Star Wars: Jedi Adventures
Chapter 2
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the third story I have written about the Jedi. Although this is a stand alone story, please read Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage and Star Wars Jedi Tahiri & Alema Rar. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

Talon Karrde's office, on board his ship, the Wild Karrde, Coruscant ...

“Why don't I just cut my way through his bodyguards until I kill the Hutt?” Alema Rar asked.

Talon Karrde leaned forward in his chair. “No doubt that you're capable of that, my dear. However, like most Hutts, Schliebak has shown a tendency to run before he fights.”

The Twi'lek Jedi frowned. “Yeah, I guess you're right. I just can't wait to slice that fat slug up.”

“I know, I can't wait either. But I think this is the best plan to do that.”

Alema Rar grinned devilishly. “Well, it'll certainly be fun.”

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing,” Alema Rar replied. “Who's taking me in?”

“I've arranged for one of my associates to take you to Gall. There you'll meet with a slaver that we have convinced to deliver you to the Hutt.” Alema Rar nodded in response. “Now, Darb, the slaver, thinks that Kazzok, my Trandoshan associate is doing a little slave catching on the sly, since he knows that I don't partake that particular activity.”

Mmm, a Trandoshan, Alema Rar thought, as she fingered the lead ring on the front of her collar. I haven't had one of those in a while. “Great,” she replied. Then a question occurred to her. “How do you know that Darb will take me to Schliebak?”

Karrde smiled broadly. “That's easy. We know that the Hutt is actively looking for female slaves, trying to replenish his stocks from what you and Tahiri cost him on Spraikela. There is no way Darb wouldn't deliver you to him.”

Alema Rar listened as she scrolled through the datapad Karrde had provided. “Hey, what is this about Schliebak keeping his slaves in chastity belts?”

Karrde looked over at the datapad. “Oh that. It's something of a fad amongst a few of the slavers. They want to keep the slaves from sexual activity without their permission. Another form of control.”

An idea was forming in her mind. “When does the chastity belt go on?”

“I'm not completely sure about that. Schliebak's people do it mostly, but they sometimes accept slaves that are already belted as well.”

“If Schliebak accepts a slave that is already belted, does he take it off?”

“Not until he sells them. Then they have a big ceremony where the buyer gets to unbelt his purchase and inspect the merchandise.”

Alema Rar nodded slowly to herself. “Good, I'll need one.”

“OK,” Karrde replied, obviously puzzled. “I'll have Kazzok get you into one on Gall.”

“Nah, it'll need to be custom made,” Alema Rar said, planning on keeping the belt for herself afterwards. “I know a place I can get one in a hurry. I'll just charge it to the account you set up for me.”

Karrde shook his head in disagreement. “The slavers use specific types of belts, only available in certain places and they must be installed by certain people. Gall is one of the places.”

“Fine, but I need to have it locked on before Kazzok delivers me to Darb,” the Twi'lek said.

He had no idea why this was important, but Karrde was used to working with Jedi and their eccentric ways. “Fine, I'll have him take you to the manufacturer on Gall.” He paused a moment before adding, “If you are thinking of smuggling any weapons under the belt, Schliebak's no fool. He'll have you searched thoroughly several times before you ever get close to him.”

Alema Rar nodded her head slowly. “I expect him to.”

“Alright, just wanted you to know.”

“When do we leave,” she asked, looking up at him.

Karrde ignored the question. “Alema Rar, I know you're a Jedi, but do you have any idea how many things can go wrong with this? You'll be completely on your own for weeks, possibly months. You'll be completely unarmed. No lightsaber, no blaster. Just the chastity belt. Even assuming no one figures out who you are, slaves get killed all the time, for little reason or none.” He paused to let his words sink in. “Hutts have a reputation for utter cruelty. He could have you killed just for the fun of it.”

Alema Rar looked hard into his eyes. “Trust me, I am well aware of the potential cruelty a Hutt possesses. I could convince you that I am a slave and have been all my life. No one will figure out who I am.” She paused for dramatic effect. “The chastity belt is all I will need.”

