Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia, Chapter 2
Rating: X / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

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A little while after Ta'tan'ia helped Syal settle Chief Daala into her suite she received a comm call from Tenel Ka, asking her to come to one of her conference rooms for a meeting. Ta'tan'ia made sure her uniform was up to standard, then got permission from Chief Daala, and left. The Hapan guards outside the conference room announced her presence, and allowed her in.

The Queen Mother was wearing the same purple and maroon Dathomiri lizard-hide she had been wearing at the spaceport. She was also wearing the same silver durasteel belt, with her lightsaber maglocked to it at her right hip. Her eight-centimeter wide durasteel armbands were still on her upper arms, and her calf-high lizard-hide boots with fifteen-centimeter heels were still on her feet. About twenty silver bangle bracelets were on her wrist, and a simple version of her crown was resting on her head. Ta'tan'ia could easily sense that that the Hapan Queen was troubled.

Tenel Ka asked if she could trust Chief Daala to do what was best for the Hapes Consortium, even considering that she was a former Imperial. Ta'tan'ia replied that Chief Daala was a very honorable person, and that she believed that Chief Daala considered it her duty to see that the Empire left the Hapes Consortium as soon as possible, as they had agreed.

Ta'tan'ia knew that the only reason the Empire was leaving at all was that the Jedi Masters had discovered their Jedi brainwashing plot. Tenel Ka had definitely lost the most from that. She had went from absolute monarch to virtual slave in her own Queendom.

Then Tenel Ka explained that a lot of her advisors and the Hapan Nobles were questioning her ability to be Queen. She said it had always been that way, mostly because of her Jedi heritage, but losing the Consortium to the Empire had made it much worse. Tenel Ka also admitted that she doubted herself too. Then she informed her that the Hapan Nobles wanted to appoint a Regent to rule Hapes for awhile, but they couldn't agree on one of themselves. Now they wanted to ask Chief Daala to rule the Hapes Consortium as Regent. Tenel Ka made sure she knew that it would be her own decision though.

Ta'tan'ia couldn't help but be surprised at that. The Hapes Consortium was traditionally a closed society, and unfriendly to outsiders. Then she realized that Chief Daala had become the Galactic Alliance Chief of State because she was the only one everyone could agree on. She hoped it would work out as well for the Hapes Consortium as it had for the Galactic Alliance.

Ta'tan'ia knew that Master Durron wouldn't like the idea of Chief Daala being the Hapan Regent one bit. She was also pretty sure that Chief Daala would jump at the opportunity to rule the Hapes Consortium, if for no other reason than Master Durron wouldn't like it.

Ta'tan'ia told Tenel Ka that if she did ask Chief Daala to be Regent, and she accepted, that she was sure she would do everything she could for the Hapan people. Ta'tan'ia was careful not to commit Chief Daala to anything specific. Just a few days ago she had gotten a paddling just for ordering Chief Daala's favorite meal for lunch for her without her permission. She had also had to go without her own lunch, and serve as Chief Daala's footstool while she ate the lunch she had ordered for her without her permission. It had been a very arousing experience, even if had spent the rest of the day hungry.

Tenel Ka nodded her head, then asked how Master Durron would feel about Chief Daala being Regent. Ta'tan'ia told her the he wouldn't like it, but he would most likely want what was best for the Hapan people.

Then Tenel Ka asked Ta'tan'ia what she thought about it. Ta'tan'ia responded by telling her that Chief Daala was a great Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, but the decision to ask her to be Regent of Hapes was up to Tenel Ka. After a moment, Ta'tan'ia suggested that if she did ask her, she should set a time limit on her being Regent.

“Good point,” Tenel Ka replied, nodding her head appreciatively. Then she looked directly into Ta'tan'ia's eyes. “I'm kind of surprised you told me that, considering how ... loyally you serve Chief Daala,” she said with a friendly smile.

Ta'tan'ia couldn't help but blush. “Thank you, Your Majesty,” she responded with her own smile. “I try to serve Chief Daala as best I can.”

“I wasn't keeping up with what was going on with the Jedi while I was recovering,” Tenel Ka said. “That's a tracking collar, that you let Chief Daala put on you, right?” she asked, gesturing towards the Twi'lek's beskar collar.

