Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia, Chapter 5
Rating: X / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

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The following morning, Chief Daala, along with DP and Ta'tan'ia went to the Royal gym for their morning workout. As soon as they arrived, DP put on her red durasteel collar.

Tenel Ka was also there, along with her twin cousins, Taryn and Trista. Tenel Ka was wearing a blue leotard, with a gray sports bra and tights. She was also wearing her black gym shoes with fifteen centimeter wedge heels. The leotard had a high neck, which mostly hid her tracking collar.

Chief Daala immediately informed her that her tracking collar must be visible at all times, as a symbol of support for her Regency. Tenel Ka blushed with embarrassment, and meekly pulled down the fabric of her leotard.

Trista and Taryn were both wearing ProCorps-style sports bras and hot pants. Taryn's was gold with maroon trim, and Trista's was maroon with gold trim. Both also had black gym shoes with fifteen centimeter wedge heels like their Queen. They had also had their tendons shortened by the Empire, to match Tenel Ka's. In fact, the three practically looked liked identical triplets, except for Tenel Ka's amputated left arm.

Chief Daala also suggested that from now on, the Hapan Queen should wear just a sports bra and hot pants for her workouts like her cousins and Ta'tan'ia, and Syal did. Tenel Ka hesitated a moment, then replied that she would.

DP worked out with the twins, while Ta'tan'ia worked out with Tenel Ka, and Chief Daala did her own routine. After half an hour, Chief Daala finished, and left Ta'tan'ia and the four former ProCorps troopers to complete their work out.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A while later, Chief Daala, Ta'tan'ia, Tenel Ka, and the others began gathering for the talks. As they were waiting for the Imperials to arrive, Regent Daala pulled Tenel Ka aside, and informed her that she would handle the remainder of the talks on behalf of the Hapes Consortium, and that she didn't need to attend. Tenel Ka protested that she did, and that Regent Daala might not understand what was most important to the Hapan people yet. Regent Daala relented, and allowed her to stay.

Regent Daala did explain to her that it was important that only one person spoke for the Hapes Consortium. Regent Daala also told her that if she had a question, or wanted her to raise a point, then she should politely get her attention and let her know.

Part of Tenel Ka wanted to object, but another part was happy to let her handle the talks. “Yes, Your Highness,” she replied obediently.

Then the Imperials arrived. First they exchanged greetings with Regent Daala, then Moff Fel turned her attention to Tenel Ka.

“Well, Your Majesty, I must say, you look lovely today, especially with your collar,” she said.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka replied, blushing with embarrassment ... and arousal.

Besides her silver tracking collar, the Hapan Queen was wearing a black and green Dathomiri lizard-hide bodysuit, and black knee-high lizard-hide boots with fifteen-centimeter heels. There were about twenty silver bangle bracelets on her wrist. She also had her eight-centimeter-wide durasteel belt around her waist, and matching armbands around her biceps. She was also wearing her Crown.

“She'll be wearing one from now on,” Regent Daala said. “I've issued a decree that all Jedi will wear a tracking device while in the Hapes Consortium. As long as I'm Regent, I'll know just were my Queen is, even from my office on Coruscant.”

“Very nice, Your Highness,” Moff Fel replied with a nod. “I suggest you collar her cousins, Zero—sorry, Taryn and Trista as well. You can make theirs different colors from each other, to tell them apart.”

Regent Daala smiled broadly. “Well, I'm mostly concerned with keeping Jedi out of government business, but I'll certainly take that under advisement, Your Excellency,” she answered. Then she glanced at Tenel Ka. “Do you think they'd like tracking collars like yours, Your Majesty?” she asked her.

Tenel Ka glanced at Regent Daala, then at Moff Fel, then back to Regent Daala. “I don't know, Your Highness,” she replied softly.

“Well, why don't you suggest it to them,” Regent Daala replied. “Tell them they should show their loyalty to my Regency by offering to wear a tracking device for me.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Tenel Ka responded meekly.

