Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia, Chapter 6
Rating: X / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

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The following morning, after another group work out in the Royal Gym, and sanisteam, and breakfast, Ta'tan'ia headed towards the conference room. Chief Daala had already left with DP, to meet Tenel Ka ahead of time. When Ta'tan'ia arrived, she found Chief Daala waiting for her outside. Ta'tan'ia quickly apologized for being late, even though she had arrived nearly ten minutes early. Chief Daala brushed her off, and took her inside the conference room.

Ta'tan'ia stopped in surprise when she saw what was there. First there was a black-clad figure standing on either side of the table at parade rest. One of them had red accents on her corset, red shackles around her ankles, and red soles on her platform heels. The other one had yellow accents on her corset, along with yellow ankle shackles and yellow soles on her platform heels. Since Trista and Taryn, the Queen's cousins, had been wearing the same outfits the previous night, Ta'tan'ia assumed these two were them.

They were each wearing glossy black synthhide body suits with black corsets tight around their midsections. Their platform sandals had shiny black straps and heels that looked about fifteen-centimeters high. Since they were at parade rest, she couldn't see their hands, but both were wearing silver tracking collars around their necks. They also had durasteel shackles locked around their ankles in their accent color, connected with a matching chain that looked about forty centimeters long.

Ta'tan'ia couldn't be sure they were Trista and Taryn though, because both of them were wearing the thick black nerfhide hoods that Regent Daala had given them on their heads, with 02 on the forehead of one in silver numbers, and 03 on the other. There were two eye holes in the hoods, and two small nostril holes. There also looked to be a mouth hole, but both were covered by a nerfhide panel that matched the hoods, just like when they had been on guard duty in Regent Daala's office the evening before.

Next Ta'tan'ia's eyes saw Tenel Ka and DP kneeling in chains on pillows next to the table. Both of them were mostly naked. DP was wearing her red durasteel collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono and comlink. She was also wearing her blue boots with red soles and eighteen centimeter stiletto heels.

DP's chrono and comlink were locked together behind her back with a short chain. Bicep cuffs were locked around her upper arms, and maglocked together with another short chain. DP's ankles were locked together as well, with a short chain maglocked to the hidden ankle shackles in her boots. There was a black ballgag in her mouth, held in place by a harness of black straps around her head.

There was another chain running from her ankle chain to her wrist chain to her bicep chain, to the back of her collar. The front of her collar was maglocked to the edge of the table with a short chain.

Tenel Ka was similarly restrained. She was wearing her durasteel tracking collar, and wrist, bicep, and ankle cuffs. There was a black nerfhide corset around her midsection instead of a durasteel one though. She was also not wearing a chastity belt. Since the Hapan Queen only had one arm, her wrist was cuffed directly to the chain that ran from her ankles to her her biceps to the back of her collar. Instead of boots, Tenel Ka was wearing black sandals with stiletto heels that looked about eighteen centimeters high, like Ta'tan'ia's and DP's. The Hapan Queen as also wearing her Crown on her head.

“Strip, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala instructed her after allowing her to take in the scene a moment.

“Um, Yes, Your Highness,” Ta'tan'ia responded obediently as she began taking off her uniform.

A couple of moments later Ta'tan'ia was only wearing her tracking collar, corset, chrono, comlink, chastity belt and high heeled boots.

“Two, Three, prepare our Jedi representative for the day's talks,” Chief Daala instructed them as she hit a button on the remote in her hand.

As the two black-clad figured silently stepped towards her, Ta'tan'ia saw that they were both wearing black gloves, and durasteel wrist cuffs that matched their accent color and ankle shackles. They took each of her arms, and guided her towards the empty pillow, and chain hanging from the edge of the table. “Um, Your Highness, how will I represent the Jedi Order at the talks for you?” Ta'tan'ia asked as she knelt on the pillow. She glanced at Trista, who had the number 03 on her forehead, and winked at her as she cuffed her hands behind her back.

Ta'tan'ia didn't really think the question would affect Chief Daala's plans to restrain her. Ta'tan'ia had already figured out how she planned on having her represent the Jedi Order, and was already getting aroused at the thought of spending a few hours in chains.

Chief Daala smiled down at her. “Why, on your knees, thoroughly restrained, and gagged, just like a Jedi should be,” she answered as one of the twins cuffed her ankles together using the hidden shackles in her boots, and the other one leashed her to the table. Then she paused a moment, and added, “I'll provide you with a copy of my notes to send to Master Durron.”

“Thank you, Your Hi—” Ta'tan'ia started to say, only to be cut off my a large black ballgag being pushed into her mouth.

“After I censor them,” Chief Daala added with a smile once Ta'tan'ia couldn't protest.

Ta'tan'ia stared up at her with resignation—and growing arousal. At least the talks would be more interesting while she was chained and gagged.

