Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II, Chapter 2
Rating: NC-17 / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

Over the next several days Ta'tan'ia rose early, worked out, then got ready and went to Chief Daala's office. During her fourteen-plus hour work days, Chief Daala sent her on quite a few errands — both personal and official. Ta'tan'ia also dusted Chief Daala's lightsaber display case twice a day, and helped DP keep the rest of the office clean. Ta'tan'ia also eagerly gave Chief Daala massages and performed other personal, intimate duties, up to licking her pussy on demand. Chief Daala didn't allow her to orgasm at all though.

Ta'tan'ia's frustration only made her even more aroused. The more frustrated and aroused she got, the more delighted Chief Daala got. Quite a few days, the last thing Chief Daala had her do before dismissing her for the evening was to lick her to orgasm, making sure her Jedi pet left with the taste of her pussy on her lips, and her own locked behind her indestructible beskar chastity belt. The Chief of State's official Seal on the front of the chastity belt, so she could never forget who had control of her purple pussy.

Most evenings when Ta'tan'ia finally returned to the Jedi Temple, she trained. She had to borrow a lightsaber though, as hers was still in Chief Daala's office, in her display case. Kani, Sanola Ti, Turi Altamik, Jaina, and a lot of the other Jedi found out she was going by DJ, around Chief Daala's offices. They refused to call her DJ though, like they had done when Jaina had the nickname. Ta'tan'ia didn't mind, while she liked being called DJ, but she was still Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 2 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nearly a week after Chief Daala granted Syal Antilles' permission to visit Bastion with her family and the Horns ...

DP walked up the Pulsar Skate's landing ramp, pulling a small bag along behind her. She was wearing her blue personal assistant's uniform with red trim, complete with her eighteen centimeter heeled red soled boots, red durasteel collar, chrono, and comlink. She was also wearing her red durasteel corset and chastity belt underneath her uniform.

While she was on vacation, she could remove her uniform, collar, and corset as she needed. Her chastity belt could only be opened by Chief Daala, and Commandant Drasi, when she arrived on Bastion. No one could unlock her chrono and comlink except for Chief Daala though. Her comlink had a tracking device in it, so Chief Daala could always locate her.

Just inside the ship DP ran into Master Horn. "Hi, Syal," he said with a smile.

"Hi, Master Horn," DP answered with a smile. "Where's everyone else?"

"On the bridge," he replied. "Except for your mom; she's in the cargo hold."

"Thanks Master," DP said as she headed towards the cabins to stow her bag. After she did that, she went to the bridge.

"Permission to come aboard?" DP asked as she entered the bridge.

Even though she was among family, it was proper to have the Captain's permission to board a ship. DP's ProCorps training had only reinforced such formal behavior. Her dad, Wedge Antilles, was sitting at the pilot's controls, Valin Horn was at the navigator's station, and Mirax Horn was sitting in the Captain's chair.

"Of course, Syal," Mirax replied with a smile.

DP saw a red durasteel collar around Mirax's neck as she looked back at her. She was also wearing a scarlet jumpsuit, and black high heeled boots. A red durasteel chrono was around her left wrist, and a matching comlink around her right. DP found an empty seat in the back, and sat down. A few moments later, Master Horn joined them.

"Everything's ready," he announced as he took the co-pilot's station.

Once the Pulsar Skate had lifted off and entered hyperspace, DP went aft to see her mom. She found her in the cargo hold, straightening some containers out. Iella Antilles was also wearing a scarlet jumpsuit, with a red durasteel collar, and matching chrono and comlink. Black high heeled boots were on her feet, just like Mirax.

"Hi Mom," DP said as she gave her a hug.

"Hey Syal," Iella Antilles replied with a smile. "Still keeping Chief Daala happy?"

"Of course, Mom," DP answered with her own smile. "Are you wearing a chastity belt?" she asked her in surprise as she felt what she thought was the waist belt.

"Guilty," she confessed, her smile turning slightly embarrassed. "Your Dad surprised me a few weeks ago. Corran got Mirax one, too."

DP didn't really want to think about her parents or the Horns having sex with each other. She was glad that her and her mom had something else in common though. "Well, let me know if you want any advice keeping clean or anything," she offered.

"Thanks dear, but I'm fine," Iella assured her. "I wore one when I was a ProCorps trooper, too."

