Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II, Chapter 5
Rating: NC-17 / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

To Kani's utter horror, her blade hit some sort of armor, jarring her wounded shoulder painfully. The blade deflected off to the side, and she dropped her hand towards the ground.

Beskar! she realized as he fired again.

This bolt hit her in the chest. Kani felt an intense fire — worse than the one in her shoulder or stomach. She couldn't take a breath. She didn't even feel the next bolt hitting her chest again. Kani knew she only had a few seconds to live.

She swung her arm up in a slash and was somewhat surprised to see that it was still holding her lightsaber. As another blaster bolt hit her, she watched the end of the blade cross his face, leaving a massive gash just above his mouth. Her arm continued its arc, causing her body to twist. Another blaster bolt hit her side.

Kani fell to the ground and watched her lightsaber roll away. Then she saw the human — Mandalorian she assumed — fall lifelessly in front of her. She looked into the gash from her lightsaber, and saw that she had nearly decapitated him. The last thing Kani saw was one of her Noghri protectors — Er-kzaim, she thought — limping towards her, covered in blood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"This is Madhi Vaandt on location in the Uscru Entertainment District on Coruscant," the Devaronian holojournalist recited professionally. "Nearly two dozen people are dead after an appalling attack by Mandalorian terrorists. Among the dead are Jedi Knight Kani Asari, an unidentified Noghri believed to be her bodyguard, holojournalist Javis Tyrr, an observer appointed by the Galactic Alliance to follow Jedi Asari, six children, and five Mandalorian attackers that are believed to be part of the group that has been hiding out near the Jedi Temple for the past several months."

The holocamera swept across the horrific scene. All of the bodies had been covered, and the police were going over the area for evidence. After a few moments, the holocamera went back to the somber young holojournalist, and the five centimeter wide durasteel comlink on her left wrist.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Kyp watched the holonews in stunned silence. Kani dead. Polbehr Hakh'khar dead. Javis Tyrr dead. Er-kzaim Hakh'khar barely walking. Over a dozen other people — including three children — dead. Five of Daala's Mando scumbags dead. At least there was no way Daala could keep the Mandos a secret anymore. Currently Madhi Vaandt was blasting the news all over the HoloNet. She even had footage of dozens of the Mandos in a couple of their old staging areas, in full armor. Kyp wondered if Ta'tan'ia had known about that footage.

Apparently Madhi had happened to be at the restaurant that Kani and Javis had been heading for. She was on the HoloNet almost before the security forces and fire and rescue had even arrived.

"Daala has to go," Master Sebatyne said from the chair next to him. "She's crossed the line."

"Frakk," Kyp said in disbelief. "Frakk. We've got to get Ta'tan'ia out first."

"Or during," Master Octa Ramis said, tapping her nails on the table.

Kyp gave her a sharp look. "We will not conduct a coup," he said. "At least not today," he added. "We need to consult Master Skywalker first. Make sure we don't interfere with his plans."

The other Jedi Masters that were present nodded their heads in agreement. Master Katarn had secretly led a group of Knights off-planet to fight slavery. Master Horn was still on vacation on Bastion, and Master Skywalker was still exiled. Currently Master Cilghal was in the clinic, attending to Er-kzaim, who had insisted on giving her report before allowing herself to be treated.

From that report they had learned of the ysalamiri on the hoversled, and the two Mandos across the way, one of which had escaped. Er-kzaim had also told them that she thought Javis Tyrr was the primary target, not Kani.

At least six Mandos had been involved in the attack. Er-kzaim had killed two that were on the promenade that were working their way towards Kani and Javis. Polbehr had killed another on the promenade, as well as the one that launched the rocket. Kani had killed the one that had killed Polbehr while she was taking out the rocket launcher. The sixth Mando, who was also on the opposite promenade, had gotten away. Er-kzaim believed he was the one controlling the hover sled with the ysalamiri on it.

Somehow all of the surveillance holocams in the area had mysteriously malfunctioned a couple of minutes before the attack. Javis Tyrr however, had turned on a hand held one just before had had been shot. Er-kzaim had retrieved it, and Kani's lightsaber, and brought both back to the Temple. The holocam had been knocked to the ground, but it still provided some interesting footage. It also seemed to indicate that Javis had been the primary target.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"What the Frakk happened Belok!?" Chief Daala demanded as soon as the hologram appeared in front of her. "You were supposed to kill the holojournalist and the Jedi, not blow up half of Coruscant!"

