Jedi Mistress: An Alema Rar Adventure
Rating: PG-13

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This series of short stories takes place after the Yuuzhan Vong War. Perhaps one day I'll expand some of them, but for now, I hope that you enjoy them! Please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com

“She's going to be my apprentice?” Alema Rar asked Kyp Durron incredulously.

Jedi Master Kyp Durron frowned slightly. “Yes. She is. That's not a problem, is it, Jedi Alema Rar?” he asked sternly.

Alema Rar glanced at Jysella Horn, who was standing at the top of the ship's landing ramp, politely pretending not to hear the conversation. “It's not that I don't mind having an apprentice. I know every Jedi has to do what they can. I'm just shocked that Master Horn would let his daughter be assigned to me, is all,” Jedi Alema Rar explained.

“The Council makes these decisions, Jedi Alema Rar. Not individual Masters,” he replied after a moment's hesitation.

Alema Rar opened her mouth to ask another question, but just as quickly shut it. So Master Horn voted against the choice of assigning his daughter to me, but was over ruled by the rest of the Council. Then a different question occurred to her. “And what did Mirax say about handing her little girl over to me?”

Now Master Durron whistled. “Let's just say that she's willing to go along with the decision of the Council as well,” he replied tactfully.

Alema Rar looked back at the young Jedi on the landing ramp. “Well, alright then. As long as she's not gonna try and kill me or anything,” she answered.

“Oh it's not you that needs to be careful,” Kyp replied, overly serious. “Master Horn on the other hand. . .” he added with a smile.

The Twi'lek chuckled as well, then responded “Alright, bring her over here.”

The Jedi Master glanced at the girl on the ramp, “In a moment,” he said to Alema Rar as he lead her a few more steps away from the ship.

“While Master and Mirax Horn have agreed to abide by the council's decision, it wouldn't be a good idea for Jysella to start dressing too outrageously, understand?”

Alema Rar looked back at Jysella, who had wandered down to the bottom of the ramp. “No problem, Master Durron!” she replied cheerfully.

“I'm serious, Alema Rar.”

“Trust me, Master Durron,” she answered with a smile.

Master Durron respond by rolling his eyes in annoyance. Then he turned and waved the young Human over.

“Jedi Alema Rar, this is Jysella Horn. She has been assigned to you as your apprentice,” Master Durron introduced them.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Several days later. . .

“So, Jysella, about the way you dress,” Alema Rar said to her apprentice.

Jysella's eyes went wide as she looked down at her brown Jedi robe. “What's wrong with the way I dress?” she asked earnestly.

Alema Rar thought of the conversation she'd had with Tahiri while the two of them were in-route to Spraikela. “Nothing. If you were an ancient sentient worried about catching a chill,” she replied.

Now Alema Rar saw wariness in her apprentice's eyes. “I'm a Jedi. What else would I wear except Jedi robes.”

With a slight but superior smile, Alema Rar moved in for the kill. “Oh, I'm sure we can find something or another for you to wear,” she responded casually.

Jysella swallowed as she realized the opening she had given the Twi'lek. “I—I guess we can work something out,” she said resignedly.

A couple of hours later, the two Jedi walked out of a clothing boutique. Jysella's brown and white Jedi robes were gone. The only item of clothing she still had from before was the black nerfhide belt around her waist. Alema Rar had even picked out her underwear, although Jysella had won a small victory with the white panties and bra instead of the pink.

Over that she wore a tight black and green body suit. The color of the bodysuit had been her choice as well, although the design and stretchy material had been Alema Rar's. The bodysuit emphasized the curves of her toned body, especially her smallish breasts and tight butt.

Her tight butt was further emphasized by the chunky ten-centimeter heeled knee-boots. She had tried to talk Alema Rar into something a little shorter, like about five centimeters, but Master Alema Rar had insisted, saying that she needed to learn to function in high heels.

Ten bangle bracelets adorned each of her wrists, alternating in black and green. They jingled against each other every time she moved her hands, annoying her. At least she had talked her way out of the nerfhide collar Master Alema Rar had tried to get her to wear.

Jysella was surprised when she had suggested the ankle-length cloak, though. It was too tight to close, but it did mostly conceal her lightsaber, and her tight butt. Master Alema Rar had explained it by saying that keeping her lightsaber out of sight was worth hiding her ass awhile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“You can't use the Force to gamble! It reeks of the dark side,” Jysella insisted to her.

