Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia, Chapter 3
Rating: X / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

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Tenel Ka Djo was pacing her room in her fifteen-centimeter heeled boots. She was wearing the same purple and maroon lizard-hide outfit she had been wearing, along with her durasteel belt, armbands, and bangle bracelets. She was also wearing a six centimeter wide black durasteel collar. Perhaps because she felt guilty about wearing the collar, she was also still wearing her crown.

Suddenly her computer terminal beeped, indicating she was receiving a HoloNet call. She automatically raised her right arm to answer it, only to remember that she wasn't wearing her ProCorps comlink. Tenel Ka cursed silently to herself as she hurried to her computer terminal. Only a limited number of people had her direct comm code, so she knew it was someone she would need to talk to. As she sat down, she saw that it was Master Durron, just as she suspected. Tenel Ka ran through a quick Jedi calming exercise, and activated the HoloNet transmission.

Master Durron greeted her, then calmly asked her how she was doing. Instantly, Tenel Ka was glad the Jedi Master had commed. She told him that she was tired, worried, and frustrated, and explained that the Hapan Nobles wanted Chief Daala to be Regent. She also revealed that she was seriously considering it, as she was feeling overwhelmed by ruling the Hapes Consortium.

Master Durron replied by telling her to trust in the Force, and offered whatever assistance the Jedi Order could give. Then he told her that some of her Duchas had already approached Chief Daala about the matter. That only made Tenel Ka feel worse. She told him that she should have known something like that was happening in the Palace. Master Durron reminded her to trust in the Force, and suggested that if she did ask Chief Daala to be Regent, that she limit her time she served. Tenel Ka responded by telling him that Ta'tan'ia had suggested the same thing. Master Durron finished up by promising the Jedi Order's help again should the need arise. Tenel Ka thanked him again, and they said goodbye to each other.

Once she ended the HoloNet call, Tenel Ka leaned back in her chair to relax and think a few moments. As she did, she felt her collar shift on her neck.

“Frakk,” she muttered to herself in disgust as she reached up and tugged on the durasteel collar. She had appeared on the HoloNet wearing a collar without even realizing it.

At least it was a secure transmission with Master Durron, she thought to herself. Then she decided that he probably hadn't even noticed it, or if he had, he had done an excellent job of ignoring it.

After a fingering her collar a couple of moments, Tenel Ka's hand moved down to her right breast. She squeezed her cloned-tissue double-dee cup through her Dathomiri lizard-hide bodysuit. Tenel Ka let out a moan of arousal, and her hand quickly moved down to her lizard-hide covered pussy. She moaned again as she stood up, and began stripping off her bodysuit.

A couple of minutes later Tenel Ka was on her bed, lying on her back, with her legs spread wide. She was naked except for a tight lizard-hide corset around her waist, and a pair of ankle-high lizard-hide ballet boots on her feet. A meter long durasteel spreader-bar with a shackle at each end held her ankles apart. A large synthrubber ball-gag was held in her mouth by the web of straps wrapped around her head.

Her black durasteel collar was still around her neck, and her durasteel armbands were on her biceps. Twenty silver bangle bracelets were on her wrist. They jingled against each other as she plunged a large synthrubber vibrator in and out of her soaking pussy.

Tenel Ka moaned into her gag as she masturbated. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she felt guilty about it, both because she was doing it, and because she didn't have Moff Wynessa Fel's permission. Tenel Ka writhed in her bonds as she shoved her fat vibrator in and out of her soaking snatch.

Her arousal and moans grew with every stroke. Several minutes later, the Hapan Queen screamed into her gag and arched her back as she orgasmed. Only the durasteel spreader bar kept her legs apart. She squeezed the vibrator with her cunt muscles in bliss as she rode the orgasmic high. After about half-a-minute or so, Tenel Ka smiled evilly around her gag, and eagerly started masturbating again.