"Things got out of hand, Your Excellency," the Mandalorian General replied with a shrug. "The Noghri bodyguards were more difficult than we'd anticipated, so we had to fire one little rocket."

Chief Daala stared at him incredulously. "I told you the little vape-bait had Noghri with her. What did you think they were there for, decoration!?"

"Frakk, Your Excellency," Belok Rhal replied with a hint of anger. "I lost five of my people playing assassin for you."

"Look, the Senate is pitching a fit," Chief Daala said, ignoring him. "Withdraw all of your Forces to their back-up positions. And keep them hidden."

Belok shook his head. "These are our third positions. We won't be able to attack the Jedi Temple as effectively from them."

"This is just temporary, until I get things back under control," Chief Daala responded with a nod. "Just stay out of sight. I need to be able to deny everything."

"Understood, Your Excellency," he answered with a sigh.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ta'tan'ia awoke to someone pulling on her durasteel head harness. She quickly realized they were pulling her out of the cage. As she obediently crawled out, she felt the cuffs on her wrists, biceps, and ankles restrict her movement. The familiar feeling of her tracking collar around her neck, chrono and comlink on her wrists, and chastity belt as she woke up never failed to send a jolt of pleasure through her. The ankle shackles, bicep cuffs, gag, and ballet heels only added to her arousal.

"DJ, wake up," Chief Daala said as the Twi'lek emerged from the cage.

Ta'tan'ia had passed out after at least a dozen orgasms. She was still cuffed, gagged, and without the Force. "Mmmhh" she grunted through her gag, and twisted in her shackles.

"Come on DJ," Chief Daala told her. "I need your help."

Ta'tan'ia had never heard Chief Daala say that she needed her help. She also couldn't believe how sore — and tired — she was. She had never felt like this after spending a night in bondage. At least she guessed it was a night, she had no idea how long she had been cuffed, gagged, plugged, and caged. She was sure it had been at least a few hours though.

Chief Daala began unlocking the maglocks connecting her gag to her durasteel head harness. Ta'tan'ia obediently held still while she undid the straps. Finally, she pulled the synthrubber cock gag out with a 'plop.'

Ta'tan'ia immediately began working her nearly numb jaw. She wasn't used to waking up without the Force. "Thank you, Your Excellency," she told her as she took a step away.

"I've got some bad news for you DJ," Chief Daala told her as she unlocked her wrist and bicep cuffs with the remote in her hand. "There was an accident last night."

Ta'tan'ia didn't like the sound of that one bit. She pulled her arms apart as she started to get the feeling back in her jaw.

"More than a dozen people were killed. Jedi Kani Asari and that holojournalist Javis Tyrr were among them," she told her. "I need you to get dressed and help me deal with Master Durron and the holojournalist and Senators and such."

Ta'tan'ia stared at her in absolute shock. She couldn't believe what she had just told her. Kani — dead! And Chief Daala wanted her to help her deal with the kriffing holojournalists!

"What, Your Excellency!?" Ta'tan'ia asked her after several seconds. "Kani's dead!?"

Chief Daala gave her a sympathetic frown. "Yes DJ," she answered softly. "I'm very sorry that it happened. I know how fond you were of her."

Ta'tan'ia knew Chief Daala was a gifted liar. Even with the Force, she couldn't always read her. Most of the time, she didn't try, she simply chose to trust her Chief of State. Ta'tan'ia took a deep breath — as deep as she could with her corset. She just couldn't be sure what was really going on.

"What happened, Your Excellency?" she asked, carefully climbing to her feet in the ballet heels and beskar ankle shackles.

Chief Daala regarded her a moment. "Some of the Mandalorians I've retained acted on their own," she said. "I've told Belok Rhal to deal with the lone survivor, and ordered the rest of them to leave Coruscant."

Ta'tan'ia had no idea how much of that was the truth, past the Mandos killed Kani. She glanced down at her chrono, and saw that it was just past oh-one-hundred. She had been caged, gagged, and shackled for a little over four hours.

"Yes, Your Excellency," she replied obediently. "I assume Master Durron knows about Kani?" she asked as she began shuffling away from the ysalamir next to the cage.

