Star Wars: Jedi Adventures
Chapter 1 — Pirate Attack
Rating: X / Slash (FF)

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This is the third story I have written about the Jedi. Although this is a stand alone story, please read Star Wars: Jedi Tahiri in Bondage and Star Wars Jedi Tahiri & Alema Rar. Also, if you like this story, please leave me feedback, public or through email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

Alema Rar was sitting in the corner of the diner when they came in. A swoop bike gang, that is. At least part of one. There were six of them, all armed, rough looking humans, dressed in spacer garb that might have once been gray. She spotted bulges under several nerfhide jackets. It didn't take a Jedi to know that these guys were trouble.

One of the gang members glanced in Alema Rar's direction but she used the Force to make herself invisible. The only other customers in the diner were an elderly human woman and her grand daughter. Maybe her great-grand daughter. The woman and the child were trying to leave. The leader of the swoop gang smirked evilly as he blocked their path. The others quickly surrounded them. Two of them went to the back.

Some situations that Alema Rar came across called for a Jedi in brown robes and wielding a lightsaber. Not this one though. If she pulled her blade out, the swoop gang would likely take off, and once they escaped from the Jedi, find someone else to rob, or kill. On top of that, brown robes were out of the question, as she was currently wearing a skin tight black and red sleeveless jumpsuit.

So Alema Rar pulled her lightsaber off her belt and dropped it almost to the floor, catching it with the Force. Slowly, she floated it underneath the booths until it was nearly to the closest thug. Then she floated it up to the underside of the table, letting the magnets on lightsaber lock onto the underside of the table. Now she would be able to get it easily if she needed it.

The two gang members emerged from the back with the owner and a droid server. They took him to the register. The gang had two thoughts in mind: steal and kill. One in particular had a horrible plan for the young girl. Alema Rar barely held her disgust in check. The girl couldn't be more than thirteen. She vowed that the one wouldn't escape.

As much as she wanted to just take them out, Alema Rar decided to give them at least the opportunity to run away. Like six armed and dangerous criminals would run away from one diminutive, sexy Twi'lek. She stood up, and walked towards them, masking the sound of her heels on the floor with the Force.

“Hello boys,” Alema Rar said as she approached them. The two nearest her turned, startled. The one on the right had a vibroblade in his hand. “If any of you want to leave, now is your chance,” she said calmly.

Several burst out laughing. The rest were checking her out. “And why would we want to do that?” One of them asked.

“Because if you don't, you might not get to live,” she replied, durasteel in her voice.

A couple seemed a little hesitant now. The two nearest her were easing apart, as much as the tables would let them. Alema Rar sensed their attack before they made it. The one on the left lunged at her, but stopped short. An instant later, the other one lashed out with the vibroblade. Alema Rar dodged and grabbed his extended wrist. As she twisted his arm the other one stepped towards her again. Timing it so all his weight was on his left leg, Alema Rar drove the sole of her bright red ankle boot through his knee, making a wonderful cracking sound.

He screamed in pain and fell to the floor. Alema Rar held the wrist of the first one and drove her forearm through the back of his elbow. She grabbed the vibroblade as it fell from his hand, spun and threw it into the chest of a gangster that was aiming a blaster at her. Perhaps two seconds had passed.

The one with the broken knee was reaching for a blaster at the small of his back. Alema Rar gave him a vicious backhand, raking the spikes on her wristcuff across his face. She leaned over, grabbed the blaster and continued to roll, taking out the legs of the elderly woman, who was frozen in fear. Blaster fire flashed over her head. As the woman fell, Alema Rar, who was lying on her back, carefully caught her.

Still lying underneath her, Alema Rar shot one of the swoop gangsters in the shin. She pushed the woman underneath a booth and shot the same one in his chest. Next Alema Rar tried to take out the gang leader with a blast to his gut. Alas, he was wearing some kind of body armor. She dodged his return fire, took aim and shot him in the jugular.

The last gangster, who was the one Alema Rar definitely didn't want to escape, was running for the door. Since she was still lying on her back, Alema Rar took a shot at him under the booths. He cursed and fell into the door frame. She quickly pumped two more rounds into him, and then climbed to her feet. He was unconscious when she got to him. To her disgust, it looked like he would live.

Perhaps six seconds had lapsed since the beginning of the fight. When she turned to look back at the rest of the swoop gang she found the one with the broken arm struggling to get his blaster out of the holster on his right hip.

Alema Rar leveled her blaster at him. He glanced at her and kept trying to get the blaster.

“Stop,” she ordered him. He ignored her and kept fumbling with the holster. A blaster bolt bouncing off the floor next to him got his attention. “I SAID stop,” Alema Rar repeated. He stopped and glared up at her. “I gave you the chance to leave.”

“Frakk you bitch!” he spat out. Alema Rar glanced over to the one she had kneecapped. Apparently, when she hit him with her wristcuff, the spikes cut an artery. He was going to die pretty soon. Without saying a word, she walked over to the one still sitting up and kicked him in the head. He slumped over, unconscious.