Alema Rar took a slow breath. “I'm not suggesting you sit down for a game of sabaac and fleece someone of their life savings. I'm saying walk up to the spinner-pit, let the Force flow through you, and put a hundred credits on where the three balls will land.”

“It's still gambling!” Jysella barked back at her.

The Twi'lek took another breath. “Yes, it's technically gambling, but even if you get all three right, which isn't easy, even for a Jedi, the casino will not miss the fifteen thousand credits you'll win.” Before the human could respond, Alema Rar continued. “Look, the council gives us enough money for missions, and a little extra besides. But at some point, you're gonna get in a situation where you'll need a lot of credits in a hurry.” Like for new shoes, Alema Rar mentally added, although she kept that thought to herself.

“The Forc—,” Jysella began.

“Isn't always the best solution to every problem,” Alema Rar interrupted her. “Not every security agent can be bluffed with a wave of your hand. Not every piece of information can be found by meditating. Sometimes a pile of cold, hard credits will get you a lot farther a lot faster than the power that binds the universe together.”

She could tell that her apprentice still wasn't convinced. “Remember learning about Order 66 and the Jedi purge?” Alema Rar asked.

“Yeah,” Jysella answered, puzzled by the question.

“Well, back then the Jedi council had accounts set up for all the Jedi, just like Master Skywalker does now. One of the first things Palpatine did was freeze all the accounts. The Jedi that survived had zero credits to use to escape. It made finding and killing them a lot easier.”

Now Jysella frowned, thinking hard.

“I have several accounts set up in my name, plus several more under aliases, all of which I can access from just about anywhere in the galaxy,” Alema Rar informed her.

Alema Rar could tell her apprentice was starting to change her mind.

“It's all about necessity. I just spin the wheel or pull the lugjack arm every now and then. You never know when you'll need the credits. Besides, if it was about getting rich, I'd have had you bet all thousand credits the council gave you.”

“Alright,” Jysella said resignedly.

Alema Rar allowed herself a small victory smile. Then set a hand on the human's shoulder. “Calm yourself. It's harder than it looks, even for a Jedi. Watch the wheel a few times first,” she advised her.

“Yes Master Alema Rar,” Jysella replied after a deep breath. Then she stood up, and walked confidently in her ten-centimeter heels towards the spinner-pit.

Seven minutes later, Alema Rar sensed her apprentice's confusion at the results of the spinner-pit wheel.

“Two out of three ain't bad,” she said to console Jysella once she returned to the table. “It won you five hundred credits.”

Jysella took a deep breath. “I know, Master Ale—,”

“I told you, it's Mistress Alema Rar,” the Twi'lek reminded her in mock-sternness.

“I'm sorry, Mistress Alema Rar,” she apologized. “I really expected to win though.”

“Look Jysella, I told you. It is very hard, even for a Jedi, to pick all three balls.” She picked up four of the five hundred credits laying on the table, and displayed them to her disappointed apprentice. “You now have four hundred credits to do whatever you want to with. Your parents didn't give them to you, the council didn't give them to you, and I didn't give them to you.”

Jysella sat for a moment, deep in thought. “I can do whatever I want to with them?” she asked carefully.

“They're all yours,” Alema Rar replied with a nod as she handed the credits to her.

The human quickly tucked them away between the bare flesh of her breast and the synth-hide of her bustier. “I'm going to donate it to the local orphanage,” she announced with a satisfied smile.

Alema Rar stared at her a few seconds, then took a big swallow of her drink.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The middle aged, overweight human male whistled as the two Jedi approached. “I'll be Kessled! Karrde didn't tell me the two of you were such hot little things!” he said gleefully.

The human Jedi, Jysella Horn, still not used to such blatant male attention, blushed. The Twi'lek on the other hand, smiled seductively back at him, and replied, “Hot? Must be the synth-hide. We'll just have to take it off,” which produced a hearty laugh from the captain of the Folstar Freighter.

“Lucky for the two of you I was on Bimmisaari, and had an empty hold,” the grizzled spacer said as he reached out to shake Alema Rar's hand. “Name's Pete,” he said with a sincere smile.

“Alema Rar,” the Twi'lek replied.

“Jysella,” the human Jedi said as she shook his hand.

“So, Karrde told me that you two needed to go to Thoost, and needed to bring two X-wings along,” he inquired.

