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The Queen of Naboo waited for the transmission to end before letting go of her emotions and lowering her head, the twenty-six-year-old sovereign barely holding it together as her peaceful planet was threatened with invasion by the droid armies of the Trade Federation.

Before her sat the Council of Governors, her longtime friend Sio Bibble the most influential of them all. They watched her for a long moment, understanding how helpless she must have felt. Finally, when he could take it no longer, Bibble leaned forward and spoke.

"Perhaps he was bluffing; the Jedi Knights may not have arrived yet. Do not lose hope, Highness."

Captain Panaka scoffed, earning a warning glance from all three of her handmaidens.

"I need a moment to think the situation over," the Queen said, her words gentle but with the unmistakable tone of command. "Please, if you will wait outside while I make my decision."

The other governors didn't appreciate that, but Bibble was quick to come to his feet and bow deeply in the direction of the throne. "As you wish, Highness."

He ushered the others out, sparing a glance over his shoulder before the door slid shut.


Keira Knightley lifted her head and took a deep breath before stepping down from the throne. She wore very little despite being painted up like the character from the movie — her smooth back on full display, her hard pink nipples visible through her sheer attire — and when she walked the hem of her quasi-dress lifted to expose her long legs and offer a glimpse of her firm ass and bare vagina. The three women playing her handmaidens weren't much better off, yet somehow they managed not to blush while they surrounded her.

"Highness?" Emma Stone said, the twenty-three-year-old American blonde pulling off a convincing English accent. "Are you all right?"

She was playing Eirtaé.

"You look tense," Rose Byrne agreed, glancing at Kirsty Mitchell who was nodding her head in agreement. "Perhaps we can help?"

They were playing Dormé and Saché, respectively, the filmmakers and wealthy backers of this underground production having decided that only three handmaidens would make the scenes easier for the viewer to follow. As Rose Byrne's Attack of the Clones character was enormously popular despite her limited screen time it was only natural that she be included, the Australian actress's experience on XXX-Men making her perfect for the role.

"Yes," Keira agreed, "I do feel a little tight."

She was Queen Sabé, replacing Natalie Portman who wanted to take the part but was vetoed by several fans who found her character irritating and her acting atrocious, an opinion shared by Keira and the others, though they were too professional to say so in public. In stepped Keira, her experience on King Arthur XXX and Ass Pirates of the Caribbean making her the perfect choice to play the Queen, something fans of the Star Wars series wished had happened the first time around.

Emma was quick to take control, her character bitchy but eager to please. She grabbed Keira from behind, only an inch shorter than the five-foot-seven beauty, and sniffed her wavy brown hair while she massaged her shoulders. It didn't surprise anyone to see the green-eyed blonde taking her role to heart; Emma might be the youngest of the sexy quartet but she was by far the most experienced, having stripped, whored, and starred in dozens of pornos before the others were even aware that there was a thriving celebrity porn scene at work all over the world.

Keira murmured under her breath, holding her hair off her shoulders while the blonde worked. After only a few seconds, however, she shrugged the woman's hands away and shook her head.

"That's not it," she said, brown eyes hooded erotically. "I still feel tight."

She ran her hands down the front of her body, caressing her flat belly before lifting her so-called dress and finding her smooth pubic mound.

"Oh gods, what am I going to do?"


Rose Byrne knew what she was going to do, coming forward and grabbing Keira by the waist, hoisting her into the air and kissing her hard while they stumbled toward the throne. She was shorter than Keira by nearly an inch, and considerably weaker, but one wouldn't know that from the way they compensated, Keira wrapping her long legs around her waist and using her weight to propel them into the lush throne before Rose could collapse.

"Thanks," the Australian mouthed between kisses. She lifted Keira by the chin and exposed her slender neck, taking a moment to admire her soft co-star before leaning in and suckling at her creamy flesh. She had been crushing on Keira ever since seeing her in King Arthur over the summer, moaning loudly while she assured herself that indeed the British beauty was as delicious as she looked on the small screen.

