Star Wars: Jedi Adventures
Chapter 7
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

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Later that morning, another group of slavers came in and got the eleven slaves that had been in the room before Alema Rar and her companions came in. It was the first time she had gotten to watch them assemble a coffle, without being in it, that is. It was an efficient, well practiced, operation. Less than five minutes after they started, the five slavers had the eleven slavegirls cuffed, hooded, leashed together, and on the way out the door. Alema Rar bit down hard on her cock gag while she admired the sexy bodies of the slavegirls, and one of the slavers, as they exited the room.

Her remaining roommates had all quickly dozed back off when they realized that they were getting to sleep in. Alema Rar laid on the bed, idly rubbing a couple of fingers in circles on the front of her durasteel chastity belt. By the Force, I'm horny! Alema Rar thought as she squeezed the hard intruder in her pussy. When she started this mission, she thought that she could last up to a few weeks without sex. But it had only been four days―well, nearly five―and she was already ready to scrap the whole mission for a good borking.

After a while of lying on the bed in frustration, Alema Rar got up and headed to the 'fresher. It was the first time since Coruscant that that she had used the 'fresher alone. Come to think of it, she hadn't been alone the last time on Coruscant, either. Alema Rar spent a long time in front of the mirror, getting a better look at the harness-gag and lekku sleeves while pretending to primp. Both seemed inescapable without the keys, or a strong dose of the Force.

Alema Rar heard a the main door to the room opening and stepped out to find that the other eleven slavegirls had returned, from the morning workout by the look of their naked bodies. The coffle's entrance woke up the other three slaves as well. Alema Rar sat on the bed as the guards removed their hoods and binders, and unchained them from each other. Once the guards finished disassembling the coffle, the one with the sexy butt came over and unlocked Alema Rar's harness-gag.

I bet he's a fantastic fuck, Alema Rar thought, eying his muscular physique and waiting patiently while he unbuckled the harness, and pulled the gag out with an audible 'plop.' She tried to thank him with her sexist voice, but the aftereffects of the gag made it sound like a Rodian on the 'fresher. To her disappointment, Mister Sexy Butt ignored her, and left, along with the other three guards that had accompanied him.

All eleven of the returning slavegirls rushed into the refresher, for a more thorough cleaning than the gang shower in the gym. As they came out, most of them crawled back to one of the beds. A group of five slaves, including Alema Rar, spent some time chatting, and cleaning up around the room. Forty-Two, a blonde human woman, had been in the room for six days, which was longer than anyone else. A little more than two hours later, another group of guards, six strong, came into the room. Alema Rar was disappointed that Mister Sexy Butt wasn't among them.

The same as the day before, the slavegirls were taken to the dance studio. This time the Twi'lek instructor was joined by a human woman. The two more or less split the group of fifteen slaves in half. Alema Rar ended up in the human's group. There were a total of six slavers relaxing on the couches watching them today. Just as before, the slavegirls spent plenty of time dancing for them. After a couple of hours the fifteen slaves were taken back to their room. Alema Rar felt exhausted from the dancing, but still a little turned-on from so many hot, sweaty bodies around her.

A little over an hour later, all fifteen of the slavegirls were taken back to the party hall. There were at least twice as many slavers now than the night before. Alema Rar guessed that they must have stayed away last night because they knew that most of the slaves were being punished then. That meant that what was going on with the slaves was common knowledge on board the ship. The Jedi filed that information away, not sure if it would be useful later on.

“Alei'na!” Darb shouted across the room. “Just the little Twi'lek I wanted to see. Get your sexy blue butt over here.”

After a moment, she remembered that Alei'na was the name she had been sold under. Sithspit, she thought as she walked over to him, a submissive smile on her face.

“Yes Master?” she asked demurely.

“My buddies and I are going to play a game of sabacc. However, since we have all of you pretty little playthings around, we decided to spice things up a bit.”