Karrde wondered for a moment what she was going to do with just a chastity belt. “Well, I just wanted you to understand what you were getting into. Master Skywalker would be very upset if you didn't make it back, as would I.” Alema Rar was about to respond, but Karrde kept talking. “I'd have to find out who killed you, and why. Then I'd have to have them killed. No matter what I'd have to have Schliebak killed. Then the other Hutts will try and take revenge on me for killing him. So I'd have to kill a bunch of them. That's a lot of killing.” He thought for a moment. “That's not counting anybody that Master Skywalker or one of your other Jedi friends kill,” he said. Then added, “Oh, and I haven't even gotten to who all Shada might decide to kill over your death.”

Alema Rar smiled at the dark humor. “I'll be careful. Now, when do Kazzok and I leave?”

Karrde consulted his own datapad. “Since Kazzok isn't due in until early morning, how about around ten-hundred hours? That will give you nearly a full day extra to get to Gall.”

“Thank you, Talon,” she replied, deliberately using his first name. “Oh, and don't mention the part about me killing Schliebak to Master Skywalker or anyone else, okay?” she added nonchalantly.

“You want me to LIE to a Jedi Master?”

Alema Rar locked eyes with him for a moment. He wasn't quite as put off as he seemed. “No. Just don't mention that I'm gonna kill him.”

Karrde's eyes opened wide in shock. “So you want me to keep a secret from a Jedi Master?”

Alema Rar was genuinely puzzled. Karrde kept more secrets than a dozen brothels, and most of them from Master Skywalker. Then she caught the look in his eye.

The Twi'lek licked her lips slowly. “Please don't tell anyone,” she said with a pout.

His lips twitched with the tiniest of smiles. “And just what's in it for me?” He asked, eying her body over his desk.

She stood up, slowly running her hands down the sides of her silver PVC minidress. “Anything you want,” Alema Rar replied as she strutted around to his side of the desk.

Karrde had turned to face her as her entire body came into view. She knew that he liked what he saw. Metallic silver hip high boots with towering heels, leaving just a flash of blue skin between them and the tight dress as she walked. Her headdress was made of the same material as the minidress.

Alema Rar's magnetic belt hung on her hips, just shiny enough to stand out against the metallic fabric. Instead of her spiked wristcuffs, the Twi'lek wore a dozen silver bangle bracelets on each wrist. The long sleeves of the dress passed beneath the bangles and ended in fingerless gloves. The top of the dress barely covered her tits, pushing them up to give Karrde, and everyone else, a wonderful view. Magnetically locked around her slender neck was her gleaming eight cm wide durasteel collar.

Karrde leaned back in his chair, a visible tent in his trousers. Without a word, Alema Rar knelt between his parted knees and unzipped his pants. As she licked her lips, she gently pulled out his cock.

Being an expert on cocks, Alema Rar could say with confidence that Karrde's was in the top twenty percent of all the human dicks she had seen. Plenty big enough to please a woman, and if he knew what do to with it, big enough to have a lady begging for more. Smiling up at him, Alema Rar leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his stiff cock.

Alema Rar always started a blow job by sucking down as much of her man's cock as possible. She got all of Karrde's. Next she slowly slid it out, sucking hard the entire time. Soon her head was bobbing up and down on his dick. Alema Rar glanced up to see him tilt his head back in exultation

A few minutes later the Twi'lek felt his warm hands on the top of her lekku. “Get up baby,” he said as he nudged her head off him.

She was only puzzled for a moment before he pushed the handful of datacards and odds-and-ends off the desk. Alema Rar climbed to her feet. She felt one of Karrde's hands on her tit and the other on her ass as he half-picked her up and set her on the edge of the desk. Karrde took a moment to drop his pants. Alema Rar quickly wrapped hip-high boots around his waist and pulled him into her. Her tight dress slid up to her waist on its own.