As Two and Three continued to restrain her, Ta'tan'ia saw a stiff looking riding crop on the table in front of each of the chairs at the table. Apparently Chief Daala, Moff Fel, and General Lovvel would be having some fun as well.

In less than a minute, Ta'tan'ia was chained like DP was. Her chrono and comlink were maglocked together with a short chain, and her ankles were maglocked together with a short chain between the hidden shackles in her boots. Her upper arms were also locked together with bicep cuffs connected together with another short chain. There was a chain connecting her ankle, wrist, and bicep chains, to the back of her collar. Last of all, she was gagged with a ballgag that was held in by a harness of straps that went over durasteel head harness.

Once she was secure, the twins returned to their posts on either side of the table, and assumed parade rest. Chief Daala took a moment to walk around the table, and inspect their restraints. Ta'tan'ia smiled up at her around her gag as she tugged on her chains.

After Chief Daala finished circling the table, and checking both twins, she walked back out into the foyer, and left the them alone. Ta'tan'ia could just see Tenel Ka and DP over the top of the table, and could sense both of their arousal through the Force as they writhed in their chains. Ta'tan'ia knew that Tenel Ka could sense her own and DP's arousal as well.

About ten minutes or so later, the door opened again, and General Lovvel, Moff Fel, and Chief Daala entered.

“What a lovely surprise!” Moff Fel exclaimed with a broad smile as she looked around the room. “Reminds me of some of the meetings I had when this was the Hapes Sector,” she said as she stepped over and caressed Ta'tan'ia's right lek, her tchin.

“As you see, we each have a couple of things to keep us entertained while we continue these negotiations,” Chief Daala said as she picked up a riding crop, and hit one of Tenel Ka's exposed breast.

“Thank you very much for your hospitality, Your Highness,” Moff Fel answered as she sat down next to Ta'tan'ia.

General Lovvel sat down next to DP, and Chief Daala took her place next to Tenel Ka. Then Regent Daala and the two Imperials began discussing the Empire's withdrawal from the Hapes Consortium. They took to punctuating their points with sharp strikes to their submissive with their crops, or slaps, pinches, or tugs on various parts of their bodies or hair.

When Moff Fel wasn't cropping Ta'tan'ia, she would idly caress her lekku, or tug on her chains. Ta'tan'ia did her best to listen to what was going on, so she could report to Master Durron. She was so horny it was hard to keep up, though.

Ta'tan'ia noticed that Chief Daala would hit a button on her remote before ordering one of the twins to refill a glass, or bring snacks. That made Ta'tan'ia assume that when they were standing at parade rest, their wrist cuffs were maglocked to the back of their corsets. Other than when they were doing something for Chief Daala, Trista and Taryn stood silently at parade rest. Since they didn't even respond verbally to orders, Ta'tan'ia assumed they were gagged.

Several hours later, the talks began winding down. The three free participants began entertaining themselves with their submissives a little more.

“You seem to be taken with being the Hapan Regent, Your Highness,” General Lovvel commented as she tugged on Syal's black hair, pulling her head back against her collar.

“Thank you, General,” Chief Daala replied with a smile as she stroked Tenel Ka's pussy with her crop. “Our agreement is only for three months, but I'm sure that by then Her Majesty here will be begging me to stay on as Regent,” she said as she lightly tapped Tenel Ka's twat.

The Hapan Queen moaned into her gag in response as she wriggled in her chains. Ta'tan'ia felt her spike of arousal through the Force.

“Sounds like she's ready now,” Moff Fel commented with a laugh. Then she looked down at the purple skinned Twi'lek kneeling in chains next to her. “What about the Jedi, Ta'tan'ia? Do they have a problem with Her Highness ruling the Hapes Consortium longer than three months?” she asked as she reached down and pinched her nipple.

Ta'tan'ia winced as she vainly tried to pull away. Then she looked over at Regent Daala, and grunted into her gag. At least she didn't have to give a real answer. Master Durron would probably make a fuss about it. Ta'tan'ia thought it might work out though.

Chief Daala, Moff Fel, and General Lovvel all chuckled a few moments in response.

“Once again, Your Highness, this was a brilliant idea,” Moff Fel said as she patted Ta'tan'ia's head affectionately. “I was dreading having to sit across the table from Her Majesty and give up everything I worked so hard to build for the Empire. Today was quite a pleasure though.” Then she paused a moment. “I could say you used this cute little Twi'lek here to gain an advantage in the negotiations,” she commented as she tilted Ta'tan'ia's head back with her head harness.

Ta'tan'ia definitely sensed Chief Daala's brief shock at that. She didn't think anyone else noticed though. Tenel Ka was far to aroused to sense something that subtle through the Force, and Chief Daala was a skilled enough politician to hide her reaction from the others. In an instant the shock was gone, replaced by a cool amusement.