“Yes Master.” Alema Rar was sure that nothing pleasant would come out of this. She calmed herself and felt out with the Force. There was a malevolence emanating from Darb, but nothing more than normal for him. Trusting in the Force that she would survive whatever plans he had for her, Alema Rar allowed them to ready her for their game of sabacc.

Minutes later, she found herself chained spread-eagle in mid air, hanging from her wrists. The cables that were attached to her new wristcuffs both ran through pulleys on the ceiling to a winch mounted near the wall. Her feet were suspended about thirty centimeters off the floor and a little over a meter apart, with the cables attached to her matching anklecuffs running through pulleys on the deck to another winch, that was on the floor below the ceiling-mounted one.

Then, to her horror, the slavers pulled a cable from another winch, mounted on the wall between the other two, and attached it to the back of her collar. Even light-duty winches would have more than enough power to pull her arms and legs off. For the first time, the Jedi had second thoughts about the mission.

While they were suspending her, Darb explained to her that since this was just a friendly game of sabacc, the cables attached to her cuffs would stay like they were as long as none of the five players gained a substantial lead on his opponents. However, if someone started getting lucky, or very unlucky, then the droid dealer would tighten the winches, centimeter by centimeter.

The five players had Alema Rar facing the sabacc table. Several other slavers and slaves gathered around to watch as well. Alema Rar only knew two of they players, Darb and Nyk. Since Darb had set this whole thing up, he seemed calm and menacing, which was the norm for him. Nyk on the other hand, was obviously distracted by the sight of a nearly naked Twi'lek bound spread eagle only a couple of meters from the table.

Darb was playing to win, smiling up at the restrained Twi'lek every time the cards fell his way. Not only was Nyk distracted by her taunt body, he was a lousy player. It only took a few hands before Alema Rar felt the cables, all five of them, tighten a little. It was uncomfortable, but she had been chained like this before, and hung for a couple of hours before being released.

Half-a-dozen hands and several centimeters later, Alema Rar knew that she would have to intervene in the sabacc game. She was already using the Force to control the pain of her stretched-out limbs, and the collar cutting off her air. A Jedi could always use a little more of the Force, if they opened themselves up enough to it. She closed her eyes and reached out with the Force, letting it guide her. A nudge was all it took, and Nyk threw out the four of Coins and picked up the Balance card, resulting in a winning hand.

In spite of Nyk winning, the cables did not loosen. Cursing silently, Alema Rar knew that she was in for a long night.

Through heavy use of the Force, Alema Rar managed to keep her limbs attached, herself breathing, and Nyk at least moderately close to the other slavers. Still, after fourteen―or was it fifteen?―hands, the winches had pulled Alema Rar's cuffs apart another five centimeters apart.

It was getting very difficult to help Nyk while managing her pain and breathing. Alema Rar had serious doubts that she could manage much longer, even assuming Nyk didn't fall farther behind, or Darb got no farther ahead. Suddenly, the mood in the whole room changed.

The collar being pulled back kept the suspended Jedi staring at the ceiling, so she had missed the doors opening. It was impossible not to sense a Hutt entering the room though. She strained to pull her head upright to see him. A Hutt is always easy to spot, especially when he is atop a repulsor sled pulled by eight bound slavegirls, and accompanied by a handful of tough-looking guards in bright red shirts.

Alema Rar was in no position to deal with Schliebak at the moment. However, the slaves dragging his repulsor sled were quite a sight. Four human females, and four Twi'lek females, all chained securely to the massive sled. Two Twi'leks were side-by-side in front, followed by two humans, the other two Twi'leks, and then the last two humans.

The two Twi'leks in front, the only ones she could see well, both had their arms restrained behind their backs. Harness gags were strapped onto their heads, with black synthrubber bits, just like you would put on a bantha, in their mouths. Reins ran from the bit gags to the sled, and were tied off just in front of Schliebak's undersized hands. Nerfhide blinders were on each side of their eyes, giving them tunnel vision. Another harness was strapped around their bodies, starting at their pussies and ending with nerfhide collars that were at least ten centimeters tall. The heavy chains that were pulling the sled were locked directly to the thick waist belt of the harnesses.

