Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia, Chapter 1
Rating: X / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress' notes: This is a(nother) sequel to the Imperial Prostitute series. I know I'll get a lot of negative feedback on this story, but I don't care. I really enjoy writing this, especially the character Ta'tan'ia. If you don't want to read it, don't. I really, really want to end this series, as I do feel as though it's going on too long. However, besides this 30K word story, I already have about forty-eight-hundred words of the next one written. Since Daala isn't COS in the books anymore, I'll have to end it soon.

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To summarize the story thus far ...

After Jedi Knight Jaina Solo kills her twin brother, Darth Cadeus, she leaves the Galactic Alliance for the Empire. Jag has just been made High Moff of the Empire, and soon after arriving, Jaina agrees to go through Imperial basic training, with the plan to take command of the Imperial TIE-Fighter Corps upon graduation.

Instead Jaina is mentally coerced into joining the Prostitution Corps, and becoming an Imperial Prostitute. Jaina is very susceptible to the conditioning, and quickly becomes a fantastic sexual servant to the Empire. Eventually Jaina helps recruit Syal Antilles into the ProCorps, as well as Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo. After helping keep the Hapes Consortium in the Empire, Jaina is sent to the Jedi Temple, to recruit more Jedi to the Empire.

Jedi Master Cilghal discovers the Empire's conditioning however, and the Jedi manage to cure Jaina and the other affected Jedi. Luckily only human Jedi were affected. They also force Moff Jag Fel to free the Hapes Consortium from the Empire.

In spite of being extremely upset at the Empire virtually brainwashing them, a few of the female Galactic Alliance Heros continue to serve the Empire. Tahiri Veila remains as High Moff Fel's personal assistant. Jysella Horn and Myri Antilles remain as Colonel Drasi's—the Commandant of the ProCorps Academy—mutual lovers and submissives. Jaina Solo becomes Kyp Durron's personal assistant. Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia—a Twi'lek—becomes Chief of State Natasi Daala's Jedi liaison ... and submissive.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Prologue ...

Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia awoke a few seconds before the alarms from her chrono and comlink went off. She was lying in her bed, in her room, in the Jedi Temple. Her wrists were cuffed together in front of her, and her ankles were cuffed together as well. She was also wearing a six-centimeter-wide beskar tracking collar around her neck, and a beskar chastity belt.

She stretched her cuffed arms over her head, then glanced at the time on her six-centimeter-wide beskar chrono locked around her left wrist. It was oh-four-twenty-nine, and fifty-eight seconds. When the chrono read zero-four-thirty hours, it started blaring, as did the matching beskar comlink locked around her right wrist.

The beskar chain connecting her chrono and comlink together was just long enough for her to reach around and key in the password to stop the alarms. Ta'tan'ia smiled as she quickly typed I serve Chief of State Daala, into the comlink. The blaring alarms stopped, and the comlink stopped flashing. The maglocks on each end of the chain connecting her chrono and comlink together also weakened, as did the maglocks on the shackles on her ankles.

Chief Daala had had that password programmed to both make sure she was alert enough to input a sufficiently complicated password, and to remind her of her place. Ta'tan'ia quickly pulled her wrists apart, and put the short chain in her nightstand drawer. Then she reached down, and pulled the beskar shackles off her ankles, and put them in the drawer as well.

Next Ta'tan'ia climbed out of bed, and headed towards her compact 'fresher. As she sat up, she slid her feet into the fifteen-centimeter high heeled clear plastex slip-ons she wore around her room. Besides the heels, beskar collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt, Ta'tan'ia was wearing a plain black tank-top with the Chief of State's Seal over her left breast. It had been a little tricky at first to use the 'fresher while wearing her chastity belt, but her friends Jaina Solo and Syal Antilles had both been happy to give her some pointers. Now she was quite used to living in a chastity belt.

After cleaning herself, and her chastity belt, Ta'tan'ia changed into her gym outfit that Chief Daala had given her, and headed to the Jedi Temple's gym. The outfit consisted of a blue sports bra and hot pants in Galactic Alliance blue. The Chief of State's official seal was over her left breast, and the words Galactic Alliance were print across the back of the hot pants in black.