The young girl was helping her grandmother up. The diner owner was climbing out from under another booth. Casually, Alema Rar wiped the blood off her spiked wristcuff. As she retrieved her lightsaber from underneath the table, the diner owner broke the silence.

“Who—who are you?” He stammered out.

Alema Rar secreted her lightsaber under the back of her belt before responding. “No one. I was never here.” She muddled their memories of herself, and left quickly, before any law enforcement arrived to complicate matters.

Master Skywalker and the Council would be very disapproving of a Jedi killing four swoop gangsters when it wasn't strictly necessary. Once she was away from the diner Alema Rar commed Karrde's representative and arranged for an alternative meeting place.

At the tapcafe they agreed to, Alema Rar got a table in a corner, sitting with her back against the wall. In spite using the Force to discourage interest in herself Alema Rar had to turn down two attempts to come on to her in the few minutes it took Karrde's employee to arrive.

Shada D'ukal's arrival caused nearly the stir that Alema Rar's had. The fifty-something Mistryl bodyguard was still attractive enough to get some unwanted attention. Although a Gamorrean Sow would get some attention in this place, thought Alema Rar. Also, without the Force to subtly discourage the men, she had to deal with them other ways. To the Jedi's surprise, the bodyguard had them out of the way nearly as easily as she had.

Shada sat down with an annoyed look on her face. “Jedi Alema Rar, on the way here I passed by the diner where I had arranged for us to meet.” Alema Rar nodded and she continued, “Did you have anything to do with the swoop gang lying all over the floor?”

In spite of the obvious annoyance coming from the older woman, Alema Rar grinned wickedly. “Absolutely,” she replied quickly.

Rolling her eyes, Shada replied, “They were Karrde's source with the pirates. They were going to give us access codes for the pirate base.”

Alema Rar frowned slightly, “Oops,” she thought back. “Well they were going to rob the diner. And one of them really wanted to rape a young girl. I could feel it.”

Now it was Shada's turn to think a moment. “Are you sure about that?” she asked.

“Yes,” Alema Rar replied with confidence.

Alema Rar felt her acceptance. “Well, alright then. Do you know if their leader survived?”

“What did he look like?”

Shada described the gang leader, and Alema Rar confirmed that he was dead. Then to the Twi'lek's surprise she asked about the one that was thinking about the girl.

“He's still alive unfortunately.” She paused. “Why do you ask?”

“As soon as the gang's usefulness to Karrde ran out, I had planned on killing him.”

Both sat in silence for a few moments. “Well, good,” Alema Rar replied.

“Well, there's nothing else for us here. If your ready, we'll go,” Shada said.

“After you,” Alema Rar replied. The ladies left the tapcafe and headed back to the spaceport.

“By the way, I love your outfit,” Shada told her.

“Thanks,” the Twi'lek replied. It was one of her favorites, a tight black jumpsuit with narrow red stripes crisscrossing all over it.

“Aren't the collar and cuffs a bit much though?”

Smiling, Alema Rar replied, “That's the way I like it.”

“Where did you get the belt?”

Alema Rar slid her finger along the wide silver belt around her waist. “Custom made. Magnetic, which can be turned off or adjusted in strength. The inside has slots for my lightsaber, and a few surprises.”

“OK.” Shada paused slightly before asking her next question. “So, do you have any cuffs with nice strong restraining rings instead of spikes?” with a friendly smile.

Alema Rar smiled back. “Possibly.”

They arrived at the spaceport and went to their ships. Once they were in space Alema Rar landed her X-wing in the cargo hold of Shada's freighter, the Wild Runner.

After she got her bag out of the cargo compartment, Alema Rar was escorted to the bridge by a young human male. Shada welcomed her aboard, and Alema Rar asked exactly where they were going.

“To rendezvous with the Star Way Express. Karrde has sent it to assist us for a while. Then I was thinking of sending you on a little recon since you killed my informer.”

“Sounds like fun. What do we do in the mean time?”

Shada leaned in close, so no one else on the bridge would over hear her. “Well, you could show me those cuffs you have with the restraining rings on them,” she asked with a conspiratorial smile.

“Your cabin, or mine?” Alema Rar replied, smiling back.

“Well, since mine is the Captain's quarters, lets use it,” Shada replied with a wink. She turned the bridge over to her second in command and led Alema Rar to the captain's quarters.

The Captain's quarters were the most spacious on the ship. Alema Rar set out her other set of cuffs on the bed. “They all close magnetically, just like the ones I am wearing.”

Shada looked at the spiked cuffs on Alema Rar's wrists. “By the way, how do you get them off?”

“Well, these were custom made as well. They can only be opened with the Force.” She demonstrated this by releasing the spiked collar and wrist cuffs from her neck and wrists, then the belt from her waist.

Shada picked up the other collar from the bed, then noticed the hidden compartment in the back of the belt. “Hey, what's this?” She asked, pointing to the cylindrical object in the compartment.

