Jedi Submissive II, Bonus
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress's Notes: In the first Jedi Submissive story Daala became Regent of the Hapes Consortium, and put tracking collars and chastity belts on the Queen and her sexy twin cousins. She also left Mirta Gev, the granddaughter of Boba Fett as the Queen's bodyguard, and to keep an eye on the Queen. Well, here is a short story showing how all that turned out.

Soon after Chief Daala is removed from power in the Galactic Alliance ...

Tenel Ka, the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, sighed contently as she relaxed on the deck of her Royal Yacht. She was wearing a tiny black bikini, with large black sunglasses and a pair of three centimeter wide clear plastex bangle bracelets on her wrist. Since she was lying in a form-lounger, she was barefoot, but she had a pair of clear plastex slides with fifteen centimeter heels on the deck next to her.

The Queen was accompanied by fourteen of her most trusted Noblewomen and advisors, and nearly as many of her not-so-trusted Noblewomen. All were enjoying a day in the tropical sun of Hapes with their Queen.

Jaina Solo was on the form-lounger to Tenel Ka's right. She was wearing a purple one-piece bikini that Tenel Ka had loaned her. The matching sunglasses were part of the outfit as well. Jaina's durasteel chrono was on her left wrist, and her matching comlink on her right. Her clear plastex heels were on the deck next to her form-lounger, just like Tenel Ka's. Since both women's Achilles tendons had been shortened, they couldn't even stand in less than fifteen centimeter heels.

The rest of the Hapan Noblewomen were all wearing similar lounging-in-the-warm-tropical-sun outfits. Many were also wearing durasteel chronos and comlinks — often jeweled — and most of them were wearing the tracking collars that Regent Daala had locked on them. Only Tenel Ka's cousins' had been removed. Both of them were wearing durasteel chronos and comlinks, though. Taryn's were yellow, while Trista's were red.

Tenel Ka had even gotten Mirta Gev to take off her armor and relax a while. The Mandalorian was sitting a couple of meters behind her, keeping an eye on things. She was wearing a yellow bandeau-style top, with matching hot pants. Her eyes were hidden behind dark wrap-around sunglasses. She also had a black nerfhide gun belt around her waist, with a pair of blasters in the holsters.

Standing behind the lounging Noblewomen were twenty or so toned, strapping Hapan men. All were wearing tight black short-shorts, and nothing else. When Mirta had positioned herself behind Tenel Ka, she had made the two nearest servants move a couple of steps away.

Tenel Ka reached out to the small table next to her form-lounger and took a sip of her ice-cold flavored water. As soon as she sat the glass down, one of the hunky servants stepped forward to refill it. As he bent over next to her, Tenel Ka casually stroked his muscular backside, drying her fingertips on his tight shorts.

When he stepped back, she saw Jaina grinning at her. Tenel Ka just smiled back at her.

The only man that was relaxing with the Hapans was Talon Ghent. He and his wife Karhii were in a double lounger on the other side of Jaina. Master Durron had sent him to free the Hapans from Daala's tracking collars. Jaina had escorted him, and his wife had accompanied him as well.

Mirta Gev had already gotten the codes to unlock Tenel Ka, and her cousins Trista and Taryn from their tracking collars, chronos, cominks, and chastity belts. Talon had reprogrammed Tenel Ka's beskar collar, comlink, and chastity belt, so she could use them if she wanted to.

Later that day ...

Tenel Ka stood at the bow of the yacht, looking out over the gentle waves. She had gathered everyone here for an important announcement. They were all behind her. Most were waiting patiently, some impatiently.

Tenel Ka glanced down at the remote in her hand. Talon had also reprogrammed all the Nobles' tracking collars. She had thought he was just going to unlock them, but instead he had surprised her by giving her the remote that could release them.

Currently all of the tracking collars were still maglocked around their necks. Tenel Ka could track a lot of the Hapan Nobles — including some of her most prominent critics — to the decimeter.

She could, but she knew she couldn't. If she did, she wouldn't be any better than Jag Fel, or Daala ... or Cadeus.

That last realization obliterated any lingering doubt in her mind. There was no way she would ever turn to the dark side.

Tenel Ka quickly keyed in the short sequence that unlocked all of the Hapans' tracking collars. Then she cocked her arm back, and threw the remote as far as she could. As soon as it left her hand she picked up the blaster pistol off the ledge, aimed, and shot the remote out of the sky all in one motion.

Next she calmly set the blaster down, and took a sip of her flavored water. She could sense everyone's curiosity. After a couple of moments, she turned, and announced to the waiting Nobles that they could now remove their tracking collars.

There was much excitement — and relief. They quickly began pulling the circles of durasteel off. A few moments later, the collars began joining the remote into the sea.

Tenel Ka made sure all the Noblewomen thanked Talon for his efforts on their behalf. She had already set up an account for him, and deposited a quarter of a million credits in it. She felt confident most of the Noblewomen would be generous as well.

"So, Your Majesty," Jaina began as she strutted up to her a few minutes later. "Now that you're ruling again, what are you going to do about Ambassador Wynssa Fel?"

