Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II, Chapter 3
Rating: NC-17 / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

"So, are you ready to move into DP's apartment," Chief Daala asked her once everything was cleaned and put away.

"Um, not quite, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered politely.

"I expect an answer soon, DJ" Chief Daala replied dismissively.

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia responded obediently. "And thank you very much for allowing me to orgasm, Your Excellency."

"You're welcome, DJ," she told her. "Now, I suppose you can go to that Jedi Temple, if you must."

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered cheerfully.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 3 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple of days later, Ta'tan'ia, as Chief Daala's Jedi liaison, had an interview with popular holojournalist Madhi Vaandt. Chief Daala had become somewhat upset with Javis Tyrr, as his stories had starting leaning pro-Jedi lately. Ta'tan'ia wondered if it had anything to do with Kani sleeping with him.

"Hello Jedi Ta'tan'ia," Madhi Vaandt said as she reached out to shake her hand.

"Miss Vaandt," Ta'tan'ia replied with a smile as she shook her hand.

"You can call me Madhi, Jedi Ta'tan'ia," the attractive Devaronian journalist responded as she sat down on the comfortable couch.

"Okay, and you can call me Ta'tan'ia," the purple-skinned Twi'lek said as she settled down on the couch a half-meter or so from her. Then she remembered her nickname. "Actually, you can call me DJ, but only off the record," she added with a friendly smile, leaning in close.

Madhi stared at her in confusion a moment, then she smiled in understanding. "DJ it is," she replied, still smiling. "Ready?"

"Sure," Ta'tan'ia answered with her own smile. She knew that Madhi had known what the name meant when Jaina was known by it.

"Okay, Ta'tan'ia, how do the Jedi feel about Admiral Daala, someone that has been on opposite sides from them for a long time, being Galactic Alliance Chief of State?" she asked her.

Ta'tan'ia considered that a moment. "Well Madhi, while she might not have been the Jedi's first choice, they fully accept her, and support her government. Besides, the Jedi don't want to be seen as having too much influence on selecting the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance," she explained. "As long as they're not a Sith," she added with a smile.

Madhi Vaandt nodded her head thoughtfully. "Okay. Do the Jedi support the rising anti-slavery movements currently going on across the galaxy?"

Ta'tan'ia smiled pleasantly, especially for the holocameras. "The Jedi support freedom and liberty for all beings of the galaxy," she answered.

"So why aren't the Jedi doing more to help any of the slave uprisings currently going on?" she asked, leaning forward slightly.

Ta'tan'ia knew she had to answer that one carefully. She couldn't say that Chief Daala was doing her best to stop the Jedi from helping, and she couldn't say that the Jedi Masters were currently debating how they could assist without upsetting Chief Daala too much #&151; or preferably without her knowing at all.

"That question should really be addressed to Master Durron, since he is the head of the Jedi Order," she replied blandly. "However, I'm sure the Order is doing what they can, under the circumstances."

"Does Chief of State Daala support the anti-slavery movements?" Madhi asked her next.

Ta'tan'ia had heard Chief Daala speak several times on the subject, unofficially. She could not care less about them, until they disrupted trade, or took holonews time away from her or her government. Then she wished the slave uprisings would just disappear.

"Of course she does," Ta'tan'ia answered, keeping her pleasant smile in place the entire time. "Chief Daala is one-hundred percent committed to the freedom of all sentient beings, regardless of their species or gender."

Except the Jedi, Ta'tan'ia thought to herself, still smiling as she delivered Chief Daala's official view on the matter. There were also a few Imperial Moffs that she had less than the best wishes for, but that was another subject.

"However, she is the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. She doesn't have jurisdiction to end slavery throughout the galaxy," Ta'tan'ia explained.

Madhi nodded her head thoughtfully once, then asked her next question. "Collars are synonymous with slavery. Why has she locked tracking collars on Jedi if she is anti-slavery?"

That question caught Ta'tan'ia off guard. She had expected her to go after the Jedi, but now she seemed to be turning on Chief Daala.

"Her excellency asked that the Jedi accept a tracking device to show their loyalty and trust in her government," she replied carefully. "I am positive that she did not intend in any way to make a connection to slavery," Ta'tan'ia lied smoothly. "I for one, in no way feel like a slave. I am very happy with Chief Daala's tracking device," she finished, still smiling pleasantly.

