Star Wars: Jedi Adventures
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the third story I have written about the Jedi. Although this is a stand alone story, please read Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage and Star Wars Jedi Tahiri & Alema Rar. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

The following story takes place approximately four weeks after the events of Jedi Adventures — Alema Rar.

Well, he's not the best lover, but at least he's enthusiastic, Alema Rar, Jedi Knight thought as the former slaver, Nyk Faireborne, vigorously fucked her. Currently she was lying on her back, with both wrists and both ankles stretched and chained to the bedposts of Nyk's bed. The Twi'lek couldn't offer her Master any advice, since he had strapped a cock gag into her mouth after he had chained her to the bed.

With a slight shift of her pelvis, Alema Rar got Nyk to give her a little more pleasure as he pounded away. At least he could still fuck through an orgasm without having to stop and rest. Human men seemed to lose that ability practically as soon as they learned how to use their dick with any great degree of skill.

At least Alema Rar was getting it regularly again. In the four weeks since she'd gone a week without it, she'd had sex at least twice-a-day, either with Nyk or with one of the other slavers that was on board.

Some time and an orgasm apiece later, Alema Rar was still chained to the bed, while Nyk lackadaisically cleaned himself up in the 'fresher. Still, she wasn't the least bit annoyed. Even though he seemed to be purposely taking his time while she lay there shackled. It was a slave's life, after all.

Eventually Nyk returned, and unchained her from the bed, only to cuff her hands together behind her back. The Jedi wasn't at all surprised by this. The only thing her Master seemed to enjoy more that having her cuffed was changing her cuffs around. He was as eager to experiment with chains and shackles on sexy, willing females as she was to be experimented on.

Nyk laid down next to her on the bed, and slid an arm underneath her. “That was a great idea you had, letting the slaves vote themselves to freedom. It would have caused major problems if we'd had to pick them like we'd planned,” Nyk said to his sexy blue-skinned Twi'lek slave as they lay together.

“Thank you Master,” Alema Rar cooed as she nuzzled his shoulder. We. Nyk had used that word a lot over the past month. He had also mentioned several times that there was a group of slavers running the ship, and that he was just acting as a spokesman for them. The only problem was, even though she'd spent nearly every minute with him, Alema Rar had never heard or seen anyone other than Captain Tol'Ven offer anything past a few minor questions to any of Nyk's orders.

“Yeah, most of them were real impatient to get off this ship and to freedom, but some of them seem as happy as could be,” Nyk commented, as much to himself as to Alema Rar.

She had noticed that as well, and looking back, it must have been why the Force had prompted her into suggesting the vote. Out of the nearly six hundred slaves that had been on board, not counting herself, over five hundred had virtually counted or were counting the hours till their freedom. However, there was a solid group of about forty or so slaves still on board that absolutely loved being slaves, with perhaps another twenty or so that weren't exactly eager to return to their previous lives.

As more of the unwilling slaves were freed, the ship had become a happier place, for everyone. Right after the first hundred slaves were released, the slaves begged, practically demanded, that their chastity belts be cut off. Even Alema Rar had been astounded by the ensuing display.

It was nothing less than a mass orgy. Nearly six hundred sex-starved women, of various species, fell on each other with wild abandon. The slavers, joyful that they had survived Schliebak's demise, eagerly joined in. Some slaves immediately paired up with certain slavers, while other slaves paired up with each other. Apparently, even under such dire circumstances, romance had flowered.

The next major event on board ship had taken place a little over three weeks ago. The slaves had asked Alema Rar to see if she could get their stun-collars removed. It took a few days of, well, begging, along with her personal guarantee of their behavior, for the slavers to agree.

A few of the slaves wanted to keep their collars on from the start, and since then about fifty more had begun wearing them again, although most of the collars were now plain durasteel, without the crippling stun feature. Chain leashes, along with wrist and ankle shackles, had appeared around the same time.

“Don't we have to go meet the Hapan envoy soon, Master?” Alema Rar asked him as he gently traced a finger along her side.

Nyk glanced a the chronometer on the wall. “Yeah, I guess it's about that time, isn't it,” he replied as he untangled himself from his bound slave. Twenty minutes later the couple left Nyk's cabin for the meeting.

Nyk was dressed in basic spacer garb, along with a blaster on his hip, and a well-worn nerfhide jacket that prominently displayed the slaver gang's symbol.

Alema Rar however, was still wearing the prototype stun-collar, along with a tight-fitting bustier and hot-pants. Both were black, with silver accents. On the Twi'lek's feet were glossy black platform boots that came to within a few centimeters of the hot pants.

The durasteel cuffs that Nyk had used to chain her to the bed had been replaced with half-a-dozen silver bangles on each wrist. The bangles clinked against each other every time Alema Rar moved her hands. Just before they arrived at the cargo bay where the Hapans were awaiting them, Nyk removed Alema Rar's collar and leash.

Three Hapan shuttles were in the cargo bay, with a small group of Hapans looking over the hundred slaves that they would be freeing. A few more of the Hapans were spread out around the shuttles' ramps, keeping an eye on the slavers that were scattered about.

Two of the Hapans, both beautiful women, met Nyk and Alema Rar between one of the shuttles' ramps and the door. Alema Rar recognized both of them from the previous week's meeting. At the first meeting Alema Rar had barely been able to stop the two sides from blasting each other.