"Oh yeah, I forgot," DP responded with her own embarrassed smile. Then she glanced over at the far wall. "Um Mom, are those cages?" she asked curiously, gesturing towards the pair of side-by-side durasteel enclosures. They were each about a meter tall, wide and deep.

"Yeah," she admitted. "Mirax and I ... end up in them sometimes. Then she smiled brightly. "Want to try one out?"

"No thanks, Mom," DP replied after a moment's hesitation. Then she glanced back at her, and realized something else about her mom's outfit. It was a red jumpsuit, just like Mirax was wearing. "Mom, are you supposed to be dressed like Ysanne Isard?"

Iella's face lit up in a grin. "Yes!" she answered happily. "Mirax and I both love to dress like her as much as we can. We even have authentic replica uniforms to wear on Bastion."

DP stared at her a moment. She didn't quite know how to respond to that. "Well, as long as you are happy," she replied with a polite smile.

Suddenly Iella stepped towards her. "It's great to see you, Syal," she said as she embraced her again.

"Thanks, Mom," DP replied cheerfully as she returned the hug. "It's great to see you and Dad too."

DP spent the rest of the trip catching up with her parents and the Horns, as well as helping out around the ship. When the Skate dropped out of hyperspace to change course, she checked her comlink for messages from Chief Daala or Ta'tan'ia. She found a few from Ta'tan'ia, just seeing how she was doing, and catching her up on the routine comings and goings around Chief Daala's offices. DP replied, and thanked her.

A few days later, the Pulsar Skate arrived on Bastion. For the first time in years, DP dressed in something other than her ProCorps uniform to go out in public.

Following her mom's and Mirax's lead, she was wearing a red jumpsuit, along with her black eighteen-centimeter heeled knee boots. She was still wearing her red durasteel collar, corset, chastity belt, chrono and comlink. All-in-all, she thought she looked great, although she still preferred her Galactic Alliance Blue ProCorps-style uniform she wore serving Chief Daala.

Commandant Drasi met them when they landed, along with DP's sister Myri Antilles — Sixty — and Jysella Horn — Nine. Sixty-Nine were very happy to see them, just as the DP, her parents, and the Horns were happy to see them. DP had also been looking forward to seeing Commandant Drasi again.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"You know Ta'tan'ia, I'm really glad you're my Jedi liaison," Chief Daala commented as the purple-skinned Twi'lek massaged her back.

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered with a smile. "I enjoy serving you."

Chief Daala let out a contented sigh. "Jaina was nice and all, but she was brainwashed by the Empire. I never could be one hundred percent sure of her loyalty to me."

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied with a slight frown. One of the things that still upset her about Chief Daala was that she knew about the Empire brainwashing some of the Jedi, and hadn't done anything about it. She had even been helping the Empire. Ta'tan'ia was even more upset at the Empire though.

"You on the other hand, are perfectly loyal and obedient as I'd want, without me having to worry about you being an Imperial spy," Chief Daala explained.

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia responded as she kneaded her ribcage. "I would never spy for the Empire."

Chief Daala made a noise of agreement. "There is one thing I've been wondering though," she commented after a couple of moments.

Ta'tan'ia immediately keyed in on that statement with the Force, and her normal senses. "What's that, Your Excellency?" she asked obediently.

"Why do you continue to do that combat training almost every evening when you return to the temple?"

"Um, I'm a Jedi, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered tentatively.

"Well, I was thinking, you should move out of the Temple, and into DP's apartment with her," Chief Daala said lazily. "That way you will be closer to me."

"But Your Excellency, I like living in the Jedi Temple," Ta'tan'ia protested as she moved down and began kneading her thighs.

"I like having you close by, and away from all those influences," Chief Daala stated. "I will still allow you to visit occasionally, if you're a good little Jedi."

Ta'tan'ia ran through a Jedi calming exercise. "Um, Your Excellency, I really want to stay at the Temple," she said as she continued to massage her calves.

"Don't you want to please me though?" Chief Daala asked her.

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied obediently. She did want to please Chief Daala, but she really didn't want to move out of the Temple. "Can I think about it a few days, Your Excellency?"

"I suppose so," Chief Daala replied after an audible sigh. "But, tomorrow evening I want you to come over and tidy things up for me."

"Of course, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered obediently.

"Good," Chief Daala replied with satisfaction. "I've also decided that from now on, you'll be called DJ," she informed her.