"Of course he does," Chief Daala told her. "I tried to express my sympathies, but he seemed determined to place the blame on me."

Ta'tan'ia hated not being able to feel the Force. It made it much harder for her to sense the truth. She really wanted to be with Master Durron and the other Jedi anyway — especially at a time like this.

"Get dressed, and report to my office, and I'll allow you to explain to him that I didn't want this to happen," Chief Daala said. "He is on the way."

Ta'tan'ia wasn't sure how true that was, but she hoped it was. At least there were no ysalamiri in the Chief of State's office.

Chief Daala unlocked Ta'tan'ia's ankle shackles, ballet heels, and chastity belt. Ta'tan'ia quickly cleaned herself in the 'fresher, then locked the chastity belt back into place, without the dildo and butt plug. When she came out, Chief Daala was gone. Ta'tan'ia promptly tried to comm Master Durron, only to discover that her comlink wouldn't allow her to contact him; or any of the other Jedi either. Ta'tan'ia sighed, and started picking up the restraints and other things Chief Daala had used on her.

A few moments later, Ta'tan'ia realized her bicep cuffs were still locked on. She started to comm Chief Daala, but quickly decided not to. Her uniform would cover the bicep cuffs, and they didn't bother her anyway.

Ta'tan'ia quickly cleaned up the restraints and stuff, and put them away. There was a fresh ProCorps-style uniform for her on the bed. Ta'tan'ia used the 'fresher, got dressed, and headed for the Chief of State's offices.

As soon as she got out of the range of the ysalamiri, Ta'tan'ia felt the Force flow through her again. It felt amazingly ... refreshing. She almost forgot about Kani, for a brief moment. Even from kilometers away, she could sense her fellow Jedi's sadness. She reached out to them with the Force, to reassure them she was okay.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ta'tan'ia found Chief Daala's offices abuzz with activity. There were several dozen Senators and holojournalists harassing Desha Lor in the reception area. Only a squad of security officers, backed-up by a quartet of YVH droids stopped them from entering Chief Daala's actual office. Ta'tan'ia nodded sympathetically at Desha Lor, then went into Chief Daala's office. Wynn Dorvan was there of course, along with a few more of Chief Daala's top advisors, and a double handful of her closest Senatorial allies.

Within an hour and a half, Chief Daala had released an official statement condemning the attack, and expressing her condolences to all of the victim's families. She also pointed out that she had Galactic Alliance security officers guarding the Jedi Temple to protect the Jedi from their numerous enemies. She then said that she would be reviewing the security procedures for all Jedi. Last of all, Chief Daala suggested that the Jedi should stay in the Temple until further notice; for their safety, and the safety of others.

Even Ta'tan'ia was surprised at that last part. Wynn Dorvan, her Chief of Staff, tried to talk Chief Daala out of adding it, but she would have none of it.

A few hours after Ta'tan'ia arrived, Chief Daala reluctantly cleared the last of her staff out of her office so she could meet with the acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Ta'tan'ia went out to the reception area to greet him, and was surprised to only find a very harried looking Desha Lor there — along a couple of security officers and a pair of YVH droids. Desha Lor quickly excused herself to use the 'fresher.

Desha Lor promptly asked Ta'tan'ia to cover for her, and hurried to the 'fresher. A couple of minutes after she returned, Chief Daala came out of her office. As she did, Master Durron arrived in the reception area. Ta'tan'ia sighed, she knew Chief Daala had timed that so she couldn't speak to Master Durron alone, even for a moment.

"See that Master Durron and I aren't disturbed, Ta'tan'ia," Chief Daala instructed her as she turned to go back into her office.

"Yes, Your Excell — "

"Actually," Master Durron interrupted, "I would like her to join us," he said firmly.

Chief Daala stared at him a moment, glanced at Ta'tan'ia, then back to him. "Of course," she answered with a nod. "Desha Lor, please see that we're not disturbed."

"Yes, Your Excellency," the Twi'lek responded obediently.

Chief Daala went to her desk, while Master Durron sat down in one of the guest chairs. Ta'tan'ia glanced at Chief Daala for permission, then sat down in the chair next to him.

"I'm very sorry about Kani, Master Durron," Chief Daala told him. "The Jedi Order has my utmost sympathies."