Ta'tan'ia was also wearing black gym shoes with ten centimeter wedge heels. The waist belt and top few centimeters of the crotch strap of her chastity belt were visible above the waistband of her hot pants. Her tracking collar, chrono, and comlink were also visible, as usual.

There were only a few other Jedi working out this early. Ta'tan'ia cheerfully waved to the ones that glanced towards her, and greeted the rest with the Force as she began stretching. Ta'tan'ia stayed in the gym an hour working out, then went back to her room and took a sanisteam. Next she got dressed in her ProCorps-style uniform Chief Daala had given her, and left for the Chief of State's offices.

Her duty uniform consisted of a dark brown robe, similar to what she had worn before, except the that sleeves were shorter, to display her chrono and comlink, and it stopped at mid-thigh. Underneath that she wore snug light-brown pants, and an off-white top. The top had a V-neck, to keep her tracking collar easily visible. Ta'tan'ia was also wearing knee-high brown boots with eighteen-centimeter stiletto heels.

The boots had hidden shackles just below her knees, and at her ankles. Ta'tan'ia was also wearing a ten-centimeter-wide black nerfhide belt with the Chief of State's official seal on the front. She also had a durasteel head harness locked onto her head, with the Chief of State's seal centered over forehead.

Underneath her tunic Ta'tan'ia was wearing a silver durasteel corset that was locked around her torso, along with her beskar chastity belt. Her beskar tracking collar, chrono, and comlink completed her uniform. Those, along with her corset, belt, head harness and boots were locked on, and only Chief Daala could release her.

Twenty minutes later, just before zero-six-thirty, Ta'tan'ia arrived at the office complex. She greeted the security officers on duty, and stepped into the full-body scanner. The only noise it made was a barely perceptible humming as it did it's work. If it discovered something, it wouldn't make any sound, so it wouldn't alert whoever was being scanned. Ta'tan'ia however, was able to sense the security officer's feelings through the Force, so she knew that the scan came up clean. The officer looking at the monitor nodded towards the Sergeant, who told her to go ahead, and have a nice day.

Ta'tan'ia thanked the officers, and headed towards Chief Daala's office. Ta'tan'ia knew that security officers were both tracking her movements with the signal from her tracking collar, and monitoring her through the many holocameras in the in the building. In fact, Chief Daala's security officers had been tracking her every second since Chief Daala had locked her first tracking collar around her neck several weeks ago.

Since she was a Jedi, Ta'tan'ia was restricted from most of the office complex without Chief Daala's express permission. Ta'tan'ia had a specific route she had to take every morning. She didn't mind at all, she was just happy Chief Daala didn't make her take the stairs in her heels.

Ta'tan'ia arrived in Chief Daala's reception area and cheerfully greeted the two YVH droids on duty. They ignored her, and instantly began matching her physical characteristics to what they had on file, and confirmed the signal from her tracking collar. They also detected the beskar in her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt to further check her identity.

In less than a second they confirmed that she was Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia, who was authorized to be there. They lowered their blasters, and returned to standby mode without responding to her. Chief Daala had just wanted to use her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt to identify her. She liked the idea of Ta'tan'ia being reduced to her restraints for identification. Ta'tan'ia kind of like the idea too. Only the possibility of someone killing her and somehow using the beskar restraints to gain entry stopped Chief Daala from implementing that plan.

“Good morning Bee-Dee,” Ta'tan'ia said cheerfully as she entered Chief Daala's actual office.

The third YVH droid ignore her, and quickly confirmed her identity again. After half-a-second, he produced a short beskar chain with a maglock at each end. “Wrists,” Bee-Dee said dispassionately, in spite of the fact that she had already turned away from him, and was holding her hands behind her back towards him.

Ta'tan'ia smiled back at him as he maglocked her chrono and comlink together. She could feel several centimeters of chain hanging down from the section connecting her wrists together. Then he maglocked a leash to the front of her collar, and used it to pull her over to a spot about halfway between the pouf couches that served as an informal meeting area and the display cases where the Jedi's lightsabers were kept.

