Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage
Rating: X

Bethany Handcuff

Author's Note: This story takes place between the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Dark Nest Crisis.

Jedi Knight Tahiri Veila dropped out of hyperspace as she approached the planet Hapes. Her comm system lit up almost immediately.

"Hapan control to shuttle Duel Pleasure. Please identify yourself," a brisk female voice asked.

Jedi Tahiri Veila, out of Coruscant, to visit the Queen Mother," Tahiri replied as she used the Force to look for her friend.

There was a moment's delay. "The Queen is unavailable at this time. We can let you know when she is accepting visitors again"

That's odd, Tahiri thought. She had just spoken with Tenel Ka a few days ago, and she had said that she was looking forward to Tahiri's visit. However she couldn't feel Tenel Ka on Hapes right now. "The Queen is expecting me. I believe she'd like for me to land and wait for her," Tahiri replied diplomatically.

There was another, longer pause. Then control said, "I've been instructed to allow you to land at the Royal Hangar, and to tell you: Welcome to Hapes, Jedi Veila."

Tahiri thanked her and set her autopilot to follow the guidance beacons to Tenel Ka's hangar. She used the Force again to try to get a sense of the planet, especially of the capital city. She briefly detected a faint sensation of someone in intermittent pain, but it was barely perceptible. Which probably means nothing, Tahiri thought as she entered the atmosphere.

When the shuttle landed, Tahiri powered down and opened the exit ramp. One of the absurdly attractive women that seemed to be everywhere on Hapes was waiting for her at the foot of the ramp.

"Hello Jedi Veila. Welcome to Hapes. I'm Me'gan, I'll be assisting you until the Queen returns."

Tahiri gazed down at the shapely blond who was wearing a tight-fitting tunic and pants, mostly blue and with the look of a uniform. A pair of mid-heeled black boots were on her feet. "Thank you," Tahiri replied as she stepped down the ramp. "And when will the Queen be returning, if I may ask?"

"I'll have to check with Ducha Mi'riam. She is the Queen's cousin, and handling things why the Queen is away," Me'gan replied. "Meanwhile, I'll escort you to your room. The guards will take care of your bags, as well as make sure that your shuttle gets serviced," Me'gan gestured towards a couple of approaching guards.

Hmm, I wonder if they could service me, too, the young Jedi thought as she eyed the muscular guards.

"If you'll get your shoes, I'd be happy to escort you to your room now, Jedi Veila."

"Oh, I don't wear shoes," Tahiri replied as she glanced down at her feet.

Me'gan frowned slightly, "Well, OK, that's fine. If you'll come with me please," and Tahiri followed her out of the hangar, giving one last look to the hunky guards as she left.

Me'gan escorted her to her luxury suite, befitting a guest of the Queen. Tahiri loved the feel of the room's deep carpet on her bare feet. Me'gan happily showed her around the quarters. After spending the last few days sleeping on the shuttle's bunk, she was most looking forward to the huge bed, complete with Hapan silk sheets and four stout wooden posts. The large refresher also looked inviting.

As they walked out of the refresher Me'gan said, "As the Queen's guest, Ducha Mi'riam would love for you to attend a special dinner tonight."

Tahiri gave a puzzled look. "Really? When I came out of hyperspace I was asked to leave. Now Ducha Mi'riam wants to have dinner with me?"

Me'gan looked embarrassed, "I don't know anything about what happened earlier, Jedi Veila. I only know what Ducha Mi'riam instructed me to do; and that was to invite you to a dinner reception this evening."

The Force told Tahiri that Me'gan was telling the truth. She didn't know why Tahiri had been denied permission to land. Perhaps The Ducha would have some answers.

"I'd be pleased to attend the Ducha's dinner." Me'gan gave a relieved smile. "However, I didn't pack for a formal event. I was planning on spending most of my time with the Queen." And we wouldn't need clothes for what we would be doing, Tahiri thought.

Me'gan flashed a big smile. "That's no problem, Jedi Veila, I would be happy to bring you something appropriate to wear."

"Great," she replied. "By the way, when will I be able to meet with the Queen?" Almost as an afterthought, Tahiri added, "I'm very anxious to see her."

Me'gan hesitated slightly before replying, "I'm not sure. As I said before, I'll have to ask Ducha Mi'riam about that, Jedi Veila." After Tahiri gave a nod she continued, "I'll be back in a couple of hours with your outfit then, Jedi Veila."

"That's fine, but one thing, please stop with this Jedi Veila stuff. Call me Tahiri."

"That's no problem Jedi Tahiri," Me'gan replied as she walked to the door.

"No, not Jedi Tahiri. Just Tahiri."

"Ah, OK, Tahiri," Me'gan said as she stepped out into the corridor. "If you need anything while I'm gone just press the intercom on the wall."

"Thank you, I will," Tahiri answered as she closed the door.

Only after Tahiri had striped off her sweaty jumpsuit and underwear, and tossed them into the laundry chute did she realize that she had just thrown away the only clothes she had at the time. Well, guess I'll just have to wear what Me'gan brings, Tahiri thought as she went to take a nice, long bath in the 'fresher.

After her long, relaxing bath, Tahiri walked out of the 'fresher and looked in the closet on the off chance that there was something to wear in there.

Inside was a single garment on a hanger. Attached to the hanger was a miniature data card. Tahiri picked up the card and read the message.