Only Darb did not seem impressed by the Hutt's entrance. He glanced over, then got his opponents' attention, and went back to the sabacc game.

Alema Rar felt the Hutt's eyes on her. She was too busy trying to breathe to bother paying much attention to him. That is until she heard his booming voice.

“Darb, my friend. Haven't we talked about this?” Schliebak said in a warning voice, as he got a good look at the Twi'lek hanging from ceiling.

Darb muttered something under his breath before replying. “Look Schliebak, I've told you before. I'm just having a little fun. If I break any of the delicate little slaves, I'll pay for 'em.”

The slaves dragging the sled were now about seven meters from the sabacc table, and still moving towards it. The red-shirted guards seemed a little distracted by the dancing slavegirls scattered about.

“Oh, I know that you will, Darb. That's not the point though. I don't want your money. I want slaves by the cargo-hold full!” He paused a moment, with the entire room staring back at him. Out of the corner of her eye, Alema Rar saw Darb switch sabacc cards while no one was looking.

Schliebak continued, “It's bad for business to damage a slave before assessing her proper worth. Besides, I wanted to give that one a try out to be one of my personal slavegirls.”

Darb switched another card while the Hutt was talking, again without anyone noticing.

Alema Rar was mildly surprised to be getting a chance to try out so fast. She had expected to be on board at least a week. The only problem was, after nearly an hour hanging from the ceiling like this, she didn't think that her performance would be very impressive tonight.

“Sithspit. Sorry about that buddy. Next time let me know which ones you don't want me to mess with, okay?”

Schliebak stopped his sled with the front two slaves less than a meter from the sabacc players. “I don't want you to mess with ANY of them,” he said to Darb.

“Look, I haven't seriously hurt any of them in months. I'll get you some prime ones next time I'm out. I got a line on some young ones. We can hold them for years, ransoming them back or selling them after they are trained, alright?”

Schliebak let out a booming laugh. “You always know just want to say, my friend. Have your fun tonight, just make sure she is ready to dance for me by tomorrow.”

Alema Rar felt the whole room relax as the tension dissipated between the two slavers. Nyk was still nearly drooling at the heavily restrained Twi'leks chained to Schliebak's sled. The other four players turned back to the game, and were about to pick up where they left off, when Schliebak interrupted them again.

“I'll take a thousand credits on my number one slave catcher winning this hand!”

Of course you will, Alema Rar thought hanging in her bonds. You and I are the only ones that saw him cheating. Well, maybe a few of his bantha girls noticed too, she added. Then she wished that she could make a bet as well. Sure, cheating was completely against the Jedi Code, but these were just a bunch of slavers.

The sabacc players finished the round of betting, then took turns discarding cards that they didn't want and drawing replacements from the deck. Darb chose to stand pat, which was no surprise to the captive Jedi. While the final round of betting was going on, Alema Rar wondered what would happen to her if Darb won this hand. There were more credits on the table than the last several rounds combined, and if Darb won, it would put him far ahead of his competition.

One by one the other three slavers dropped out, until it was just Darb and Nyk. Alema Rar tried to reach out to see how they felt about their hands, but both of them kept their feelings as tightly controlled as their faces, revealing nothing.

Finally Nyk called, and laid down his cards. Negative Twenty-Two! A fantastic hand. Even with his cheating, Darb would have to have picked up exactly the right cards to beat Nyk. The painful cables would be loosened. She might even be released all together. After a dramatic pause, Darb threw his hand down in disgust. The cards landed face up. Alema Rar strained to get a look at them, just to be sure.

Nyk's dumbfounded shock was her first clue. Positive Twenty-Two? That kriffing scum has come up with a Positive Twenty-Two! Alema Rar braced herself for the inevitable pull of the five durasteel cables that were stretching her limbs.