Actually Ta'tan'ia was the only Jedi wearing a tracking collar now. Moff Jag Fel had gotten Chief Daala to unlock all of the Jedi's tracking collars so he could take them to the Empire to become ProCorps troopers. While the Jedi foiled the plot, Master Durron had quietly made Chief Daala let the tracking collars stay off; except for Ta'tan'ia's, that was.

"Don't you feel that the Jedi liaison to the Chief of State's office wearing a collar sends the wrong message about both the Chief of State's and the Jedi Order's view on slavery?" Madhi asked her.

Ta'tan'ia paused again. "Like I said, Madhi, I in no way feel like a slave, or that Chief Daala is trying to imply that I am. I can't really comment on what messages, if any, beings might construe from the Jedi wearing tracking devices."

"Okay then, next question. Why does Chief Daala have several hundred Mandalorian mercenaries in hiding near the Jedi Temple?" she asked pointedly.

That question definitely caught Ta'tan'ia by surprise. The Jedi knew about the kriffing Mandos, but she didn't think the media knew. "Um, what do you mean?" she asked, stalling.

Madhi smiled back at her triumphantly. "You know exactly what I mean," she said. "Why does Chief of State Daala have Mandalorian mercenaries surrounding the Jedi Temple?"

So she can lay siege to it or attack it, or something just as bad, Ta'tan'ia thought to herself. There was no way she was going to say that out loud though. "If there are several hundred Mandalorians in hiding near the Jedi Temple, then I'm not aware of it," she answered.

"You don't seriously expect me to believe that, do you?" Madhi asked her.

The holojournalist spent the next ten minutes or so asking her increasingly probing questions, mostly about the Mandalorian occupation, and Chief Daala's connection to it. Ta'tan'ia feigned ignorance as much as she could, but she could tell that Madhi wasn't convinced.

Finally the interview wound down. Madhi seemed friendly enough, in spite of the fact that she hadn't really answered a lot of her questions. Ta'tan'ia also sensed a certain ... interest in her from the Devaronian.

"I enjoyed our interview, DJ, even if you weren't quite as forthcoming as I had hoped," Madhi told her.

"I enjoyed chatting with you, too," Ta'tan'ia answered with a smile. "By the way, may I ask when this story will be released?"

Madhi glanced at her producer off to the side. "Soon. We just need to edit your interview, and work out a few other details. It should be ready for broadcast in a few days."

"Okay," Ta'tan'ia replied with a nod. "I'll let Her Excellency know." To warn her, she added mentally.

"No problem," Madhi said with a smile. Suddenly, she leaned in, and gave Ta'tan'ia a friendly hug. "Thanks again for the interview, DJ," she told her.

"You're welcome," Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully. "Hey, why don't we exchange comm frequencies, in case I need to talk to you about anything else."

"Sure," Madhi agreed, still smiling.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ta'tan'ia quickly returned to Chief Daala's office to report the details of the interview to her. The first thing she told her was that Madhi asked about the Mandalorians surrounding the Jedi Temple.

"What?" Chief Daala replied in shock.

"She asked #&151; "

"What did you tell her!?" Chief Daala interrupted.

"I denied it of course, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia assured her. "But I don't think she believed me. She seemed pretty confident."

"How long until she releases the story?" Chief Daala asked as she stood up.

"She said a few days, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered as Chief Daala began pacing behind her desk.

"That should be long enough," Chief Daala said with a brisk nod. "What sort of other questions did she have for you?"

Ta'tan'ia quickly recounted Madhi questions about slavery and her tracking collar. To Ta'tan'ia's relief, Chief Daala gave her approval of her handling of those questions.

"You're really more of a pet than a slave, aren't you, DJ," Chief Daala commented with a smile as she sat down on her desk.

"Uh, Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied, somewhat embarrassed.

"Now, I want you to contact Madhi, and get her to meet with you again, as soon as possible," she instructed her. "And then convince her not to mention Mandalorians on Coruscant at all."

Ta'tan'ia had feared Chief Daala would order her to do something like that. She wasn't sure how she could though. "I'll do my best, Your Excellency," she replied earnestly.

Chief Daala stared at her a moment. "You'd better. Because I'll make sure it gets squashed, one way or another."