“Kneel,” Bee-Dee stated as he pulled her by the leash down towards the floor.

Just like before, Ta'tan'ia was already obeying before he had given the command. Once she knelt, he leaned down, and pulled her cuffed wrists down to her ankles. Then he maglocked the shackles around her ankles that were built into her boots together with another section of short chain that had been hanging from her wrist cuffs. The two sections of beskar chain were connected with a third section, locking her wrists and ankles together behind her.

Next Bee-Dee stood back up, still gripping her leash. Ta'tan'ia knew they would stay like that for about an hour or so, until Chief Daala arrived. She said she liked to be greeted by a kneeling and chained Jedi when she arrived every morning. Ta'tan'ia certainly enjoying obliging her, although she wasn't quite sure why she had to stay cuffed for an hour. She had asked Chief Daala, but she really didn't give her an answer, past that it just made her day a little brighter.

Ta'tan'ia was happy to spend an hour every morning kneeling in chains for her Chief of State, if that's what she wanted from her. Ta'tan'ia glanced over at the display case with nearly three dozen of the Jedi's lightsabers in it. Hers was the fifth one. She was glad that Chief Daala had her lightsaber, and could track her every movement via the beskar tracking collar locked around her neck.

Ta'tan'ia took a deep breath, and ran through a Jedi calming exercise. Since she couldn't masturbate, she had quickly learned that the best way to spend an hour in chains was to meditate.

Nearly an hour later, Ta'tan'ia sensed Chief Daala and DP arriving in the reception area. While DP nominally had her own apartment now, Ta'tan'ia knew that she spent most nights with Chief Daala. Ta'tan'ia had gotten to spend the night occasionally as well. Chief Daala had her wear a super-sexy fetish maid's uniform while she cleaned her apartment for her.

“Good morning, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia said cheerfully when Chief Daala finally entered her office proper.

“Good morning Bee-Dee,” Chief Daala said to the YVH droid holding Ta'tan'ia's leash. “Has my Jedi liaison been behaving herself this morning?”

“Greetings, Your Excellency,” Bee-Dee replied. “Yes she has.”

“Good,” Chief Daala replied with a nod as she sat down behind her desk. “Since I have a group of Mid-Rim Senators stopping by in a bit, you can go ahead and release her.”

“Yes, Your Excellency,” Bee-Dee responded as be began unlocking Ta'tan'ia's restraints.

“Can I get you anything, Your Excellency?” Ta'tan'ia asked as she climbed to her feet.

Chief Daala glanced over at the display case with the lightsabers. “Not at the moment, Ta'tan'ia. But when the Senators come in, I want you to be dusting my display case.”

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully as she brushed off her uniform pants. Chief Daala had her do that often when visitors came in, to demonstrate how much control she had over her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chapter 1 of 8 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia stood near the exit ramp of the Chief of State's shuttle, and Syal Antilles. Chief Daala had come to Hapes to oversee the final withdrawal of the Empire from the Hapes Consortium. As Chief Daala's Jedi liaison, Ta'tan'ia had accompanied her as well. As a Jedi Knight, Ta'tan'ia would also be observing matters on Hapes for acting Grand Master Kyp Durron and the rest of the Jedi Order.

Ta'tan'ia was wearing her tan Jedi uniform that Chief Daala had given her. It was patterned on the ProCorps uniforms of the Empire. Her brown boots had eighteen centimeter heels, and hidden shackles at her ankles and just below her knees. A wide brown nerfhide belt with the Chief of State's Seal on the front was locked around her waist. A durasteel head harness was locked around her head and lekku, with the Chief of State's Seal centered over her forehead.

A gleaming silver six-centimeter-wide beskar tracking collar was locked around her neck, with a matching chrono on her left wrist, and a comlink on her right one. All three were easily visible.

Underneath her uniform Ta'tan'ia was also wearing a durasteel corset, and a beskar chastity belt. Only Chief Daala could unlock her boots, belt, head harness, collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt.