Dear Jedi Veila,

I found your sizes in the computer system. The queen picked this out for you while you are visiting. I hope that you enjoy it as much as she intended.

Yours Truly,
Ducha Mi'riam

Smiling, Tahiri replaced the data card and gently pulled the yellow, diaphanous baby doll nighty off the hanger. "This looks like something Tenel Ka would pick for me," Tahiri muttered as she slipped it on.

It barely came down to her crotch. Thin shoulder straps held it up. A string went just under her breasts, which Tahiri tied with a bow. From there it flowed loosely down to just past her pussy. If she was careful to stay standing strait up, that is. Tahiri smiled at herself as she posed in the large mirror.

Tahiri spent the rest of her time poking around her room. There didn't seem to be anything to find. She was interrupted by the door chime. Feeling a little embarrassed, Tahiri walked over and keyed the door open.

"Hi Tahiri," Me'gan said after a brief flash of surprise. "I brought your dinner outfit."

Tahiri stepped aside and Me'gan came in, carrying a closed clothing container. "That looks sweet on you, but go ahead and hang it back up so we can get you ready."

Tahiri returned to the closet and came back, now stark naked, to Me'gan. For the next half hour, Me'gan worked on Tahiri's hair. She seemed perfectly at ease with the young Jedi being naked.

"Now, I know that you said that you don't wear shoes, Tahiri," Me'gan said, "but these were chosen especially for you for tonight's reception." She held up a pair of glossy black platform sandals with several wide straps and about 18cm of heel on them.

Tahiri concealed the expression of pure lust for the shiny sandals from her face. Ever since she was a child, she had hated shoes of any type. It was painful to wear even the most comfortable of footwear. But in the past few years things had changed somewhat.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion Tahiri had been captured and extensively tortured. Their bio-scientists tried to brainwash Tahiri into believing that she was a Yuuzhan Vong named Riina Kwaad. As a result of this, Tahiri became extremely resistant to pain. In fact, she came to enjoy pain. Even to take pleasure from it. Tahiri kept this a secret from nearly all of her friends.

"What? There's no way I could wear those," Tahiri stuttered.

"Of course you can Tahiri. It'll only be for a few hours. At least try them out. I'll help you put them on." Tahiri was so mesmerized by the sandals that she didn't even catch that she would be wearing them for "just a few hours."

Tahiri bit her lip as though she were thinking. "Well, OK. I'll try them on."

"Great," Me'gan replied. Tahiri sat on the bed and Me'gan pulled the platforms onto her feet and strapped them on.

Tahiri stood and took a few tentative steps. With the sandals on, she was almost as tall as Me'gan. With the Force helping her balance, Tahiri had little trouble walking in the towering stylus-thin heels.

Secretly, Tahiri enjoyed her recently discovered love of painful high-heeled shoes. The higher and more painful, the better! And these were the highest she'd worn.

"See! I knew you could do it," Me'gan commented admiringly as Tahiri strutted across the carpet. "Now, come back over here so we can finish getting you ready."

As Tahiri returned Me'gan pulled out a tiny wisp of black cloth. "What is that?" Tahiri asked as she gaped at the filmy thing.

"Your panties, silly. It's a Selab moth fiber g-string. Very expensive. The cost would be enough for a family of four to live on for a couple of weeks on Hapes," Me'gan replied. As she pulled the g-string up Tahiri's toned legs, she added "The rest of your outfit is somewhat ... tight, and this is guaranteed not to show any of those embarrassing panty-lines."

Next Me'gan pulled out a large, thick black item out of the container. "OK, lift your arms out to your sides so I can put your corset on you," Me'gan instructed her as she approached Tahiri with the corset in hand.

"What's a corset?" Tahiri asked as she held up her arms.

"Well, it goes on like this," Me'gan said as she wrapped it around Tahiri's torso. "This is made out of Hapan nerf hide and covers you from chest to a little below your hips. Corsets are supposed to be very tight. They help accentuate your waist."

After Me'gan made sure that the corset was snug and secure, she said, "Now suck in your tummy real good for me." Tahiri obeyed and Me'gan pulled the straps as tight as she could. Tahiri gasped as she felt the corset tighten. "It will automatically tighten some more as you get comfortable with it," Me'gan added, as though it was no big deal.

This was crazy. Tahiri had to concentrate just to breathe in this thing. And in spite of her wearing high heels as often as she could, Tahiri still had a little difficulty walking in them, especially ones this high. The platform sandals and corset were getting Tahiri wet. The flimsy g-string was soaked.

"Um, is there anyway I don't have to wear this?" Tahiri asked hesitantly as she clenched her thighs together, trying to keep her pussy juice from dripping onto the carpet.

Me'gan's instructions were clear. Convince the Jedi to wear the outfit that Ducha Mi'riam has provided for her. "Well, you might miss the reception. Ducha Mi'riam is trying to be a good hostess for an honored guest of the Queen. This outfit was left for you be the Queen herself." At least that was what Me'gan had been told.

Sensing no deception, Tahiri agreed to let Me'gan continue.

Next came a long, black Hapan nerf hide skirt. The thick skirt was very tight from her hips to her ankles. The hem was thicker and stronger than the rest of the skirt, consisting of several layers of hide sewn together. It limited Tahiri to mincing steps of about 30cm.

