Star Wars: Jaina's Fetish Shopping Trip
Chapter 1
Rating: NC-17

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: The following story takes place after the events of Jaina's Discovery, soon after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Please read and enjoy all of my stories!

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Prologue ... Immediately after the events of Jaina's Discovery ...

“You want me to do what?” Alema Rar asked in annoyance.

Lando sighed, then told her again, a little more diplomatically. “I just need you to do a private dance for Chief Gosska,” he said calmly.

“So that's why you wanted me to wear this Jabba slavegirl outfit!” Alema Rar shouted, with a stamp of her fifteen-centimeter heel. Not that I'm complaining about the outfit, she added silently.

Lando sighed again. Then he stepped over, and put his hands on the Twi'lek girl's shoulders. “Look, the thing is, I sort of promised him a private dance from you,” he explained. “And he sent the Jabba slavegirl outfit over for you to wear too,” he added.

He didn't mention the fact that Jaina had tried on and gotten trapped in an identical Jabba the Hutt Slavegirl Outfit that morning. He also didn't mention that that outfit had belonged to Jaina's mother, Leia.

When Lando had opened the container and saw the outfit, he had panicked at first, thinking Gosska had discovered Jaina's true identity, and was trying to blackmail him. The Hutt ran the Maglev Security Force, a legitimate law enforcement agency, but he didn't let that stop him from being a Hutt when it suited him. Earlier that day, some of his officers had pulled Jaina Solo aside for an 'additional security check,' which was a euphemism for 'humiliating strip-search.' The officers had let Lando go, so he took Leia's Jabba the Hutt Slavegirl Outfit that Jaina had been wearing back to Han and Leia's apartment. Lando, being the gentleman he was, immediately called Gosska, who was one of his best customers, and secured Jaina's release. All he had to do was promise the Hutt a private dance from Alema Rar.

Then, when Lando read the message explaining that the Hutt wanted to see Nu'map'ak in it, he smiled with anticipation. That was Alema Rar's stage name, and getting to see her in that outfit would be worth having to convince her to dance for the Hutt. Then he thought of Alema Rar and Jaina dancing side-by-side, both wearing the outfit ...

Alema Rar stared up at him, unconcerned. “So.” A slight breeze made her laasha silks flutter. That explained the expensive Jabba slavegirl outfit, she thought. She wouldn't even mind thanking Gosska for such a nice gift. Got to get the locks re-programmed, and have it scanned for messages or other surprises though, she thought, thinking of the surprise Gosska had put on the first dress he had given her.

Lando sighed once again. “I'll waive the house's cut of your tips for the next two nights,” he offered.

The barest trace of a smile crossed Alema Rar's lips. “Five nights, and of my choice,” she countered.

The Second Fleet was coming to Coruscant next week, and the Fifth in two months. Alema Rar knew she would make a whole lot more credits with over two hundred thousand Galactic Alliance crewmen on leave, not that they would all be at Club Calrissian.

Lando's eyes popped open. “No Way! Three nights, tops! And not next week!” he replied loudly.

Alema Rar allowed herself a bit more of a smile. So he doesn't know about the Fifth, she thought. “Fine, not next week,” she agreed. “But four nights,” she added.

Lando frowned for a moment. “Okay, four nights, your choice, not next week,” he agreed. Then he held up a finger, as if to make a point. “But you have to use them within the next sixty days, or you lose them,” he said firmly.

Alema Rar paused dramatically. Her sources had the Fifth coming in in forty-five to fifty days. “We have a deal,” she said, then smiled triumphantly.

Lando stared back at her suspiciously. “Good,” he replied after a moment's hesitation. Then he flashed her his usual roguish smile, and spun her around. “Now get out there and shake that credit creator,” he said as he slapped her ass.

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” Alema Rar said as she strutted towards the door, laughing triumphantly.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Later that evening ...

“Ah, my dear Nu'map'ak,” Gosska the Hutt said with a satisfied sigh. “You are the best dancer on all of Coruscant!” he declared as he tugged on her leash.

Alema Rar smiled up at him. Currently she was stretched out on his repulsor sled in front of him, resting after her lengthy, and energetic, dance. With one hand she reached down to adjust the laasha silk on her Jabba the Hutt Slavegirl outfit. “Aw, thanks, Chief Gosska,” she replied sweetly.

“And thank you so much for wearing that outfit for me,” he added. “I saw Calrissian's new girl in it today, and wanted to see her dance for me, but you are even better!” he assured her.