"You don't really expect me to believe that, do you, Your Excellency?" Kyp replied after a heartbeat. "Those were your Mando thugs shooting a rocket and blasters onto a crowded shopping promenade."

"Master Durron, I assure you, I'm as upset about this as you are," Chief Daala answered. "I did not order anyone to shoot a rocket on Coruscant, especially in the direction of Jedi Asari. The observer I appointed was just a handful of meters away after all."

"Less than a week ago you tried to lock a tracking collar on her again. She refused, and now your Mandos have killed her," Kyp said vehemently.

"Master Durron, I allowed you an audience so I could assure you that I had nothing to do with this heinous act. If all you are going to do is make wild accusations, then you can leave."

Ta'tan'ia could sense Chief Daala was hiding something, even if she wasn't exactly lying outright.

"What about Javis Tyrr, Your Excellency?" she asked softly.

In spite of Chief Daala's skill at hiding her emotions, neither Jedi could miss her reaction through the Force.

"So that's it," Kyp declared. "You had Javis killed, and Kani got caught in the cross fire." Then he paused a moment. "No, you had them both killed, and made it look like Javis got caught in the cross fire." He nodded his head triumphantly. "Makes sense. A lot of people won't care if Mandos kill a Jedi, even if she is just going out to dinner. The Chief of State's Mandalorian mercenaries assassinating a holojournalist who's been critical of her administration on the other hand ..."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Chief Daala replied icily. "And you are dismissed."

Kyp chuckled in response. "We'll see how the Senate feels, and the holojournalists," he said as he stood up. "The ones still alive anyway." Then he paused a moment. "Oh, and Ta'tan'ia is coming with me. She's not safe here either."

"She's not going anywhere," Chief Daala spat out. Then she paused, and took a deep breath. "I assure you Master Durron, Ta'tan'ia is perfectly safe with me," she said a lot more diplomatically. "Besides, didn't you agree that she could stay here until D — Syal returned from vacation?"

Kyp snorted in derision. "And you agreed to defend the Galactic Alliance and all its citizens, not help the Empire turn them into brainwashed sex-slaves," he said. "Or assassinate them for criticizing your policies."

"Ta'tan'ia is staying with me, and that's final," Chief Daala stated firmly. "Now Master Durron, I suggest you leave, before I have an YVH droid escort you out."

"Your Excellency, are you saying that you are keeping her against her will?" Kyp asked her pointedly.

"Of course not," Chief Daala answered. "You're the one trying to force her to leave."

Suddenly both of them were looking at the purple-skinned Twi'lek Jedi, who was still sitting quietly in her chair.

Ta'tan'ia glanced between two of the most important people in her life. She knew that sooner or later it would come to this. Master Durron would understand if she chose to stay with Chief Daala, and forgive her. Chief Daala ... wouldn't. Even before Kani's death, Ta'tan'ia knew what choice she would make. She was a Jedi.

"I'd like to go back to the Jedi Temple with Master Durron, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia said, leaning forward. She could sense Master Durron's relief, as well as feel Chief Daala's anger — and sense of betrayal.

"At least for a while, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia added as she stood up, and stepped towards Master Durron. "I'm sorry."

Chief Daala stared at both of them a few tense moments. "So be it," she replied icily. "You are both dismissed."

Ta'tan'ia's eyes lingered on Chief Daala as she followed Master Durron out of the office. Out in the reception area, she told Desha Lor bye, and wished her good luck.

Master Durron remained silent until they reached the security checkpoint. Ta'tan'ia wasn't surprised when he didn't wait to retrieve his lightsaber from the officers. He would have another Jedi keeping it for him, probably just past the checkpoint.

Outside the Executive Building Ta'tan'ia saw Jaina Solo and Master Ramis standing watchfully next to a speeder. Both women were wearing ProCorps style Jedi uniforms with fifteen centimeter wedge-heeled boots. Both had durasteel chronos on their left wrists, and matching comlinks on their right. Jaina was wearing a durasteel collar, while Master Ramis wasn't.

With the Force guiding her, Ta'tan'ia noticed a few more Jedi on speeder bikes spread out nearby. She also suspected that Master Durron had some Noghri along, although they were harder to spot.

Jaina smiled and nodded at Ta'tan'ia as she opened the front passenger door for Master Durron. Master Ramis opened the back one for Ta'tan'ia.

"Thank You Master," Ta'tan'ia said as she climbed in.