"You look beautiful," Me'gan sighed as Tahiri hobbled around the room.

"I can barely walk in this blasted thing," Tahiri complained. In reality, she was in a state of bliss.

"Well, you look good, and that's what's important. How about some accessories to go with your beautiful outfit?"

"Whatever," Tahiri replied absentmindedly.

Me'gan pulled out a wide piece of hinged silver and closed it around the Jedi's waist before she could respond.

Startled, Tahiri looked down at the thick durasteel encircling her waist. "What's this?" She asked as she tugged at the belt around her waist. It moved up easily enough, since the corset had her waist cinched so tight. Tahiri let it settle in place at the top of her skirt, which overlapped the corset by a few centimeters.

"The belt that goes with the outfit, silly," Me'gan replied.

"Oh, OK," Tahiri said as she relaxed a bit. "Hey, where am I going to put my lightsaber?" The Jedi asked as the thought occurred to her.

Me'gan's face lit up with excitement. "Oh, the belt can be magnetized. All of it, or any section. The Queen developed this for her to carry her own lightsaber. Me'gan showed Tahiri the controls on the top of the belt. Moments later Tahiri had her lightsaber magnetically secure at her side.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Tahiri reminded herself to tell Tenel Ka that this was a great idea. The magnetic belt that is. Depending on how the evening turns out, the heels, skirt and corset might be alright as well.

"Great. Now I have some special bracelets for your wrists." Seeing that Tahiri wasn't really paying attention, Me'gan grinned evilly and said, "I want to surprise you with them, so put your hands behind your back for me, OK Tahiri?"

Busy ogling herself in the mirror, the young Jedi barely reacted as she felt Me'gan pull her hands behind her. Two cold, heavy bands of durasteel quickly closed tight around her wrists.

Tahiri brought her arms back in front of her and saw the thick bands around her wrists. They weighed about two kilograms each. She knew that she wouldn't be able to fight very long wearing these before her arms grew too tired to lift.

"Now let me put these matching ankle bracelets on you," Me'gan said, as she knelt and snapped them onto Tahiri's ankles. The ankle bracelets covered the ankle strap of her sandals and weighed substantially more than her wrist bands. "They're somewhat heavier than the bracelets," Me'gan commented as Tahiri looked into the mirror.

Tahiri now wore wrist bracelets, ankle bracelets, and a belt that all matched. She couldn't take her eyes off her reflection in the mirror. Me'gan broke the spell by suggesting that she practice walking some. With a nod Tahiri carefully walked around the room a bit. Walking was even more difficult with the heavy ankle bracelets on. Running was completely out of the question.

As she walked, Tahiri's right wrist came near the magnetized portion of the belt. It locked on as it did. Tahiri was startled, but gave it a hard tug and it popped free. Laughing, Tahiri cut off the magnet on the belt.

"There is one more item to add," Me'gan said as Tahiri minced back to her. Me'gan reached into the container and pulled out another circular piece of shiny durasteel, about 6cm wide. Since Tahiri only had one limb that wasn't already decorated, she could guess where this one was going. "This is a collar," Me'gan said, confirming her suspicions as she held it up for Tahiri to see.

Tahiri felt a sense of danger from the collar through the Force. But it was so hard to concentrate with the painful heels and the constricting corset. "I don't think I want to wear that," Tahiri managed to sputter between breaths.

"Nonsense, my dear Tahiri. It is a piece from the queen's private collection. It was used in the past on slaves that had been captured by the Hapan pirates." She saw that Tahiri still wasn't convinced. "The Queen left instructions that she wanted you to wear this in particular." That was true as far as Me'gan knew, because the Ducha had told her it was.

The Force was telling Tahiri that that collar was a danger to her. But she couldn't detect any deception from Me'gan. Maybe what she was sensing was from the slaves that had worn it in the past?

"OK, I guess so," Tahiri finally said.

Smiling, Me'gan said, "Great! Now turn around and I'll put it on you."

Tahiri obeyed and Me'gan closed the durasteel collar around her throat. As the two ends came together, Tahiri felt an imminent danger and tried to pull the collar off. The heavy bracelets and erotic pleasure flowing from the platform sandals and corset were too much for her. The collar clicked into place and the hidden circuitry came on. Tahiri felt an intense pain shoot through her head and passed out.

While Tahiri is unconscious she is taken to Ducha Mi'riam and Queen Mother Tenel Ka. The Ducha has tricked the Queen into trying on a collar like Tahiri's, and taken her hostage in a bid for power. Ducha Mi'riam needs Tenel Ka to publicly give up the throne. The unconscious Tahiri is threatened with death in front of Tenel Ka if she refuses to cooperate, to no avail. Knowing that she has effectively taken control already, Ducha Mi'riam thinks that she may be able to use Tahiri against her friend later, or trade her back to the Jedi. She orders four guards to take the still unconscious Jedi to another holding cell.

Tahiri begin to regain conscious while she was being dragged down a corridor. She tried to use the Force to awaken faster. The terrible pain returned as soon as she did. This time she managed to stay alert.

Her eyes opened and she saw the marble floor of the palace, and two sets of legs. She felt a strong grip on each of her upper arms. Someone noticed that she had awoken.

"Ah, I see that you're finally awake, Jedi," a voice said from behind her. Tahiri hadn't noticed the footsteps behind her, but she heard the contempt when he said Jedi.