A couple of minutes later they were in the conference room. As the representative of the Jedi Order, Ta'tan'ia sat alone. DP sat on Chief Daala's left, while Tenel Ka sat on her right. Moff Wynessa Fel and General Lovvel sat on the opposite side of the table from Chief Daala's group.

Moff Fel began by again congratulating Chief Daala on becoming Regent. She also complimented Tenel Ka on making such a wise decision. Tenel Ka glanced at Chief Daala, then politely thanked her.

It quickly became obvious that the talks were going much smoother than before. Moff Fel and General Lovvel both seemed to be much more conciliatory towards Regent Daala than they had been towards the Hapan Queen. Tenel Ka only brought up a few matters to her Regent; by politely getting her attention and quietly speaking to her. Ta'tan'ia had to admit that Chief Daala seemed to be representing the Hapan position well.

Then Ta'tan'ia sensed deep embarrassment from Tenel Ka, and looked over to see her speaking softly to Chief Daala. While she wasn't trying to eavesdrop, she did catch something about pictures and videos. Chief Daala nodded her head, and turned her attention back to the Imperials.

“Her Majesty has informed me of another problem the Jedi failed to take care of,” Chief Daala announced. “The Empire will return all images and recordings of Hapans, that could be even slightly embarrassing to the Hapes Consortium or its citizens, whether or not they were serving as ProCorps troopers, to the Hapes Consortium.”

Ta'tan'ia glanced at her datapad. Sure enough, there was nothing in the basic agreement Master Durron had worked out with Moff Jagged Fel about that. She had a pretty good idea just what kinds of embarrassing images and recordings the Empire had of the Hapans.

Moff Fel and General Lovvel glanced at each other a moment. “Agreed, Your Highness,” Moff Fel answered. “However, some of those flatholos and holorecordings may contain things that are embarrassing for the Empire, or its citizens, so we will need to take the time to edit out or obscure Imperials or identifying markings from the images and recordings.”

Tenel Ka opened her mouth to protest, only to be cut off by Chief Daala, who quickly deemed the offer acceptable. Then Tenel Ka asked her to set a deadline for the images and recordings to be returned, and to make them agree that no copies of any kind would be made.

Moff Fel smugly informed Regent Daala, and especially Queen Tenel Ka, that the process was already well underway, as Moff Jagged Fel had already anticipated this request. She even told them that most of the images and recordings had already been destroyed. She also agreed that no copies of any kind would be made. Then she told them that the Empire had always tightly controlled the dissemination of images and recordings involving ProCorps troopers, as most of them became regular Imperial Citizens at some point, and some had families.

“Excellent,” Chief Daala replied with a diplomatic smile. Then her smile changed to an evil grin. “I would like all images and recordings of the Hapan Nobility, and especially of Queen Tenel Ka Djo delivered to me for safekeeping however.”

Ta'tan'ia immediately sensed Tenel Ka's shock, and humiliation.

“No, Your Highness,” Tenel Ka protested. “Those have to be destroyed.”

“Well will discuss this later, Your Majesty,” Regent Daala told her firmly.

Ta'tan'ia could sense Tenel Ka on the verge of protesting again, but all that came out was, “Yes, Your Highness.” Ta'tan'ia was pretty sure Chief Daala wanted the images and recordings so she could gain more control of the Hapan Nobles, and Tenel Ka. Ta'tan'ia wasn't sure if she should try to stop her though, she seemed to be doing such a good job representing the Hapes Consortium.

“That won't be a problem at all, Your Highness,” Moff Fel replied to Chief Daala with a broad smile. “Moff Jagged Fel has been holding those personally, just for something like this,” she assured her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That evening, DP received a message from Taryn and Trista Zel, seeking an audience with their new Regent. DP got permission from Chief Daala, and told them to come to her office that Tenel Ka had given her.

