Star Wars: Jaina's Fetish Shopping Trip
Chapter 2
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story takes place after the events of Jaina's Discovery, soon after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Please read and enjoy all of my stories!

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“Ah, Taorii told me I'd find you here,” Bahn said with a smile.

“Hey,” Jaina replied happily. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that she should be worried about being alone with Bahn, especially since she was cuffed and collared. But she didn't care. She was just too happy.

“May I ask your name?” Bahn asked casually. “I didn't get it last time you visited us.”

“Jaina,” she replied without thinking about it. Then she frowned slightly. She didn't want them to know who she really was. Oh well, she knew she could tell Bahn.

“Jaina. What a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman,” he said with a smile as he slowly approached her.

Jaina blushed with delight.

“By the way, did you lose something?” Bahn asked as he held up the remote to her restraints.

Jaina's eyes lit up. “Thanks!” she answered with an excited smile.

Then he made it disappear into his pants pocket. “Since you can't seem to use your hands at the moment, I'll just hang on to it for now,” he explained to her. “If it's okay with you, that is?”

Jaina glanced at the pocket of his tailored pants where he had tucked the remote. The fact that he didn't seem inclined to unlock her cuffs didn't bother her at all. “Um, sure,” she replied hesitatingly.

“Now, since you are here, I assume you want to purchase a Personal Pleasure Device?” he asked her, as he reached out and took her leash in his hand.

“Oh, yeah,” Jaina replied absently. When she came in, she had been so embarrassed about buying one that she didn't think she would go through with it if a male was around. But for some reason the prospect of Bahn helping her select a dildo seemed nice all of a sudden. She felt good about him holding her leash as well.

Bahn smiled down at her. “I'd be happy to help you find just the right device to pleasure you,” he told her.

Jaina felt like her head was spinning. She knew he was influencing her with his pheromones, but she didn't care. She felt great! She smiled up at the Zeltron. “Thanks,” she answered, not trusting herself to say anything more.

Bahn led her a few steps down the aisle, then reached out and pulled a small, phallus-shaped device off the wall. “How about this one?” he asked her.

Jaina didn't know if she was more relieved that the dildo was safely sealed in a clear plastex package, or disappointed. The dildo was about twelve or fifteen centimeters long, and slender. It was just about what she wanted.

“Or maybe this is more of your size?” Bahn asked as replaced the dildo and picked out another, bigger one.

This one was clear, and looked to be about twenty centimeters long, and maybe four or five centimeters wide. About the size of Master Durron's, she thought with a smile. “Um—.”

“Or maybe this one?” Bahn interrupted her as he switched to a third dildo.

Now Jaina gasped involuntarily in shock. Bahn was holding a monster dildo at least twenty-five centimeters long. Instead of being in a thick hard plastex package, this one had a thin, tight, clear wrapper around it.

“Um ...” she replied.

“I can give you a private demonstration,” he offered, leaning in close and holding the huge, shiny black dildo just centimeters from her face.

Jaina ran through several Force exercises before she trusted herself to respond. “No thanks,” she answered, still smiling.

Bahn looked into her eyes a couple of seconds. “Of course, my dear,” he replied.

“And I think that one will be a bit too. . . much for me,” Jaina added, glancing down at the oversized phallus.

Bahn looked down at her a moment. “Of course, my dear,” he repeated. Then he hung the dildo back on its hook on the wall. “Well, lady's choice then,” he said as he gently turned Jaina to face the wall of personal pleasure devices.

It wasn't until Jaina tried to reach for one of the dildos that she remembered she was still cuffed. “Hey—” she started to ask him to unlock her, but by the second word she was asking a different question. “Can you get that tan colored one for me?” she asked, gesturing towards a smaller dildo with her cuffed hands.

“With pleasure,” Bahn answered as he retrieved the dildo she had asked for.

From a few brief discussions with Alema Rar, Jaina had a good idea of what she wanted. “Does that one vibrate?” she asked with a smile.

“Sorry,” Bahn replied with a with a regretful expression. “Not that one.”

Jaina frowned slightly. “Well I must have a vibrating dildo!” she demanded with a stamp of her fifteen-centimeter heel and mock indignation.

Bahn responded with a laugh. “How could I refuse a request like that from such a beautiful woman,” he answered.

Jaina happily stayed shackled while Bahn showed her several different vibrating dildos. She barely even noticed Taorii returning a few minutes later.

Eventually, with Bahn and Taorii's help, Jaina chose an eighteen centimeter long synthflesh vibrating dildo. She had originally planned on getting a smaller one, around twelve or fifteen centimeters in length and thinner, but Taorii assured her that she would be very happy with the extra size.

Bahn also suggested that she get the dildo programmed so the remote could control it as well.

“No thanks,” Jaina replied. “I've already spent more than I was planning on in here anyway.”

“Ah, perhaps next time then,” Bahn answered. “And speaking of next time, here is my direct comm code, in case you need my help with ... anything, in the future,” he added with a very friendly smile.