Ta'tan'ia knew that DJ was short for Daala's Jedi. It was a term of ownership. Jaina had picked up the name from some of the holojournalists when she had been Chief Daala's Jedi liaison. A few had whispered the name around Ta'tan'ia, but it hadn't caught on yet.

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied cheerfully. She was thrilled to have earned a pet name from Chief Daala!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Ta'tan'ia looked past her lightsaber, measuring her opponent across the blue blade. He circled towards her left, and she shifted her stance to keep him in front of her. Ta'tan'ia had spent nearly fourteen hours serving Chief Daala today. Then, in spite of her fatigue, when Chief Daala had finally dismissed her, she had come straight to one of the Temple's training rooms to practice her lightsaber techniques.

She was still wearing her complete Jedi ProCorps-style uniform, including her durasteel corset, and eighteen-centimeter high stiletto heeled knee boots. The reason she was sparing in her punishing corset and towering heels was that since she was locked in them outside the Temple, it was highly probable she would have to fight while wearing them at some point.

While Ta'tan'ia had made great strides in fighting with her corset forcing her to only be able to take shallow breaths, and her stylus-thin heels making it harder for her to balance, she was still nowhere near the level she had been before she had started wearing them. She had spent enough time wearing the heels to be able to move around well enough in them. The corset was a lot harder to fight with though. She had to use the Force to supplement her energy much more than she used to. That made it harder for her to be able to use the Force for other things — like anticipating her opponent's strikes.

Attan stepped forward and stabbed at her midsection with his lightsaber. Ta'tan'ia dodged to her left and lashed out with her right foot to kick his leg out from under him. At the same time she protected her head and upper body with her own lightsaber. Attan deftly leapt over her leg, and drove his left foot past her lightsaber, hard into her chest.

The air went out of Ta'tan'ia's chest with a whoosh as she went backwards in a half-roll-half-flip, landing on one knee. She kept her lightsaber up to block his follow-up strike. Instead of being practically on top of her though, he was still a meter and a half away. Ta'tan'ia quickly rose to her feet as she backed further away from him, and used the fraction-of-a-second-break to — as best she could with the corset — catch her breath. Attan took a step towards her, and Ta'tan'ia sensed him wince in pain when his weight went to his left ankle.

In spite of his injury, Attan quickly closed the gap, and let loose with a flurry of strikes. Ta'tan'ia struggled to block them as she backpedaled. After nearly a dozen strikes, Ta'tan'ia momentarily dropped her guard. Attan instantly took advantage, and gave her a hard Force shove.

Ta'tan'ia fell backwards, and slid a couple of meters or so across the floor. She kept a firm grip on her lightsaber. In less than a second she started to get back up, only to have Attan land on top of her, with his knee on her chest, and his lightsaber just centimeters above her face.

Ta'tan'ia stared up at him a moment.

"That's two-in-a-row," he said with a smile as he shut down his lightsaber, and reached out to help her up.

Ta'tan'ia shut down her lightsaber as well as she took his hand. "You win," she said as he helped her to her feet. "I'm too tired to fight again."

"So I barely beat you in your corset and heels," he said. "If you keep getting better, I'll have to cuff you to win," he added with a smile.

"Sounds like fun," Ta'tan'ia replied with her own smile.

"I think I twisted my ankle kicking your durasteel corset, though," he complained as he limped over to a bench near a wall.

"Sorry," she replied apologetically as she joined him. "It's pretty much the only advantage I have," she added with a smile. Then her smile became a little more seductive. "I can massage it for you," she offered. "And anything else that comes up," she added mischievously.

Attan grinned back at her. "Your room, or mine?" he asked.

Before Ta'tan'ia could answer, the doors opened and Master Durron walked in.

"Good evening, Master," Ta'tan'ia said cheerfully as jumped to her feet and assumed parade rest.

"Hi Master Durron," Attan said from the bench, trying to hide his disappointment at the Grand Master's appearance.

"Ta'tan'ia, Attan," Kyp greeted them with a simple nod. "Have a good duel?" he asked after a moment.

"Very good, Master," Ta'tan'ia assured him. "I'm getting much better at fighting in my heels and corset."

"Good," Kyp replied absently. Then he glanced at Attan. "Why don't you go practice your meditation or something, Attan?"