They arrived a few minutes later. Both of them were athletic, and very attractive, with red hair. Both were wearing black synthhide bodysuits with strappy platform sandals that had stiletto heels at least fifteen-centimeters high. They were both also wearing black corsets. One of them had red accents on her corset, and red soles and heels on her sandals, with black synthhide straps that matched their bodysuits perfectly, giving the impression that they were walking on the platform heels without anything connecting them. The other one had yellow accents and soles and heels. Both had wide durasteel cuff-like bracelets on their wrists and ankles, each in their own accent color.

As they entered, DP tried to figure out which one was which, but couldn't. They stopped side-by-side a little over a meter from Chief Daala, then assumed parade rest in front of her.

Chief Daala smiled slightly, and glanced at DP, who grinned back at her as she moved off to the side.

“Your Highness, we want you to know how glad we are that you rule the Hapes Consortium now,” the one with yellow accents said. “And we both want you to know that we are very willing, and eager, to serve you.”

She paused, and her sister began speaking.

“We would both like to have a tracking collar like the Queen's, Your Highness,” she said. “To show our support and loyalty for our Regent, and so you will know where we are at all times, Your Highness.”

“That won't be a problem at all,” Chief Daala replied with a smile. “Luckily I brought some extra tracking collars with me from Coruscant, and I have a couple right here, waiting for you.” With that she opened her desk drawer, and pulled out two six-centimeter-wide circles of silver durasteel. Then she looked back up at the twins. “Her Majesty accepted her collar on her knees,” she commented with a smile of anticipation.

Taryn and Trista smiled at each other, then quickly dropped to the knees before their Regent.

Regent Daala handed DP one of the collars, then approached the twin with red accents with the other one. DP stepped forward and lifted her hair up out of the way while she held the other collar. Regent Daala closed the collar around the twin's neck, then held her hand out. DP passed her the second tracking collar, then stepped over to lift the twin with yellow accent's hair. Regent Daala locked the collar around her neck, and DP carefully dropped her red hair back into place.

“Now ladies, while you're down there, why don't you thank me for collaring you,” Regent Daala suggested as she stood in front of them, feet shoulder-width apart.

Trista and Taryn glanced at each other, then back to their Regent. “Thank you for collaring us, Your Highness,” they said almost in unison.

Still smiling, Chief Daala nodded towards DP, who quickly leaned forward and whispered into their ears. “Our apologies, Your Highness,” the one with yellow accents said.

Then both her and her sister leaned forward, and each of them kissed one of Regent Daala's black nerfhide boots. This kisses quickly turned to licks, and Trista and Taryn eagerly began licking her boots clean. When they finished, Regent Daala returned to her desk, and sat down. Trista and Taryn stayed on their knees.

“Now, I'm glad the two of you volunteered to receive tracking devices,” Regent Daala said. “I can use the signals to tell the two of you apart. Which one of you is Taryn, who was HC-00002?”

“I am, Your Highness,” the twin with yellow accents on her bodysuit, corset, boots, and wrist cuffs answered.

“Thank you,” Regent Daala answered with a nod as she keyed in some information on her datapad. “Your tracking code will end with Zero-Two, to help me remember,” she commented.

“Great idea, Your Highness,” Taryn replied cheerfully.

“And yours will end with Zero-Three,” Regent Daala said to Trista.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” she replied with a smile.

Regent Daala set the datapad down, and reached back into her desk drawer. “Moff Fell sent these over,” she said as she held up two black hoods. “With the remote to release them—for me of course,” she said with a smile. “Put them on.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Trista replied as she took the hood with Zero-Three on the front. Taryn took the other one at the same time.

DP recognized the nerfhide training hoods from the ProCorps Academy. The hoods were thickly padded, with magnetic strips in the nerfhide around the eyes and mouth, so they wearer could be blindfolded, or gagged, easily. In the ProCorps Academy, music could be played through the earbuds built into the hood, and the transparent patterns on the inside of specialized blindfolds as well. Unlike the one that DP had worn at the ProCorps Academy, these two had two digit numbers on the foreheads in large silver letters. One of the hoods had the number Zero-Two, and the other had the number Zero-Three.