Syal Antilles, daughter of the famous Rogue Squadron pilot Wedge Antilles, had been brainwashed by the Empire and given age regression therapy, and reconstructive surgery to disguise her looks. Her breasts had also been enlarged to double-dee cups, then she had been given to Chief Daala as a gift. After she had been cured of the brainwashing, Syal had shocked everyone by staying on as Chief Daala's personal assistant. She even insisted being called DP, short for Daala's Pet, just like she had been before.

DP was wearing a dark blue Galactic Alliance style uniform, with red trim and no rank or insignia. She was also wearing a red durasteel chrono and comlink on her wrists, and had a red durasteel collar around her neck that was partially hidden by her uniform top. Her boots were blue, with red soles and heels eighteen centimeters high. She also had a wide red nerfhide belt with the Chief of State's Seal on the front locked around her waist.

Ta'tan'ia knew that she was also wearing a red durasteel corset and chastity belt underneath her uniform, and that only Chief Daala could unlock them, as well as her collar, chrono, comlink, belt, and boots.

The Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Tenel Ka, who was also a Jedi Knight, had been brainwashed by the Empire as well. At first the Empire made her sign a secret treaty making the Consortium an Imperial Protectorate. Then the Empire slowly took over, turning Tenel Ka into a puppet ruler.

Imperial Admiral Garowyn was running the Hapes Consortium for the Empire. She attempted to rebel against the Empire though, and was killed by Tenel Ka and Jaina Solo, who was also brainwashed by the Empire. After that, Queen Tenel Ka dissolved the Hapan Monarchy, and the Hapes Consortium became part of Empire.

Queen Tenel Ka had spent the last couple of months as the personal assistant to Imperial Moff Wynessa Fel, who had ruled the Hapes Sector, as the Empire called it. Like Tahiri still is to High Moff Fel, and DP is to Chief Daala, Ta'tan'ia thought to herself. Then she paused, and realized just how much some things had stayed the same after the Jedi had discovered the Imperial brainwashing scheme.

Jaina Solo had been Chief Daala's first Jedi liaison. After she had recovered from the Empire's brainwashing, Chief Daala tried to get her back, probably just to annoy Master Durron. He refused, and Chief Daala asked for Ta'tan'ia, again, mostly just to annoy him. Since Master Durron was spending so much time with Jaina anyway, Ta'tan'ia volunteered to be Chief Daala's Jedi liaison. Almost immediately, Jaina assumed Ta'tan'ia's duties as Master Durron's personal assistant. Ta'tan'ia helped out DP with her personal assistant duties as much as possible, just like Jaina had when she had been Chief Daala's Jedi liaison.

The shuttle's landing ramp lowered and Chief Daala walked down, followed by Ta'tan'ia, Syal, and the rest of her entourage. Queen Tenel Ka, along with a half-dozen of her advisors, was waiting for them about ten meters from the bottom of the ramp.

Tenel Ka was wearing a tight-fitting purple and maroon Dathomiri lizard-hide body suit. An eight centimeter wide silver durasteel belt was around her waist, with her lightsaber maglocked to it. The Hapan Crown was on her head. About twenty silver bangle bracelets were on her right wrist.

The Queen's left arm had been severed above the elbow in a lightsaber duel when she was a teenager. The Empire had forced her to receive a prosthetic arm, but she had had it removed as soon as she was free of the Empire's mental influence. The Empire had also performed age regression therapy on her that made her twenty-two years old again, which was the same age as her twin cousins, Trista and Taryn.

The Hapan Queen was also wearing eight centimeter wide silver durasteel armbands on her biceps. Black calf-high lizard-hide boots with chunky heels about fifteen centimeters high were on her feet. The Empire had also shortened her Achilles tendons so she couldn't even stand in less than thirteen centimeter heels. They had done the same thing to Jaina, Tahiri and several of the other Jedi they had brainwashed. They hadn't done the procedure to Syal Antilles though, because she was serving Chief Daala publicly.

“Hello, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka greeted Chief Daala politely as she descended the ramp. “Welcome to Hapes. Or, welcome back to Hapes, Your Excellency, I should say,” she said with a nervous smile.