“Oh yeah baby, that's it,” Alema Rar panted.

Karrde just grunted in response. Alema Rar's magnetic belt offered a great place for him to grab as he pounded her. Soon Alema Rar was moaning loudly. He definitely knew what he was doing.

Minutes later Alema Rar screamed in orgasm, holding him tight with her legs. After a few seconds she realized that she was holding him so tight that he couldn't move. She eased up her tenacious grip around his waist and he started fucking her again.

Being older, it took him a little longer to cum. Alema Rar was nearly on her second orgasm when he finally shot his load into her. Karrde slumped over her for a moment, then fell back into his chair.

“Damn honey, you're the best,” Karrde said breathlessly.

Alema Rar stifled a groan. She wasn't finished yet. Still on her back, she replied, “I know. You weren't so bad yourself,” as she raised her head to look over her tits at him. Karrde didn't even hear her. Men, she thought with a little aggravation. The Twi'lek set both boot heels flat on the desk, lifting her butt off the desktop. She pushed a couple of fingers into her soaking snatch, idly thinking about masturbating to that second orgasm. After a few seconds she decided to save it for later.

With a sigh Alema Rar hung her legs over the side of the desk and sat up. Karrde was still leaning back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling. When her boot heels hit the deck he finally raised his head.

“Wow! That was awesome,” Karrde said to her, still catching his breath.

The Twi'lek pulled her dress down into place, which was about level with her bracelets. “Thanks baby,” she replied with a smile. “We'll have to do that again sometime.”

“Definitely,” he replied, still eying the tops of her boots. “But not today,” he added as he stood and pulled his pants back up. I've got to head out myself.”

Alema Rar stretched slowly, giving him a good look, so he'd want more. The dress didn't hide anything when she did. “I got to go do some stuff too,” she said as she pulled the hem of the dress into place again.

* * * * *

The next day Alema Rar slipped into a pair of tight black synthetic nerfhide short shorts, not even covering all of her ass. With this she tugged on a matching black top that just covered her tits. Alema Rar loved the synthetic, it was so shiny, and lasted forever. It felt great against her bare skin too. On her feet were matching black platform boots that came to her calves, with heels about 15cm high. Her magnetic belt was around her waist, and her spiked collar and wristcuffs were in place as well. Over her shoulder she carried a small bag, with a few things for the trip.

Kazzok was waiting at the bottom of his boarding ramp when Alema Rar arrived. He was big for a Trandoshan, about 2.2 meters tall, and muscular. His skin was a glossy green, and looked like he had recently shed it. She reached out to shake his hand, getting a feel for him with the Force.

“Good Morning Kazzok. I'm Alema Rar,” she said to him.

“Morning,” he replied briskly. “You ready?” he asked.

“I wouldn't be here otherwise,” Alema Rar replied.

“After you then,” Kazzok said, waving her up the ramp.

In spite of his business-like manners, Alema Rar could feel him watching her as she ascended the ramp. Trandoshans rarely mated outside their species, but when they did, Twi'leks were among their favorite. The lighting on the ship was dark, and tinted red, as Trandoshans saw deep into the infrared range. With the Force guiding her steps, she followed him to what was obviously a cell.

“That's you,” Kazzok told her, pointing to the tiny holding cell.

“What?” Alema Rar asked, confused.

“Look, I don't have any other bunks on the ship except mine. So you'll be sleeping in the holding cell.”

“Oh, well, OK then,” Alema Rar replied sweetly as she stepped into the cell and set her bag on the narrow bunk.

“I'm not really one for companionship, so ... ” Alema Rar had a brief sense of danger from the Force as the forcefield snapped into place over the doorway. “I'll let you out when we arrive on Gall,” he said calmly.

Alema Rar didn't sense any deception from him. Still, it was the principle of the thing. She winked back at him and hit the off switch with the Force.

Kazzok was only mildly surprised by her display. He glanced at the control panel, then looked back at Alema Rar disinterestedly. “Whatever. Just stay out of my way,” and stalked off towards the bridge.

