Star Wars: Jaina's Fetish Shopping Trip
Chapter 4
Rating: NC-17 / Slash (f/f)

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story takes place after the events of Jaina's Discovery, soon after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Please read and enjoy all of my stories!

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After convincing Mara to take her shift dancing, Alema Rar changed into a glossy black PVC bodysuit with a built in corset, and fifteen-centimeter heeled thigh-high boots. Then she wrapped a black nerfhide collar around her neck. The collar had three rows spikes around it. Next Alema Rar pulled on a pair of gloves with studs on the back on. Since she was already wearing a black nerfhide headdress, she left it on. Last of all, Alema Rar pulled on a long black PVC coat, to make the outfit at least a little less noticeable. Then she headed for her apartment.

Once she arrived, Alema Rar sensed Bahn and Jaina in her bedroom, both highly aroused. It was easy to hide her own Force presence from Jaina in her current state. The entire Jedi council could probably have a meeting in the next room and Jaina wouldn't know it with Bahn's big dick in her. Alema Rar slipped off her coat, and picked up a flogger that someone had left on her pouf couch. Then, as silently as she could in her fifteen-centimeter heels, she slipped into her bedroom, to confront the lovers in her bed.

A few steps into the room, Bahn must have heard her. He stopped fucking Jaina, and turned his head to look back at her.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Hey babe,” he said with a smile.

Jaina barely paid any attention to Alema Rar. She had to get Bahn's massive piece of man meat back into her. She moaned through her gag in frustration and bucked her hips to get his attention. It didn't work.

“Hello Bahn. Hello, Jaina,” Alema Rar said seductively as she strutted to the bed. She gently stroked Jaina's shackled leg as she walked. “I see you two were having fun without me,” she said as she stopped next to them. Alema Rar took a moment to gaze at both of them, especially Bahn's cock, and the sight of Jaina Solo naked and shackled to her bed.

Jaina stared at her incredulously, and blushed slightly at the way Alema Rar was looking at her. The Twi'lek had told them to have fun, and even volunteered the use of her restraints—some of which were around her wrists and ankles now. Jaina tried to respond, but could only grunt incomprehensibly through the gag.

“So you want to join in?” Bahn asked her with a smile.

“Well of course I do, sexy,” Alema Rar replied with her own smile. “But only if Jaina here wants me to?” she asked, looking down at Jaina, gagged and shackled helplessly.

Jaina warily looked at Bahn, then at Alema Rar. Just a little while ago she had told them that she wasn't into threesomes, but now she craved Bahn's cock so much that she'd happily make out with Alema Rar to get it. Jaina eagerly nodded her head in consent.

Alema Rar smiled down at her as she slipped a finger into her soaking pussy. Jaina moaned through her gag as she expertly massaged her clit. Bahn kept himself busy by pinching Jaina's nipple and fondling her tit as he kissed her neck, adding to her arousal.

After a few seconds Alema Rar stopped, then opened the crotch to her bodysuit. Jaina watched as she climbed into the bed next to her. Then Alema Rar reached over to her nightstand and pulled out a black synthrubber dildo about twenty centimeters long. As Jaina helplessly watched Bahn slide his wonderful cock into Alema Rar's pussy, she felt the Twi'lek push her vibrator into her own. With in seconds Bahn was enthusiastically fucking Alema Rar while Jaina lay shackled spread-eagle next to them with a vibrator buzzing away in her pussy.

Jaina watched in amazement—and envy as Bahn pushed his huge dick to the hilt into Alema Rar. Somehow, the Twi'lek kept one hand on the vibrator as Bahn pounded away on her. Jaina moaned through her gag and struggled against the cuffs. It wasn't fair; Bahn was supposed to be fucking her, not Alema Rar.

Bahn freely groped and kissed Jaina as he rhythmically fucked Alema Rar. The Twi'lek kept one hand on the vibrator in Jaina while she wrapped her legs tightly around Bahn's waist.