Ta'tan'ia definitely sensed Chief Daala's seriousness about the matter. In fact, it made her feel a bit ... uncomfortable. "Yes, Your Excellency."

As Ta'tan'ia left, she realized that Chief Daala hadn't asked if Master Durron knew about the Mandalorians. That either meant that she knew that the Jedi knew, or she didn't know #&151; or care #&151; that Ta'tan'ia would report to him as well.

Ta'tan'ia went back out to Chief Daala's reception area, and took over for Desha Lor, who had taken her place while she was being interviewed. Then Ta'tan'ia commed Madhi, and asked to meet her again, as soon as possible. The holojournalist agreed to meet her the next evening. Ta'tan'ia suggested they meet in the Executive Building.

"I don't think I should go there, DJ," Madhi said nervously. "How about I meet you at the Jedi Temple?"

"That would probably be a better idea," Ta'tan'ia admitted.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That evening, after Chief Daala dismissed her for the day, Ta'tan'ia reported to Master Durron, and told him about the interview. She also told him how Chief Daala had told her to get Madhi to squash the story.

Kyp sat silently a moment. "Thank you very much for telling me this," he finally replied. "I really do wish we could do more for the slaves throughout the galaxy."

"I know, Master," Ta'tan'ia answered with a nod. "I do, too."

"And we can expect Daala to warn the Mandos, who will redeploy," he mused. Then he looked up at her. "By the way, exactly how do you plan on convincing Madhi not to broadcast this story?"

"Um, I'm not sure, Master," Ta'tan'ia replied tentatively.

"Well, remember, always trust in the Force," he told her with a nod.

"I will, Master," Ta'tan'ia assured him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following morning, Desha Lor, Wynn Dorvan's assistant, took over for Ta'tan'ia again so she could meet with Madhi. Chief Daala wasn't too happy about them meeting in the Temple, but she was more concerned with keeping the story out of the holonews.

Ta'tan'ia met her in a small lounge. Madhi arrived, and they gave each other a brief hug.

"So, what's up, DJ," Madhi asked.

Ta'tan'ia could sense her curiosity through the Force. "Madhi, you can't release that story about Chief Daala," she said to the female Devaronian. "At least the part about the Mandalorians."

"Why not?" the holojournalist asked defensively.

Ta'tan'ia stepped towards her, and reached out and gently caressed her arm. "Because I asked you not to," she told her softly. Ta'tan'ia didn't want to think about what would happen if she had to tell Chief Daala that she couldn't convince her.

"But I have to," Madhi replied. "It's my duty."

Ta'tan'ia could sense the young Devaronian was attracted to her. She leaned a little closer to her. "Please? For me?"

"I ... I ... don't know," Madhi responded tentatively.

"The Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance would be very appreciative as well," Ta'tan'ia explained. "She can be very ... rewarding, towards those that please her."

Madhi glanced up into her eyes. "You mean a payoff to keep quiet?" she asked accusingly.

Ta'tan'ia could tell she wasn't receptive to that angle. She quickly switched back to her previous approach. "I would appreciate it," she said softly, now only centimeters from the Devaronian's face. Then Ta'tan'ia leaned in, and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

After a couple of seconds, Madhi returned the kiss. Ta'tan'ia broke it several moments later.

"Please?" Ta'tan'ia asked, setting one hand on her shoulder, and the other on her waist. "And I can be very appreciative to cute Devaronians that make me happy," she added with a smile.

Without waiting for a response, Ta'tan'ia pulled her in and kissed her again. This time the kiss became even more sensual. As they kissed, Ta'tan'ia's hand moved underneath Madhi's vest, and found her pert breast. Her other hand moved to unbutton the vest. A heartbeat later, Ta'tan'ia felt Madhi's hands working alongside hers.

Once they got her vest off, they worked together to take off the rest of her clothes. Every time Madhi tugged on Ta'tan'ia's uniform belt though, she gently pushed her hands away. Since Chief Daala hadn't planned on her seducing the Devaronian holojournalist, her belt was still maglocked around her waist.

Ta'tan'ia guided her new friend to a nearby pouf couch, and had her lay down. Then Ta'tan'ia positioned herself between her legs, and smiled seductively up at her as she caressed her thighs. Then she leaned down, and began licking the young holojournalist's moist pussy.