The Hapan envoys didn't bother hiding their disgust at having to deal with men as equals. They hadn't believed Nyk when he told them the slaves voted on which of them would be freed in the first group. Then one of the slavers made a comment about how much Lady Kellea, the Queen's envoy, would fetch at a slave auction. After a few tense minutes, where Alema Rar seriously thought the whole deal was blown, she was able to calm everyone down enough to get the slaves on board the Hapan shuttles.

The next week Alema Rar had convinced Nyk to let her do the talking, and things went much smoother. She could still sense that they were less than thrilled at having to deal with a Twi'lek, even a female one.

This time was no different. Nyk still demanded the payment before he even allowed the Hapan shuttles on board, but both sides trusted each other a lot more now.

Once the loading was complete, Lady Kellea informed Alema Rar that the Queen Mother would like for her to visit her on Hapes as soon as it was convenient. The Jedi happily accepted. That had been something that she had been meaning to do anyway, especially since Tahiri had suggested it after her own visit. Lady Kellea declined Nyk's invitation to join them for dinner, however.

When the shuttles departed, Alema Rar felt the cold durasteel of the stun-collar around her neck again. Every time they left Nyk's quarters, he reminded her that a lot of the other slavers were still real nervous about having a Jedi loose on board. He was a skilled liar; it would have been easy to believe him.

All the slavers that weren't on duty had a nightly feast in the party hall. Most of the remaining slaves joined them, with many happily serving food and drinks. Quite a few of the slavers each had a chosen slave, or two, shackled on the floor nearby, and fed them like pets.

After dinner, Nyk cuffed Alema Rar's hands back behind her and led her back to his quarters. At the door, he stopped and whispered in her ear that he had a surprise waiting for her inside. Alema Rar smiled and blushed, pretending to ask what it was. Actually, she was very amused that he thought he could surprise a Jedi.

The doors opened and Alema Rar feigned surprise as she caught sight of Twenty-Nine, who had tried out to be a dancer at the same time as her. The petite brunette was waiting for them, kneeling, blindfolded, and cuffed behind her back.

Nyk wasted no time in putting his two shackled slaves into a sixty-nine. Eventually the three of them ended up tangled together on the bed, with the two slaves shackled to each other, and to the bed.

Alema Rar's right wrist was cuffed to Courtney's left. The Twi'lek had only discovered her name when she had yelled out, “Oh, Twent―” while the human was licking her pussy. The human lifted her head and told Alema Rar her name. Before Courtney could return to licking the Twi'lek's pussy, Nyk tugged her by the leash to his waiting cock.

Careful not to disturb her bedmates, the Jedi wondered how Nyk would take the news that she was definitely leaving. She had helped Nyk and his men, and women, make more money in the past month than they had made in the previous four as slavers. True, that was mainly because there were a lot fewer slavers to divide the credits among. Also, since Nyk and Captain Tol'Ven weren't taking nearly as large percentage off the top as Schliebak had, there were a lot more credits to spread around.

After next week's rendezvous with the Hapans, Alema Rar would have to go. Fifty-Six of the slaves had already said that they wanted to stay on board, as slaves, lovers, or for whatever reason. The Jedi was sure that another twenty or so would stay on, in some capacity.

One little problem was, that left them about seventy-five slaves short of what Alema Rar told Tenel Ka that there would be. The slavers were happy that they were staying, some had even married already, but they would be missing out on thirteen hundred credits for each one. As a solution, Alema Rar had talked Nyk and Captain Tol'Ven into raiding another slaver's base. This also fit into Alema Rar's plans, as these particular slavers were known for capturing children and raising them as slaves.

The slavers were much less disciplined that Schliebak and Darb's had been. The base was on the southern edge of a small-medium island on some planet that she didn't bother to learn the name of. Alema Rar had no trouble sneaking in, doing a recon, and sabotaging the base's early warning sensors, as well as removing the ignition control chips in the half-dozen starfighters that were in the hanger. She opened the survival compartment of one of the snubfighters and hid the control chips in the pocket of the survival pack.

As much as Alema Rar wanted to be in a starfighter leading the assault, she knew that she would make more of a difference on the ground. She commed a detailed layout of the base to Nyk, and kept the slaves safe while Nyk's own pilots pounded the base to rubble.

All the slaves, children and adults were immediately turned over to the Galactic Alliance. Another group of Nyk's men had infiltrated the base after Alema Rar, retrieved the control chips, and flew the starfighters to safety.

The starfighters were the main reason Nyk had agreed to the mission. Through GA intelligence, Alema Rar had learned that the starfighters would be at the base, and not on board the slavers' ship. Just one of the two fifteen year old B-wings would almost make back the credits they would lose from not selling the slaves. They planned on selling both the B-wings, and keeping the other four ships. The much more advanced, and deadly, TIE Avengers.

When the Hutt was alive, Schliebak had made sure that the starfighter pilots had been completely loyal to him. That meant that they had to be killed during the reorganization. Most of the money they would get from the B-wings would have to go to simulators to train the new pilots on the TIE Avengers.

There had been a few more mercenary gigs as well, which Alema Rar had assisted in, mostly in an advisory role. When the four weeks that she had agreed to stay on board were up, she had stayed with no one mentioning it. Still, she didn't feel Nyk getting too attached to the idea of her staying forever. In fact, she would have already left if she didn't want to make sure none of the slaves were pressured into staying.

Just one more week, Alema Rar thought as she lay on the bed with her shackles and lovers.

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