“Oh, my lightsaber,” Alema Rar replied, sliding it out of the compartment. “I rebuilt it to fit in the belt better. Made it smaller.” She passed the 21cm lightsaber to Shada. “I also made the casing smother, except for a few specially positioned bumps.”

Shada set the collar back down and ran her free hand over the lightsaber hilt. “Do you know what this looks like?” she asked the smirking Jedi.

Chuckling, Alema Rar replied, “Of course. It never hurts to have one handy.”

“You really use it for that?” she asked, surprised.

“Sometimes,” Alema Rar replied with a smile.

Shada passed the lightsaber back to Alema Rar, “Well, I'll have to see that one day, but for now, I think I'll try this out on you,” she said as she picked the collar back up.

Smiling, Alema Rar turned away from her, and raised her lekku out of the way. With out missing a beat, Shada closed the collar around her waiting neck.

Out of the corner of her eye, Alema Rar noticed Shada picking up the wrist cuffs. She silently placed her hands behind her back, and sighed with pleasure as she felt the cold durasteel cuffs close around her wrists. From somewhere Shada produced a lock, which she quickly used to secure the cuffs together.

Alema Rar sat on the bed and Shada locked the ankle cuffs on her ankles. This time she produced a chain about 40cm long to connect magnetically to the ankle cuffs. Then Shada stepped back and took a good look at the chained Twi'lek.

“Now, lets get that tongue into my pussy, Jedi,” Shada said forcefully as she pulled Alema Rar off the bed and led her to the floor in front of Shada's favorite chair. As the Jedi knelt Shada pulled her pants off. She sat down and pulled the eager young Twi'lek's face to her shaved pussy.

Yummy, Alema Rar thought as she licked the Mistryl's quivering lips. Shada moaned as the Twi'lek flicked her talented tongue over her clit. In minutes the older woman was screaming in orgasm. As much as she wanted to just sit back and enjoy another ride, she had plans for the Jedi. She released the Jedi's wrists and ankles and ordered her to strip off her jump suit. In a flash the Twi'lek was naked except for the collar, cuffs and ankle boots.

While Shada had pulled out a strap-on and buckled it into place. Alema Rar took off her mid-heeled ankle boots and replaced them with a nearly identical pair from her bag. The only difference in the new ones was that instead of a 10cm chunky heel the had 16cm stilettos.

“Turn around, and put your hands back behind your back,” Shada commanded her. The sexy Twi'lek complied and Shada secured her wrist cuffs once again. “Climb back onto the bed, and kneel facing the wall,” Shada commanded her.

As the Jedi was getting into place Shada picked up the chain that had connected her ankles together and pressed the magnet on the end against the back of Alema Rar's collar. Without being told Alema Rar had leaned forward and put her forehead on the bed. With a leash for her pet in hand, Shada mounted her and began fucking her soaking pussy.

Alema Rar was loving every minute of it. Sure she could free her hands with the Force, but where was the fun in that? Shada's dildo wasn't as big as some of the others that Alema had used, or that had been used on her, but years of hard training had given the bodyguard the muscles and endurance to make getting fucked by her something special.

Just as she was about to cum, the cabin's comm system beeped.

“Sithspit!” Shada yelled out.

“Captain, you said you wanted to be informed when we rendezvoused with the Star Way,” the voice said.

Shada glanced at the chronometer on the wall. “That wasn't supposed to be for another hour!” She shouted as she continued to fuck Alema Rar, albeit somewhat more slowly than before.

“Yes, but the Star Way left port early, so it had arrived at the rendezvous point.”

Alema Rar was on the verge of orgasm. She would have already cum, but she didn't want to let the entire bridge crew overhear her. She had to hold back, while that damned smuggler kept fucking her with the strap-on. Alema Rar strained with all her strength against the unforgiving durasteel around her wrists.

“Fine, I'll be there in a minute,” Shada replied. Without shutting off the link, she pulled out of Alema Rar's pussy with an audible 'plop.' The Twi'lek groaned in frustration. That bitch! She turned and stared daggers at the bodyguard. Shada, on her part, just smiled back.

“Sorry sweety, we'll have to finish later,” she told the bound Jedi. Only then did she shut off the comm link with the bridge. With one of them seething in frustration, the two lovers dressed and went to the bridge. Halfway there Alema Rar realized that she was still wearing her slave collar and cuffs, as well as the stiletto heeled ankle boots.

On the bridge a couple of the crew members noticed the change in Alema Rar's attire. Whether it was discipline or discretion, none of them did anything past a few discreet glances out of the corner of their eye or in one case, eye stalk.

Alema Rar idly tried to guess which of the various members of the bridge crew would be the most exciting in the bed. She knew that the Gastrulan's equipment was incompatible with her own, and two of the humans appeared to be a couple, and probably wouldn't want a wild threesome with a Twi'lek. The other 3 crew members didn't look very interesting. Oh well, I guess it's just me and Shada for now, Alema Rar decided.

After briefly discussing the dead informant with the Captain of the Star Way Express, Shada insisted that Alema Rar depart immediately to conduct the re-con of the asteroid belt where the pirate base was.