It was the first time Ta'tan'ia had ever tasted a Devaronian. Madhi definitely tasted different than any of the other species she had sampled.

While most of Madhi's body was covered with white fur, her pussy was smooth, pink, and had freckles. It was also currently wet with her juices, and had Ta'tan'ia's tongue in it.

Several minutes of enthusiastic pussy-eating later, Ta'tan'ia sensed that Madhi was close to the edge. Suddenly, Ta'tan'ia stopped, and raised her head, causing her to gasp in surprise.

"You'll throw out that awful stuff about Chief Daala having Mandalorians on Coruscant, won't you?" Ta'tan'ia asked her as she gently traced a finger around the edges of her love box.

"What?" Madhi asked in a mixture of confusion and lust.

"Promise me you'll cut the Mandalorian stuff from the story or I'll have to stop," Ta'tan'ia said as she gave her clit a single lick. Ta'tan'ia felt bad about using the same trick on Madhi that Chief Daala had used on her, but she didn't know what else to do. Besides, she knew from experience how well it worked.

"Okay!" Madhi gasped. "I won't mention the Mandos in the story."

"Promise you won't talk about them at all," Ta'tan'ia told her, giving her clit another lick.

"Oh yes!" Madhi shouted, arching her back. "I promise I won't mention the kriffing Mandos!"

"Or Chief Daala's association with them?" Ta'tan'ia asked, blowing gently on her pussy.

"Oh #&151; I #&151; Oh #&151; Promise!" Madhi shouted in arousal.

"Great!" Ta'tan'ia said cheerfully as she began to eat her out in earnest.

Several minutes later Madhi was screaming out in ecstasy. Ta'tan'ia gave her another good lick, and she arched her back and screamed as she orgasmed.

Once Madhi recovered, she was eager to return the favor. However, Ta'tan'ia's uniform was locked on. Underneath that, she was wearing her chastity belt, not to mention her corset. She didn't think Madhi was ready to see either one of them quite yet. Instead Ta'tan'ia made sure she wouldn't talk about Chief Daala and Mandalorians while they made out some more.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Once Madhi left, Ta'tan'ia commed Chief Daala, and reported her success to her. She also told her just how she had convinced Madhi not to broadcast the story.

"Good job, DJ," Chief Daala told her happily. "That was definitely better for her than the alternative."

Ta'tan'ia really didn't want to talk about that at all. "Thank you, Your Excellency," she replied obediently.

"We only need to keep her quiet for another day or so," Chief Daala said. "However, since you've already seduced her, perhaps we can get her to write some stories that are a little more favorable towards my government."

Ta'tan'ia immediately wondered if that's what Kani was doing with Javis Tyrr for the Jedi. "Um, okay, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied tentatively. "If I do that though, then I'll need to be able to unlock my uniform and chastity belt though."

There was a moment's pause. "When you meet with her, just send me a message, and I'll unlock your belt, boots, and corset. Your chastity belt will not come off though. I expect you to keep her in line anyway ... or else."

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied obediently. She wondered what Chief Daala meant by or else. "Um, Your Excellency, may I ask you a question?"

"You may," she responded after a moments' pause.

"If I hadn't been able to convince Madhi not to release the story, what would you have done to her?" Ta'tan'ia asked.

"Why nothing at all," Chief Daala replied blandly. "I fully believe in freedom of the press."

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered obediently, with a polite smile on her face. She could tell she was lying though; with both statements.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A couple of days later, Madhi's story aired. She talked about slavery, and the uprisings currently going on throughout the galaxy. She mentioned that neither Chief Daala nor the Jedi were assisting them.

Even when Ta'tan'ia met with Madhi, Chief Daala didn't allow her to take off her chastity belt, much less orgasm. On their third visit, Ta'tan'ia finally showed Madhi her chastity belt. She also told her who had the remote to unlock it. Since it said Property of Natasi Daala across the back and the Chief of State's Seal on the front, it would be hard for her not to know. Ta'tan'ia also brought her something.

"I got you a present," Ta'tan'ia said as she displayed the small gift box.

"Awww," Madhi replied with a smile.

Ta'tan'ia opened the box, and revealed a gleaming five centimeter wide durasteel wrist comlink. Chief Daala had gotten it, and told Ta'tan'ia to give it to Madhi, and say it was from her, so Madhi wouldn't know who it had really came from.

