeling in front of the throne and lapping at her ruined, leaking holes, but that was exactly what she was supposed to be doing, making Keira wince while she drained the exhausted brunette of any remaining semen.

"You will sign the treaty legitimizing our invasion," Nute Gunray said, holding up a prop datapad for her to touch. "If not, we will make your people suffer as never before."

"No," Keira moaned, barely able to act with Rose's amazing mouth going to town on her. "I'll never sign it."

Gunray nodded, as if expecting such an answer.

"Very well, your Highness. Then you leave me no choice." He turned to his droid bodyguards. "Take them to Camp Four."

Rose pouted as she was pulled away from Keira, managing to slip free just long enough to share a loving kiss with her Queen, the two women swapping spit and semen while they caressed each other's naked bodies.

"And scene," the director called out. "Great job, ladies."

Keira and Rose continued to kiss.

"Um, ladies? Did you hear me? I said — Oh, never mind."

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