Chief Daala replied with a friendly laugh, and was joined by Moff Fel and General Lovvel. Then Chief Daala asked Moff Fel what she would be doing after the Empire completed it's withdrawal from the Hapes Consortium. Moff Fel replied that she would probably go back to Csilla, as the other Imperial Moffs had used the loss of the Hapes Consortium to force High Moff Jagged Fel to remove her Moffship. Chief Daala voiced her displeasure at the Empire's longtime sexist policies, then suggested that Moff Fel remain as Imperial Ambassador to the Hapes Consortium.

“That's an excellent idea, Your Highness,” Moff Fel said with a sharp strike to Ta'tan'ia's breast with her crop. “I'll suggest it to Jag. If the Regent of Hapes requested me as well, the Moffs would have to accept.”

“Consider it done,” Chief Daala replied with a nod of her head. Then she glanced down at Tenel Ka. “See, Her Majesty is excited too,” she said as she pinched Tenel Ka's nipple with one hand, and tapped her pussy with her crop, causing her to moan in pleasure.

“Well, what about the Jedi, Ta'tan'ia?” Moff Fel asked as she struck her thigh with her crop. “They won't mind if I stay on as Ambassador, will they?” she asked with strike to her other thigh.

Unlike Chief Daala permanently ruling Hapes, Ta'tan'ia really didn't think Master Durron would mind if Moff Fel became Ambassador Fel; as long as she behaved like an Ambassador and not an Imperial Moff. Ta'tan'ia shook her head no, causing her chains to jingle.

“Well ladies, that seems to be about it,” Chief Daala announced. Then she glanced at the nearest twin, and hit a button on her remote. “Three, ungag Her Majesty, to allow her to ask me a question if she needs to.”

Three promptly stepped forward and began taking off the web of straps that were around Tenel Ka's head.

When the synthrubber ball popped out of her mouth, Tenel Ka took a deep breath, then began working her sore jaw. Ta'tan'ia could certainly sympathize with her, they had been gagged for hours. After a few moments, Chief Daala hit her with her crop, to get her attention.

“So, Your Majesty, do you have any questions for me?” Chief Daala asked her.

Tenel Ka paused a moment, then replied, “Please let me cum, Your Highness!?” as earnestly as she could.

Moff Fel, General Lovvel, and Chief Daala all laughed. “Maybe later, Your Majesty,” Chief Daala said with a smile as she pushed the ballgag back into her mouth.

Tenel Ka responded with a groan of frustration as Three began fastening the harness back around her head.

Ta'tan'ia definitely sensed Tenel Ka's arousal. Chief Daala had been tormenting and teasing her all morning. She wasn't even wearing a chastity belt to protect her pussy from direct stimulation like her and DP were. Ta'tan'ia was pretty horny herself, but at least Moff Fel couldn't directly tease her clit.

“Two, ungag Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala said as she hit another button on her remote.

Two stepped forward to Ta'tan'ia, while Three returned to her position and assumed parade rest.

Ta'tan'ia held still while Two removed the harness that was around her head and lekku. A few moments later she pulled the large synthrubber ball out with a plop. Just like Tenel Ka, Ta'tan'ia quickly began working the feeling back into her jaw.

“So, Jedi Ta'tan'ia, do the Jedi have any complaints or questions before we go to lunch?” Chief Daala asked from across the table. “I wouldn't want Master Durron to say I didn't give you a chance to speak up.”

Ta'tan'ia glanced at General Lovvel, then up at Moff Fel, then back to Chief Daala. “Can I please cum, Your Highness?” she asked pleadingly.

General Lovvel, Moff Fel and Chief Daala all laughed again, and Moff Fel reached out and stroked her tchin.

“Since the Jedi don't seem to have anything but silly questions to contribute, Two, re-gag Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala instructed her.

Ta'tan'ia groaned in frustration opened her mouth, and obediently accepted the gag. She knew that if Chief Daala didn't let Tenel Ka cum, she wasn't about to let her orgasm either. Still, it was the only question she could think of at the time.

After a few seconds General Lovvel looked down at DP kneeling next to her. “And neither are you, Syal,” she told her with a sharp strike to her breast with her crop.

“General Lovvel, not that I, or my personal assistant, mind you cropping her for fun, or pretty much any other reason for that matter, but she already knows that she isn't going to orgasm anytime soon,” Chief Daala informed her.

“Ah, my apologies, Your Highness,” General Lovvel promptly replied. Then she turned back to DP. “Why didn't you tell me that, Syal?” she asked as she reached over her leash and cropped her right breast.

“Well Ladies, If no one has any objections, I suggest we break for lunch, and meet back at fifteen hundred,” Chief Daala announced, after everyone had stopped laughing.