“Thank you for inviting me, Your Majesty,” Chief Daala replied politely as she reached the bottom of the ramp. “Once again, I want to say I'm very sorry what happened to you and your people,” she said as the two groups came together.

In the short time Ta'tan'ia had served Chief Daala, she had discovered that the Chief of State was, like most politicians, an excellent liar. Still, she could tell that Chief Daala wasn't all that sorry that the Empire had taken over Hapes.

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka responded after a moment's hesitation. “I guess Garowyn making me serve you dinner in a fetish maid's uniform was a bit subtle for you,” she added icily.

At the mention of serving dinner in a fetish maid's uniform, Ta'tan'ia immediately began fantasizing. She glanced at Syal, who grinned back at her. They both had fetish maid's uniforms at Chief Daala's apartment on Coruscant that they wore for her. Ta'tan'ia wondered if Chief Daala had had DP pack them.

Chief Daala feigned insult. “How was I supposed to know you had been brainwashed, Your Majesty?” she answered defensively. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself so much.” She paused a moment, then added, “Besides, I have officially condemned the occupation of the Hapes Consortium, and am here to ensure the Empire withdraws promptly.”

Tenel Ka stared back incredulously at Chief Daala several seconds. Ta'tan'ia couldn't really blame her for that. Chief Daala had actively helped the Empire take over the Hapes Consortium by keeping both the Senate and the Jedi Order from interfering. Only after the Jedi Order had discovered that Chief Daala had kidnapped Jedi Leia Organa Solo and encased her in carbonite did Chief Daala reluctantly speak out against the Imperial occupation of the Hapes Consortium.

Ta'tan'ia also knew that even now Chief Daala didn't really care very much about the Hapes Consortium. She had only agreed to come oversee the Empire's withdrawal to keep the Jedi Order from trying to assist. Master Durron had tried to come along, or send another Master, but Chief Daala refused, saying that that's what Ta'tan'ia was for.

“Just please make sure they leave without causing anymore trouble, Your Excellency,” Tenel Ka finally said.

“That's what I'm here for, Your Majesty,” Chief Daala assured her with a smile. “And I must say Your Majesty, your outfit looks beautiful.” Then she leaned closer to her. “And if you want to wear a collar, please don't let me stop you. Ta'tan'ia and Syal both do, and I really think one would look good on you.”

Tenel Ka hesitated a moment before replying. “Thank you, Your Excellency,” she finally answered. “I'll think about it. But for now, allow me to introduce you to my advisors.”

Ta'tan'ia had already recognized Taryn and Trista, Tenel Ka's twin cousins. If she didn't already know otherwise, she might mistake Tenel Ka, Taryn, and Trista for identical triplets. She also recognized the names of a couple of others in the Hapan party as Tenel Ka introduced them.

Next Chief Daala introduced the Galactic Alliance delegation. Ta'tan'ia reached out with the Force to greet Tenel Ka as she bowed respectfully to her.

Once the introductions where complete, Tenel Ka asked if they were ready to get settled into their rooms.

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Chief Daala answered with a smile. “I've been looking forward to experiencing the accommodations on Hapes since my last visit.”

Tenel Ka blushed slightly. “Thank you, Your Excellency,” she replied with a brief smile.

The Galactic Alliance delegation was given an entire wing of the Fountain Palace. Chief Daala got her own luxurious suite. Even though there were plenty of rooms available, Chief Daala had DP and Ta'tan'ia share the second bedroom in her suite. Ta'tan'ia knew that Chief Daala wanted her and DP close by in case she needed them, and she liked having her two chastity belted assistants showering and sleeping together as much as possible.

Ta'tan'ia enjoyed spending time with DP too. She had barely known her a few months ago, but now they spent most of every day together serving Chief Daala, and had grown very close.

The knowledge that they couldn't sexually satisfy each other only turned them on more. Sometimes Chief Daala had them shower together after their morning workouts—on the flimsi-thin idea that it would save water. Of course most of the time they both showered with Chief Daala, and bathed her before cleaning themselves.