“Yes it is, Your Majesty,” Ta'tan'ia answered, smiling again. “Chief Daala decided that all Jedi must have an observer or wear a tracking collar when they leave the Temple. Quite a few of us have chose to accept a tracking collar.”

“I had to wear a collar too when I served the Empire,” Tenel Ka said. “And a chrono and comlink, and uniform like yours too,” she added.

Ta'tan'ia sensed that while the memories were a little disconcerting to the Hapan Queen, they were also arousing. That had been true for most of the Jedi that had been brainwashed by the Empire she had spoken too. They seemed to be simultaneously upset and aroused at what had happened to them. That's why so many of them still wanted to wear a collar, tight-fitting durasteel chronos and comlinks on their wrists, high heels, and corsets. Ta'tan'ia certainly loved wearing them—as long as she wasn't brainwashed!

“Your Majesty, Master Durron got us chronos and comlinks without the Empire's spy equipment, I'm sure he could get you a combination one like you had before,” Ta'tan'ia told her.

She didn't mention that hers had come from Chief Daala, who monitored and recorded everything she did on them, just like the Empire had done with the Jedi they had brainwashed. Chief Daala was the Galactic Alliance Chief of State, it was perfectly within her right to keep track of, and monitor her communications as she saw fit.

“Thanks Ta'tan'ia,” Tenel Ka replied. “But I think I need to stay away from that sort of thing for a while, especially in public. So many of my people were brainwashed by the Empire, I wouldn't want them to think I still was.”

“I understand, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia answered. “Didn't you wear that style of jewelry before the Empire captured you, though?”

“Yes,” Tenel Ka admitted. “But things are different now.” She paused and glanced down at Ta'tan'ia's nerfhide belt and boots. “Do they lock on like the ProCorps uniforms?” she asked her.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Ta'tan'ia answered, blushing slightly. “Please don't tell spread that around though.” It would embarrass Chief Daala, she mentally added.

Master Durron and some of the other Jedi knew that Ta'tan'ia's uniform was locked onto her, and that her collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt were beskar. They also knew just how ... intimately she served Chief Daala. Ta'tan'ia wanted to continue to serve her as intimately as possible, and Master Durron allowed her to. Since Master Durron had his own personal assistant serving him just as intimately, he really couldn't protest anyway.

“I won't,” Tenel Ka assured her with a nod. “I actually enjoyed serving Moff Wynessa Fel, and the Empire. Don't mention that either,” she commanded her. She paused a moment, then added, “But I don't know how much of that was the brainwashing anyway.”

Ta'tan'ia had heard similar stories from Jaina, Tahiri, Jysella, and even Master Ramis. If it wasn't for the brainwashing, being a ProCorps trooper wouldn't be so bad. Ta'tan'ia had certainly been ready to join up before she found out what the Empire had been doing to her friends.

“I understand, Your Majesty,” Ta'tan'ia responded. “And I won't.”

“And please don't mention this to Chief Daala. I will tell her myself when it's time,” Tenel Ka said.

Normally Ta'tan'ia wouldn't keep a secret from Chief Daala. This fell under her Jedi liaison discretion, in her mind though. “I won't, Your Majesty,” she assured her. Ta'tan'ia also caught that she said I will tell her when it's time, not I will tell her if I have to.

“Thank you, Jedi Ta'tan'ia,” Tenel Ka said, standing up to leave.

“You're welcome, Your Majesty,” she replied, standing up as well.

As Tenel Ka walked towards the door, she asked another question. “Have your Achilles tendons been shortened like mine are?” she asked, gesturing towards Ta'tan'ia's high heeled boots.

“No, Your Majesty,” Ta'tan'ia answered with a smile. “I've been thinking about it though.” Chief Daala definitely wanted her to get them shortened. She said it would help make her more controllable, which was just how she liked her Jedi. She also wanted her to get her D-cup breasts enlarged, and get some patriotic Galactic Alliance tattoos.

Tenel Ka nodded her head in understanding. “Yeah, I've been meaning to get mine repaired. It's been forever since I stood barefoot.” Then she gazed down at her own legs, encased in black calf-high lizard-hide boots with fifteen-centimeter heels. “They look so sexy though, and it really does make it easier to wear high heels,” she added with an embarrassed smile.