Ambassador Fel was the sister of High Moff Jag Fel, ruler of the Empire. She was also formerly Moff Wynssa Fel of the Hapes Sector when the Empire had ruled the Consortium. When Tenel Ka had asked Daala to become Regent, Daala had asked Fel to remain as Ambassador. Now Tenel Ka had to decide if someone who had dommed her and ruled the Hapes Consortium would remain here as an Ambassador.

"Oh, she's staying," Tenel Ka replied. Then she smiled evilly. "I like having Moff Fel's sister right here on Hapes, where I can get to her."

Jaina chuckled, then took a swallow of her own fruity water. "Well, remember, she does have diplomatic immunity," she reminded her.

Now Tenel Ka laughed. "Trust me, I do. If I hadn't reminded Mirta of that — and expressed my particular wishes that she didn't — she would have already killed her in retaliation for the bioweapon the Empire released into Mandalore's atmosphere.

Jaina glanced at the Mandalorian sitting a few meters away, watching the crowd. She was close enough to hear them, but she didn't seem to be listening.

"By the way Your Majesty," how did you get Mirta on your side?" Jaina asked her.

Tenel Ka glanced over to Mirta, and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, first we realized we had something in common. The Empire created a nanovirus specifically to kill each of us. Then I figured out that she wasn't nearly as friendly with Daala as her grandfather is. Finally I gave her a big pay raise over what Daala was paying her, and now she's a proper bodyguard," she explained.

Then Tenel Ka paused a heartbeat, and added, "All bodyguards watch their clients take sanisteams, right?"

Jaina stared at her a moment, not quite sure if she was serious about that last part. "If the client was as sexy as you, then I certainly would," she answered.

Tenel Ka grinned back at her. "Maybe we can take one together then."

"Sounds like fun, Your Majesty," Jaina replied. Then she glanced back at the toned Mandalorian, still sitting silently. "Maybe we can get her to join us instead of just watching?"

"Sounds like a plan," Tenel Ka replied as they both eyed the sexy young woman.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That evening ...

"So, Your Majesty, is this how usually spend your days ruling the Hapes Consortium?" Jaina Solo asked her.

"I wish," Tenel Ka replied with a lazy smile. She paused and took a sip of her wine.

They were relaxing in the Queen's ten-woman hot tub. The Royal yacht was supposed to be back in port by nightfall, but Tenel Ka had decided to extend the cruise a bit. Some of her Noblewomen complained, but she didn't care. She was the Queen Mother, and if she wanted to spend the night at sea, then they would spend the night at sea.

Currently most of the passengers and crew were below decks, in their cabins. The yacht's second officer was at the helm, along with a pair of male crewmembers. It wouldn't be proper for a male to be in control of the Royal yacht, even in the middle of the night, when the yacht was barely moving.

Tenel Ka's cousins Trista and Taryn Zel, and Mirta Gev were in the hot tub with her and Jaina. All five women were naked. Well, mostly naked. Tenel Ka was wearing her beskar collar and clear plastex bracelets. Jaina, Taryn, and Trista were wearing their durasteel collars, chronos, and comlinks. Trista's were red durasteel, while Taryn's were yellow.

Mirta Gev was completely naked. She had a blaster in the console next to her shoulder. Her gun belt was on the deck just behind her with another one in the holster. Tenel Ka and Jaina both had their fifteen centimeter high plastex heels on the deck behind them.

"This is the first time I've been out here in nearly a year," Tenel Ka explained. "And then I was serving Moff Wynssa Fel, not relaxing."

"Not that Her Majesty still didn't enjoy herself," Trista said as she picked up her own wine glass and took a sip.

Tenel Ka glanced at her with a raised eyebrow. "Speaking of Hapan Noblewomen being servants, I need a refill," she said, lifting her glass a few centimeters.

The glass was more than half full, and Tenel Ka had barely been drinking it anyway. Still, she was the Queen, and if she said she needed a refill, then she was going to get a refill.

"Of course, Your Majesty," Trista replied sweetly as she picked up the bottle of wine off the deck behind her. "Your humble servant lives to obey her Queen."

Trista half-crawled half-swam over to her, and filled Tenel Ka's glass. When she finished, she turned to go back to her seat.

"Thanks, Zero-Three," Tenel Ka said as she nudged her in her butt with her foot.

HC-00003, or Zero-Three, had been Trista's ProCorps designation. Tenel Ka's had been Zero-One, and Taryn's had been Zero-Two.

Trista barely stopped herself from falling under the water. She kept the bottle of wine out of the water as well.

"Well Your Majesty, you should do this more often," Jaina told her. "You deserve it."

Tenel Ka let out an annoyed breath. "It's insanely expensive," she replied. "Beside the Royal Yacht, I've got four escort ships, air — "

She was cut off by Taryn deliberately — and loudly — clearing her throat. Tenel Ka glanced at her, then rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Well, let's just say it's just not the Royal Yacht out here," Tenel Ka said, looking back at Jaina. "The Queen Mother requires a lot of security to go on a cruise for a day."

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