The cuffs tightened another couple of centimeters, then suddenly, the winches released completely, dropping the Twi'lek to the floor. The Jedi had just enough time to partially break her fall with her heels before landing on her ass. Alema Rar heard all the slavers laughing, and looked up at Darb, who was smiling triumphantly. The Force guided her eyes under the table, where he had a remote concealed in his hand.

He looked back down at her, and said, “What, you thought I was going to rip off your pretty little limbs just for fun?”

Alema Rar's arms and legs were killing her. She could barely move them. Darb didn't seem to really want a response, so she remained silent. While he collected his winnings, a couple of slavers removed the cables from the exhausted Twi'lek's cuffs. Then they quickly dragged her to a small cage, and locked her in.

The cage was barely big enough for Alema Rar to sit down in. She had to press her back against the bars. Still, she was too tired to stand. They'll probably just want me to dance anyway, the Twi'lek though as she felt the cage being lifted off the floor. As she watched Schliebak guide his team of bantha girls out of the party hall, her cage was lifted to about a meter and a half from the deck, hung by four cables that were each attached to a corner of the cage.

Alema Rar stuck her high-heeled feet out of the cage, and let them dangle over the side, resting for about fifteen or twenty minutes. Then she climbed to her feet and started cage dancing for her audience.

Nearly an hour and a half later, she was ready to come down. More than ready. Alema Rar caught the attention of Nyk, who was watching her from a nearby couch.

“Master Nyk, can I come down for a minute please?” she asked, holding her legs together tightly. “I have to use the 'fresher reeaall bad.”

He looked back up at her, with an evil grin. “Well, what's in it for me?” he replied.

“Please Master, I reeaallyy need to go,” she begged, adding a little Force pressure to push him into letting her out.

“Alright, I'll tell you what,” Nyk said and reached into his pocket and pulled out a half-credit coin. “I'll flip this credit coin. If it comes up heads, I'll let you out to use them 'fresher, then you'll give me that blowjob that you owe me.” A wicked grin crossed his face. “If it comes up tails, you'll just give me the blowjob.”

Frakk, Alema Rar thought as she pretended to debate the merits of each outcome. He'd be funny, only if he wasn't ... “OK, Master,” she replied cheerfully. Holding her legs together and pressing hard on the durasteel chastity belt.

Smiling, Darb flipped the credit coin high in the air with his thumb.

This was no time for chance. Alema Rar reached out with the Force and turned the credit coin to land on heads. Still, she was genuinely delighted when Nyk opened the cage to let her jump down.

After promising to return as quickly as possible, Alema Rar hurried to the 'fresher. The Force was on her side. Several dozen women were in the party hall, but there wasn't a line. Minutes later, the Twi'lek was standing before Nyk once again.

While she was gone, Nyk had lowered the cage to the deck. After he had locked her wristcuffs together behind her back, he instructed her to get back in the cage. The Twi'lek complied without hesitation. Once she was locked inside, Nyk raised the cage a few decimeters off the floor. Alema Rar faced Nyk and stuck her feet back out of the cage, letting them rest on the deck.

Nyk unfastened he pants and stuck his dick through the bars of the cage. It was definitely on the big side, a little over twenty centimeters long, and thick from top to bottom.

Smiling up at him, Alema Rar slowly slid his rod down her throat, taking it all in. She looked up to see him grabbing the cage on each side, to hold it steady. The Twi'lek had given oral sex countless times, and close to half of them with her hands restrained in some way. Soon she had her rhythm, bobbing her head up and down while her mouth gripped his cock tightly.

Afterwards Nyk helped her to her feet, where she returned to dancing, with her hands still cuffed. Fortunately it wasn't long before Alema Rar and the other dancers were gathered up, and returned to their quarters.

There were three new roommates, two humans and a Twi'lek, when the fifteen slavegirls were released from the coffle. The Twi'lek was in one of the beds that the humans had claimed, and was politely asked to move. Alema Rar wondered about the segregated sleeping arrangements, since they all seemed to get along pretty well throughout the day.

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