Tahiri tried to look back, but the collar stopped her. Her lightsaber was also gone. She let the Force flow again, and the intense pain returned. Tahiri realized that the collar must be causing the pain. She tried to reach up to take it off, only to discover that her hands were secured behind her back. To the magnetic belt, more precisely.

The voice behind her said, "You're wasting your strength, Jedi." Not even one of your vaunted Wookiees could break the magnetic locks."

Using a Yuuzhan Vong technique, Tahiri let the pain from the collar wash over her as she used the Force to read the speaker's mind.

He had a remote that controlled the magnets on the belt. It was a trap from the beginning. Everything about Tahiri's outfit was. The heels, the skirt, the corset, and the bracelets. But especially the collar. Even with the Force Tahiri would be hard pressed to defeat the guards, bound as she was. What she needed was information, and plan of some sort.

"Where are you taking me?" Tahiri asked fearfully.

"Don't worry about it, little girl," the one behind her said.

The question had brought the answer to his, and his partners' minds. They were going to take her to a private room and rape her. Then to a cell in the Ducha's palace. Ducha Mi'riam didn't know about the guards' plans to rape her. She was busy trying to take the throne from Tenel Ka.

The last thought was the most important. Tahiri could take care of herself. The guards didn't seem to know that the pain of the collar was only partially effective on Tahiri's Force abilities. Their thoughts revealed that the Tenel Ka was wearing a collar like Tahiri's though. She would be helpless.

Her captors stopped and opened a door. They dragged Tahiri into a mostly bare room and dropped her face first onto the floor. Wincing in pain, Tahiri turned over and got a good look at them. All four were dressed in the uniforms of palace security. The Hapan Royalty had a long tradition of giving preference to the more attractive members of the Consortium to work in the palace. Tahiri was almost overcome with lust at the thought of these four hunks ravaging her.

The Lieutenant, who Tahiri recognized from his voice as the one that spoke behind her in the corridor, ordered two of them to take off Tahiri's skirt. Cringing in fear, Tahiri meekly let them. Not that she could have really stopped them, since her hands were still cuffed behind her back. Inside, she was smiling with anticipation. Now all she had to do was get her arms free and she could fight effectively.

Sure, she still had the sky-high heels on. Not to mention the heavy bracelets on her ankles and wrists. And the constricting corset cutting into her breath. Also the pain from the collar was interfering with her use of the Force. Still, having her legs free would help considerably when Tahiri made her move.

The only pieces of furniture in the room were a sturdy looking metal table and six matching metal chairs. Two of the guards picked Tahiri up and laid her on her back on the table. Her hands were pinned beneath her, but with the wide cuffs and thick corset she barely noticed. One guard stood over her head and held her upper body while the other two each held her legs.

"Please let me go," Tahiri begged as she struggled weakly. The guard on her right quickly slid Tahiri's soaked panties down her legs and off her. She barely noticed. Her attention was on the Lieutenant in front of her.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. Then he climbed up onto the table and onto her. The guards on either side pulled her legs farther apart, giving him easy access. Tahiri was watching the Lieutenant, but only pretending to pay attention to him as he mounted her. She was trying to get a feel for the controls on the remote that he had set on the chair by the wall.

The Lieutenant grunted as he pushed into her. Caught by surprise, Tahiri moaned with pleasure. She felt his cock grow to its full hardness, and he started fucking her in earnest. With genuine pleasure, Tahiri matched his rhythm.

Tahiri struggled to maintain her focus while he was pumping in and out of her. The two guards on either side of her loosened their grips on her legs and Tahiri wrapped them around the Lieutenant's waist. The remote seemed to have just a simple dial and separate on and off switches.

The guard standing over Tahiri's head, who she now saw was a Sergeant, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head down off the edge of the table. Tahiri opened her eyes to see his cock a few centimeters from her face. Her mouth had involuntarily opened when he pulled her head down and he shoved his dick in.

Tahiri nearly gagged as his balls hit her nose. She had never given head upside down like this. He grabbed her hair and started fucking her face. It was so hard to concentrate while getting fucked at both ends. Tahiri was enthralled by the experience. She forgot about her restraints and collar.

The cocks in her pussy and mouth were wonderful. Tahiri could feel her lovers' pleasure through the Force, which added to her own.

The Lieutenant let his weight fall on her momentarily, and their combined weight pushed the bracelets into Tahiri's back. This brought her back to reality. Tahiri had to keep the Lieutenant from cumming until the Sergeant was ready to. While she was doing this, she also had to prepare her escape.

Since men are drained of energy and weaker than normal after orgasm, Tahiri wanted to get them off simultaneously, then start her escape. Why fight four alert guards when you only had to fight two? She had a plan that would help with the other two anyway.

Tahiri felt that the cock in her mouth was ready to blow and gave one last hard, tight suck to finish him off. She felt him tense and his warm jism hit the back of her throat. Before he finished, the Lieutenant came deep in her belly. While they were both still nice and relaxed, Tahiri made her move.

With the Force, she cut off the magnets on her belt and the power to the overhead glow panels. Next she bit down on the still hard cock in her mouth. Hard. She heard him howl in pain and tasted blood in her mouth. Tahiri opened her mouth as she pulled her arms out from under her.