Trista and Taryn quickly pulled the hoods onto their heads, and closed them in the back. They pulled their hair through the hole in the top of the hood. The bottom edges of the hoods tucked underneath their new silver tracking collars.

“Excellent,” Regent Daala said as she leaned back in her chair. “Now, I would have you two do more to show your appreciation for your Regent, but DP has just taken care of that,” she said with a smile towards her personal assistant. DP smiled back at her, and she continued. “So I think I'm going to have you two be a sort of honor guard for me outside my office for the rest of the evening, okay?”

“We'd be happy to, Your Highness,” Taryn replied with a smile.

Regent Daala hit a button on her comm, and summoned Ta'tan'ia in from the reception area. Then she opened her top-right desk drawer, and pulled a few items out.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Good evening, Your Highness,” Ta'tan'ia greeted Chief Daala a couple of moments later as she entered her office proper. Then she nodded and smiled at DP and the Hapan twins. Ta'tan'ia also noticed, and admired, Trista and Taryn's hoods and tracking collars.

“Ta'tan'ia, Two and Three here will be on guard duty for the rest of the evening. Assist DP in preparing them,” she said, gesturing towards the gear she had set out on her desk.

“Of course, Your Highness,” Ta'tania replied cheerfully.

Under Regent Daala's supervision, Ta'tan'ia maglocked Trista's wrist cuffs behind her back with a short chain, while DP did the same to Taryn. Then Ta'tan'ia positioned Trista on one side of the door, facing Regent Daala's desk, and DP did the same with Taryn on the other side of the door. Next Ta'tna'ia moved Trista's feet about shoulder-width apart, and locked her red ankles shackles together with a forty-five centimeter long spreader bar. DP locked a matching spreader bar between Taryn's yellow ankle shackles.

Next Regent Daala told Ta'tan'ia and DP to gag Two and Three. The gags were just a nerfhide panel, with a synthrubber ball protruding from the inside of the panel. Ta'tan'ia pushed the gag into Trista's open mouth, and sealed the strips of magnets to the ones around the mouth hole on the hood. DP gagged Taryn the same way. Then they maglocked leashes to the front of their collars, and attached the other ends to the spreader bars between their ankles. Last of all, they covered their eyes with the nerfhide blindfolds that maglocked to their hoods.

Taryn and Trista stayed on their posts the next few hours, while Ta'tan'ia and DP shared receptionist duties. Quite a few Duchas and Noblemen came by to meet with Regent Daala. Ta'tan'ia and DP were shocked when the first Ducha came out wearing a tracking collar. They were surprised when a second one did a while later, along with the strapping Nobleman that had accompanied her in. After that, they started guessing which ones would come out with a tracking collar locked around their necks. Ta'tan'ia seemed to be able to guess right just about every time though.

However, it did worry Ta'tan'ia a little. With the holorecordings and images of the Hapan Noblewomen as ProCorps troopers from the Empire, Chief Daala would be able to influence them more than she normally would. With the Noblewomen wearing tracking collars, she would have even more influence over the Hapan Nobility. Still, Ta'tan'ia trusted Chief Daala. Besides, she thought the Nobles looked great in their tracking collars.

After the eighth Hapan Noblewoman came out wearing a tracking collar, Regent Daala ordered Ta'tan'ia to go to her ship, and get another dozen. Ta'tan'ia quickly went to the spaceport, and retrieved a case with a dozen tracking collars, and brought it to Regent Daala. By the time Regent Daala had Ta'tan'ia and DP release Trista and Taryn, that case was empty as well.

A while later, Ta'tan'ia and DP crawled into bed together. They were both wearing their collars, chastity belts, chronos, and comlinks. They slept on their sides, with DP spooning Ta'tania from behind. Ta'tan'ia draped her right lek back over DP's neck, while DP wrapped her right arm around Ta'tan'ia from behind.

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