Moff Fel and General Lovvel agreed, and the Imperials left for lunch, while Chief Daala had Trista and Taryn started unlocking Tenel Ka, Ta'tan'ia, and DP. Once they were free, they all got dressed again, and Chief Daala, Tenel Ka, Ta'tan'ia, DP, Trista and Taryn had a private lunch in the Royal Dining Room.

A little before fifteen hundred, Chief Daala sent them ahead to be restrained for the afternoon's talks, with her YVH droid, BD-01. Chief Daala also instructed Tenel Ka not to orgasm, and told Trista and Taryn to make sure she, and each other, didn't. While the twins promised to obey their Regent, Tenel Ka protested that she was the Queen. Chief Daala overruled her of course.

The five submissives arrived, and under the supervision of Bee-Dee, Trista and Taryn began restraining Tenel Ka, Ta'tan'ia, and DP. When they finished, they put their own corsets, hoods, gags, and ankle shackles on, and assumed parade rest on either side of the table, with their wristcuffs maglocked to the back of their corests. Next Bee-Dee went and around and systematically checked every cuff, maglock, and chain, then assumed his post in the corner.

Ta'tan'ia expected Chief Daala and the Imperials to arrive soon, but her, DP, Tenel Ka, Taryn, and Trista were all still restrained and waiting quite a while later. Since her wrists were cuffed behind her back, she couldn't see her chrono, and since she was gagged, she couldn't ask what time it was. She knew from experience that Bee-Dee wouldn't tell her anyway, and the others were all gagged like she was.

As soon as she realized that Chief Daala had decided to postpone the afternoon session, she did what she often did when Chief Daala left her restrained for long periods of time, she meditated.

After awhile Tenel Ka got her attention by grunting through her gag, and jingling her chains. Then the Hapan Queen gave her a questioning grunt and expression. Ta'tan'ia assumed she was asking her where Chief Daala and the Imperials were. Ta'tan'ia shrugged her shoulders, and grunted in response.

Tenel Ka grunted again, and Ta'tan'ia could sense her annoyance through the Force. DP also grunted and jingled her chains, but Ta'an'ia wasn't sure what she was trying to say. The three were able to carry on some form of conversation by trying to talk through their gags, grunting, and jingling their chains, although Ta'tan'ia wasn't sure exactly what they all said. Trista and Taryn joined in periodically as well. Tenel Ka and herself could use the Force too, which helped, but she doubted DP understood anything. Still they were enjoying themselves.

About an hour-and-a-half after Bee-Dee checked their restraints, Regent Daala and the Imperials finally arrived. They were laughing and chatting like old friends when they entered.

“Wow, Your Majesty, your Royal Spa is fantastic!” Chief Daala exclaimed. Then she held her fingernails out in front of the gagged and bound Hapan Queen. “We got mani-pedis, and wonderful massages,” she told her. Then she leaned down a little. “I'll let you see my pedicure when I let you suck my toes later.”

Ta'tan'ia was a little surprised that Chief Daala would go to a spa while there was still unfinished business with the Empire. She had been doing such a good job for Hapes. Then Ta'tan'ia shrugged her shoulders. It was like she could, or even should, question her Chief of State.

Chief Daala and the Imperials settled down and continued discussing the Imperial withdrawal of the Hapes Consortium. It quickly became apparent that they had been discussing the matter at the Royal Spa, or somewhere. That worried Ta'tan'ia a little, but not to much. She trusted Chief Daala.

Tenel Ka must have realized the same thing. Ta'tan'ia could sense that she was upset. After a few minutes of her grunting and trying to get Chief Daala's attention, Chief Daala apologized to Moff Fel and General Lovvel, and vigorously cropped the Hapan Queen's tits, ass, thighs, and anywhere else she could hit her.

“Now, are you going to be quiet until I give you permission to speak?” Chief Daala asked her after twenty-five or thirty hard blows with her crop.

Tenel Ka stared up at her a moment, then nodded her head in submission, and remained quiet.

Chief Daala triumphantly patted her head, and resumed talking with Moff Fel and General Lovvel. Even though Tenel Ka was quiet, Ta'an'ia could still sense her irritation. Chief Daala seemed to realized it as well, and gave her a little extra attention by petting her and playing with her pussy with her crop while she talked. Still, Ta'tan'ia could sense that while Tenel Ka was getting more aroused, she was still upset. Ta'tan'ia couldn't worry about her too much though, she was doing her best to keep up with the talks while Moff Fel cropped, pinched, and caressed various parts of her body.

A couple of hours later, the talks were finished. The Imperials took a few minutes to say bye to everyone, and give Ta'tan'ia and DP a few departing strikes with the crops, and left. Once they did, Chief Daala ordered Two and Three to free Ta'tan'ia and DP. When they finished that, she had Three unlock Tenel Ka's harness gag, but leave the gag in, and told the twins, Ta'tan'ia, and DP to leave alone her with the Hapan Queen.

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