The guards on either side of her got a Force shove that knocked them down. She heard the one on her left hit a chair on the way

The Lieutenant tried to pull away, but Tahiri's legs wrapped around his waist held him tight. He proved to have excellent combat reflexes though. After barely a moment he realized that he couldn't pull away from her. He changed tactics and swung at her head.

Engaging in physical combat with a Jedi, even one as crippled as Tahiri, is not conductive to a long, healthy lifespan. If you ever find that you may have to fight one, you need to have a good plan. That was why Ducha Mi'riam had come up with the stiletto heels, long tight skirt, corset, bracelets, magnetic belt and Force-suppressing collar. So most of her plans for dealing with a Jedi were already beaten. The Lieutenant, Sergeant, and two guards were about to pay the price.

Even with the distraction of the collar, Tahiri knew the Lieutenant's intentions almost before he did. While he was still blindly swinging towards her, she drove a fist hard into his throat. He forgot about Tahiri and grasped his ruined throat. Finally Tahiri unwrapped her legs and shoved him away, blocking his clumsy retaliatory swing as she did.

Tahiri sensed that Sergeant Bloody Dick had recovered enough to dive across the table, attempting to tackle her. She rolled off and gave him a little extra momentum with the Force, so he slid off the opposite end and landed on the Lieutenant. With the Force Tahiri could operate in total darkness. Her opponents were making do the best they could.

Guard number one, nearer to Tahiri, heard her heels hit the floor and tried to kick her feet out from under her. Tahiri leapt as fast and as high as she could with the heavy ankle bracelets on. She barely cleared his sweeping leg. Her own leg cocked back and she delivered a devastating kick to his forehead.

Tahiri landed on the ball of her other foot, so she wouldn't lose her balance on the thin heels, and turned her attention to her other assailants. The Lieutenant and Sergeant were still down. That left the guard across the table.

The second guard had a chair in his hands and let his ears guide his aim as he threw it across the dark room in Tahiri's direction. She simply stepped aside and with the Force, sent another chair flying into his chest. He and the chair hit the ground.

Meanwhile the Sergeant had gotten his hands on the remote and turned the magnets on the belt to their highest setting. With barely a thought Tahiri cut them back off and sent the remote flying out of his hands and across the room. He muttered a curse and started going through the still choking Lieutenant's pockets. For a comm device, the Force told her.

Another chair flew into the Sergeant as Tahiri ran over, as fast as she could with the heels and ankle bracelets on. Tahiri hit the Lieutenant in the temple, and quickly relieved him of the comm. She only had one place too keep it, so Tahiri tucked it down between her tits.

The second guard was on his feet again, trying to follow the wall through the darkness to the door. Tahiri ignored him for the moment, since the Sergeant was back up and much closer.

He was in a fighting stance, waiting for Tahiri to make a sound. She wondered why he couldn't hear her short, labored breaths, but then she realized that he probably couldn't hear her over his own breathing.

Tahiri sent another chair his way. Through luck or some kind of skill, The Sergeant bolted towards Tahiri before the chair hit him. She side stepped his awkward lunge and gave him a Force push the opposite way. He recovered quickly and dived towards the sound of her heels clicking on the floor. Tahiri was surprised he had recovered so fast. The Sergeant managed to tackle her at the knees.

Her head hit the table on the way down, almost knocking her out. The Sergeant yelled for somebody to call for help as he started choking Tahiri. She heard the second guard answer as she struggled to get air past his hands and the corset. The collar was actually helping her, by preventing him from getting a good grip on her throat.

The heavy bracelets were seriously impeding her though. Even with her keeping her hand movements to a minimum, Tahiri's arm were so tired she could only manage weak, ineffectual blows against his arms.

The second guard was only a couple of meters from the door. Tahiri had to do something. Fast. The Sergeant had both of her legs trapped so she couldn't bring her knee to his crotch. Black spots danced in her vision as she reached down and grabbed his right ball that was still hanging out of his pants. The arm fatigue caused by the bracelets didn't seem to affect her grip. He screamed in pain and released the choke hold.

With the Force, Tahiri ripped the guard away from the door. Then she crawled away from the Sergeant, who was still groping for her. Tahiri drove the heel of her shoe into his thigh as hard as she could. She felt the stiletto contact bone and he lost interest in her.

Tahiri climbed to her feet and picked up a chair. She swung it with all of her waning strength at the Sergeant's head. The Force gave her enough energy to knock him out for good.

The chair fell to the floor as Tahiri dropped her hands to her sides. She took a couple of deep breaths, as deep as the corset would let her anyway. Suddenly Tahiri felt elation from the guard and her bracelets snapped onto the belt. With a look of contempt, not that he could see it, she used the Force to bring the remote to her but he managed to pop out the power pack before it left his hands.

As Tahiri caught the now useless remote in her cuffed hand he slammed the power pack to the floor. With horror, Tahiri watched the luminescent power gel drain from the fractured case in the darkness.

The guard took advantage of Tahiri's stunned disbelief to go for the door again. After trying the buttons and dial several times with her manacled hand to no avail, Tahiri groaned in frustration and let it fall to the floor.

The second guard was at the door feeling around for the control panel. Tahiri didn't bother with any of the lightweight chairs. She sent the end of the table slamming into his side.