While she was doing that, Kirsty and Emma came over and began undoing Keira's dress, exposing first her small but firm breasts then baring her beautiful vagina. Keira sighed as she was left wearing only her expensive sandals and make-up, licking her painted lips while she ran her fingers through Rose's soft brown hair. It didn't take long for the scent of her gorgeous pussy to reach the thirty-two-year-old Australian, and after a few more kisses Rose broke away from Keira's grip and began moving down her body, flicking her tongue like the professional sex star she was and leaving the Englishwoman on the verge of frustration.

"No don't smell it," Keira pleaded, shoving the cowl away from Rose's gorgeous face and pulling at her hair. "Eat it! Your Queen commands you!"

Rose bit back her retort —' remembering at the last second that she was playing the part of a submissive servant — and instead of telling Keira to go eat herself smiled and nodded vigorously before shoving the pretend Queen back in her throne. She leaned forward on her knees, burying herself between the woman's strong thighs, and took a deep breath of musky goodness before sticking out her tongue and taking her first taste.

Emma and Kirsty helped out as best they could, pulling Keira's long legs over the arms of the throne, pinning her back and sucking on her nipples and making out with her, but it was Rose's show right now, and they moaned softly and kept their chatter to a minimum while the cameras focused on her and Keira.

And what a show it was, Rose grunting almost like an animal while she feasted on the popular Brit, her nose pressed against Keira's smooth pubic mound while she sucked and licked her pink mess and tugged on her crinkled folds. When she wasn't doing that she was chewing on her clitoris, grinning whenever Keira cried out and tried to resist, only to be held in place by the other two sluts. Rose was relentless, not caring if she was giving her co-star so much pleasure it hurt, and it wasn't long, maybe three or four minutes, before she felt Keira's cute little pussy quiver.

"Oh my gods," the pretend Queen cried. "Oh gods, you're making me come!"

She gushed hard, almost drowning Rose in tasty girl-cum. She shook hard, trembling in Emma's loving embrace, and curled her toes and kicked her feet until her climax finally passed. Rose was still going, however, and for the next minute or so the limp brunette gasped and jerked in her throne while the Australian cleaned her to the last drop.

Rose gave Keira's pussy a last loving kiss before finally coming to her feet. She reeked of the woman's scent, the area around her sensual mouth sticky, and almost at once both Kirsty and Emma were on her, kissing her hard on the lips and sucking her tongue while they cleaned her up as good as new.

Keira could hardly stand to watch, squeezing her knees together and moaning softly into her hand while she recovered from her orgasm.


It was Kirsty's turn now, the brown-haired Scottish beauty letting her simple dress fall to the polished marble floor. She was thirty-seven, the oldest of the four, but the others had only to look at her large breasts, flat stomach, and smooth pussy to see she was the equal of any cheap twenty-something, her bright blue eyes flashing while she lifted one long leg after another and Emma Stone slipped a leather-strapped dildo around her firm thighs.

Keira tried to crawl away, the warm Italian sun shining down on her glistening naked body, but she found her path barred by an equally nude Rose, the towering Aussie pushing her head down and forcing her to kiss and lick her toes.

Kirsty was right on her tail, giving Emma a thankful kiss before strutting across the room, fake cock swinging heavily between her long legs, and kneeling down behind Keira. She rubbed the younger slut between her thighs, breasts heaving while she listened to her moan, then when she calculated that she was properly wet she lifted the cock and guided it to the girl's pink center. Keira threw her head back and moaned deeply as she took the phallus, shaking bodily while Kirsty massaged her taut back and slowly filled her in. There were still a couple of inches left to go when the Scottish beauty encountered resistance, but before Keira could beg her to stop she gave a great shove and buried the last of it deep inside the English slut.

"Ugh," Keira cried as her womb was invaded and her arse rippled in time with Kristy's thrusts. "Ugh ugh, oh gods!"

She sucked on Rose's toes, worshipping the Aussie's perfect feet and grunting while she was rocked back and forth, her lower body lifting into the air while Kirsty pounded away.