“Sure, as soon as I change my boots and stuff,” Alema Rar replied, as Shada walked her towards the exit.

“There's no time,” Shada replied with a hint of urgency in her voice, and a gleam in her eye.

Ugghh! That bitch just wants to keep me in these cuffs and heels, Alema Rar thought. Just as quickly, she decided to play along. “Alright, we do it your way.”

“Great. Unless you really need to change, that is?” Shada asked as they entered the corridor.

Alema Rar understood that she didn't want to endanger her by sending her on a potentially dangerous mission wearing the heels or cuffs. “Really, it's no problem at all,” she replied. Shada started to reply, but she didn't give her the chance. “You'll just owe me, that's all.”

* * * * *

Once Alema Rar returned from the re-con mission she reported back to Shada, and the captain of the Star Way Express, which was also on board the Wild Runner.

“The base is hidden pretty well. It has a lot of sensors to detect incoming ships. They have one main entrance/exit path cleared. Several quad laser batteries and concussion missile launchers are along the way. It can accommodate up to a large sized freighter or similar sized ship.”

She let her words sink in before continuing. “In addition there is a secondary, emergency exit. Only small freighters or starfighters can use it. There were only two medium sized ships and four small freighters that I could detect at the base. I've uploaded their information to your ships' computers.”

The captain of the Star Way had a question. “Um, how did you find the second exit? Was a ship using it or something?”

“Um, no. I used the Force to find it,” Alema Rar replied. “I also left a probe behind that will give us some traffic data when we return.”

“Good idea on the probe,” Shada said, and added, “But we are going to need more firepower.”

“Yes, I think so too,” Alema Rar agreed. “Can Karrde send anymore?”

“I don't think so,” Shada replied. “At least not for several weeks.”

The Star Way's captain was scrolling through his datapad. “What about the planet Wota-Krig IV? It's a GA world. We might be able to get some help there. And its only a couple of hours away by lightspeed.”

While Alema Rar consulted the Force, Shada consulted her datapad. “That's as good as idea as any. Unless Jedi Alema Rar could fly in and plant a few shadow bombs on the base and ships?”

Alema Rar thought of the new X-wings with stealth capabilities that some of the other Jedi were testing for Incom. She shook her head. “Sorry, there are too many sensors, and I don't have any shadow bombs. And, if I were detected, the pirates would just take off,” she replied. “Also, the Force is telling me to go to Wota-Krig IV.”

Shada nodded. “It's agreed then. We'll go to Wota-Krig IV to get additional ships.”

The two ships quickly docked so the Star Way's captain could return to his ship. Shada set a couple her junior crew members to learn everything they could about Wota-Krig IV.

Alema Rar pulled Shada off to the side. “So, do we have time to go back to your quarters and finish what we started?”

Shada grinned devilishly. “Sorry, not right now. Perhaps some other time.” A look of disappointment flashed across Alema Rar's face. “I promise we'll finish once this is over.”

“Alright Shada,” Alema Rar replied as she mentally planned their next encounter.

Once they reached orbit around Wota-Krig IV Shada and Alema Rar decided that “Jedi Knight” Alema Rar should pay the governor a visit and formally ask for their help.

For the first time in months, Alema Rar pulled on a black Jedi robe. She still had on a gray skin-tight jumpsuit under it, and had changed into a pair of matte black mid-heeled ankle boots. Her gleaming durasteel belt went around her waist, with her lightsaber at her hip. Both would be easily visible if she opened her robe. The spiked collar and cuffs went back on her neck and wrists for the trip, although the robe's long sleeves would hide the cuffs, some of the time anyway. While she didn't care what anyone thought of them, the Twi'lek loved the feeling of the hard durasteel around her neck and wrists.

Even as a slave, before she had any idea that she could be a Jedi, Alema Rar had always secretly loved it when one of her owners would put shackles on her. Or chain her up. Or anything to bind her. Her sister, Num'arar, knew of her secret, and understood. Alema Rar would often goad their Masters into shackling them, which aggravated Num'arar to no end.

A moment of sadness came over Alema Rar as she thought of her sister, dead murdered by a voxyn while they were fleeing New Plymto. One of the first voxyn.

With a Jedi calming technique, Alema Rar cleared her mind and focused on the now.

Before the ships exited hyperspace, they knew that Wota-Krig IV had an ancient Golan I defense platform, an early Empire-era Dreadnought , a Light Assault Cruiser, and a pair of Corellian Corvettes. Shada and Alema Rar decided they would focus on getting the Dreadnought.

Wota-Krig IV was a democracy headed by a governor, who was Commander-in-Chief of the military. According to the official holojournal release, Governor Mattuw Annard served in the New Republic Navy with distinction at the Battle of Endor, the Conquest of Corsuscant, and a few other minor battles around the same time period. Neither Shada, Alema Rar, or any of the other crew members had ever heard of him.