"No problem, Ta'tan'ia," Octa Ramis replied with a smile as she climbed in after her.

"Glad you you're back Master," Jaina said to Kyp as he climbed in. "And glad you're with us now," she added, glancing towards Ta'tan'ia as she slid in as well.

"Glad to be back," Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile as Jaina closed both doors.

Ta'tan'ia noticed Master Durron's and Jaina's lightsabers mostly out of sight in the center console. She glanced over and saw Master Ramis' in the door console, also mostly out of sight. Ta'tan'ia wondered if Master Durron would try to get the ones out of the display cases in Chief Daala's office.

A couple of moments later Jaina was in the driver's seat, and they were departing. A pair of the speeder bikes went ahead, while two more followed them.

For the first time, Ta'tan'ia felt uneasy with the knowledge that Chief Daala could track her with her collar. She didn't really think she would try to kill the Grand Master of the Jedi Order though. Then again, Ta'tan'ia didn't think she would have Kani killed.

Ta'tan'ia glanced down at her on her left wrist chrono, and realized that she couldn't use her wrist comlink anymore either. Even just chatting with her friends might allow Chief Daala to learn something she could use against the Jedi.

Jaina piloted the speeder to the Jedi Temple's Hanger Entrance, and inside. In spite of her sadness at Kani's death, Ta'tan'ia felt great to be back. As the speeder came to a stop though, she suddenly realized that besides her beskar chastity belt, durasteel corset, and bicep cuffs were still locked onto her.

As much as she liked the chastity belt, Ta'tan'ia didn't want to spend the rest of her life wearing it. She wanted to have sex again. The corset would be a problem too. She also would have to do something about the tracking collar, and comlink that Chief Daala was monitoring and controlling.

As soon as they climbed out of the speeder, two Jedi approached them and began scanning them for spy devices.

"Um, Master, can I talk to you in private?" Ta'tan'ia asked as Turi finished scanning her.

"Quickly," he answered with a nod as his own scan was completed.

They found an empty room near the hanger and Ta'tan'ia explained that she was still wearing her beskar chastity belt, and durasteel corset and bicep cuffs, not to mention her tracking collar, chrono, and comlink.

"I'm sorry Ta'tan'ia," Kyp replied with a sigh. "I sympathize, but that's not a priority at the moment. We'll get to it when we can."

Ta'tan'ia had assumed as much. "Yes Master," she answered with her own sigh.

"Make sure you don't go into any of the secret areas of the Temple though," he told her. "And get one of the techs to go over the comlink and stuff to make sure Daala hasn't snuck any spy devices in it."

"Yes Master," Ta'tan'ia replied with a nod.

"And stay out of the sensitive areas of the Temple, just to be on the safe side. We don't want Daala building a map of the place from your movements or anything like that," he told her.

"Yes, Master," Ta'tan'ia answered dutifully.

Kyp crossed his arms, and put a hand on his chin. "As matter of fact," he began thoughtfully, "maybe we should just go ahead and lock you in a detention cell."

Ta'tan'ia sighed. She really didn't want to sit in a cell for days or weeks or months on end. She wanted to inadvertently betray the Jedi even less though.

"Yes, Master," Ta'tan'ia answered resignedly.

Then she spotted the slight smirk he was trying to hide with his hand.

"Master Durron!" she exclaimed, swatting him in the chest.

Now Kyp broke out in a wide grin, and grabbed her wrist. "And don't use this comlink," he reminded her, tapping the beskar cuff on her wrist.

"Of course, Master," Ta'tan'ia responded, slightly insulted. "I do know she monitors it."

Master Durron smiled back at her. "And get rid of that head harness and belt," he told her, reaching out and tapping the Chief of State's Seal on the center of her head harness. The Seal was her belt buckle as well.

"Yes, Master," Ta'tan'ia replied, slightly annoyed now.

"Ta'tan'ia," Kyp began as he reached out, and put a hand on her shoulder. "Just trust me, and trust in the Force," he told her. "Everything will work out fine."

Ta'tan'ia felt a sudden flood of relief wash through her. She quickly stepped forward, and embraced him in a tight hug. "I promise I will, Master," she assured him.