Nearly ten minutes later, Tenel Ka screamed out through her gag in her second orgasm. Frakk that was good, she thought as she relaxed a few blissful moments on the bed. Eventually she reached up and began taking off her her harness gag, while holding her vibrator in place with her pussy muscles. Her ballgag came out with a 'plop.' She laid it on her bed next to her, then reached down and pulled out her vibrator, which came out with an even louder 'plop.'

Then Tenel Ka eagerly raised the vibrator to her mouth, and happily began licking her pussy juice off it. When it was clean, she sat it down, reached out with the Force, and unlocked her spreader-bar with the remote on her nightstand. Once her ankles were free, Tenel Ka rolled off her bed, and stood up in her ballet-heeled ankle boots. She stood a moment, then strutted to the 'fresher to get cleaned up.

When Tenel Ka came out, she retrieved her harness gag, spreader-bar, and vibe, and took them to her walk-in closet. She put them up, then took off her corset and armbands, and put them up as well. Next she picked out a set of ankle shackles connected by a forty centimeter chain to wear to bed. Tenel Ka also picked out a single durasteel wrist cuff, and a thirty centimeter long chain with a maglock at each end. She would have liked to wear the harness gag to bed too, but she didn't want the straps to leave marks on her face when she met with Moff Wynessa Fel and Chief Daala in the morning.

Tenel Ka went to bed still wearing her ballet heels, durasteel collar, and twenty bangle bracelets. She locked the shackles onto her ankles, then closed the cuff around her wrist, between her hand and the bracelets. Next she maglocked one end of the thirty centimeter long chain to the cuff, and the other end to the front of her collar. She knew that not being able to reach her pussy during the night would annoy her, but she liked the bondage more.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Later that night Ta'tan'ia and DP took a sanisteam together. Both were wearing their collars, chronos, comlinks, and chastity belts. Ta'tan'ia hated not being able to do anything with DP, but that only turned her on even more. DP said that not being able to do anything for her turned her on more too.

They spent nearly twenty minutes scrubbing each others bodies, along with kissing, petting, and caressing each other. They also tried to squeeze their fingers past each others' chastity belts. Ta'tan'ia didn't know why they even bothered with that though. They both knew from experience they couldn't come close to touching each others' pussies with their chastity belts on. All they did was frustrate each other even more. When they got out, they were both clean, horny, and frustrated, just like Chief Daala wanted them to be.

Soon they were laying down on the room's single bed. They were still wearing their collars, chronos, comlinks, and chastity belts. Neither of them could remove their gear, but they would both have worn it to bed anyway. Normally Ta'tan'ia slept with her wrists and ankles cuffed together, and she knew that DP normally slept in some sort of bondage as well. Tonight though, Chief Daala told them not to. Neither of them were bothered at all by sharing a bed, or at not being cuffed. In fact, Ta'tan'ia was very much looking forward to sharing a bed with DP, even if they were both wearing their chastity belts.

The two collared women settled down on their sides, with DP spooning Ta'tan'ia from behind. Ta'tan'ia smiled back at her, and draped her right lek, her tchin, over DP's neck, a strong sign of intimacy for a Twi'lek. DP responded by draping her arm over Ta'tan'ia, gently stroking her breast, then pulling her closer.

They had only been in bed a few minutes when DP's wrist comlink flashed, indicating an incoming call. “It's my sister,” DP said with a smile as she activated the voice-only link.

“Hey DP,” Myri Antilles said once the link was established.

“Hey Sixty,” DP replied cheerfully. “I hope Nine is taking care of Commandant Drasi?”

“Nope, I'm right here,” former Jedi Knight Jysella Horn chimed in. “He's with Stormie right now, probably fucking her or something.”

Ta'tan'ia smiled and reached behind her and caressed DP's toned tummy as she listened. DP was as comfortable being called her pet name by her sister as she was calling her and Jysella their ProCorps names. Ta'tan'ia had never met Commandant Drasi, but she knew he was in charge of the Imperial ProCorps Academy.