"Of course, Master Durron," Attan replied after a moment's hesitation. He stood up with a grunt, and sighed as he walked towards the door. "Bye, Ta'tan'ia."

"Hey, give Seha her lightsaber back for me, please," Ta'tan'ia said as she tossed the silver and green cylinder towards him.

"Sure," Attan responded as he grabbed the lightsaber out of the air. "Bye," he said again as he walked out.

"Bye," Ta'tan'ia called after him as she returned to parade rest.

"Relax, DJ," Kyp told her as he sat down on the bench, and gestured for her to do the same.

Ta'tan'ia blushed with embarrassment. She should have known Master Durron would find out about her new nickname. She was surprised he had found out so soon, although it made her glad that he had such good intel on what was going on in the Chief of State's office.

"What's up, Master?" she asked as she sat down next to him.

"Just checking up on you," he responded casually. "Seeing how Daala's treating you and all."

"I'm fine, Master," she assured him. "And Chief Daala is wonderful, as always," she added with a smile.

"She makes you wear a tracking collar," he replied. "And monitors your communications with these glorified cuffs," he said as he grabbed her wrist comlink. "And makes you wear that chastity belt."

"Master, I love my beskar restraints," Ta'tan'ia said earnestly. "We can still talk in person, and it's not like Chief Daala's the Empire or anything. She's our Chief of State, and if she wants to track me, and monitor my communications, then I want her to."

"Yeah, I know she is," Kyp responded with a sigh. "It still doesn't give her a right to track you, and monitor your communications," he countered. Then he paused a moment. "Ta'tan'ia, you do remember how complicit she was while the Empire was brainwashing Jaina and Master Ramis and the others, and how she exiled Master Skywalker, and the hundreds of Mandos she still has nearby, and everything else she's done over the years?"

"Yes, Master," Ta'tan'ia replied with a nod. She didn't really like to think about all that, but she knew that Chief Daala was no friend of the Jedi Order. "I remember." Then Ta'tan'ia glanced at him, and added, "And didn't you get wrist chronos and comlinks, and corsets, and stuff for the Jedi that wanted them?"

Kyp frowned a moment. "That's different," he told her. "They wanted them. And I don't track them, or monitor their communications," he said. "And who has a chastity belt besides you and Jaina?" he asked pointedly.

Ta'tan'ia giggled. "No one that I know of, Master," she responded. "Kani and a few others want one though." She paused and caught his eye. "With a strong, firm Master in control of it."

Kyp rolled his eyes. "I bet," he replied. Then he sat silently a moment. "So, did you think of anything else I should know about Tenel Ka and Hapes?"

Ta'tan'ia thought about that a couple of moments. "No, Master," she replied. "Regent Daala made every effort to set herself up to rule the Consortium permanently. She locked Tenel Ka into a beskar chastity belt, and tracking collar, and at least two dozen other Hapan Nobles in tracking collars too."

"We'll come up with something," he said, obviously unconvinced.

"I think they'll be okay," Ta'tan'ia responded after a moment's hesitation. "Chief Daala seems genuine about doing what's best for the Hapes Consortium."

Kyp glanced at her. "Maybe for now," he admitted. "But explain why she would put tracking collars on the Queen and other Nobles, and locked the Queen into a chastity belt?"

"Um, they like it?" Ta'tan'ia answered tentatively. "I know I do," she added with a smile.

Kyp sighed. "I feel like there's something you're not telling me," he finally said.

Ta'tan'ia hadn't mentioned how Chief Daala had loaned her out to Moff Wynessa Fel or Madame Mirta Gev. She also hadn't told him how Chief Daala had chained her, DP, and Tenel Ka on their knees during the talks with the Imperials.

"Master I'm not going to spy on Chief Daala for you," Ta'tan'ia told him after a few moments thought. She paused, and took a deep breath. "I mean, if she does something particularly outrageous, or blatantly illegal, then I'll do something about it, and let you know. I haven't told her about the YVH droids we have hidden in the Temple, or the hundreds of Noghri nearby, or that fact that most of the Jedi that turned their lightsabers over to her have built new ones, and I'm not going to tell you about everything that she does either, Master."

Ta'tan'ia hated it that Master Durron was questioning her loyalty. She was a Jedi first and foremost, and nothing would change that. She could understand why he was though. Since she served Chief Daala so loyally, and she controlled her chastity belt, it was easy to think that she might betray the Jedi for her.