Since the wall offered no give, all of the energy of the table was absorbed by his lower ribcage. Tahiri heard ribs break as he slumped down between the table and the wall. As she kept him pinned in place with the Force she took a couple of running steps and leapt towards the trapped guard.

Trying to run with your arms cuffed to your sides will slow you down. Trying to run in 18cm high heels and heavy cuffs on your ankles will slow you down considerably.

Tahiri had intended to leap through the air and send the heel of her shoe into his ear. Mid-leap she realized that she wasn't even going to make it to the table. Tahiri released her Force-grip on the table go and tried to aid her leap. When the guard felt the pressure of the table ease up on his broken ribs he pushed it away as hard as he could.

Even with the limited amount of Force that Tahiri could apply through the pain of the collar, she could sense that she was going to hit the edge of the table. With her arms secured at her hips, she had no way to brace herself. This was going to hurt. A lot.

The Guard, not even seeing Tahiri in the dark room, pushed the table directly under her. Tahiri hit the top of the table and slid hard across it. With the Force as her guide, the heel of her left shoe struck him in the side, just below his shoulder blade, about 12cm above his broken ribs.

Tahiri still had enough momentum to slide off the table and hit the wall with a thud. She lay on the floor in the darkness for a few seconds, feeling out with the Force.

The Lieutenant had died at some point, she didn't know when. The Sergeant was still unconscious, and would stay that way for a while. The first guard was out, but would probably come around in a couple of minutes. The second guard was wheezing for breath, with what sounded like a punctured lung to go with his broken ribs. He was crawling to the door, trying to reach for the control panel.

Getting up without her hands would take far too long, so Tahiri used the Force to pick up the table. She stood it on its end and slammed it down, breaking the guard's neck. With little remorse, Tahiri felt him die.

She struggled to her feet, which took some time in the towering heels. By the time she did that, the first guard was awake again.

Since she knew her heels would give her position away if she took a step, Tahiri stayed still and sent a mangled chair flying into him.

Her heels sounded like a hammer tapping as she walked over to him. He was laying on his side, barely conscious. A kick to his head changed the barely to un. With no more enemies to keep blind, Tahiri finally turned glow panels back on.

The first thing Tahiri did was retrieve the remote and empty power pack. She replaced the power pack with the Force. She pressed the off button. It was useless. Her hands remained firmly secure at her waist.

The power gel was still puddled on floor. Tahiri walked over to it and knelt down. She popped the power pack back out of the remote and dropped it on the floor next to the puddle. She calmed herself as much as she could and very carefully, with the Force, put some of the gel back into the power pack.

It took her several minutes to get just a few milliliters of the gel in. Then she slowly replaced the power pack in the remote and floated it back to her cuffed hand. Tahiri hit the off button and her hands were free.

Now only if she wasn't wearing the tall heels that were hard to balance in. As well as the heavy wrist and ankle bracelets, and the constricting corset cutting into her breath. And the collar was still interfering with her use of the Force. Still, Tahiri was a Jedi. Even though she didn't have a lightsaber.

Tahiri did a quick search of the guards hoping to find something useful. All she found was her still moist panties. She pulled the thin moth fiber into place. At least she wasn't completely naked now. She couldn't wear the skirt though, since it would hobble her.

With the Force, Tahiri checked to make sure that there was no one in the corridor. Finding it empty, she serendipitously left the room.

Luckily, the corridors were nearly deserted. The few times Tahiri sensed someone approaching she ducked into a room or closest until they passed. She would have made much better time if she wasn't wearing the ridiculous heels. Tahiri let the Force guide her to Tenel Ka.

Tahiri was hiding from a passerby in a room when she noticed the air vent on the wall. The room seemed to be a low-level servants' bedroom. It took a couple of minutes to stack some furniture, and climb up into the vent. Tahiri didn't want any searchers to see the stack under the vent, so she took the extra time to replace it with the Force.

Crawling in the vents was actually faster than mincing along in the heels. Not having to stop and hide every time someone came close helped too. She had to be careful not to make too much noise by hitting her bracelets against the side of the vent though.

Luckily, Tahiri found the room without having to backtrack. She stayed out of sight as she decided her options.

There were seven guards that Tahiri could see or sense in the room, plus a woman that she assumed was Ducha Mi'riam.

Tenel Ka was also there, wearing a much thicker collar than Tahiri. She also had similar looking ankle bracelets connected with a short length of chain. Her arm was secured behind her back with a bracelet and durasteel belt like Tahiri had as well. She was currently sitting in a chair. Wide straps secured her legs, waist and upper body to the wooden chair. Her amputated arm was held by the strap on her upper body.

The guard next to Mi'riam was a full General. A Colonel was by the door, along with a Lieutenant. Two more were opposite Tahiri, and she could sense the last two near the wall under her, a couple of meters apart.

The ones she could see all had blasters holstered on their hips. That was good. Tahiri would be able to use the Force to get one. She was hoping that her lightsaber or Tenel Ka's would be here, but she didn't see either.

Tahiri thought about cutting out the lights again, but that trick wouldn't work for very long this time. With so many people around, one of them would be able to turn them back on pretty quickly ... unless she just shot anyone near the controls. At least one of the guards below the vent would have to be taken out fast, since they would both be at her back. Tahiri spent about half a minute working out her plan.

