Jedi Prisoners
Rating: PG-13

Bethany Handcuff

Authoress' notes: In the final Fate of the Jedi novel, the Jedi have to infiltrate Coruscant, which is controlled by the Sith. Well, here is a little scene about Jedi doing just that. Please read and enjoy all of my stories, please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

"Move it, scum," the young corrections officer said harshly to the group of prisoners.

Jaina Solo shuffled forward, her steps limited by the forty centimeter chain of her shock shackles. Another chain ran from that one to her stun cuffs, which were further secured against her stomach by another chain locked tightly around her waist. She heard the rattling of another eleven sets of chains as the other Jedi the group shuffled along as well. Each woman was also chained to the ones in front, behind, and next to them by chains locked to their waist chains.

Suddenly Jaina heard Turi Altamik, who was next to her, mutter a curse as she nearly fell, and Jaina felt a jerk on her waist chain.  Then she heard Ta'tan'ia, who was behind Turi, mutter an apology, followed by Jysella Horn, who was behind Jaina, call Turi a nerfherder.

"Quiet!" Myri Antilles, the guard, shouted.

The dozen Jedi were posing as prisoners being transferred in order to infiltrate Coruscant. Somehow, all the prisoners were highly attractive women.  Jaina strongly suspected Master Durron had arranged the assignments. Myri Antilles and Yaqeel Saav'etu were the guards. Myri seemed to be particularly relishing her role.

At least Jaina could keep an eye on Vestara.  Jaina had made sure the little Sith was shackled in place right in front of her.

All of the prisoners were wearing bright yellow jumpsuits with "PRISONER" emblazoned across the back and cheap yellow boots.  Myri and Yaqeel were dressed in Galactic Alliance Corrections Officer uniforms. They both had a remote that could unlock all of the stun cuffs and shock shackles in an emergency. Both Jaina and Master Ramis could also activate the remotes with the Force, just in case.

The other Sith the Jedi had encountered hadn't paid the group any attention. As prisoners, they were beneath their notice. The plan was working perfectly; so far.

As prisoners, the Jedi didn't go through regular customs. Instead they had been sent through special security just for detainees. Myri and Yaqeel simply presented their forged transfer orders, and the group was sent along.

Unfortunately, the facilities for prisoners were less than accommodating. Comfort wasn't an issue for criminals. Currently they were arriving at the final checkpoint before they could be released, and disappear into the city. Syal Antilles was supposed to have a borrowed Justice Center transport waiting for them just beyond the checkpoint.

Syal, however, appeared to be late.  The three real security officers at the checkpoint didn't want twelve prisoners waiting out in the open.  All three were human, with the older, heavyset one wearing sergeant's stripes. The other two were both in their early twenties, with one tall and thin, and the other shorter and stockier.

After a few moments of discussion amongst the officers, Yaqeel turned and ordered the prisoners into a nearby holding area.  The twelve shackled women shuffled into the room, and the door shut behind them. Yaqeel and Myri stayed outside with the real officers.

Since the Jedi were all still shackled, they couldn't sit down on the benches on the walls. They also couldn't move around very much. They were all forced to stand, shift their weight a bit, and wait.

"Hey, is anyone else getting turned on?" Ta'tan'ia asked.

There was a chorus of snickers, quickly followed by Master Ramis, Tyria Sarkin Tainer, and Jaina shushing them.

"Act like prisoners, not a bunch of — Zeltron sex slaves!" Jaina whispered loudly. She was about to say Twi'lek sex slaves, but she remembered that Ta'tan'ia, who was a Twi'lek, was standing next to her.

Actually, Jaina was a little aroused, and she could sense that several of the other Jedi were as well. She couldn't really blame them, they'd been shackled and cuffed for a couple of hours now.

"Can I keep my cuffs, Master?" Seha Dorvald asked.

That caused a few more snickers, which Jaina and Tyria quickly shushed. As for Jaina, she had already planned on keeping her shackles, along with the jumpsuit.  Together they would make a great roleplaying costume. All she needed was a pair of yellow heels to complete the outfit.