They exited hyperspace on the edge of the system. The Star Way Express stayed there while the Wild Runner approached the planet under a false transponder. Shada and Alema Rar were both surprised to find a modern Mon Calamari Star Cruiser in orbit. In addition, there was no Dreadnought or Golan defense platform. The Merry Delight, as their transponder claimed to be, got clearance to land at the spaceport near the capital.

Once they landed Jedi Knight Alema Rar headed for the Governor's complex while Shada said that she had to conduct some other business. After a brief wait Alema Rar was shown into the Governor's office by a protocol droid.

“Good Afternoon, Jedi ... Alema Rar is it?”

“Good Afternoon, Governor Annard. Greetings from the Jedi Order.” Alema Rar sat down in the comfortable seat he offered her.

“Thank you. And what brings a Jedi to Wota-Krig IV If I may ask?” The Governor asked.

Alema Rar estimated his age at about 90, and his weight at about 140kg. She wondered how he ever served in the New Republic Navy. She smiled sweetly and said, “Yes Governor, I have discovered a pirate base a few systems rimward from here. I have two armed freighters and a few starfighters,” she paused for a breath. “It's not enough to destroy the base and pirate ships. I need to borrow one of your ships. Your Star Cruiser if possible.” Alema Rar put pressure with the Force behind the request, and used her sexiest voice.

The Governor looked her in the eyes a few seconds before replying. “And what kind of command experience do you have, young Jedi?”

“Um, none, Governor,” Alema Rar replied. “I'm not the one actually in command though,” she quickly added.

“That's good then. Who is actually in command of your forces? And why didn't they come here and 'ask' to borrow one of my ships?”

Alema Rar didn't think his reaction to a smuggler being in command would be any better than his reaction was to her. Come to think of it, she didn't know if Shada had any command experience either. “Well, um ... ” she also didn't know how much information Karrde and Shada would want her to reveal about them. For all she knew Shada might have an arrest warrant on Wota-Krig.

“By the way, that's some unusual jewelry around your neck and wrists ... especially for a Jedi,” Governor Annard commented.

Her cuffs and collar were always a favorite topic, as discussing them often led to talk of bondage or sex, also favorite topics of discussion. However, she had other priorities at the moment. “Yes, they are, aren't they,” she replied as she slid a datapad across his desk to him. “With the Dreadnought you had and our ships we could have defeated the pirates and destroyed their asteroid base without a lot of difficultly. With your Star Cruiser we will annihilate them,” Alema Rar said with confidence.

Governor Annard glanced at the sensor readings from the re-con Alema Rar had done. Chuckling, he replied, “Look Jedi Alema Rar, I know all about the pirates' base. Most of the intelligence the Galactic Alliance has WE provided them.” Before Alema Rar could think if anything to say, he continued. “Besides, that pirate base is a shadow of its former self. There used to be a minimum of twice the ships and firepower there.”

Jedi Alema Rar frowned. This wasn't going as planned. She leaned forward to show as much of her ample tits as possible. “Look Governor, I'll do anything. And I mean ANYTHING, to get that Star Cruiser.” She ran a finger down the crack between her tits, leaving no doubt as to the meaning of anything.

Governor Annard responded by coughing a few times. “Look Jedi Alema Rar, I'm flattered, but I'm married.”

She stared back at him seductively. “And?”

“And I'm ... at least three times your age.”

She would have figured four, at a minimum. “And?” As she spread her legs several centimeters farther apart. She had done older, for less important reasons than this.

“And even if I were interested, it still wouldn't get you any of my ships.” The Governor seemed unaffected by the obvious disappointment on Alema Rar's face. “Find an experienced commander and we'll talk. Until then, have a good day.”

Damn! Alema Rar was so used to getting what she wanted from men. Young, old, sexy, ugly, fat, various species, none of that mattered. She absentmindedly thanked the Governor for his time and left to tell Shada the bad news.

Alema Rar was confused. She was confident that the Force had led her to Wota-Krig IV, but the Governor made it clear that she wouldn't be getting any help from them. Maybe Shada had an idea. Alema Rar pulled her lightsaber off her hip and tucked it into his hiding place at the back of her belt as she called Shada to find out where she wanted her to meet her. Without conscious thought she pulled the robe open, letting everyone get a good look at her tight body.

Shada was at a bar in a casino when Alema Rar found her. She told the smuggler the bad news. Shada didn't have a back-up plan. Mildly disgusted, Alema Rar ordered a drink, and found out that someone else had already paid for it. A middle aged Twi'lek approached her as the bartender brought the drink.

Right now she just wasn't in the mood. She turned to him. “Thanks for the drink, but I'm not interested right now.” She added some Force pressure to get the message across. It didn't work.

“What, A man buys a girl a drink and she won't even enjoy it with him?”

An annoyed look flashed across Alema Rar's face. Before she could say anything else, Shada leaned over and gave her a sensual open-mouthed kiss, pushing her collar up with one hand while she was at it.

“Sorry fella, she's taken,” Shada said to the Twi'lek as Alema Rar licked her lips longingly. Shada pulled her close, wrapping one arm around her shoulders.