Ducha Mi'riam told the General to contact Lieutenant Kei'gan for an update. Suddenly Tahiri remembered that she had the Lieutenant's comm stuffed down her corset. Quickly and as silently as she could, pulled it out and silenced it before it could betray her. It vibrated a few times, and stopped. Tahiri tucked it back down between her tits. One of the guards asked if he should go check on them, but Ducha Mi'riam told him no. Tahiri decided to attack before they became any more alert.

First she released the vent cover and held it out a couple of millimeters out from the wall. Ducha Mi'riam and the General tried the comm again. Tahiri shuddered as the comm vibrated between her tits.

The glow panels went dark and Tahiri slammed the vent cover into the guard under her as she slid out of the vent shaft to the ground. The guard that the vent cover hit was on the ground and pulling his blaster out. Tahiri let it clear the holster and used the Force to yank it from him. She did a combat roll as a pair of blaster bolts hit the wall under the vent.

The guard reaching for the controls to the glow panels across the room got a blaster bolt in her back as Tahiri danced across the room, avoiding more bolts that were lighting up the room. She expected to feel intense pain from the guard that she'd shot. Instead Tahiri felt from her that she'd been punched, not shot. Sithspit! Body armor, Tahiri thought.

Tahiri aimed for the next guard's head squeezed off a shot. She felt him die almost instantly. Moving and shooting, Tahiri got another head shot, and missed a few more. The lights came on as Tahiri ducked behind a heavy lounge chair. Four of the five remaining guards were behind some kind of cover as well. Ducha Mi'riam was behind Tenel Ka, with a blaster to her head. The General had his blaster in the Queen's side.

"Drop the blaster!" Ducha Mi'riam commanded Tahiri with a smug grin on her face.

"I have a better idea. You drop your blaster, and you might live. Because no matter what, I promise I'll kill you before I go down," Tahiri responded, scanning the room.

"Look Jedi! I've been planning this for too long to let some sorcerer screw it up!" She took a breath, and added, "Just surrender, and I'll let you go. Right now. I swear."

Tahiri sensed that she was telling the truth. "What about Tenel Ka?"

"All she has to do is publicly renounce the throne."

"Never!" Tenel Ka said grimly.

Mi'riam pressed the barrel hard into the side of Tenel Ka's head and said to her, "Look, I'll let both of you go, and let your father live. Just give up the throne."

Tahiri's eye caught the safety switch on her blaster. She looked at the blasters that were held on her friend. They were the same model.

"Even if I did, you're not really Queen material," Tenel Ka responded sarcastically. "More of a playtoy for an alien brothel," she added, using most Hapan's contempt of non-humans to rattle her.

With a flash of anger Mi'riam glanced down at Tenel Ka. In that instant, Tahiri flicked the safety switch on her blaster to 'safe.' Before either could say anything else, Tahiri shot the General's blaster out of his hand. Ducha Mi'riam pulled the trigger of her blaster almost instantly. Tahiri moved around the lounge chair to dodge blaster bolts and shot the Ducha in the shoulder. With the Force Tahiri put the lights back out and ran to Tenel Ka. Blaster bolts are great cover for running in the dark. Even with the heels that were locked on by the ankle bracelets, none of them could track Tahiri.

The general was fumbling for a backup blaster with his left hand. Tahiri shot him in the face from less than a meter away. She felt another guard aim towards her and shoved Tenel Ka — chair and all — over. As Tahiri threw herself to the ground, she knocked the Ducha out with the butt of her blaster.

Staying low, Tahiri dragged the General's body in front of Tenel Ka, so his armor would protect her.

Tahiri fired off a few more shots, hitting someone in the leg. While she was shooting, Tahiri slid the Ducha's blaster across the floor, and used the Force to point it in the general direction of one of the guards. She used the Force again to fire off a couple of shots with that blaster and used the cover to run to the nearest guard. She was on top of him before he even realized that she was there. Tahiri shoved her blaster into his neck and pulled the trigger. Only three to go.

The remaining guards were still firing at the dummy blaster. One of them was exposed from her new position. Tahiri put a blaster bolt in his ear. With only two left, Tahiri tried to yank their blasters away with the Force. Unfortunately it only worked on the guard that Tahiri had shot in the leg.

The last armed guard was behind a console, trying to figure out where Tahiri was. She tried to move the console with the Force, but it was bolted down. Tahiri picked up a chair instead, and slammed it into him. While he was distracted, Tahiri pulled the blaster to her waiting hand. With each blaster aiming at one of the guards, Tahiri turned the glow panels back on.

Leg shot victim was laying on the floor, clutching the hole in her leg. The Colonel was still hiding behind the console. "Get up. Slowly," Tahiri commanded him. After a moment's hesitation, he rose to his feet, hands in the air. Tahiri's arms were so tired from the heavy bracelets that she could barely hold both blasters steady. She dropped one and braced the other blaster with both hands.

"Tahiri, get me a comlink, so I can get help," Tenel Ka yelled from behind the body of the General. First Tahiri checked to make sure there were no blasters near the Colonel. Then, while keeping him covered with one shaking blaster, Tahiri found the General's comlink.

Tenel Ka quickly arranged a rescue. After kneeling and propping her blaster across the overturned chair and bound friend, Tahiri asked the Colonel where her lightsaber was

"I don't know. Ducha Mi'riam had Lieutenant Kei'gan take it somewhere."