“That's right. Just them and us,” she agreed with a smile.

“Well, bring them over, and we'll get them aboard,” Captain Pete suggested.

The two Jedi's astromech droids were more than up to the task of flying the X-wings into the freighter's cargo hold.

Alema Rar was proud of the way Jysella was able to walk in the stylus-thin heels as they went up the ship's landing ramp.

“I'm afraid the Folstar's only got two cabins, but I won't mind sharing mine with either of you,” Pete said with a leer once they were all on board.

While Jysella seemed a little put off by the suggestion, Alema Rar just smiled right back.

“Na, I think we'll do the sharing,” Alema Rar said with a wink.

Jysella gave her a suspicious look, while Pete replied with another laugh.

The two Jedi settled into their cabin, while Pete readied the ship for lift-off. The trip to Thoost was uneventful, just as most hyperspace flights are. Alema Rar spent quite a bit of time keeping Pete company, while Jysella did some maintenance on their X-wings.

When the freighter reverted to realspace however, they found that the small space station orbiting peaceful world of Thoost was being attacked. Well, not so much being attacked as being hammered into submission.

Since Alema Rar was already on the bridge, she immediately took over the co-pilot controls. “One Corvette-class ship. Four, no six starfighters,” she explained calmly. “E-wings,” she added as she continued to monitor the sensors. “And an assault shuttle.”

Within a few hours of being on board, Alema Rar had gotten a good look at the Folstar's armaments and capabilities. It had absolutely no business in a space battle. She could only hope that Captain Pete didn't have delusions of grandeur.

“Sorry Ma'am, but I don't think I can take you to Thoost today,” Pete replied as he began the slow process of turning the freighter around.

Jysella appeared on the bridge, responding to the Force summons from her Master.

“Pirate attack, not us,” Alema Rar explained succinctly.

“We fighting?” Jysella asked calmly, as if the answer was unimportant either way.

“No Kriffing way! Not in my ship!” Pete shouted forcefully.

“No, not in your ship,” Alema Rar agreed as she stood up. “We'll take our X-wings,” she said authoritatively.

“What!” Pete asked incredulously. “That's crazy! I don't care how good of a fighter pilot you are!”

Alema Rar exchanged a glance with Jysella. As far as Pete knew, they were just a couple of women with X-wings that Talon Karrde had asked him to take to Thoost. “We're Jedi. Good doesn't begin to describe us,” she replied.

Three minutes later Alema Rar and Jysella were in their X-wings, heading towards the pirate ship. With the military grade sensors on their X-wings, Alema Rar was able to get the ship's name, Furious Treasure.

“What's the plan?” Jysella asked over the secure comm.

That was a good question. Even for two Jedi, victory wouldn't be easy. In fact, Alema Rar doubted they could destroy the Furious Treasure at all. Unless it just sat there and let them shoot away at it.

“Take out the E-wings first, then work on the Treasure,” Alema Rar responded.

She could sense the hesitation before Jysella's response.

“If we go after the Treasure first, we're more likely to scare them away,” she said carefully.

Alema Rar had thought of that. “They'll just come back, and take their revenge out on the space station when we're not around. If we take out their snubfighters, they'll be permanently weakened.”

“Alright,” Jysella responding obediently.

Two of the E-wings had broken off their attack and were on an intercept course.

“Whoever you are, this is none of your business. If you know what's good for you, you'll keep it that way,” a gruff voice said from the lead fighter.

“Awh, and I was looking for some hot pirate sex,” Alema Rar replied sweetly.

The two sets of fighters closed quickly. The pirates started shooting first, hoping to scare their opponents off. Compared with dodging flaming magma rock from the Vong, evading laser fire from regular pilots was a breeze. At half-a-klick, both Jedi opened fire, decimating the E-wings' shields.

Jysella's opponent ejected from his doomed fighter moments before it exploded. Alema Rar's on the other hand, perished with his ship.

Now the Furious Treasure had stopped pounding the space station, and began maneuvers to engage the two X-wings. The four remaining E-wings were also looping around to avenge their comrades. The assault shuttle on the other hand, continued to dock with the space station.

While the four E-wing pilots were veterans of numerous engagements, the two Jedi where well, two Jedi. Alema Rar and Jysella moved almost as one, concentrating their fire on one enemy at a time until it was destroyed.