"Sure, but I'm keeping the remote," Master Ramis replied.

There were a few more giggles, which quickly died down.  Jaina glanced out the transparisteel window of the holding room, and saw the shorter officer taking an interest in Myri, who was obviously flirting back. Yaqeel was standing off to the side, watching them, and everything else.

At least someone is having fun, Jaina thought as she shifted her weight again.

Nearly ten minutes of quiet whispering, annoyed grunts, and sighs of frustration later, Myri was still flirting with the officer.  The eleven Jedi and one Sith were still standing shackled and cuffed in the holding area.  Finally Jaina saw Yaqeel get a signal from her comlink, and sensed the Bothan's relief.

"Let's go ladies," Yaqeel said as the taller officer opened the door. "Your limospeeder has arrived."

The twelve shackled women had to carefully shuffle in a tight circle to get facing the door. Then they slowly made their way out. Jaina, along with a few others, let out soft groans of annoyance when they spotted the Justice Center transport waiting about two hundred meters away.

Thanks to their shock shackles and other chains, what could have been a short walk barely worth noticing took several long minutes. Almost without conscious thought the Jedi and Sith began marching in step, which sped things up a bit.

At least it did until the observant Sergeant noticed, and commented. Several of the Jedi were startled enough to lose their concentration — and step — which threw the group off.

"Oh, they spend quite a bit of their time in chains," Myri responded without missing a beat. "I think they've forgotten how to walk without them."  She paused to watch the Sergeant's reaction a moment, then turned her attention back to the shorter officer, who was walking next to her.

While Jaina had maintained her composure, Jysella — who was behind her — hadn't, causing her to stumble. After that Jaina made a conscious effort to keep her steps short, and out of synch with Vestara, who was in front of her, and Ta'tan'ia, who was next to her. Several of the other Jedi did the same thing, which resulted in a noticeable change of the sound of their chains, along with slowing them down.

Eventually they reached the waiting transport, with the three real officers tagging along. Yaqeel and Myri assured them that they could handle things from there, but the three men insisted on helping their fellow officers load the prisoners onto the transport.

Jaina groaned in frustration.  The plan was to release them as soon as they got on the transport. The real officers were taking them one at a time and securing them in the prisoner seats.  Jaina watched as the two officers began unlocking Jedi from the group, and ordering them onto the transport.  The Sergeant supervised them, while Myri and Yaqeel looked on in frustrated annoyance, and insisted they didn't need their help.

A couple of minutes later the taller officer unlocked Jaina from the group, then ordered her up the transport's steps.  Seha and Vestara were on the left side, while Master Ramis and Omwati were on the right. The officer guided Jaina to the seat next to Vestara, and gently-but-firmly pushed her into it.

Next he reached out with his boot and pushed a padded bar over her ankles, pressing them against the bottom of the seat.  The bar had two curves for her shackled ankles to fit into, trapping them in place. Then the officer pulled another durasteel bar down from above, over her chest and cuffed hands. This one fit over her shoulders, with the curved part pressing into her cuffed wrists.  The bar also had a curved protrusion on each side that went over her biceps, keeping her entire upper body firmly in place.

Jaina watched the officers lock the rest of the Jedi into their seats. Sanola Ti and Tyria were the last two. Once they were in place, the officers secured the doors with a clang. Then the Jedi waited.

Since the transport was made out of heavy durasteel, they couldn't hear anything going on outside. They could sense Yaqeel, Myri, Syal, and the officers' presences though, and they were all calm and relaxed. Well, the officers were. Yaqeel was slightly worried, Myri was annoyed, and Syal was getting very impatient.

Finally Jaina sensed Yaqeel and Myri's relief, and them moving to the front of the transport. A few moments' later, the thoroughly secured Jedi felt the transports engines increase power, and they departed.

The Jedi and Vestara were hyper-aware how vulnerable they were. If the Sith suspected anything, a single rocket or bomb could kill them all. They could even engineer an accident, although Jaina was highly confident of Syal's piloting abilities.

The plan was for Syal to take them to a rendezvous only twenty-two klicks away. When Jaina had heard the plan, riding twenty-two klicks in the back of a transport sounded like the easiest part of the whole thing.