Alema Rar responded by wrapping her arms around the human's waist.

The Twi'lek gaped for a few seconds, then smiled, “Oh, don't mind me, I'll just watch.”

Ugh, Alema Rar thought as she felt Shada shift her weight to strike. Before she could do anything too rash, Alema Rar slipped out of her embrace. Then she reached up and grabbed one of his lekku with one hand, pulled him down to her height and grabbed his throat with the other. “Look. I told you that I don't have time for you. Now, when I let you go, I want you to disappear.” He nodded his consent while trying to breath. “Oh, and you'll being picking up our tabs while we're here, got it?”

“Sur... sure thing, um, Ma'am,” he stammered.

“Good.” She let go of his lekku and pushed him away by his throat. Then she turned back to Shada.

“So I'm taken, am I?” Alema Rar asked her. She had to lean close to be heard over the cheering and applause from one of the sabacc tables.

Before she could respond Alema Rar heard a distinct laugh from the sabacc table. She abruptly turned and looked for the source of it. “Come with me,” she told Shada and walked off, drink in hand.

After working their way through a small crowd Alema Rar found the owner of the laugh. He glanced up from the pile of credit chips in front of him. “Hello Lando. Nice to see you again,” Alema Rar said to him.

“Well I'll be ... Alema Rar.” He glanced behind her. “And Shada. How wonderful to see both of you again.”

Alema Rar smiled seductively. “Yes it is, isn't it.” She glanced at the other players, and spectators that where watching. “Hold this,” Alema Rar said dismissively as she passed her empty glass to the nearest spectator. “So, Lando, you still look as gorgeous as ever,” she said as she walked around the table to him. Lando preened as she spoke. “Is there some place that we can talk? Shada and I need your help.”

Lando glanced down at the moderate pile of chips in front of him, and the much larger pile still in the sabacc pot. “Look, I'd love to help, but I'm kind of in the middle of something.” If he left the game now, he'd lose his chance to win the sabacc pot.

Alema Rar ran her hand down his arm. “It's really important. Please?”

He glanced at Shada, who also had a pleading look on her face. “Oh, alright. Let's go,” he replied. Much to the delight of the other players, he gathered up his winnings and they found a quiet place to talk.

They explained to him the pirate base, and their lack of firepower. Alema Rar briefly wondered if telling him about the sex session between her and Shada would help. It didn't matter though, she NEVER fucked and told. Lando agreed to talk to the Governor himself. Battle of Endor veteran to Battle of Endor veteran. Alema Rar called ahead and set up an appointment. Half an hour later, the three of them were seated at a conference table in the Governor's mansion.

“Welcome General Calrissian, and welcome back Jedi Alema Rar. Please introduce me to your friend,” the Governor said when as he sat down.

“Thank you Governor,” Alema Rar replied. “This is Shada,” she introduced the older woman.

“Great. Nice to meet you General Calrissian and Shada. Now, I assume you have something interesting for me at this late hour?”

Alema Rar didn't quite know where to start. Luckily Lando did. “Governor Annard, I'll be honest with you. My friends need to use your Mon Cal Star Cruiser.”

“I know that. It's not gonna happen,” he replied, as serious as he could be.

“Look Governor,” Lando said, turning the charm up. “The Jedi Order, as well as the Galactic Alliance would be most grateful for your assistance with this matter.”

Governor Annard shrugged his shoulders. “So? We can take care of ourselves.” Let me explain the situation to you. He brought up an image of the Mon Cal Star Cruiser that they wanted to use. “This is the Praetor. With it, nothing short of a full fledged invasion force would dare enter the Wota-Krig system.”

“Now, since Alema Rar here is a Jedi, you are a hero of the Rebellion, and Shada here is a high ranking member of Talon Karrde's organization, we may be able to work out something for our Assault Cruiser, and perhaps a corvette.”

Alema Rar felt shock from Shada when he revealed his knowledge of her status. She exchanged glances with Lando and Shada.

“OK,” Alema Rar replied. “What will it take to get the Assault Cruiser, and a Corvette.”

The Governor leaned back in his chair. “Well, first of all, who will be in command of the battle?”

Lando spoke up. “Hey, we would have no problem serving under your commander.” Alema Rar and Shada quickly gave their consent.

Governor Annard frowned. “I appreciate the offer, but that is a problem. You see, we had been saving for decades to get a modern warship. We almost had enough when the Vong invaded. Naturally the price of anything that could fight skyrocketed.” Lando nodded in agreement. “Lucky for us we missed the invasion. The Peace Brigade sniffed around, but we took care of them.” He waved his hand dismissively.

“During the war Admiral B'towti took the Drekett, which was a Strike Cruiser, along with a gunship and Corvette to join the Republic's forces. None returned.” He paused for a moment. “Towards the end of the war we captured another, smaller Assault Cruiser. Three weeks ago we traded our Dreadnought, with its squadron of E-wings, our Golan defense platform, and a massive amount of credits for a slightly used Mon Calamari Star Cruiser and two squadrons of X-wings.”