"I know, Ta'tan'ia," he replied quickly. "I didn't mean to suggest that you spy on her." He paused a few moments, then said, "I trust you to do the right thing Ta'tan'ia. You'll at least let us know if she tries to send in her Mandos or launch missiles or something."

"I will, Master," Ta'tan'ia assured him with a smile. "Although she'll probably chain me up before she does something like that, since I'm not a brainwashed slave."

Kyp smiled back at her. "No doubt you'd love that," he said. "Being chained up anyway." He paused a moment, then added, "I'm proud of you, Ta'tan'ia."

"Thank you, Master," Ta'tan'ia replied.

"How can you even practice after working for Daala all day?" Kyp asked her. "You must be exhausted. You should be in bed, not trying to duel Attan."

"I am, Master," Ta'tan'ia answered. "But I have to practice fighting, and I love serving Chief Daala."

"There's no reason she has to keep you at her office so long every day. You need your rest, and some time to relax."

"I'm fine, Master," Ta'tan'ia assured him. "And DP — Syal is on vacation, so I have to help Chief Daala even more while she's away." She wondered if she should mention that Chief Daala wanted her to move into DP's apartment.

"Why do you still do it, Ta'tan'ia?" Kyp asked. "Why do you let Daala treat you like this, then come home to the Temple and practice your lightsaber technique?"

Ta'tan'ia twitched her tchun, and shrugged her shoulders — a gesture she had picked up from humans. "I don't know, Master," she answered. "I love how Chief Daala treats me, but I'm still a Jedi, so I want to keep up my combat skills as much as possible."

"Well, I'm proud of your dedication," he told her. "I believe you've taken quite a bit of attention off the Jedi Order by serving Daala so ... intimately."

Ta'tan'ia giggled. "That's what I've been trying to do, Master," she answered. "But trust me; Chief Daala is still keeping an eye on the Order."

"I'm well aware of that, Jedi Ta'tan'ia," he assured her. "If she gets too ... difficult for you, let me know, and I'll see what I can do."

"I will, Master," Ta'tan'ia responded with a nod and flick of her tchin. "But I don't think it will come to that. I'm very happy with the way I serve Chief Daala."

Kyp gave her an odd stare for a moment, then his expression turned thoughtful. "Ta'tan'ia, I want to remind you to be very careful about getting too attached to Daala. Even though the two of you aren't in a ... traditional relationship, she can still pull you to the dark side. Especially since she's already pretty evil, and you basically obey her without question.

Ta'tan'ia giggled when he called Chief Daala evil. "I will, Master," she answered with a nod. "I won't obey Chief Daala if she orders me to do something evil."

Kyp gave her a stern look, then smiled as he realized she wasn't quite being serious. "Good DJ," he told her as he rose, and walked towards the door. "Go get some rest. You've got a long day tomorrow bringing Chief Evil caf and massaging her feet."

"I will, Master," Ta'tan'ia said as she stood up, and followed him out the door.

As soon she split off from Master Durron left, Ta'tan'ia commed Attan to see if she could still massage his ankle, or anything else that came up. "Hey Attan, can I drop by your room to check on your ankle?" she asked him through her wrist comlink as she headed towards his room. Hers was only a few doors away, and one floor down.

"What?" he replied in obvious confusion. "Um, no, I'm fine," he said breathlessly.

Ta'tan'ia heard a female moan in the background. Damn, Seha had gotten to him first. "Oh, okay then," she responded in obvious disappointment. "Let me know if anything's still stiff later on?" she added with a mischievous smile.

"I will!" he replied, almost shouting. "Bye!"

Ta'tan'ia sighed, and headed to her room. She had really wanted to suck him off, but she understood why he picked Seha — she wasn't locked in a chastity belt. Ta'tan'ia was probably too tired to satisfy Attan tonight anyway. Besides, she wouldn't trade her chastity belt and submission to Chief Daala for a hundred Attans. She made a mental note to get Seha a ballgag though.

On the way to her own room, Ta'tan'ia spotted Kani Asari coming out of her room. "Hey Kani," she said to the attractive blonde Jedi.

"Hey Ta'tan'ia," Kani replied with a smile as another figure stepped out of her room behind her.

"Javis," Ta'tan'ia greeted him politely. Then she stared at Kani questioningly.

"Ta'tan'ia," Javis said, somewhat embarrassed.