Several minutes of ecstasy later, Jaina sensed—and heard—Alema Rar scream out in orgasm. Bahn kept fucking her, and she kept the vibrator in Jaina's pussy. A couple of minutes later Alema Rar suddenly pulled the dildo out of her.

Jaina opened her eyes in shock when she felt the dildo pop out of her pussy. Then she saw that Alema Rar was nudging Bahn over onto her. Jaina noticed Alema Rar smiling at her as she wrapped her lips around the dildo—fresh out of her own pussy—and slid it into her mouth. Jaina smiled around her gag in anticipation, then moaned as Bahn pushed his big dick into her soaking snatch. Now she could think of nothing else but the feeling of his cock stretching her out. It felt fantastic as he pumped it in and out of her.

A few minutes later, Jaina glanced over to see Alema Rar masturbating with the vibrator that had been in her a few minutes ago. Then she screamed out around her gag and pulled against her restraints with all her strength in a mind-numbing orgasm. Bahn kept fucking her as she orgasmed. By the time she was able to open her eyes again, she was on her way to another one.

Then, to Jaina's surprise—and dismay—Bahn pulled out of her, and told Alema Rar to start eating her. The Twi'lek quickly obeyed, and knelt between Jaina's legs. Alema Rar used the vibrator and her tongue on Jaina's pussy while Bahn stood at the foot of the bed and fucked her from behind.

After just a few minutes Jaina sensed Alema Rar about to orgasm. The Twi'lek put her whole mouth on Jaina's pussy—using it as a gag—as she moaned out in orgasm from Bahn's cock. Alema Rar's tongue dove deep into her pussy as she came. As much fun as getting eaten out by Alema Rar was, Jaina couldn't wait for her turn to get fucked from behind by Bahn. As soon as Alema Rar recovered, Jaina felt her go back to using her vibrator and tongue on her.

This time it took Jaina nearly ten minutes—not that anyone was keeping up with the time—to cum. Once Jaina had recovered, Alema Rar unlocked her wrists and ankles from the bed. Then the Twi'lek quickly cuffed her own ankles to the restraining rings at the foot of the bed. Next Alema Rar spread her arms and allowed Bahn to cuff her like Jaina had just been.

Jaina knelt on the edge of the bed and idly fingered herself while Bahn cuffed Alema Rar. Jaina was still wearing her ankle boots, bangle bracelets, Alema Rar's collar, and ball gag. Once Alema Rar was shackled spread-eagle, Bahn took the ball gag out of Jaina's mouth, and told her to put it on Alema Rar.

The Twi'lek obediently opened her mouth and Jaina pushed the ball gag into place, then buckled the strap. Alema Rar responded by spitting the gag out, and teasingly complaining that it was too loose. Jaina quickly pushed it back in, and pulled the strap as tight as she could. She sensed that Alema Rar was much happier with it this time.

Next Jaina meekly, and happily, allowed Bahn to cuff her hands behind her back with another pair of binders. Then he took a leash, and attached it to the back of her collar. Once she was leashed, Bahn positioned Jaina so she could lick Alema Rar's pussy while he fucked her from behind.

Jaina gasped as Bahn pulled her leash and fucked her. She strained against the nerfhide collar to reach Alema Rar's pussy as she flexed against the cuffs behind her back. Jaina quickly developed a rhythm of licking as deeply as she could when Bahn was shoving his cock into her, and pulling to keep her mouth on her pussy when he was withdrawing from her. Jaina relished the challenge of eating her out while Bahn fucked her and pulled her leash. She especially loved the feeling of Bahn's huge cock pumping into her.

A few minutes later, Jaina felt Bahn explode deep into her abdomen. She gasped breathlessly as he pulled hard against her collar. Once he recovered—at least mostly—Jaina felt him pull her cuffed wrists up her back, and somehow attach the leash to her binders. Then he nudged her head towards Alema Rar's soaking snatch, and told her to finish up.