"Is that what I think it is," Madhi asked as Ta'tan'ia lifted it out of the box.

"It's a wrist comm," Ta'tan'ia said as she took her left wrist, and brought it and the open comlink together. "Like mine. It's also a chrono."

The comlink was also a fully functional cuff, just like the one around Ta'tan'ia's wrist. Chief Daala had told Ta'tan'ia to lock it around Madhi's wrist. Before Ta'tan'ia would agree though, she made Chief Daala promise that there wasn't any spy programming or a tracking device in it. Chief Daala assured her that it didn't, and assured her that she would be punished for questioning her. Just to be on the safe side, Ta'tan'ia had had it checked out by the Temple's techs.

"I don't know," Madhi protested weakly as Ta'tan'ia pressed it against her wrist.

Since she didn't try to pull away though, Ta'tan'ia closed it around her wrist. It shut with a distinct 'click.'

"A sexy wrist comlink, for a sexy Devaronian," Ta'tan'ia said as she ran her finger from the comlink, up her arm, and lightly touched her lips.

"I don't know about this, DJ," Madhi said tentatively as she examined her new jewelry.

Ta'tan'ia stepped up, wrapped her arms around her neck, and gave her a slow, opened-mouth kiss. "But it looks so pretty on you," Ta'tan'ia told her softly. "You'll wear it for me, won't you?"

Only Chief Daala could unlock the comlink now anyway, so if Madhi insisted on removing it, Ta'tan'ia would have to comm her.

"I ...I guess," the young Devaronian finally replied after a few seconds hesitation.

"Great," Ta'tan'ia said excitedly.

Then she kissed her again. After a few seconds, she began taking off Madhi's vest. As they undressed her, they moved to Ta'tan'ia's bed. Soon Madhi was naked except for her new comlink, and Ta'tan'ia was only wearing her tracking collar, chastity belt, chrono, and comlink.

Ta'tan'ia crawled down between her legs, and began lapping at her moist pussy. Madhi responded with a gasp, and arched her back. After a minute or so, Ta'tan'ia stopped, opened her nightstand, and pulled out a twenty-centimeter long synthrubber dildo. Then she maglocked it to the front of her chastity belt.

Madhi moaned out as the dildo entered her. It didn't take Ta'tan'ia long to turn those moans into screams of ecstasy.

"I wish I could taste you," Madhi said as she ran her fingers over Ta'tan'ia's chastity belt. They were lying on Ta'tan'ia's bed, relaxing. "I can't believe Chief Daala makes you wear that."

"Maybe next time," Ta'tan'ia replied as she gave her a squeeze.

"Oh, I have something for you," Madhi said as she got up out of the bed.

Ta'tan'ia watched her as she sashayed over to her desk, and pick up the datapad she had brought in. She came back to the bed, and handed it to her.

"What's this?" Ta'tan'ia asked as she began skimming the document displayed.

"It's my next story," Madhi explained as she sat on the edge of the bed.

This story was about Chief Daala, just like the one before. Unlike the previous one, this one was quite a bit more favorable towards the Chief of State and her government though. In it Madhi told how Chief Daala was against slavery throughout the galaxy, even if she could only stop it in the Galactic Alliance. She also dismissed the unsubstantiated rumors that Chief Daala had Mandalorian warriors on Coruscant.

"Very nice," Ta'tan'ia told her with a smile. "You don't mind if I forward it to Chief Daala, so she can take a look at it, do you?"

Madhi hesitated a moment, then nodded her head in consent. Ta'tan'ia smiled at her as she sent the message. Then she told Madhi to give her dildo a kiss.

Madhi swallowed nervously, then leaned down, and kissed the tip of the synthrubber dildo maglocked to the front of Ta'tan'ia's chastity belt. Then she smiled up at Ta'tan'ia, wrapped her lips around it, and slid it into her mouth.

Ta'tan'ia smiled back down at her, and ran her fingers through the hair on her head.

A few minutes later Chief Daala replied back, with her approval of Madhi's slant for the story.

"Chief Daala says thank you," Ta'tan'ia said as Madhi continued to worship her synthrubber cock.

Madhi glanced up at her and grunted in reply.