"Time to go, baby," Kani said with a smile as she grabbed his arm. "Someone has to be at work early in the morning."

As she passed Ta'tan'ia, she gave her a wink. Ta'tan'ia turned and watched them a few moments as they departed.

Ta'tan'ia went into her room, and stripped down to her tracking collar, chrono, comlink, chastity belt, and a pair clear plastex heels. Then she used the 'fresher, and strutted to her nightstand. Next she put on her tank top, slipped out of her heels, and sat down on her bed. Ta'tan'ia pulled out a short length of chain, and a set of beskar ankle shackles Chief Daala had gotten her. Ta'tan'ia locked the shackles around her ankles, then pulled her blanket over her. Then she maglocked one end of the chain to her chrono, and the other to her comlink. Last of all, Ta'tan'ia ran through a Jedi calming exercise, and drifted off to sleep.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The following evening, Ta'tan'ia accompanied Chief Daala to her apartment, which was also in the Republic Executive Building, with the Chief of State's offices, and DP's apartment. Once they got in, Ta'tan'ia went to change into her fetish maid's uniform, while Chief Daala went to change into something more comfortable as well.

First Ta'tan'ia stripped down to her beskar tracking collar, chrono, comlink, and chastity belt, as well as her durasteel corset and head harness. Then she put on the short black silk dress with white lace trim around the hem, neckline and sleeves. The pleated skirt came just past the bottom of her ass. The top of the dress followed the contour of the top of her durasteel corset.

Next Ta'tan'ia pulled on the black thigh-high stockings, then the eighteen-centimeter stiletto-heeled sandals and locked the straps around her ankles. Then she put on the white silk apron with the Chief of State's Seal on the front. After that she set a small white silk and lace cap on her head. It had small maglocks that attached to her durasteel head harness to keep it in place. Last of all, Ta'tan'ia checked herself out in the floor-length mirror, then went to the kitchen. There she poured Chief Daala a glass of wine, and cut up some cheese to go with it.

"Refreshments are served, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia announced as she entered the living room.

Chief Daala had changed into a set of gray sweats, and had settled down on her pouf-couch. Ta'tan'ia heard The Perre Needmo Newshour playing on the one hundred and fifty centimeter holoscreen on the wall.

"Why thank you, DJ," Chief Daala replied with a bright smile as Ta'tan'ia strutted to her, holding the serving tray out in front of herself.

Chief Daala lifted the glass off the serving tray, and took a sip of the wine. Ta'tan'ia set the tray on the end table next to her.

"Excellent," Chief Daala said with an appreciative nod as she sat the glass down. "You may attend to your chores now."

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered with a curtsey.

Ta'tan'ia spent the next hour or so cleaning Chief Daala's apartment. When she finished, Chief Daala had her prepare a bath for her. Ta'tan'ia also poured her another glass of wine, and put a small selection of fine chocolates on a serving tray to enjoy while she bathed. The chocolates were a gift from Lando Calrissian, who supplied the Galactic Alliance with YVH droids. He also secretly supplied the Jedi Order, although Chief Daala didn't need to know that. She certainly didn't need to know that the Jedi's YVH droids were practically free compared to what the GA was paying.

During the Yuuzhan Vong war, the scarheads had shaped seven of the eight planets that were home to the plants that produced chocolate. As a result, it was now relatively rare, and thus pretty expensive. Still, as the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, Her Excellency deserved it. That didn't stop Ta'tan'ia from licking her fingers after handling the chocolates though. After she did, Ta'tan'ia washed her hands, and took the serving tray to the refresher.

"Mmmm, delicious," Chief Daala said as she swallowed one of the chocolates. "DJ, you are a dear."

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied as she knelt next to the bath tub. She was also massaging Chief Daala's shoulders.

"Wouldn't you rather do this than all that combat training at the Temple?" Chief Daala asked her.

Ta'tan'ia was currently enjoying herself quite a bit. She felt soooo submissive — and aroused serving Chief Daala so intimately. However, she was a Jedi, and loved being one.

"I enjoy doing both, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered after a moment's hesitation.

Chief Daala let out a small harrumph of disapproval, then took another sip of wine. "Well, I still want you to move in with DP," she commented.

"I know, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia replied softly, hoping she would drop the subject.