“I do love your outfit, Your Majesty,” Ta'tan'ia told her. “Especially your belt, and bracelets, and boots.”

“Thanks,” Tenel Ka replied with another smile. “I like yours to.” Then Tenel Ka's eyes went to Ta'tan'ia belt. “By the way, where is your lightsaber?” she asked her.

“Oh, I turned it over to Chief Daala, as a symbol of my loyalty and trust in her government,” Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully. “Quite a few of the other Jedi have as well. She has them in a display case in her office,” she explained.

Tenel Ka stared at her a moment. “Moff Fel had mine and the others' in a display case too,” she replied with a mix of anger and regret. “Never again,” she said after a moment's thought, and with a reassuring pat of her lightsaber on her hip.

“I understand, Your Majesty,” Ta'tan'ia assured her. “But trust me, I am very happy that Chief Daala has mine, and keeps track of me,” she said, gesturing towards her tracking collar.

Tenel Ka smiled and nodded her head as she opened the door. Ta'tan'ia walked out, followed by the Hapan Queen. They exchanged goodbyes again, and Ta'tan'ia headed back towards the Galactic Alliance wing of the Palace.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

About seven minutes later, Ta'tan'ia was standing at parade rest before Chief Daala, who was relaxing in the reclining pouf chair. DP was on her knees in front of her, massaging her feet.

“So, Ta'tan'ia, what did Tenel Ka have to talk about?” Chief Daala asked.

“I'm sorry, Your Excellency, but I really can't tell you right now,” Ta'tan'ia replied politely. “Her Majesty said she would discuss it with you when the time was right, though.”

Chief Daala smiled back at her smugly. “Did it have anything to do with the Hapan Nobles wanting me to be Regent?” she asked.

Ta'tan'ia stared back at her in shock a moment. “Um, yes, Your Excellency,” she responded. She wondered how Chief Daala had found out so fast.

“A few Duchas came by to visit me while you were away,” Chief Daala explained. “They told me they didn't trust their Queen to lead them through these perilous times. And that they needed a strong woman to take over for awhile. And that they all agreed that I was just the woman for the job,” she said with a superior smile. “Sounds just like when the Galactic Alliance asked me to become its Chief of State.”

Ta'tan'ia could tell that Chief Daala was immensely satisfied with the idea of being Regent of the Hapes Consortium. “Uh, Yes, Your Excellency,” she replied. “May I report to Master Durron now?”

Since Chief Daala refused to allow a Jedi Master to accompany her to Hapes, Master Durron had gotten Chief Daala to allow her to report to him without being monitored while they were there. That meant not using her wrist comlink, as it was hardwired to be monitored and controlled by Chief Daala. She still preferred asking her permission before reporting to him though.

“Yes, you may, Ta'tan'ia,” she answered. “But make it clear to him that I am allowing you to inform him strictly as a courtesy. The Jedi will not interfere with the Hapan Government, and especially its soon to be Regent.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied obediently.

A few minutes later Ta'tan'ia was at a secure communications terminal the Galactic Alliance had brought. She could only contact Master Durron via voice. Chief Daala had refused to authorize full holographic communications for her—probably just to annoy Master Durron.

“Hello Jedi Ta'tan'ia,” Kyp Durron greeted her once the connection was made. “How are things going on Hapes?”

Ta'tan'ia quickly told him how Tenel Ka was doubting herself, and thinking of asking Chief Daala to rule as Regent for awhile. Then she told him that several Duchas had approached Chief Daala behind the Queen's back. She didn't mention that Tenel Ka had said that she somewhat enjoyed being an Imperial ProCorps trooper. She considered that a private conversation between friends.

“Sithspit,” Master Durron replied in obvious disgust. “I suspected something like this would happen. I just didn't think they would ask Daala to take over.” There was silence a moment, then he said, “I'll contact Her Majesty, and see if there is an alternative.” Then he paused again. “It might be for the best though,” he said thoughtfully.

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia replied with some surprise. “Chief Daala also instructed me to tell you that she only allowed me to tell you as a courtesy, and that the Jedi would not interfere with the Hapan Government, especially its possible soon to be Regent.”

“That certainly sounds like her,” Kyp replied with a chuckle. “Thank Her Excellency for allowing me to speak to my liaison with her office, and tell her that I understand her wishes.”