A few minutes later Ta'tan'ia was in her room, undressing. She was somewhat surprised that Chief Daala hadn't reprogrammed her belt or boots so they wouldn't unlock. When she slid her boots off, she automatically looked for her clear plastex heels, and realized they were still at DP's apartment. She would have to either get another pair, or ask Chief Daala to return them. For the first time in months, Ta'tan'ia went barefoot as she got ready for bed. A moment later she let out a sigh of relief when her durasteel corset came off.

That left Ta'tan'ia only wearing her beskar tracking collar, chrono, comlink, chastity belt, head harness, and bicep cuffs. She was sure they were all maglocked on, but she spent a few moments tugging on them to be sure. In a few days she would comm Chief Daala, and ask her to unlock her chastity belt and maybe her tracking collar. For now though, she would just have to live with them.

It was actually almost time for Ta'tan'ia to get up, but since she had been awake most of the night, she just wanted to get some sleep. All of her nightshirts had the Chief of State's Seal over her left breast, so she decided to go to bed topless. Ta'tan'ia opened her nightstand drawer and remembered that her beskar ankle shackles were still at DP's apartment with her plastex heels. She had a couple of lengths of chain to maglock her wrists together, but she didn't want to use them. Chief Daala had provided them, and might have reprogrammed them or something.

Other than a few nights on Hapes, Ta'tan'ia hadn't slept without her wrists or ankles chained together in months. A little while later, at zero-four-thirty, her chrono and comlink alarms went off. She woke up and typed I serve Chief of State Daala into her comlink, and went back to sleep.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Several hours later Ta'tan'ia woke up, used the 'fresher, put on her gym outfit and was out the door before she remembered what happened to Kani. She ran through a Jedi calming exercise, and continued on towards the gym. A good, hard workout was just what she needed.

When she arrived at the gym Ta'tan'ia nodded a greeting to the other Jedi there, and began stretching. The gym was a little crowded. She assumed a lot of her fellow Jedi wanted to work out some of their frustration as well.

Ta'tan'ia was wearing her blue sports bra with the Chief of State's Seal over her left breast, and matching hot pants with the words Galactic Alliance written across her ass. She was also wearing her durasteel head harness, tracking collar, bicep cuffs, wrist chrono and comlink, chastity belt, and black gym shoes with fifteen centimeter wedge heels. The waist belt and top few centimeters of her chastity belt were visible above the waistband of her hot pants, as was her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, and bicep cuffs.

None of the Jedi seemed to even pay any attention to Ta'tan'ia's outfit, or specialized gear. Most of the females were wearing skimpy sports bras and hot pants, and several of both genders were wearing, wrist chronos, and comlinks. A few were even wearing collars.

After a long, intense, workout Ta'tan'ia took went back to her room and took a sanisteam. Then she put her ProCorps-style uniform back on; with a few small modifications.

First she wrapped a nerfhide waist-cincher around her midsection in lieu of her durasteel corset. It was her old one that she had before becoming Chief Daala's Jedi liaison, and it wasn't as tight as she was used to. She had to pull it as tight as possible before she was satisfied.

Then Ta'tan'ia put on her off-white tunic and light-brown pants, and a ten-centimeter-wide brown nerfhide belt. The sleeves of her tunic hid her bicep cuffs. This belt didn't have the Chief of State's Seal, and Chief Daala didn't have control of the maglock like the other one.

Next Ta'tan'ia slid her feet into her brown knee-boots with fifteen-centimeter high wedge heels. The boots had hidden shackles at her ankles and at the top of the boots, but she could unlock them herself. The boots were a gift from the Empire, back when they had been trying to recruit Jedi into the ProCorps. Like the waist-cincher and belt, Ta'tan'ia controlled the maglocks. She put the remote in her nightstand drawer though, so she would be locked into her uniform during the day.

Ta'tan'ia took a moment to check herself out in her mirror before she left. She wished she could take off the durasteel head harness with the Chief of State's Seal on the front, but other than that, she loved her outfit. Well, she wanted some boots with eighteen-centimeter heels, too.

For the first time in months Ta'tan'ia wasn't serving Chief Daala as her Jedi liaison. She quickly became bored without many, many things to do to perfection. One of the first things she did though was order herself a pair of heels to wear around her room. The All Species Pleasure Boutique had dozens of pairs of clear plastex heels for humanoid feet. Ta'tan'ia found a pair of slip-ons with fifteen-centimeter stiletto heels that were just like the ones she had had. She also spent over an hour picking out a set of durasteel ankle shackles, and a five centimeter long chain with maglocks for her wrists.