Frakk that girl can fly, Alema Rar thought five minutes later, as the last E-wing exploded. Although both Jedi had put multiple hits on all four fighters, three of the kills belonged to Jysella.

Alema Rar scanned her scopes again. The assault shuttle had un-docked from the space station and was heading for space, too far away for them to catch. The Furious Treasure was following, covering the booty in the shuttle. By the time the corvette went into hyperspace, it had absorbed all of the proton torpedo's the two X-wings carried.

As they headed back for the station, Alema Rar idly wondered if the station's survivors would rescue the EV pirate, or just let him deal with the vacuum on his own.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

From her seat at the pedwalk cafe table, Alema Rar watched the pimp scream obscenities at his prostitute. The pimp was human, around one point nine meters tall, and about one hundred forty kilograms. The prostitute was young looking, about eighteen or nineteen, and small, with dirty blonde hair. She was also obviously terrified of the screaming pimp.

Alema Rar glanced at her comm, checking the time. Her bracelets jingled as they slid down her arm. Jysella should be around in a few minutes. When the pimp reached out and grabbed the girl by the neck, Alema Rar decided that she was going to do something about it.

The Twi'lek Jedi pushed back her chair as she stood up. As she strutted to the couple, Alema Rar weighed her options. A few meters away and neither had noticed her approach yet. Alema Rar got a good look at the girl though, and by the time the pimp heard her heels clicking on the duracrete, Alema Rar was pretty sure she was a spice addict.

The pimp went from angry to smiling in an instant. His eyes traveled down to her legs, then back up to her face. “Hey baby, you look like you need a man to protect you,” with a leer. “Ol' Brian take care of you from now on,” he added as he caressed Alema Rar's shoulder. “Of course, you'll have to do a little work for me, to pay me back for everything I do for you.”

Alema Rar's smile of anticipation morphed into one of superiority. “That just might be just what I need, Brian,” she cooed to him. “Can we talk about it alone for a couple of minutes real quick?” she asked as she ran a hand down his chest. Although he had a large build, Alema Rar felt more flab than muscle underneath her hand.

“Right over here,” Brian said as he wrapped an arm around Alema Rar's waist and led her into an alley. “Get back to work, bitch!” he shouted at the spice addict before turning his attention back to Alema Rar.

Four minutes later, a confused Brian walked out of the alley, heading for the spaceport. He had a strange compulsion to travel to Dathomir to make some Nightsisters his ho's. He wasn't quite sure what a Nightsister was, nor had he even heard of a planet called Dathomir, but his feet still carried him towards the spaceport.

A satisfied Alema Rar walked out of the alley a few meters behind Brian. His former prostitute was easy to find, apparently her “territory” wasn't far from where Alema Rar had been having lunch. “Hey, my name's Alema Rar,” she introduced herself as she reached out to shake the frightened girl's hand.

After Alema Rar calmed her down, at least as much as a jittery spice addict could be, and began talking to her about her life choices. “You don't want to use spice ever again,” the Jedi insisted, backing the statement with the power of the Force. Alema Rar sensed Jysella approaching from the outdoor cafe, and turned to surreptitiously wave her away.

A couple of minutes later, Alema Rar put Sara, the prostitute and hopefully former spice addict, in an air taxi bound for a brothel. Alema Rar had gotten many prostitutes out of the lifestyle in the past, but with no family to support her, she didn't think that would work for Sara.

Alema Rar walked back over to the cafe and sat back down at her table, where Jysella was ordering a salad.

“What was that all about?” the human asked once the waiter had gotten out of earshot.

The Twi'lek gave her a quick rundown of what she'd done.

“So she'll be safe at this brothel?” Jysella asked dubiously.

“The owner of the brothel is a friend of mine. She takes good care of her girls, and gets them into rehab if they need it. She'll let Sara keep a lot bigger percentage of her profits too,” Alema Rar explained.

“What about the spice addiction,” Jysella asked between bites.

Alema Rar leaned back and paused a moment before replying. “No guarantee there. I've done something like this a couple dozen times, and chances are ... she'll relapse. Maybe rehab will help her, but I wouldn't be surprised to see her back out here in a few months or so,” Alema Rar said, dismayed.

“So if she'll probably be back out on the streets, and using spice, why do it at all?” Jysella wondered aloud.

“Not every problem has a perfect solution. I've given her a chance for something at least a little better,” Alema Rar replied with a shrug.

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