After she finished her bath, Chief Daala had Ta'tan'ia retrieve a pair of durasteel bars that were about forty centimeters long, and a few centimeters thick, as well as a few other items. The bars had a maglock on each end.

First Chief Daala had her strip off her maid's uniform. She kept her stockings and eighteen centimeter heels on. Then Chief Daala attached each of the bars to the sides of Ta'tan'ia's tracking collar. Next she maglocked her chrono and comlink to the opposite ends of the bars, forming a rigid stock. Ta'tan'ia's forearms were parallel to her body. It was the first time Ta'tan'ia had been restrained like this, although she had learned about it from the ProCorps training material the Empire had given her.

Next Chief Daala shackled her ankles together with about twenty centimeters of chain between the cuffs. After that she strapped a dildo gag into Ta'tan'ia's mouth.

The gag had a short, fat synthrubber dildo in her mouth that kept her silent, and a twenty centimeter long one protruding from the front of the nerfhide panel covering her mouth and lower face. There were four straps coming from the panel that Chief Daala attached to the straps of Ta'tan'ia's durasteel head harness that was already locked around her head and lekku.

Ta'tan'ia shuffled along behind Chief Daala to one of her pouf chairs. Chief Daala sat down, and Ta'tan'ia knelt in front of her. Next Chief Daala swung her lower legs over the bars of her stock, and threaded them between the stock and her arms.

The dildo protruding from Ta'tan'ia's gag was lined up perfectly on Chief Daala's pussy. She also had complete control of her upper body with her legs over her stock. As Ta'tan'ia looked up at her like she had been trained, Chief Daala hit a button on the remote in her hand, and the dildo on the front of her gag started vibrating.

When Chief Daala nodded her permission, Ta'tan'ia leaned forward and pushed the tip of the vibrating dildo into her snatch. Chief Daala let out a small gasp of pleasure as she slid forward in the chair to give her better access. Ta'tan'ia pushed the dildo all the way in, then pulled it out. As she began fucking her with it, Ta'tan'ia felt her hand on top of her head, and grip her head harness.

Ta'tan'ia docily let Chief Daala control the pace, practically using her as a living sex toy. The realization made her even hornier.

After a few strokes, Ta'tan'ia felt her grip lighten. Then she saw Chief Daala's arm disappear to the side of the chair, and reappear with a stiff crop. Ta'tan'ia concentrated on pleasuring Chief Daala as she swung the crop towards her.

Ta'tan'ia felt a warning through the Force a split-second before she felt the sharp strike of the crop on her ass. She moved her sensitive lekku out of the way, but otherwise didn't try to avoid the blow.

"Faster!" Chief Daala commanded her breathlessly, with another swing of the crop.

A few minutes — and a couple of dozen strikes from the crop — later, Ta'tan'ia had Chief Daala on the verge of orgasm. Instead of letting her take her over the top though, Ta'tan'ia felt her hand grip her head harness, and slow her pace down.

Several minutes later Ta'tan'ia sensed that she was on the edge again. She pushed the still vibrating dildo in one more time, and felt her squeeze her head with her thighs as she screamed out in orgasm.

Ta'tan'ia had no choice but to keep the dildo buried deep in Chief Daala's pussy as she writhed in orgasm. Finally she finished, and relaxed her grip on Ta'tan'ia's head and sensitive lekku. She leaned back in her chair, but kept her legs wrapped loosely around her head.

"That was wonderful," Chief Daala commented as she gently stroked her lekku.

Ta'tan'ia tried to reply, but all that came out was a few grunts.

Chief Daala just responded with a chuckle, and patted her on her cheek, which was about the response Ta'tan'ia had expected. She knew how much Chief Daala liked to hear her try to talk a while she was gagged.

"Be right back dear," Chief Daala commented a few moments later. She sat up, and nudged Ta'tan'ia back with a pair of fingers to her forehead. Ta'tan'ia obediently sat back on her cuffed feet as she swung one leg over her head and headed towards the 'fresher.

Ta'tan'ia really hoped Chief Daala would let her orgasm tonight; she was soooo horny. The knowledge that she was completely under her control made her even hornier. Ta'tan'ia squeezed her legs together in arousal. With her chastity belt on, she couldn't feel a thing. Ta'tan'ia let out a little groan of frustration through her gag as she awaited Chief Daala's return.

"That's much better," Chief Daala declared as she came back into the room a couple of minutes later. She stopped next to Ta'tan'ia, and looked down at her. "How do you like your stocks?" she asked as she stared down at her.