Jaina obediently resumed licking Alema Rar's pussy while Bahn went towards the 'fresher. Jaina was still horny, and wanted Bahn's cock back in her, but she knew that one of them would take care of her soon, so she just contently, and eagerly ate Alema Rar out.

Soon Jaina had Alema Rar cumming a second time. She happily licked up every trace of the Twi'lek's juices. After several minutes of licking, Jaina realized that Bahn hadn't come back, and she didn't know how to free herself or Alema Rar from their bondage. Jaina rose up, and started to climb off the bed to go find him, but Alema Rar quickly got her attention with the Force, and a grunt through her gag.

Smiling around the gag, Alema Rar gestured for Jaina to take off her gag. Jaina crawled over her splayed limbs, and with her hands still cuffed behind her back, carefully unbuckled Alema Rar's ballgag and pulled it out of her mouth with a 'plop'.

“Hey baby, don't worry about Bahn, he's probably taking a nap or something,” Alema Rar said with a smile as she worked the feeling back into her jaw. “If you come over here though, I'll take care of you,” she added, wiggling her tongue out at her with a grin.

Jaina's arms were a bit uncomfortable from being chained to her collar, but she really did want to orgasm again. She quickly swung one leg over Alema Rar's upper body, and straddled her head. Jaina's ankle boots were by her armpits, and her knees were on either side of her head. Her pussy was just centimeters above Alema Rar's face. Alema Rar started licking, and soon Jaina was moaning in ecstasy.

Jaina had to fight the urge to squeeze her legs, since Alema Rar was still wearing her spiked collar. Instead she pushed her crotch into Alema Rar's face, and pulled against her own cuffs as she ate her out. And Frakk, she can eat some pussy, Jaina thought as she pushed her pussy into her friend's mouth.

About six or seven minutes later, Jaina arched her back and screamed out in orgasm. Alema Rar flicked her clit with her tongue, causing Jaina to pull against her cuffs as hard as she could. Once Jaina recovered, she carefully climbed down off the bed. Just when she started to wonder how they were going to get free, she felt Alema Rar reach out with the Force, and suddenly, her wrists and ankles were free from the restraining rings.

“Hey, how'd you do that?” Jaina asked her. Her own wrists were still locked behind her back, and chained to the back of her collar by her leash.

Alema Rar sat up, swung her legs off the bed, and floated a small remote unit to herself. “With the Force, of course,” she replied with a smile. Then she decided to notice Jaina's impatience. “I guess you want out too?” she asked innocently.

“Yes,” Jaina answered, shifting her weight from one heel to the other in annoyance.

Alema Rar hit a button on the remote and the binders around Jaina's wrists loosened. She pulled her hands free, then started fumbling with the leash at the back of her collar. When Alema Rar saw her difficulty, she stood up, gently turned her around and unclipped the leash from her collar.

“Thanks,” Jaina said, turning to head to the 'fresher.

“You're welcome,” Alema Rar replied, playfully swatting her ass.

When Jaina came back, she happily shared a kiss with Alema Rar, and allowed her to cuff her again, this time in front. Then, while Alema Rar went to the 'fresher, Jaina wandered into main room where she found Bahn laying on the pouf-couch asleep, still naked.

She was naked as well, except for her collar, bracelets, binders, and high heeled ankle boots. Jaina sat down on the floor in front of the pouf-couch, and started playing with her binders.

Nearly ten minutes later, Alema Rar strutted in. She was still wearing her glossy black PVC body suit, complete with corset and thigh-high boots. She had traded out her gloves and spiked collar for a silver durasteel collar, and matching wrist cuffs though.

“One problem with Zeltrons is that they have to rest awhile after they shoot their load,” Alema Rar explained.

“Ah,” Jaina said in understanding. Then she thought a moment. “That's too bad.”

“Yeah,” Alema Rar agreed, leaning over and attaching a leash to the front of Jaina's collar. “He'll be out awhile though, so let's go back to my bedroom for some more fun,” she suggested with a tug on her collar.

“Sure,” Jaina replied, climbing to her feet and obediently following her.

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