General Wedge Antilles' younger daughter Myri, and Jedi Master Corran Horn's daughter Jysella had both been Commandant Drasi's personal ProCorps troopers. When they had been cured of the Empire's brainwashing, they both insisted on continuing to serve him, much like DP had with Chief Daala.

Ta'tan'ia didn't know much about Stormie either, but she had heard from Jaina, DP, Jysella and a few of the others that she worked at the ProCorps Academy, and had some very interesting tattoos. Ta'tan'ia also noticed that Jysella didn't sound the least bit jealous that Commandant Drasi was having sex with another woman. Ta'tan'ia certainly didn't feel jealous when Chief Daala spent time with Admiral Bwua'tu, and left her horny and frustrated in her chastity belt.

DP giggled a moment. “Sounds like fun. Tell them both I said hi,” she replied, pinching Ta'tan'ia's nipple.

“We will,” Myri assured her. “But the reason we commed is, we want you to come visit us and Commandant Drasi on Bastion. He and Moff Fel have both already given their permission, and Commandant Drasi really wants to see you again too.”

DP considered that a moment. “Well, I'll have to get Chief Daala's permission,” she answered. “But I thought you were at the ProCorps Academy?”

“We are, but we are inviting Mom and Dad, and the Horns too, and we don't think Dad and Master Durron want to visit the ProCorps Academy,” Myri replied.

“Ah, okay,” DP said in understanding. “Well, I'd love to come visit you and Nine and Commandant Drasi, if Chief Daala allows me.”

“We hope she does too,” Myri responded. “We really want to see you.”

“Me too,” DP assured them. “But right now, Ta'tan'ia and I have to get some sleep. We have to get up early in the morning to help Chief Daala get ready.”

“Tell Chief Daala we said hi,” Myri said cheerfully. “And give Ta'tan'ia a kiss goodnight for me.”

“Me too,” Jysella added.

“Only if you kiss Nine for me,” DP replied, giving Ta'tan'ia a flirtatious smile as she looked back at her.

“Of course,” Myri answered.

“Goodnight, Sixty-Nine,” Ta'tan'ia said into DP's wrist comlink, referring to both of them.

“Goodnight, DP, Ta'tan'ia,” Myri and Jysella answered together.

“Goodnight,” DP replied. Then she closed the link, still smiling at Ta'tan'ia. “You know you'll probably have to take over for me as Her Excellency's PA, if she lets me go,” DP said to her.

“I know,” Ta'tan'ia answered with a grin, still looking back at her. “And I'll be happy to serve Her Excellency, in whatever way she wants me too.” Then she twisted a little more around, and said, “And I believe someone promised me a goodnight kiss from their sister and friend?”

DP leaned in closer, and the two shared a long, open-mouthed kiss. When they finished, they settled back into their spooning position, with Ta'tan'ia's tchin draped back over DP's neck, and DP's arm draped over Ta'tan'ia's side, her hand on her breast.

Some time later, Ta'tan'ia was awakened by her wrist comlink vibrating. She glanced down, and saw that it was Chief Daala summoning her. Ta'tan'ia silenced the alert, then gently lifted DP's arm off her and sat up. She quickly slid her feet into the clear plastex heels she had left at the bedside.

On the way out of the room she pulled on a very short white silk robe. It came to just above mid-thigh, and had three-quarter length sleeves to cover her chastity belt and leave her tracking collar, chrono, and comlink visible. Ta'tan'ia stepped out into the main room, closed the door behind herself as silently as possible, then hurried across the main room to Chief Daala's door, then opened it.

“You called for me, Your Excellency?” she asked quietly from just inside the open doorway.

Chief Daala looked up at her sleepily from the bed. “Yes Ta'tan'ia. Get me a glass of water,” she instructed her with a lazy yawn.

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied softly as she walked over to the nightstand.

There was a pitcher of water sitting on a conservator plate to keep it cool, with an empty glass next to it. Ta'tan'ia also noticed the remote Chief Daala had used to awaken her, and summon her all the way from her room just to pour her a glass of water. It was one of the subtle ways Chief Daala had of demonstrating her power over her and DP, and the realization made Ta'tan'ia smile with pleasure. Ta'tan'ia carefully poured the water into the glass, handed it to Chief Daala, then waited patiently for her to finish it.