Ta'tan'ia loved it. She smiled around her gag as she gazed up at her. Then she nodded her head and grunted happily in reply. Even with the gag covering the lower half of her face her enthusiasm was obvious.

"Since you've been such a good little Twi'lek, I suppose I'll let you orgasm tonight," Chief Daala said as she reached down and patted her on the head.

Ta'tan'ia moaned in anticipation. If she could, she would be grinning in delight. She flexed her lekku and did her best to show her appreciation for the rare treat.

"First we need change your restraints though, DJ," Chief Daala commented as she hit a button on the remote in her hand.

The maglocks connecting Ta'tan'ia's collar, chrono and comlink weakened. Ta'tan'ia flexed her arms, and the bars forming her stock separated from her tracking collar. Next Chief Daala had her get another durasteel bar to go with the two forty centimeter ones, as well as a few other items. Ta'tan'ia obediently shuffled to the closest, her ankles still shackled, and still gagged. While Ta'tan'ia was up, she also removed the dildo protruding from the front of her gag, and cleaned it for next time.

Ta'tan'ia reported back to Chief Daala with new durasteel bar. It was sixty centimeters long. A minute later Ta'tan'ia was on her knees with her feet a little over a meter apart. Her face and shoulders were on the floor. Her hands were cuffed between her feet with the longer bar, and the shorter, forty centimeter long bars connected her chrono and comlink to her ankle shackles, forming a single rigid bar.

The position was new to Ta'tan'ia, but she was hyper-aware how vulnerable she was. She was absolutely helpless. All she could do was wiggle her lekku and fingers, and maybe roll over onto her side if she really tried, but that was about it.

With her chastity belt maglocked around her hips she was protected — at least from that sort of thing. Then again, that's why Chief Daala had cuffed her like this, and that was what Ta'tan'ia wanted anyway.

Chief Daala took a few moments to admire her mostly naked body, then Ta'tan'ia heard the distinctive beep of her chastity belt unlocking. Ta'tan'ia glanced back at her as she pulled it off her and set it aside.

"Don't go anywhere, DJ," Chief Daala told her with a slap on her helpless behind.

Ta'tan'ia grunted and flexed her lekku in response as she strutted off towards her closet. She felt weird without her chastity belt pressed against her crotch.

When Chief Daala returned Ta'tan'ia quivered in anticipation. Chief Daala had a strap-on around her waist with a long black synthrubber dildo on the front. She also had her crop in her hand.

Chief Daala slowly circled her, then Ta'tan'ia felt the sting of her crop on her thigh. A moment later she felt the tip of her strap-on against her moist pussy. Ta'tan'ia moaned in ecstasy as she slid the synthrubber dildo into her snatch.

In moments Chief Daala was pounding her thoroughly. As horny as Ta'tan'ia was, it didn't take her long to reach the brink of orgasm.

Suddenly Chief Daala stopped. Ta'tan'ia groaned in frustration.

"You know DJ," Chief Daala began casually as she caressed her ass. "If you would move into DP's apartment, we could do this every night."

Ta'tan'ia couldn't believe she was doing this to her. She groaned pleadingly into her gag and wiggled her ass invitingly.

Chief Daala laughed in response. "Eager little Jedi, aren't we," she said with a sharp strike of her crop.

Then, to Ta'tan'ia's relief she started fucking her again. She also resumed liberally cropping her ass and thighs. Less than a minute later, Ta'tan'ia was screaming into her gag in orgasm.

Chief Daala kept fucking her awhile longer. When she finally stopped, she got up, and went to the 'fresher; without even acknowledging her shackled Twi'lek. Eventually Chief Daala returned, released her, and ordered her to use the refresher herself. When Ta'tan'ia came out, Chief Daala had her lock her chastity belt back in place, and remove her gag.

"So, are you ready to move into DP's apartment," Chief Daala asked her once everything was cleaned and put away.

"Um, not quite, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered politely.

"I expect an answer soon, DJ" Chief Daala replied dismissively.

"Yes, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia responded obediently. "And thank you very much for allowing me to orgasm, Your Excellency."

"You're welcome, DJ," she told her. "Now, I suppose you can go to that Jedi Temple, if you must."

"Thank you, Your Excellency," Ta'tan'ia answered cheerfully.

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