Riding in the back of a prison transport wearing shock shackles, stun cuffs, and restrained into her seat was a different story.  Jaina couldn't check her chrono, but she was sure they had been riding around for more than half-an-hour.  None of them could ask, as the prisoner compartment was just a durasteel box, with a pair of holocameras in opposite corners.

Jaina could sense that while Syal, Myri, and Yaqeel were worried, they weren't in crisis mode. That meant that there was a problem, but no one was about to shoot at them. As Jaina reached out with the Force, she felt Yaqeel reassure her, and all the other shackled Jedi.

What seemed like an eternity later, the transport came to a stop. Masters Durron and Sebatyne, as well as about thirty more Jedi were supposed to be at the rendezvous.  Jaina reached out with the Force, and only sensed Yaqeel.

A couple of moments later, the rear doors opened, and Jaina saw Myri and Syal climbing up.

"The frakking transport has a tracking device," Syal explained as she used a remote to unlock Tyria's seat restraints.

Myri was doing the same for Sanola on Jaina's bench.  The two sisters could barely squeeze between the lines of shackled prisoners. They could only release one Jedi at a time. That prevented someone accidently releasing all the prisoners at the same time.

Once Tyria was free of the chest and ankle bars, she stood up, and shuffled down the transports steps in her chains.  Sanola simply leapt out of the transport, down to the floor.

"So where are we?" Master Ramis asked from the opposite end of the bench Syal was working on.

"At a private storage facility," Syal answered.  "Not far from the rendezvous.  I've contacted Master Durron, and he's sending someone to pick us up."

"Is he bringing some us some clothes?" Jysella asked. "I wouldn't want someone to think we were escaped prisoners and call the Coruscant Security Force."

"I don't know if he thought of that," Syal said.  "The main thing was to get away from the tracking device before they come looking for their transport."

"Maybe we should just leave your shackles on, so no one thinks you've escaped," Myri suggested with a sly smile.

"How about we don't," Master Octa Ramis said.  "However, everyone needs to bring them along. We don't want whoever finds this speeder to start looking for escaped prisoners right away."

The other Jedi nodded their heads in consent as Syal and Myri continued unlocking the seat restraints.

Once Jaina could get up, she shuffled to the back, and leapt down to the ground. A moment later, Yaqeel unlocked her shackles with the remote.

Jaina pulled her wrist cuffs off, then the chain wrapped around her waist. Next she squatted down and freed her ankles. As she stood up, she draped her shackles over her shoulders. She definitely wanted to keep them.

A couple of minutes later, a pair of military transports arrived. One was piloted by Bandy Geffer, the other by Doran Sarkin-Tainer, Tyria's son.

"Hey, did you two bring something else for us to wear?" Tyria asked as she walked towards her son's cargo speeder.

"Sorry, Mom," he replied ruefully.  "Master Durron didn't say anything about that."

These transports only had two seats in the front.  Master Ramis would be getting one of course, and Jaina decided to let Tyria ride up front with her son.  The Jedi, Vestara, Syal and Myri quickly began loading into the back of the transports. Jaina followed Myri and Syal into the one piloted by Bandy and Master Ramis. She made sure Vestara was with her as well.

All of the Jedi prisoners still had their shackles with them. Besides Jaina, Vestara, Syal and Myri, Sanola Ti, Jysella, and Ta'tan'ia were in the back of the transport.  As it pulled away, Jaina, Sanola, Ta'tan'ia and Jysella were all staring at Myri, who was arguing with her sister about who Bandy thought was cuter.

After a couple of moments, Myri noticed the attention, and went quiet.

"What's up?" she asked, glancing around.

"Oh, they spend quite a bit of time in their chains," Jaina quoted.

"I think they've forgotten how to walk without them," Jysella added.

"Maybe we should just leave your shackles on, so no one thinks you've escaped," Sanola quoted as well.

Myri immediately grew a little nervous.  Syal slid a few centimeters away from her sister.

"Sorry guys," Myri said apologetically.  "I was just playing the role."