Ta'tan'ia and DP began unpacking Chief Daala's things while she relaxed in one of the luxurious reclining pouf chairs, and checked up on things on Coruscant via comlink. While Ta'tan'ia finished up, Syal prepared Chief Daala's bath. Then Chief Daala had Ta'tan'ia strip down to her collar, chrono, comlink, corset and chastity belt, and bathe her while DP did some secretarial work at one of the portable computer terminals they had brought.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

As soon as she could, Tenel Ka retreated into her suite of rooms to be alone. She took off her crown, and tossed it onto her bed. There was a large depression on the wall over the head of the bed where the Imperial Emblem had been. Moff Wynessa Fel had taken over the Royal Suite while she was Imperial Moff of the Hapes Sect—Consortium, Tenel Ka mentally corrected herself.

Nearly a month after Tenel Ka had been cured of the Empire's influence, she was still having problems adjusting to being Queen again. She still habitually kept her rooms clean herself, just as she had when Moff Fel had slept here. The Palace staff had already had to politely remind her several times that it was there job to clean up after her.

At the spaceport Tenel Ka had had to stop herself from standing at parade rest while talking to Chief Daala. She had also had to fight the urge to automatically agree with her, and basically act like a ProCorps trooper. If Chief Daala had given her an order, Tenel Ka was more than a little afraid that she would have obeyed without thinking.

The main problem was, Tenel Ka got wet at the very thought of obeying. She had asked Chief Daala to come oversee the final negotiations because she couldn't trust herself stand up to Moff Wynessa Fel. One of the reasons Tenel Ka had come to her room was to change her panties because they were so wet.

Tenel Ka opened her durasteel belt with the Force and tossed it on the bed next to her crown. Her durasteel armbands quickly landed on her bed as well. Luckily she was proving very able at relearning how to undress with only one hand. She quickly stripped her Dathomiri lizard-hide body suit down to her knees. Then she sat down on her dressing couch and pulled off her fifteen-centimeter heeled boots.

The Empire had shortened her Achilles tendons so she had to have at least thirteen centimeter heels just to stand up. She planned on having them repaired, but hadn't gotten around to it. Getting the horrible tattoos removed from her butt and crotch had taken priority. Tenel Ka finished pulling off her bodysuit, then her panties. Then she slid her feet into a pair of black slip-ons with chunky heels fifteen-centimeters high that she had left next to her dressing couch.

Tenel Ka stood up, naked except for the heels and silver bracelets on her right wrist. She unconsciously glanced down towards her missing left wrist—and the chrono that had been there—for the time. Then she caught herself, sighed with annoyance, and glanced at the time displayed on her computer screen.

The Hapan Queen walked into her closet, opened a drawer and pulled out a fresh pair of panties. As she slid them up her legs, she glanced at the spot just above her pussy. It was paler than the surrounding skin, and the same color as the top half of her butt. The word Imperial Property had been tattooed across her butt. The Imperial Emblem had been tattooed on her crotch, with her Imperial ProCorps title and serial number, Imperial Prostitute HC-00001, curved below it.

Tenel Ka stepped in front of her floor-length closet mirror, and gazed at her reflection. Staring back at her was a gorgeous woman that looked twenty-two years old. The Empire had given her some very expensive age regression therapy while she had served them. Not only did she look twenty-two, for all intents she was twenty-two again. The Empire had also enlarged her breast with cloned-tissue, which was also very expensive.

Tenel Ka had been in great shape before she had became a ProCorps trooper. Now she was in phenomenal shape. The Empire had built her body for sex, and trained her for the same thing. She ran her hand across her toned tummy, and imagined her durasteel ProCorps corset. Since she had been freed from the Empire, she had gotten several others, but her lizard-hide bodysuits were usually tight enough without them.

As she stood there, imagining her durasteel chastity belt, she felt herself getting wet again. She glanced at the drawer where she kept most of her vibrators, but quickly shook her head. She had too much to do to masturbate right now. Tenel Ka ran through a Jedi calming exercise, then went to get dressed again.

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