“That Star Cruiser is the result of nearly a century of dreaming for the citizens of Wota-Krig IV. Not even Leia Organa Solo herself could convince me to send it on a mission that is not absolutely vital to the survival of Wota-Krig IV. Do you understand?”

Now Alema Rar knew why he she had no success convincing him to give up the Star Cruiser.

“Admiral B'towti's successor had a stroke the day after we formally commissioned the Praetor. His first officer is in temporary command. However, neither her nor the captain of the Alliant, which is the assault cruiser are qualified to command our fleet. We are currently looking for a suitable Admiral.”

Alema Rar felt shock from Lando as he realized something. “Wait, you want ME to lead the fleet?” he asked the Governor, incredulously.

“Want? No.” He shook his head. “I WANT out fleet to remain here safe and sound. However, if you would like to use the Alliant and one of our corvettes then a well qualified commander will have to volunteer to command the mission.”

Lando sat silently for several seconds, glancing at both Shada and Alema Rar. Both nodded back to him.

“Fine,” he replied. “I'll command the fleet.”

“Great.” Governor Annard glanced down at his datapad. “The Alliant has a squadron of starfighters assigned to it, and you'll have the corvette Scatter.”

Alema Rar sensed that the Governor was hiding something. Apparently, Lando did as well. “What kind of fighters?” He asked.

With a pained look on his face, Governor Annard informed them that the fighters were Z-95 Headhunters.

“Zee ninety fives!” Lando shouted incredulously.

He held up both hands in a placating gesture. “Hey, it's not as bad as it sounds. We've upgraded their shields, and replaced the triple blasters with proper lasers.”

Lando would have none of it. “Forget it. I want some real starfighters. What does the Praetor have?”

Governor Annard was annoyed that they had picked up on the substandard starfighters. “X-wings,” he replied grudgingly.

“How old.”

“A squadron of XJ's, and a squadron of XJ3's,” the Governor replied.

Alema Rar was currently flying an XJ3 herself. It and the XJ were definitely top-of-the-line fighters, nearly identical in performance. But she thought that a Star Cruiser carried four squadrons.

“What else?” Lando asked, voicing Alema Rar's thoughts.

He shook his head. “Remember I told you how we had to save up so many credits? We could only afford two squadrons of fighters.”

“Oh. Well OK then,” Lando replied. “We'll take either squadron of X-wings,” he added.

Governor Annard stared back at the three of them for several seconds. “Fine, but on one condition.” He paused in case they protested. “I get a half-dozen of those YVH droids that you've been making.”

“Four,” Lando replied immediately, and added, “You wouldn't want your people to go into battle at a disadvantage, would you?”

The Governor looked pained again. “Fine. But until you return, the Lady Luck stays here.” Now Lando looked pained. “Think of it as extra motivation to return with my fleet.”

“Oh, alright,” Lando replied as he rolled his eyes with annoyance. They made final arrangements with the Governor and once he ordered the X-wing squadron on duty to transfer to the Alliant, the trio left for Shada's ship at the spaceport.

With an Assault Cruiser, a Corvette, and two well armed freighters in their fleet, Alema Rar knew that they wouldn't have any problem with the pirates.

The plan they developed on the way back to the asteroid field called for Alema Rar to fly her X-wing in first, leading the rest of the fleet. She would use the Force to sense the weapon emplacements and destroy them. The Star War Express, along with the two E-wings that it carried, would stay outside the asteroid field, to ambush any ships trying to escape.

Less than six hours later, they were on station and ready. Alema Rar led the way, followed by the Alliant, which nearly out gunned the other two ships combined. Then the Wild Runner, followed by the Scatter.

With the Force as her ally, destroying the laser batteries and missile launchers was easy. Concentrating on the Force, Alema Rar could fire before they came into her line of sight. The fleet made in through the asteroid defenses virtually unscathed. Once they broke through and approached the base the Alliant deployed its X-wings. A small freighter was already making a run for the emergency exit, where the Star Way was waiting for it when it emerged from the asteroid field.

The larger ships tried to put up a fight. The Alliant and Wild Runner moved to engage them, while the Scatter guarded the exit. The best armed ship surprised Lando by charging strait at the Alliant.

By the time the cruiser's gunners realized it, the ship was nearly past it. As the two ships exchanged fire Lando calmly ordered the the sensor officer to feed the Wild Runner the targeting data from the Alliant's sensors. Just as the ship cleared the Alliant, the Wild Runner gave it a spread of concussion missiles and turbolasers. Nearly simultaneously Alema Rar swept around and put a torpedo in its engines. The ship's engines died and it slowed to a stop.

After a few more turbolaser blasts from the Alliant, Lando left the Wild Runner to finish off the crippled ship and headed towards the base itself. A couple more freighters had launched from the asteroid's hanger by now. The X-wings were dog-fighting a mixed group of assorted snub fighters, who mostly seemed to be trying to escape.