“Thank you, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala said after she took a small sip. “I hope that wasn't too much trouble for you?”

“You're Welcome, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied as she took the glass from her and sat it back on the nightstand. “And not at all. I'm happy to serve you, in whatever way you wish.”

Chief Daala smiled up at her a moment. “Good girl,” she said. Then her eyes went to her beskar tracking collar. “I hope your collar and chastity belt don't make it too hard for you to get some sleep?”

Not at all, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia answered with a cheerful grin. “I rest much easier knowing that my Chief of State is tracking me, and controlling my sexual activity. In fact, I doubt I could get to sleep without them now,” she explained.

“Good girl, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala told her with a smile. “You may go back to bed now,” Chief Daala said as she laid her head back down.

“Yes, Your Excellency, thank you,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a cheerful curtsey.

She left the room, and returned to hers and DP's. “Hey,” DP said from the bed as Ta'tan'ia hung her robe on the hook just inside the door. “What did Our Excellency want? Fluff her pillows? Adjust the temperature one degree?”

Ta'tan'ia grinned at her as she stepped out of her heels. “A sip of water from her nightstand,” she answered as she slid into the bed next to her.

DP smiled intimately at her as she caressed her beskar chastity belt. Ta'tan'ia leaned in close and the two shared another sensual open-mouthed kiss. Soon they fell back to sleep, facing each other, with their limbs entwined.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next morning Tenel Ka awoke early, but not quite as early as she normally had when she had been a ProCorps trooper. Her first thought was of serving Moff Fel caf, and briefing her on her schedule. Then she remembered that she wasn't a ProCorps trooper anymore. She was the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium—and she had to stand up to Moff Fel and the Empire.

She wriggled to her nightstand, and used the remote to release her wrist cuff from her collar. Then she rolled out of bed, and shuffled to the 'fresher in her ballet heels and ankle shackles. Next she shuffled to her walk-in closet to take off the rest of her bondage gear.

Tenel Ka emerged wearing a dark purple leotard with a gray sports bra and tights. Her custom-made black gym shoes with fifteen-centimeter heels were on her feet. Since she couldn't take them off by herself, she was also still wearing the twenty bangle bracelets on her wrist. She walked to her outer door, opened it, and had one of the guards on duty help her take them off.

Then she put the bracelets up, and tucked her comlink into a small pocket on her leotard. Working out was one of the times a wrist comlink was actually better than a regular one, but she would just have to make do. Then she went to the Royal gym, accompanied by four of her guards. She worked out for forty-five minutes, then returned to her Royal Suite to get ready for the day. When she arrived, she found two of her servants cleaning. She thanked them for their hard work, something she didn't do very often before becoming a ProCorps trooper, then took a sanisteam.

When she emerged from the 'fresher Tenel Ka was wearing her clear plastex heels and a short black Selab Moth Fiber robe. She found one of her twin cousins waiting to help her get ready.

“Zero—Sorry, Trista,” she quickly corrected herself, while mentally cursing her mistake. “Good morning,” she added, shaking her head apologetically.

“Don't worry about it, Your Majesty,” Trista replied with a forgiving smile. “Let me help you get dressed for today.”

Trista was wearing a maroon bodysuit with black trim. She was also wearing black crotch-high boots with fifteen-centimeter heels. A wide black nerfhide belt hung low on her hips.

“Thanks,” Tenel Ka replied.

Half an hour later the Hapan Queen was wearing a black and dark gray Dathomiri lizard-hide bodysuit, with black ankle boots that had chunky fifteen-centimeter heels. She was also wearing her silver durasteel belt, with her lightsaber maglocked to it at her hip. She had decided to go without her armbands or wrist jewelry for today. One of the simpler versions of her Crown was on her head.

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