"How's that pussy today?" Emma purred, briefly slipping out of her English accent.

Kirsty grinned. "Better than ever."

In the Star Wars universe strap-ons were known as Powerdrives, devices that gave the operator the feel of having a flesh and blood cock. In real life technology hadn't quite caught up with science fiction, but thankfully Kirsty found herself in a room full of sluts, and after tiring of having her toes sucked Rose strolled over and knelt down behind her, kissing her neck and shoulders while she reached under and massaged the Scottish beauty's dripping-wet pussy.

Keira wasn't left to her own devices for long, however, and while Rose and Kirsty carried on Emma hurried over to give her something to do, the blonde sitting down on the floor and spreading her legs wide apart. She didn't have to instruct Keira in the least, leaning back on her hands and moaning loudly while the Englishwoman lapped at her sticky slit and teased her puckered asshole.

Rose fingered Kirsty in time with her frantic pumping, making the pretty Scot feel as if she was actually fucking Keira's tight pussy. Kirsty appreciated that, not getting much affection during her filming of Goldeneye XXX, and turned her head to give Rose several soft kisses in return.

Emma, on the other hand, had fallen into that great trap of assuming every other woman wasn't as experienced as she was in the ways of sex, and now she was paying for it, lying on the ground and bucking while Keira devoured her muff with a skill honed from long years working the casting couch.

A camera slipped across a rope at the top of the ornate ceiling, capturing the sweaty scene from high above. They had secured use of the famous Reggia Palace in Caserta, Italy for this shoot and were making the most of it, the girls scheduled to screw in nearly a dozen different rooms during the month-long production. Emma looked up as it passed, narrowing her green eyes and staring deep into the lens while she moaned and ground her hot cunt all over Keira's pretty face. It was such a hot moment that the director and several members of the crew couldn't help freeing their cocks and stroking themselves while they filmed.

"Don't you dare come until I tell you," the producer whispered to the crew. "You hear me?"

The ladies were another story, however. Emma was the first to lose control, shaking violently while she came hard in Keira's mouth and squirted like a boy. Before she had finished, Kirsty lost it, Rose's fingers going particularly deep and triggering a series of hot climaxes that left the thirty-seven-year-old putty in the Australian's hands.

Keira screamed when she came, her second orgasm so powerful that she briefly blacked out. She slipped off Kirsty's cock, her pussy loosing a nasty slurp, and collapsed on top of Emma, pressing her face against the American's soft belly while she shook and leaked all over the once-pristine floor. Emma still hadn't recovered from her own messy explosion, and together they writhed and sweated like a pair of raunchy porno sluts.

The producer held up a hand, signaling the crew to get ready. "And now," he whispered. "Come now!"

"A drink, milady?"

Keira sat naked on her throne and watched as an equally bare Kirsty brought her a crystal goblet sloshing with fresh semen, nearly thirty members of the crew having busted their nut to the scene unfolding in front of them. The bleach-like smell reached her before Kirsty did, making her eyes water, but she held her regal pose, legs crossed, and didn't hesitate to take the goblet from her pretend servant.

"Thank you, Saché. It would seem I've worked up quite a thirst."

She brought the rim to her nose, inhaling the fragrance as she would a fine wine, and while the other three women watched she touched it to her lips and began to drink. It took almost a minute for her to finish it off, the beautiful Briton having to pause quite a few times to keep from vomiting, and when she did the others practically jumped her, kissing her all over her perfect face and body in congratulation.

The crew had held their collective breath until she was finished, but when the director called "Cut!" they broke out into wild applause, loudly thanking all four gorgeous starlets for such a vigorous, lusty performance.

Keira stood up. She took Rose and Emma by the hands, while Emma took Kirsty's, and together the naked women gave a deep bow. Their first scene on The Phantom Menace XXX was in the can, but as awesome as it was Keira was certain they could top it. There were four weeks left in the shoot, after all, plenty of time for a quartet of nasty skanks to up the ante even more.

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