Once she finished her HoloNet shopping, Ta'tan'ia went out into the Temple, and ended up in the hanger. There she helped Jedi Tyria Sarkin Tainer do maintenance on some of the StealthX's and other starfighters the Jedi had.

After a couple of hours of hard work, they took a break, and Tyria invited Ta'tan'ia to a simulator battle. Ta'tan'ia had only logged a couple of hours of combined simulator time since she had become Jedi Daala's Jedi liaison a few months ago. Even then, she had never stood out as a fighter pilot — for a Jedi. Tyria on the other hand, was in a simulator almost every day.

Ta'tan'ia barely lasted three minutes before she was destroyed. For their second fight, Tyria reduced her lasers and shields by twenty-five percent, and her speed by ten percent. Those handicaps allowed Ta'tan'ia to last nearly ten minutes before she was defeated.

Tyria left her settings the same for their third duel. This time Ta'tan'ia was able to survive just over eight minutes. She declined a fourth battle, and the two Jedi went back to work.

After helping out in the hanger all day, Ta'tan'ia had a relaxing dinner in one of the refectories with Sanola Ti and Seff Hellin. Afterwards, they headed for one of the training rooms, and practiced their lightsaber techniques.

The following morning, Ta'tan'ia was awakened by her chrono and comlink alarm. She quickly typed I serve Chief of State Daala into her comlink, then went back to sleep for a bit.

That day, Ta'tan'ia did fix one small problem with her beskar restraints. The words Property of Chief of State Natasi Daala were printed across the back of the waist belt of her chastity belt. Ta'tan'ia got one of the guys to make her a thin strip of durasteel to go over it. The strip went all the way around the waist belt, and maglocked in place.

At the time Ta'tan'ia was only wearing her beskar restraints, durasteel head harness and bicep cuffs, nerfhide waist-cincher, and knee boots with fifteen-centimeter heels. She didn't really need to take off her entire uniform for him to put the durasteel strip on, but she didn't let that stop her.

He also offered to cover of the Chief of State's Seal on her chastity belt and head harness, but Ta'tan'ia decided to leave those for now. She was still loyal to the Galactic Alliance after all.

As she inspected his work, she thanked him. She also thought about offering him a blow job or something, but she knew he was dating one of the female Galactic Alliance security officers guarding the Temple. She didn't let the fact that he had a girlfriend stop her from flirting with him a little while she was primping and posing though. As she got dressed, she thanked him again, and told him to let her know if he ever needed anything.

Not long afterwards, Ta'tan'ia found out that she had a delivery. Since she was helping inventory one of the food storage rooms, she couldn't go get it right away. When she finished, she hurried to the mail room. All packages delivered to the Temple were scanned for explosives, biological, and chemical threats, as well as plain 'ol spy devices.

That meant that the padawans on duty knew exactly what Ta'tan'ia had received. Everyone assigned to mail room duty was under strict orders to treat all deliveries as confidential, except for security reasons. Then they only reported the problem to Master Hamner or one of the other Masters. Ta'tan'ia thanked the padawan on duty, and left with a small package. Then Ta'tan'ia hurried to her room to open it.

The package was discreetly labeled All Species Pleasure Boutique. Ta'tan'ia opened the package and found a five centimeter long chain with small maglocks on each end, a set of durasteel ankle shackles, and clear plastex heels.

Since she didn't have anything in particular to do, Ta'tan'ia stripped back down to her beskar restraints and durasteel bicep cuffs. Then she slid her feet into her new plastex heels, and put on her new ankle shackles. Next she maglocked her wrists behind her back with the five centimeter chain, and started walking around her room a bit, and checking herself out in her mirror.

The plastex heels fit perfectly, as did the ankle shackles. The shackles were six centimeters wide, exactly like her chrono, comlink, and tracking collar. They were connected with thirty centimeters of chain, just like her beskar ones. Chief Daala liked to keep her steps very restricted, and Ta'tan'ia liked the feeling as she shuffled around in them.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That evening, Madhi Vaandt came to visit Ta'tan'ia. She met her at the Main Entrance. Four Galactic Alliance security officers were nearby, but Ta'tan'ia ignored them. While they weren't completely loyal to the Jedi Order, they were far more likely to actually protect the Temple instead of attacking it, even if Daala ordered them to.