Jaina was very aware of his open meaning. “Thank you, I'll be sure to let know if I need ... anything, from you,” she cooed in reply. Jaina didn't plan on calling him at all, but she was having fun flirting with him.

Since it was apparent that Jaina was finished shopping, Bahn said his goodbyes and left Taorii to take care of her. Jaina kept her boots, cuffs, and collar on, and let Taorii put the rest of her purchases, including her old shoes, in a discreet black bag.

The black durasteel collar was mostly hidden by her jumpsuit, and she doubted that anyone would think anything of it even if they did see it. The same went for her wrist cuffs. Her new boots appeared to be just a pair of boots. There was no way anyone would know that they were locked onto her.

While Taorii was doing that, Jaina noticed a small sign near the register that said they offered a military discount.

Secrecy was still paramount, but she really had spent more than she needed to. She had already told Bahn her first name, but it was still highly unlikely they would discover who she really was. Jaina was a common enough name, especially after her parents had given her the name.

“Hey, how much is the military discount?” Jaina asked Taorii as she slid her bag across the counter to her.

Taorii flasher her a look of dubiousness, then quickly turned her expression to a professional smile. “Fifteen percent, with valid military ID,” she replied, obviously not believing the small-statured girl in front of her could possibly be in the military.

Jaina's brow creased in thought. Saving fifteen percent wasn't worth having her identity exposed, but she could really use it. “You just visually check the ID, right? You don't scan it into the computer or anything, do you?” she asked with trepidation.

“Our customers' privacy is very important to us, so we don't normally keep records,” Taorii agreed. “Unless you want to join our frequent customer program, then we'll have to scan it so we can save your information, but we still won't share it with anyone.”

“No thanks,” Jaina replied quickly as she reached for her ID. “Just give me the discount, please.” As she held up her military ID, Jaina concentrated with the Force to make her not notice the name on it.

Taorii's expression turned from professional back to the friendly smile she had shared with Jaina earlier. “Thank you,” she said as she started adjusting her total.

“Please don't hesitate to ask for me when you come back,” Taorii implored her as she handed Jaina her credits back.

“I won't,” Jaina assured her. That was something she actually intended to do, unlike calling Bahn. Jaina thanked Taorii again for all her help, and left to find an air taxi.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Once she was safely back in her quarters on base, Jaina almost fell over herself to strip out of her jumpsuit, and try out her new toys. In minutes she was naked, with her wrists chained together. She took a deep breath, turned her new dildo on, and started running it around the outside of her hairless pussy to get herself wetter.

It only took her about thirty seconds to get herself wet enough. Jaina moaned as she slowly pushed the vibrating dildo into her pussy.

In less than a minute Jaina was moaning loudly as she plunged the dildo in and out of her soaking pussy. The vibrating synthflesh dildo was amazing! A few minutes later she was screaming out in pleasure.

On the verge of orgasm, Jaina suddenly heard a pounding on her door. She groaned in frustration. It wasn't fair! Jaina frantically tried to shove her dildo underneath her pillow with her still cuffed hands.

“Are you okay in there, Colonel Solo?” someone asked from the other side.

Jaina fumbled with the remote as she reached out with the Force to sense who was there. She managed to release the maglocks on the chain between her wristcuffs.

“Colonel Solo?” the voice asked, louder than before.

Frakk, she thought. It was her XO, Captain Newtton. “What?” Jaina screamed as she shoved her still wet dildo underneath her pillow.

“Are you okay Colonel Solo? I heard screaming,” he asked earnestly.

“Yes!” Jaina shouted in reply, frantically pulling on a jumpsuit as she stumbled towards the door. She sensed him hesitate a moment before saying anything else.

“Are you sure, Colonel? The whole floor heard you.”

Frakk. Just as she reached out to open the door, she realized that she was still wearing the durasteel collar, with the leash ring prominently attached. “I'm fine!” she shouted at him as she turned and brought the remote to her with the Force.

She sensed him consider that a moment. “Okay, Colonel Solo, we were just worried is all,” he finally said.

Since it seemed like he was about to leave, Jaina didn't unlock her collar. “Thanks, but it wasn't necessary,” she replied in her command voice through the still closed door. “I'm fine,” she repeated sternly.

“Yes, Colonel Solo, I'm sorry to bother you,” he replied. “I'll be going now.”

Jaina sensed him leave and she let out a sigh of relief. Then she started laughing. At least he hadn't barged in on her like Lando had. Still, a Lieutenant-Colonel should be able to get enough privacy in her own quarters to have a little fun.

What she really wanted to do was finish up, but she just wasn't in the mood anymore. Instead Jaina cleaned off her dildo, put it away, and started looking over Captain Newtton's performance review.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The next afternoon Jaina returned to the All Species Pleasure Boutique. This time she was wearing another nondescript black and gray jumpsuit, along with her new boots, cuffs, and collar. Her collar and cuffs were mostly hidden underneath the jumpsuit.