"She was wondering if you would be open to a few suggestions in the future though," Ta'tan'ia added after a few heartbeats.

Madhi grunted again as she kept sucking her fake dick. Suddenly, Ta'tan'ia had a bad feeling about what she had just done. After a few moments, she decided she would just have to trust in the Force not to let things get out of hand.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Thanks to Ta'tan'ia's talented tongue, soon Chief Daala and Ta'tan'ia were practically editing Madhi's stories. Ta'tan'ia felt a little bad about influencing Madhi, but she kept doing it, for Chief Daala.

Javis Tyrr's stories on the other hand, weren't anywhere near as pro-Daala as they used to be. Ta'tan'ia kept up with them #&151; mostly to have an idea when one might upset Her Excellency #&151; and they didn't seem too bad to her. Mostly Javis was just critical of Chief Daala and her government while saying the occasional good word about the Jedi. The combination was plenty to set Chief Daala off on a regular basis.

Several days later, Madhi also had a couple of holographs taken of Ta'tan'ia to accompany another story. She had Ta'tan'ia pose next to her lightsaber in the display case. Chief Daala joined her for a couple of holos as well. Ta'tan'ia made sure to smile adoringly at Chief Daala for the holographs, but flirt with Madhi between shots.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A few meetings later Ta'tan'ia convinced Madhi to come to visit her at the Executive Building. Ta'tan'ia met her at the security checkpoint, and escorted her to DP's apartment.

They quickly found their way to DP's bedroom. Then they stripped each other naked. Well, Madhi was naked except for her comlink on her left wrist, and Ta'tan'ia was naked except for her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, corset, chastity belt, and eighteen centimeter heeled boots. Ta'tan'ia stopped making out with her long enough to reach into the nightstand drawer, where she had stashed a few items.

"Hey, let me see your wrist," Ta'tan'ia told her as she turned back to face her. She kept one hand out of sight behind her back as she reached for Madhi's right arm.

Madhi obediently held her hand out, and Ta'tan'ia closed a five centimeter wide cuff around her wrist.

"What's this?" Madhi asked.

Ta'tan'ia noticed that her tone was curious, and not suspicious. "That," she began as she went back to the nightstand drawer, "is a cuff. I am about to use it to chain you to the bed."

Ta'tan'ia could sense her nervousness, and her arousal.

"Um, okay," Madhi replied uneasily.

When Ta'tan'ia turned back around she had a thick nerfhide collar in her hand. Mahdi held her breath as she wrapped it around her neck, and secured it.

"That is so sexy," Ta'tan'ia said as she tugged lightly on the leash ring on front of the five centimeter wide collar.

Then she leaned over, and kissed her hungrily as she pushed her down onto the bed. Ta'tan'ia fell on top of her as she kept kissing and fondling her. After a moment, she rose up off her, and straddled her. Ta'tan'ia took her arm, and pulled it towards the corner of the bed. She gave her a reassuring smile, then maglocked her wrist comm to the short chain that was already attached to the bed post.

Next Ta'tan'ia gave her another quick kiss, then took her other arm, and maglocked it to the opposite bed post.

"You are so sexy," Ta'tan'ia told her as she stared down at her. She sat a finger on her lips, and pushed the tip in.

Madhi just moaned in response.

Ta'tan'ia could sense her anxiety #&151; and arousal #&151; as she lay shackled on the bed.

"All helpless," Ta'tan'ia said as she gave her nipple a pinch, eliciting a yelp of pain from the cuffed Devaronian. "Except for your pretty little feet," she added as she grabbed a pair of durasteel ankle shackles from the nightstand drawer.

Madhi barely resisted as Ta'tan'ia quickly closed the cuffs around her ankles, and chained them to the lower bed posts. Next Ta'tan'ia pulled a black synthrubber dildo out of DP's nightstand drawer.

This one was twenty-five-centimeters long, and nearly six centimeters in diameter. Ta'tan'ia maglocked it to the front of her chastity belt, then climbed back atop her shackled lover.

Madhi gasped in arousal as Ta'tan'ia entered her a few centimeters. She paused a moment, this pushed her big fake dick all the way into her pussy, causing her moan loudly and arch her back, pressing her crotch against her chastity belt.

Ta'tan'ia began enthusiastically fucking her as she writhed in her chains. It didn't take her long to have her screaming out in orgasm.