Sometime later, Alema Rar sauntered towards the bridge herself. “Hey, want something to eat?” she called to Kazzok as she stepped through the hatch.

“I don't eat what you eat,” he responded briskly.

“I know,” Alema Rar replied as she continued to the pilot's chair. He looked over at the large bowl she was carrying. It was full of black, live, wriggling worms.

“Ah, you do know,” he responded as he took the bowl from her. He shoveled a handful into his mouth and began chewing.

“So, how long have you been working for Karrde,” Alema Rar asked as she tried not to look directly at his mouth while he was eating the wriggling mass.

“A few months,” he replied between bites.

“You ever fucked a Twi'lek?”

To Alema Rar's amusement, he nearly choked on his worms when he heard he question.

“Not yet,” he replied, with a bit of menace in his voice.

“Well, we've got all day,” Alema Rar replied as she walked out.

After eating his dinner and taking the ship on its first jump, Kazzok found Alema Rar lying naked on the tiny bunk in her cell. She had replaced her spiked collar and cuffs with the shiny durasteel ones, which were now connected to restraining rings located conveniently at the corners of the bunk.

He looked her over slowly. “See, I'm all helpless,” Alema Rar said, pulling vainly on her cuffs.

“Yeah, I'll bet,” Kazzok replied as he stepped into the tiny cell. He inspected her wristcuffs, and ankle cuffs. “You'll need to pull on those a lot, and struggle in them, so your wrists and ankles will be nice and chafed when we get to Gall.”

He had a good point, even though it had already occurred to her. “I bet you think I should have a few whip marks, too,” she replied demurely.

“Couldn't hurt. Me anyway,” he replied with a hiss, which was a laugh for a Trandoshan.

“Well, before you do that, could you do me?” Alema Rar asked him

“Not right now, I need to re-calibrate my starboard laser cannon,” he replied as he stroked her inner thigh and walked out.

Groaning with frustration, Alema Rar jerked against the cuffs, then laid back to relax for a few minutes. She thought about using her favorite vibrator, which she had packed, but decided that it would be more rewarding to bring Kazzok around. Trandoshans were notoriously slow to sexual excitement. When you finally did get them up though, they were monsters. Going long and strong. With the Force she released her wrists and ankles from the bunk frame. Still naked but for the collar, wristcuffs, and her boots, she went to find Kazzok.

True to his word, Alema Rar found him starboard, working on the laser cannon. Her boot heels clicked on the deck, echoing as she walked up to him. He seemed to be doing a little more than re-calibrating the laser cannon. Kazzok ignored her until she stopped a meter or so away from him.

“Forget your clothes?” Kazzok asked her nonchalantly.

Alema Rar grinned as she glanced down at her naked body. “I didn't think you'd mind,” she replied.

Sitting half in the laser cannon compartment, he looked through the various small parts and tools lying nearby on the deck. “I didn't think a simple re-calibration took all that?” The Twi'lek asked him.

“It doesn't,” he replied. “I found another problem.”

“Oh, OK. Need any help?” Alema Rar asked.

“Well, maybe,” Kazzok said slowly. “I seem to remember Shada mentioning that that belt of yours is magnetic. Is that true?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Alema Rar answered. She hadn't expected Shada to mention the belt, but it wasn't exactly a secret.

“Go get it,” he told her.

Puzzled, the Jedi strutted off to retrieve her durasteel belt. She thought about putting her shorts and top on, but quickly dismissed the idea. Alema Rar grabbed her belt and returned to Kazzok, still unsure what help she could be with it.

Kazzok had her put it on, and activate the magnetics. Then to her surprise, he produced a length of chain and secured her wrists to an overhead support beam, with her standing in the middle of the corridor. This is more like it, Alema Rar thought as her pussy tingled with anticipation.

