Japor Rating: PG-13

The Challenge: Ben's Love

(VO) They were exiled for speaking what they believed.

[Luke looking at Tahiri, Lowie and Tesar with Cilghal in the background]

(Luke) "Your actions cast serious doubt on your decision to remain Jedi Knights; I suggest you go to Dagobah to reflect on the subject."

(Tahiri) "For how long?"

(Luke) "Until I call for you, and if you have any desire at all to remain members of the Jedi order, you WILL obey me in this. I'll take any failure — for any reason whatsoever — as your resignation."

[Fade to black]

(VO) Now they have come home.

[Luke standing in the front of a Jedi assembling]

(Luke) "And we would like to greet Knights Viela, Lowbacca and Sabatyne, back from their retreat on Dagobah."

[Fade to black]

(VO) Can mistakes be forgiven, or shall all suffer for them?

[Close up on a closed eye.]

(VO) The love of a father for his son saved the galaxy from the Emperor.

[The eye pops open, revealing a yellow Sith eye.]

(VO) What will save it now?

[Flash of scenes to "Battle of the Heroes"]

[13yo Ben Skywalker watching Tahiri get off a transport]

[Jacen igniting his saber]

[Ben giving Tahiri a necklace with Anakin's Japor icon on it]

[Ben flying through the air backwards as if thrown]

[Corran and Mirax kneeling on the floor crying as Mara watches silently tears on her own face]

[Tesar sissing as he leaps with his saber ignited]

[Switch to black with the music stopping suddenly]

[Fade in]

[Ben standing in the middle of a clearing in the woods, looking down, with a large rock behind him which has the curls and swooshes of the Japor icon burned onto it. He looks up; anger and hate visible on his face, which is covered in dust and dirt, except where tear tracks have cleaned. He ignites his saber.]

[Switch to black with a large shot of the Japor icon, floating in the background and "Japor" written in white]

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