Jaina knew that Alema Rar owned several gags, but she didn't want to ask her which one would work best for keeping someone quiet while they masturbated.

Almost as soon as she entered the ASPB, she stumbled upon Bahn.

“Ah, hello again Jaina! Welcome back to the All Species Pleasure Boutique,” he greeted her with a broad smile. “How can I help you today?”

Jaina couldn't help but feel a little happy near Bahn. She knew it was because of his pheromones, but she just didn't care. “Hello,” she replied with a smile. “Is Taorii available?”

Bahn frowned slightly. “Sorry Jaina, she's off today,” he answered. Then he smiled again. “But I'd be happy to help you find what you are looking for?”

“Okay,” Jaina replied after a moment's thought. She hadn't intended on letting Bahn help her again, but now that she was close to him, she didn't seem to mind. “I need to get a gag,” she told him, a little embarrassed.

“Of course,” Bahn replied. “Right this way,” he added as he escorted her to the gag section.

“May I ask how you like your new collar?” Bahn asked her as they walked.

“It's ... nice,” Jaina replied, caught off guard by the question. Actually, she was mildly puzzled that he didn't try to lead her to the gags on a leash. She also wasn't sure if she would have stopped him.

“See any you like?” Bahn asked her after she had a chance to scan the gags.

“I'm not sure,” Jaina replied with a frown. Then she noticed a ring-shaped gag like the Maglev Security Force had used on her. That one hadn't done much at all to keep her quiet. It was pretty effective for other things, though.

“I just need one that I can scream into and not disturb the other people on my floor,” she explained.

Bahn's smiled grew even wider. It wasn't everyday such a gorgeous woman asked him something like that, even if she wasn't much of a dresser. “We have quite a few gags that are guaranteed to keep you as quiet as a nerf,” he told her with assurance.

Jaina blushed in response.

“Perhaps you'd like this one,” he said as he chose a black nerfhide gag off the wall.

Jaina looked at the phallus-shaped synthrubber protruding from the inside of the gag a moment. She had a good idea where that was meant to go. “Um, how about this one?” she suggested as she pulled a ballgag off its hook. She had tried on one of these at Alema Rar's apartment. Not only had it worked pretty well, it had been surprisingly comfortable.

They spent the next fifteen minutes or so trying out various gags. During that time, Bahn made it clear that he was interested in seeing her outside of the All Species Pleasure Boutique. Jaina found herself responding to his flirting with her own. It had been far too long since she had had the chance to relax and flirt with such a sexy guy. She even let him talk her into trying on the cock gag he had first picked out.

The cock gag was large enough that Jaina had to run through a couple of Force exercises to keep from gagging. She couldn't imagine wearing this for very long. She could imagine the reaction of Zekk or Jag if they knew she had a black synthrubber cock in her mouth though.

Eventually, Jaina chose a bright red ballgag with a single black nerfhide strap. Bahn tried to talk her into a locking harness gag, but Jaina told him that she couldn't afford it, even with the military discount. While that was partially true, she was also more than a little afraid that she was getting in over her head.

“You're in the military?” he asked her in disbelief.

Frakk, Jaina thought. She hadn't meant to tell him that. “Yes,” she admitted reluctantly.

“Really?” Then he paused, and changed his tone. “I'm sorry, Jaina, it's just that I didn't figure you for a military woman,” he apologized.

“I am,” she told him again.

Since the ballgag was much cheaper than the restraints, dildo, and programming she had gotten the day before, Jaina hadn't planned on using her military discount; at least with Bahn.

“Sorry, I must have left my ID back on base,” she explained when he asked her for it.

Bahn hesitated a moment. “Ah, that's no problem, I trust you. I'll give it to you anyway,” he told her with a smile.

After she finished checking out, Bahn asked her out on a date. To Jaina's surprise, she found herself accepting. They exchanged comm codes, and she went out to find an air taxi.

As soon as Jaina got back to her quarters, she stripped down to her collar, cuffs, and boots. Then she strapped her new ballgag into her mouth, chained her wrists together, and grabbed her dildo.

Jaina was already wet with anticipation. Just like the night before, it didn't take her very long to start moaning in pleasure. Even when she went from moaning loudly to virtually screaming, she could barely hear herself.

Less than ten minutes later, Jaina arched her back in a long, intense orgasm. Her new dildo kept humming along the whole time. As Jaina was coming down off her orgasmic high, she realized that the dildo wouldn't get tired for a very, very long time. Thrilled with the realization, she quickly started on another orgasm.

Her second orgasm took a little longer than her first. It was so much fun, she had even slowed down to prolong the experience. With Jag, it was usually an even bet whether or not he'd last through two for her. On the other hand, sexual endurance wasn't a problem for Lowie, but with him Jaina sometimes had to go into a healing trance afterwards.

After Jaina basked in the afterglow of her second orgasm for a while, she unlocked the chain between her wristcuffs, cleaned up and put her gag and dildo away. Then she cuffed her hands back together in front of her, and went to sleep.

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