Thanks to the beating from the Alliant, the Wild Runner and Jedi needed only a few minutes to finish off the more heavily armed pirate ship. By the time they finished the Alliant had destroyed several more freighters. The Wild Runner moved to back up Lando, who had the Alliant pounding the largest ship left. Alema Rar got there first, flying in close to take out one of their shield domes. She got away, easily dodging their return fire.

By the time she turned for another pass, the Alliant's guns were blasting out the other side of the pirate ship. Alema Rar scanned her scopes for any more threats. A couple of freighters were making a run for the entrance.

Shada had already turned the Wild Runner around, to help the Scatter. A pair of pirate B-wings abandoned the dog fight and followed the freighters.

Alema Rar brought her targeting computer up and got a lock on one of the B-wings almost immediately. Both starfighters ducked behind one of the slower moving freighters. Since she didn't know if the B-wings had used their proton torpedoes, if they had any, but she had to assume that either could do significant damage to the Wild Runner.

The Scatter and two freighters started exchanging turbolaser fire. Alema Rar felt through the Force that the B-wings were about to appear from the back side of the second freighter. With out aiming she fired a torpedo. The B-wings emerged exactly when she knew they would, and the torpedo was on it mark. The proximity sensor detected the B-wing and exploded meters from it. The pilot ejected before the ship was destroyed.

The remaining B-wing juked away from the explosion, right into a quad burst from Alema Rar's lasers. The tough fighter survived the hit. Now Alema Rar was having to dodge fire from the freighters, not to mention the Scatter.

Suddenly Alema Rar sensed that one of the freighter's forward shields were about to fail. She stopped shooting at the B-wing and the second the shield dropped put a torpedo into the bridge of the freighter. The ship's shields completely collapsed, and stopped firing. The Jedi turned her attention back to the starfighter.

The B-wings shields were at about 20%, and climbing. It was still trying to get to the exit, past the Scatter. A pair of the Alliant's X-wings were in pursuit, but still a couple of klicks away. Alema Rar put a quad laser burst into the B-wing from just under a klick, taking it's shields out completely.

The Wild Runner and Scatter were both getting good hits in on the freighter now. Almost in unison, the freighter and lone B-wing broadcast their repeated surrenders.

As the other X-wings rejoined the Alliant, Alema Rar heard their commander report that seven of the pirate fighters had escaped through the asteroid field, eight were destroyed, and two extra-vehicular, with only two fighter loses for the themselves, and one of those pilots was EV. Not bad, considering that they were out numbered nineteen to twelve, including the two that I got, the Jedi thought.

The Alliant stopped just out of effective turbolaser range from the asteroid base. Lando gave the pirates, in the base and in the ships, a chance to surrender. Several of the freighters acknowledged and powered down. The asteroid base answered with a turbolaser blast. The Alliant moved in.

Someone must have forgotten to tell the idiots in the asteroid that they didn't have shields, or a way to escape, Alema Rar thought as the Alliant hammered the base's hanger. Lando didn't quite have the firepower to shatter the asteroid, but what was left of the base would definitely be open to vacuum, and useless for any pirates or smugglers.

While the Alliant finished off the asteroid, the Scatter dispatched a shuttle to rescue the starfighter pilots that had ejected. The Wild Runner monitored the freighters that had surrendered, to make sure they stayed powered down.

When the Alliant's sensors and Alema Rar's Force senses couldn't detect any life in the base, Lando began to take the pirates that had surrendered into custody. Three of the ships had X-wings covering them, while the fourth was under the guns of the Wild Runner. Lando put a prize crew on board three of the ships, and Shada took care of the fourth.

Back on Wota-Krig IV, Lando had to work out another deal with Governor Annard and Shada on who was going to keep the ships. In the end Shada took three of them, but had to make a deal on shipping with Wota-Krig IV. Governor Annard kept the last ship. Lando talked Governor Annard down to two YVH's since they brought back an armed freighter for him. Lando said he would work out payment for the two YVH's from Karrde later. After drinks at the casino, paid for my the middle-aged Twi'lek, Shada and Alema Rar said goodbye to Lando, but not before he turned down a more personal “thanks” from Alema Rar.

“So Shada, are Karrde and I even now?” Alema Rar asked as the two lounged at the bar.

“Well, he was very happy about the ships we got for him, and could live with the shipping contract I signed with Governor Annard. He told me to tell you that you could consider yourself debt free, and thank you for your help.”

Alema Rar gazed at a heavyset human flirting with a female Bothan at a nearby table. “That's good,” she replied with a little disappointment in her voice.

Shada glanced over to her, and followed her eyes to the couple at the table. “It's too bad too. He just found out where Schliebak the Hutt is.”

That got Alema Rar's attention. She turned back to Shada. “What?”

“Karrde found Schliebak,” she said again, smirking at Alema Rar.

“Where?” Alema Rar asked after downing her entire drink.

“Well, he didn't tell me. He just wanted me to let you know that he did.”

“Fine, I'll get him to tell me,” Alema Rar said.

“He's waiting for your call,” Shada replied, watching the young Twi'lek pull her comlink out of her durasteel belt.

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