After Ta'tan'ia brought her to orgasm, she eventually released her from the bed posts. She left the collar and cuffs on for a while longer though.

Once she used the 'fresher, Madhi gave Ta'tan'ia another story to look over. This one was as favorable towards Chief Daala as the past couple had been. After she read through it a couple of times, and offered some edits, Ta'tan'ia unlocked Madhi's ankle cuffs, wrist cuff, and collar. Ta'tan'ia thanked her for the story, and promised to show it to Chief Daala in the morning. Once they got dressed, Ta'tan'ia escorted her to the security checkpoint, and Madhi went home while Ta'tan'ia went to the Jedi Temple.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

When Ta'tan'ia arrived, she wanted to talk to Master Durron about how she was influencing Madhi for Chief Daala, but he was asleep. After a few moments' consideration, she went to one of the training rooms, where she found Kani Asari.

Soon the two Jedi were circling each other across lightsaber blades. Ta'tan'ia was wearing her usual ProCorps-inspired Jedi pants and tunic, along with her eighteen-centimeter stiletto-heeled knee boots. She had her durasteel corset underneath her tunic, and her beskar chastity belt around her hips. As always, she was wearing her beskar tracking collar, chrono and comlink.

Kani was wearing a similar set of Jedi robes to Ta'tan'ia. She was also wearing a pair of fifteen centimeter wedge-heeled boots, as well as a nerfhide waist-cincher underneath. She had a durasteel comlink and chrono and her wrists, and a collar maglocked around her neck.

With both Jedi wearing high heeled boots and constricting corsets, they were both handicapped. Since Ta'tan'ia's heels were higher, and stiletto, and her durasteel corset restricted her movement more than Kani's nerfhide waist-cincher though, she was still at a disadvantage. Kani was a better fighter than Attan, but with her heels and waist-cincher, Ta'tan'ia wasn't too overwhelmed.

After about fifteen minutes or so, the two Jedi mutually decided to call the duel a draw. Then they sat down on one of the benches to rest. There was something Ta'tan'ia wanted to ask her about, since she had the chance.

"Hey Kani," Ta'tan'ia began, "I was wondering, why are you dating that holojournalist Javis Tyrr?"

"Cuz he's cute," Kani replied flippantly.

"And," Ta'tan'ia asked after a couple of heartbeats, sensing that she wasn't telling the complete truth.

Kani glanced at her a moment. "He was nosing around, so Master Durron asked me to keep him distracted some. I figured the easiest way was to get him in the bed." She paused a moment, then added, "One of Daala's observers is always hovering around when we go out though. I can't get them to leave us alone long enough to have any fun."

Ta'tan'ia considered that a moment. "Are you getting him to change his stories?"

"No!" Kani replied in obvious surprise. Then she sighed. "Well, actually I was going to try that, but Master Durron wouldn't let me. He said it was too close to the dark side."

That wasn't really what Ta'tan'ia wanted to hear, but it was what she felt through the Force herself. "Okay," she replied after a deep sigh.

Kani glanced at her again. "Chief Daala has you manipulating Madhi Vaandt, doesn't she," she told her.

"Yeah," Ta'tan'ia answered after taking another deep breath. "And she wants me to move into DP's apartment, so I can't train or spend time with everyone."

"Kriffin Nerve Burner," Kani responded. Then she turned her head to look directly at Ta'tan'ia. "You aren't going to do it, are you?" she asked.

Ta'tan'ia sighed again. "I don't want too," she answered. "But I don't know how I'm going to tell Chief Daala no."

Kani set her hand on her thigh. "Well you have to," she declared. "We can't lose you to that evil woman!"

Ta'tan'ia couldn't help but smile back at her. "Thanks," she answered as she leaned over and gave her a hug. "I'll do my best."

"You'd better," Kani replied as they stood up. "It's bad enough she keeps you locked in that chastity belt," she said as they headed for the exit. "Master Durron should be the one controlling that," she added with a smile as they walked entered the corridor.

"Yeah," Ta'tan'ia agreed with her own smile. She knew she was lucky to have such great friends. She hoped Chief Daala didn't force her to choose between them and her.

Ta'tan'ia headed to her room and took a quick sanisteam. Then she cuffed herself, and went to bed.

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