Ta'tan'ia knew they had been falsifying reports about when Jedi came and went for quite a while now. It certainly helped that at least a third of the officers were dating various Jedi or support staff. The break room with free caf, doughnuts and a one-hundred-and-fifty-centimeter holoscreen the Jedi provided for the officers might have had something to do with the change in loyalty as well.

"Hey Madhi," Ta'tan'ia said as she gave her a quick hug.

The Devaronian holojournalist was wearing a simple red shirt, and stylish tan pants. Her combination chrono and comlink was still on her left wrist.

"Hey Ta'tan'ia," Madhi replied with a soft smile. Then she paused, and glanced warily at the nearest pair of security officers. "Let's go inside, okay," she suggested as she stepped towards the entrance.

"Sure," Ta'tan'ia agreed as she led her inside.

Once they entered the foyer, a padawan gave Madhi a quick scan for spy devices. Jedi Hellin, another padawan, and an YVH droid were there as well. The YVH droid belonged to the Jedi Order. The Galactic Alliance's YVH's were all undergoing 'maintenance.' Since the Galactic Alliance had tens of thousands of YVH droids, replacements were readily available — if Captain Savar had forwarded the report to the appropriate people.

Ta'tan'ia briefly fantasized about Seff pat searching her ... and maybe Madhi, too. She knew he wouldn't do that while he was on duty. Later on though ...

"We've been doing it for everyone," Ta'tan'ia explained to Madhi as the padawan waved the hand held scanner over her. She knew both padawans and Seff were using the Force to detect bugs as well. "They even scanned me every day when I returned from the Executive Building."

"No problem," Madhi replied as the padawan stepped away and nodded towards Jedi Hellin.

Ta'tan'ia thanked Seff, the padawans, and even the YVH droid, then led Madhi into the Temple.

"So, you still wearing your comlink?" Ta'tan'ia asked somewhat rhetorically, brushing her hand against her five centimeter wide comlink. She quickly moved her fingers down, and intertwined them with Madhi's. Ta'tan'ia's comlink made a slight clinking noise as it touched Madhi's.

"Yeah," the Devaronian holojournalist replied. "Once I reported on the Mandalorian attack, I wanted it off, just to be on the safe side. Chief Daala demanded I write a story blaming the Jedi for Kani's death." She paused, and sighed. "I refused of course, so now ..." she gestured with her cuffed hand, moving Ta'tan'ia's as well.

Ta'tan'ia felt a pang of regret — and sympathy for her. "I'm soooo sorry," she said as she gave her hand a little squeeze.

Madhi smiled back at her. "It could be worse," she said, tapping the waist band of Ta'tan'ia's chastity belt through her uniform.

Ta'tan'ia blushed slightly, and flexed her tchin in embarrassment.

"Yeah," she agreed as they arrived at one of the meditation gardens that were throughout the Temple.

They wandered around a bit, chatting quietly as they looked at the colorful flowers and shrubbery. Eventually they settled down on a comfortable bench.

Madhi leaned in closer to her. Ta'tan'ia slid closer as well, and held her hand tight while draping her right lek — her tchin over her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry I made you change your stories," Ta'tan'ia told her.

"Forget it," she replied with a smile. "It worked out okay in the end.

Ta'tan'ia considered that a moment. "It's still wrong," she finally said. "I never should have done it in the first place," she explained as she scooted a little tighter against her.

They relaxed on the bench and chatted a while. Ta'tan'ia made her promise to be careful since she wasn't on Chief Daala's good list anymore. Finally Madhi said she had to go.

Ta'tan'ia walked her back to the Main Entrance. Now Turi Altamik and two new padawans were on duty in the security foyer. The same YVH droid was still present though. Ta'tan'ia stopped Madhi and gave her a quick goodbye kiss. Ta'tan'ia sensed the surprise from the two padawans, and mild amusement from Turi.

"Hey," Madhi said with an embarrassed smile as she nudged her away.

Ta'tan'ia gave her a wink in reply. Then she walked out with her, and watched her descend the steps outside.

As Madhi climbed into the speeder that was waiting for her, she turned and waved goodbye. Ta'tan'ia waved back from the top of the stairs, then watched the speeder pull away.

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