"Well, I think we're playing a role now ourselves," Jaina replied with a nod.

"Escaped prisoners," Ta'tan'ia added without missing a beat.

"And you're still the bitchy guard," Jysella said, holding her wrist shackles out towards her.

"Who's now our hostage," Sanola stated as she moved towards her form the other direction.

The four Jedi stared menacingly at Myri moment.  She glanced at her sister, who was doing her best to ignore them, and disappear into the bulkhead behind her.

"You can cooperate, and keep your clothes, or resist, and lose them," Jaina stated firmly.

She could sense that while Myri was a little worried, she wasn't really scared. Jysella was practically a sister to her, and Jaina and Sanola were close friends as well. She knew they wouldn't really hurt her. Jaina could also sense she was getting a little turned on.

"I guess I've been overpowered by these evil, hardened prisoners," Myri answered as she held her wrists out for the cuffs.  "I hope they don't force me to have sex with their getaway pilot," she added melodramatically.

Jysella closed one cuff around her right wrist, then used it to pull it out of her seat. Jaina quickly grabbed her, and pushed her face down onto the floor of the cargo speeder. At the same time, Jysella twisted her cuffed arm behind her back. Sanola quickly grabbed her left wrist, and brought it behind her back to join the right one.

"Hey, take it easy guys, I am cooperating," Myri reminded them as her wrists were cuffed at the small of her back.

"Quiet," Ta'tan'ia commanded her with a soft kick to her lower legs.

Ta'tan'ia and Vestara quickly grabbed the ankle cuffs, and shackled Myri's feet. Then they brought them up to her cuffed hands.

"Hey!" Myri protested as the Jedi began wrapping the chain that ran from the ankle shackles to the wrist cuffs around the chains connecting the ankle shackles and wrist cuffs.

In a few moments the Jedi and Vestara had Myri thoroughly hogcuffed. They even locked the waist chain around her waist.

"So, now that we've got one hostage secured," Jaina said as she nudged Myri in the ribs with her boot. "Why don't we get our other one into her cuffs."

"What'd I do?" Syal protested.  "I'm just the pilot."

"Of a transport with a tracking device," Ta'tan'ia added without missing a beat.

"Besides, if we don't cuff you, you might try and free your partner," Jaina said as she took one of Syal's wrists.

"I promise I won't," Syal protested as Jaina closed the cuff around her wrist. "Can you at least cuff me in front?" she asked as Jaina and Ta'tan'ia guided her to the floor.

"Then someone might suspect you were working with us, since we didn't have you cuffed like your partner," Vestara said as Jaina and Ta'tan'ia cuffed Syal's wrists behind her back.

Vestara and Jysella cuffed her ankles.  Once Syal was hogcuffed Syal like Myri was, the Jedi turned them around so they were side by side, and both facing the back of the transport. Then they all rested their feet on their shackled hostages.

A few minutes later, the transport arrived at the hanger. Jaina could sense Master Durron, Master Sebatyne, and about thirty more Jedi nearby, just like they were supposed to be.

As the transport came to a stop, Sanola dropped her feet off Syal, and opened the rear hatch. Then she picked up her shackles, and hopped out, followed by Vestara, Jysella, and Ta'tan'ia. As Jaina got out, Zekk wandered over to the transport.

"Hey Jaina, nice shackles," he said, eyeing the chains hanging over Ta'tan'ia's shoulder. "Where's yours?" he asked, obviously interested in more than just the location of them.

Jaina smiled back at him. "We had to take some hostages," she said, looking into the back of the transport.

Zekk's eyes followed Jaina's, and he saw the two women in Galactic Alliance Corrections Officer uniforms.

Syal and Myri just smiled nervously up at them.

"Can someone please uncuff us now?" Syal asked after a moment, flexing in her shackles. Myri squirmed in her chains as well, but stayed quiet.

"Sure," Zekk replied with a cheerful smile, stepping forward.

"Actually," Jaina interrupted, putting a hand on his muscular arm.  "I think they wanted Bandy to free them."

Both Antilles sisters grinned in anticipation.

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