After stepping back to get a good look at his handiwork, Kazzok began picking up the components from the laser cannon assembly and attaching them to her belt. Alema Rar grew even more puzzled. It was hard for her to see them in the dim red light, then finally, it dawned on her.

“Kriffing Lizard! I'm not some ... THING to hang your tools on!” Alema Rar screamed at him, kicking out with her leg.

Hissing with laughter, Kazzok dodged her booted foot and tossed a hydrospanner into place on her belt. “You asked if I needed any help,” he said blandly. “I need help organizing the cannon parts. Keeping them in one place,” he added, trying to keep from hissing.

Alema Rar stamped her boot in frustration. In the back of her mind though, she loved the thought of being used like this. She put up a half-hearted argument, then relented.

Kazzok spent the next couple of hours repairing the laser cannon. It actually did help, not having to keep track of the small parts and tools, a fact that he pointed out to the chained Jedi several times. Alema Rar, for her part, kept trying to get him to quit working on the cannon and work on her. Like any good spacer though, he insisted on taking care of his ship first.

Once Kazzok had completed the repairs he released Alema Rar's cuffs, only to pull her hands behind her back and re-lock them. Then he pulled the chain down from the beam and attached it to the leash ring on her collar. After picking up his tool bag, he grabbed his new leash and led her to her down the corridor.

“We'll arrive at Gall soon, and I need some peace and quiet, so get some sleep, please,” Kazzok told her as he led her into the holding cell. He set down his tool bag, and pulled out a small laser torch. While Alema Rar stood shackled, he ran the chain through the restraining ring on the corner of her bunk nearest to the door. Then he welded the end of the chain to itself.

As much as Alema Rar wanted him to, she could sense with the Force that he wasn't planning on fucking her.

“That should keep you secure for a while,” Kazzok said as he packed his laser welder and closed the bag. He made no effort to unlock her hands, still shackled behind her back.

“Hey! You can't leave me here like this!” Alema Rar protested as she stepped outside the tiny cell.

“You'll be fine,” he replied as he keyed the forcefield on. “Have a good night,” he added as he left.

The chained Jedi stamped her boot and pulled on her shackles in frustration. She tried to cut off the forcefield, but she was too distracted. Alema Rar couldn't believe that he had left her like this. Being shackled wasn't the problem. Neither was being leashed to the cell. Alema Rar loved both. The problem was that the Trandoshan had left her as horny as a ronto in heat.

The Twi'lek forced herself to ignore her quivering pussy for a few moments and calmed herself. First she slid her shackled hands over her ass and down her legs. Then she pulled her legs in tight and slipped her shackled hands underneath her boots so they were in front of her. Sure it would have been easier to unlock them with the Force, but she needed to keep her flexibility up. Besides, she could perform her next tasks still cuffed, even in the dim lighting.

First she retrieved a few items from her bag, then set the bag on the floor, out of the way. Then she secured her ankles to the restraining rings on the bed frame. Her right ankle was secured to the same ring as her chain leash. She would have rather had the leash attached above her head, but didn't want to be bothered with moving it.

Next she picked up the padded nerfhide gag and strapped it into place only as someone who spent plenty of time restrained could. Then she turned off the lights in the cell with the Force. Now she was ready for some fun.

Alema Rar, Jedi Knight, felt on the thin mattress for the vibrator that she had set there. She found it and thumbed it on, relishing the familiar hum. Licking the leather cock in her mouth with anticipation, Alema Rar slid the vibrating 20cm synthrubber dildo into her dripping pussy.

The gag worked great. Alema Rar screamed and moaned into it, but not a sound was heard outside her cell. Her first orgasm came quickly. The second and third in less than an hour.

Afterwards, Alema Rar took out the gag, and released her arms and feet. She used the small refresher in the cell to clean up, then packed the gag and dildo away. Before going to sleep, she locked her ankles together with a 30cm chain that she kept for that reason, and locked her wrists back together behind her back again. Now she was ready for bed. The contented Twi'lek laid herself on the small bunk, and drifted off to sleep.

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