"What about Tenel Ka's?" Tahiri asked him.

"I don't care." He took a breath. "Just shoot me already! Get it over with, Jedi!"

Tenel Ka spoke up. "Was anyone helping Mi'riam plan it?"

He rolled his eyes and without warning, lunged at them. Tahiri fired and shot him in the stomach. He grunted and kept coming. She fired again and hit him in the meaty part of the hip. He screamed in pain and went down.

The doors opened and half a dozen guards burst in, weapons drawn.

"Hold your fire!" Tenel Ka yelled to them. The rescue had arrived. Tahiri suddenly remembered that she was virtually naked from the waist down.

Tahiri dropped her blaster and slumped down to the floor. Several guards rushed to their Queen, and the rest checked the Ducha and her guards. Another handful came in, with more in the corridor. One of them finally got around to giving Tahiri an emergency blanket to cover up with. Tahiri told them about the bodies she left in the other room.

They quickly cut the straps securing Tenel Ka to the chair. Some heavy-duty cutters took care of the chain on Tenel Ka's ankle cuffs. The durasteel restraints on the two Jedi were not so easily disposed of. A few hours later, a search of Ducha Mi'riam's suite turned up both lightsabers, and the master controls for both sets of restraints.

First the Queen was released. When her collar was removed Tahiri felt Force presence awaken. Tenel Ka had her attendant show her how to use the controls and she released Tahiri's bracelets, belt and collar. Relieved, Tahiri was finally able to take off the towering high heels that had kept her in pain for so long.

"Take all of this to my quarters," Tenel Ka told a servant. "I'll examine them in detail later," she added with a wave towards the restraints. Tahiri gave her a puzzled look but didn't comment. Tenel Ka continued to get updates. A Hapan Battle Dragon had captured her father's shuttle. When loyal ships confronted it, a brief firefight ensued. Most of the crew of the Battle Dragon however, were loyal. Once they realized that their commanders had committed treason, they mutinied and surrendered.

Tenel Ka spent the next several days investigating the coup attempt. Tahiri tried to help, but Tenel Ka asked her to stay out of sight because of the strong Hapan anti-Jedi sentiment.

Tahiri spent most of her time in her quarters. The corset and heels stayed on nearly the entire time. She had several long sessions with her fingers buried between her legs.

Ultimately, forty-three people were held for trial. Ducha Mi'riam, her brother, the Colonel whom Tahiri had shot, and the Captain and first officer of the Battle Dragon were the ringleaders. Me'gan was just a dupe, but was released from her duties in the palace.

When things settled down, Tenel Ka summoned Tahiri to her royal quarters.

"Tahiri! Thank you for waiting for so long. I'm glad that you didn't get hurt during all that," Tenel Ka told her as they sat on her nerf hide sofa.

"Don't worry about it, I'm just glad that I was able to help."

"Well, I am too. The coup attempt was doomed though. My personal bodyguards were already seriously questioning Mi'riam's orders, as well as most of the home fleet. I lost quite a few good people though." She paused a moment, and then said, "But enough about that, let's talk about the security cameras that are in all the guest rooms of my palace."

Tahiri was momentarily puzzled by the sudden change in subject. Then she thought about the marathon masturbation sessions she had. She turned red with embarrassment.

"Your secret is safe with me," Tenel Ka whispered into her ear. "I do have a surprise for you though. First, I want you to go into the refresher and put on the outfit I left for you." Tahiri went into the 'fresher and found the yellow babydoll that she had worn the first day. With it was a pair of matching yellow platform sandals. These weren't quite as high as the other ones though. She dressed in the babydoll and heels and returned to Tenel Ka.

"Now, for your surprise," Tenel Ka said as she pulled out what looked like the collar that Tahiri had been tricked into wearing. "It's not the anti-Force one," Tenel Ka said, "It's just a regular collar." Tahiri reached out with the Force and felt no danger from the collar.

Tahiri blushed and Tenel Ka put the collar on her. "Now, for your service to the Hapes Consortium, I would like to offer you a reward." She pressed a buzzer and asked for the reward to be sent in.

Four tall, muscular Hapan men came in, each wearing a loincloth and nothing else. Tahiri stood gaping at the hunks. Tenel Ka was next to her. "You may now choose your reward," Tahiri.

Tahiri looked at each one. She walked around the group, examining them front and back. Once she returned to Tenel Ka's side she gave them another look and replied, "I want them all."

Tenel Ka smiled back at her, "I figured you would."

Tahiri chose to share her reward with the Queen. The two Jedi rode the stallions for hours, then traded and rode them some more. Eventually Tenel Ka sent them away so Tahiri and her fell asleep together.

The next morning Tahiri and Tenel Ka woke up to discover that they were still cuffed together from the previous night. Tenel Ka used the Force to unlock the cuffs. She used 'fresher and dressed while Tahiri went back to her room to prepare to leave.

Tenel Ka met Tahiri at the Royal Hangar. Once they boarded Tahiri's shuttle Tenel Ka presented Tahiri with a few parting gifts. One was the corset that she had been tricked into wearing. Tenel Ka also brought the magnetic belt for Tahiri. Her own was on her waist, with her lightsaber attached. Tahiri was still wearing the collar from the night before. She put the heels back on before taking off, although Tenel Ka didn't know about that.

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