“Yes Master,” Ta'tan'ia answered with a smile. She noticed he hadn't said he would obey Chief Daala's wishes, and she wasn't surprised by that one bit.

Master Durron ended the comm call and Ta'tan'ia reported back to Chief Daala's suite. She found her lying face down on a padded table, naked except for a towel covering her ass and upper thighs. DP was giving her a full-body massage. DP was only wearing her red durasteel collar, chrono, comlink, corset, chastity belt, and a pair of red sandals with locking ankle straps and heels eighteen centimeters high.

“So, how is our esteemed Grand Master of the Jedi Order doing, Ta'tan'ia?” Chief Daala asked her.

“Fine, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile. “He told me thank you for allowing him to speak to his liaison to your office, and that he understands your wishes regarding interference with the Hapes Consortium's government, especially its possible new Regent.”

“Good. I expect him to obey them. Did he express an opinion on me being the Regent of the Hapes Consortium?” she asked as DP massaged her thigh.

“Well, he didn't like it, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia answered. “But he did say that it might be for the best.”

Ta'tan'ia instantly sensed Chief Daala's surprise through the Force. She raised her head up out of the circular pillow, and stared at her.

“He said that, really?” Chief Daala asked in astonishment.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia assured her. “He did say that he would be contacting Her Majesty to talk about it, though.”

Chief Daala stared at her thoughtfully a moment. “Thank you Ta'tan'ia,” she answered as she put her head back down. “As a reward you may masturbate to orgasm.”

Ta'tan'ia heard the beep of her uniform and chastity belt unlocking, and spied the remote in Chief Daala's hand. “Thank you, Your Excellency,” she replied excitedly as she began stripping off her uniform. “May I use a vibrator, Your Excellency?” she asked as she laid her top and pants down neatly on the nearby pouf couch.

“I don't think so, Ta'tan'ia,” she replied. “After all, you did communicate with Durron without me monitoring you, like you know I like to.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia answered as she pulled off her chastity belt. “I didn't want to, but Master Durron insisted,” she offered.

“I know, Ta'tan'ia, but you since he won't let me put him in a chastity belt and tracking collar, I have to punish you,” Chief Daala explained to her with an evil smile.

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile as she plunged her fingers into her wet snatch. Chief Daala tended to take out her annoyance and anger at Master Durron and the Jedi Order on her. Ta'tan'ia was only too happy to provide her body to Chief Daala to punish for her fellow Jedi.

Ta'tan'ia eagerly masturbated a meter or so from Chief Daala's massage table, while she ignored her. DP also mostly ignored her, but Ta'tan'ia saw her stealing peeks at her as she massaged Chief Daala. Ta'tan'ia kept most of her attention on Chief Daala, since she was the one that was allowing her to masturbate.

Besides her tracking collar, chrono, and comlink, which never came off, Ta'tan'ia was wearing her durasteel corset. As she slipped at third finger into her soaking pussy, she winked and licked her lips at DP, who smiled back at her.

“Eyes down, DP,” Chief Daala commanded her without looking up.

“Yes, Your Excellency, sorry,” DP replied apologetically, and regretfully as she concentrated on massaging Chief Daala's left calf.

Ta'tan'ia felt bad for DP. Chief Daala hadn't let her cum in over a week. Still, Ta'tan'ia didn't let that stop her from the rare privilege of her own orgasm.

Ta'tan'ia kept three fingers going in her while she gazed at Chief Daala's nearly naked form lying on the massage table. She wished she could massage her too, or lick her pussy. A few minutes later, Ta'tan'ia moaned out in orgasm.

“Good job, Ta'tan'ia,” Chief Daala congratulated her as she rolled over on the table so DP could massage her frontside. “When I'm made Regent, I might let you and DP play awhile.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied as she licked her pussy juices off her fingers. “May I use the 'fresher before I put my chastity belt back on?”

“You may,” she replied as she DP started massaging her right arm.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia answered as she hurried to the 'fresher.

A couple of minutes later, Ta'tan'ia returned, her crotch clean. She quickly pulled her chastity belt back on, and locked it into place. She didn't consider not locking it for a second. She was thrilled to wear it for Chief Daala. Then she put her Jedi ProCorps-style uniform back on.

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