Alema Rar frowned slightly. Lando or Tendra hadn't mentioned any new dancers to her. In fact, as far as she knew, Lando had only been around one person today, other than Tendra—Jaina Solo, whom she had had to loan a dress to. Alema Rar had also picked up Jaina's lightsaber and flight suit, and taken it to her. Then she had had to take her nearly seven hundred klicks to her base.

Suspicion began to form in Alema Rar's mind.

“Hey, Chief Gosska, do you happen to have a holo of this new girl?” she asked him innocently.

“HO HO HO,” Gosska replied with booming laughter. “So you want to check out the competition?”

“Got me,” she answered with a shrug and a smile. Then she rubbed his rough, sweaty belly adoringly.

Gosska rumbled in pleasure for a moment. “I've got lots of security footage,” he assured her. Then he punched a couple of buttons on his repulsor sled's control panel, and an image appeared on the holoscreen on the wall.

On the one-meter holoscreen was an image of Jaina Solo and Lando Calrissian, both standing in the middle of a crowded maglev car. Jaina was wearing the black dress that Gosska had given to Alema Rar a couple of weeks ago. A gold slave collar was around her neck, along with matching armbands and bracelets, just like Alema Rar was wearing now. Under the dress, Alema Rar could make out the edge of the gold durasteel bra.

So Jaina's a little kinky, Alema Rar thought with amusement. I'll have to help her get even kinkier.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CHAPTER 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nearly two months later ...

Jaina Solo ran through another Jedi calming exercise as she climbed out of the air-taxi. Almost immediately, she sensed a couple of men checking her out. Even though she was wearing a nondescript black and gray jumpsuit, she sensed their attention linger for a few seconds. Perhaps it was the sexiness the twelve-centimeter heels she was wearing gave her stride. Or perhaps it was her natural good looks. Frakk, I'm turning into Alema Rar, Jaina thought with exasperation.

It had been nearly two months since she had tried on her mom's Jabba the Hutt Slavegirl Outfit, and been trapped in it. During that time she found she couldn't get the thought of wearing it again out of her mind. Well, not it exactly, but parts of it. Along with something else. This brought her back to the All Species Pleasure Boutique.

At first, she had started borrowing things from Alema Rar. Soon though, the Twi'lek started pushing her into more and more risque outfits and situations, even to the point of trying to get her to dance in a cage at Lando's club. It had been Alema Rar that had talked her into going back to the Maglev station dressed like a slut.

When Jaina was getting strip-searched by the security officers, her pussy was dripping with excitement. Afterwards, she couldn't believe how stupid she had been. If she was discovered, it would ruin her life. Finally, Jaina decided that she had to find what she needed on her own.

She ran through another Jedi calming exercise as she walked into the Boutique. Warily, she looked around for the Zeltron, Bahn. On her previous visit, she had come in off balanced, and somewhat aroused. While she was near Bahn and his pheromones, her arousal went through the roof.

Within a couple of minutes, a perky human woman with blue-dyed hair offered to help her.

While Jaina had several things she was planning on getting, she wasn't sure where to start. After a moment's hesitation, she decided to start with the least embarrassing thing. “I'm looking for some shoes,” Jaina told the shop girl with a slight smile.

“Great!” the perky salesgirl, Taorii, replied. “We've got thousands of super-sexy high heels.”

Three minutes later, they were in the All Species Pleasure Boutique's footwear department. Jaina didn't think she could quite fit her entire squadron of X-wings in there, but she could come close. Looking around, she recognized shoes shaped for dozens of species' feet, and plenty more that she couldn't figure out what they would fit. The largest selection was clearly for humans, however.

That left Jaina with a dizzying array of heels to choose from.

“Anything in particular you're looking for?” Taorii asked her.

Since the incident with the slavegirl outfit, Jaina had bought a single pair of twelve-centimeter chunky heeled sandals, and worn them as much as possible. The reaction from the males around the base and everywhere else she had worn them had been universally positive.

There was one thing in particular she was looking for in her next pair of heels. “Do you have any that can be locked?” she asked Taorii quietly.

To Jaina's surprise, they had several dozen styles that could be locked onto the wearer's feet, both obviously and discreetly. Discreetness was a must. After looking over the selection of locking footwear a couple of minutes, Jaina picked out a pair of black ankle boots with about ten centimeter heels.

The tops of the boots went up a few centimeters past her actual ankle joints. They were made of nerfhide, with the top several centimeters being noticeably thicker than the rest of the boots. As Jaina pulled them on, she felt the rigid durasteel cuff between the layers of nerfhide. Taorii cheerfully explained that they locked with maglocks, and couldn't be broken even by a Wookiee. Once both cuffs were closed, Jaina stood and took a few practice steps.

The boots were very comfortable. While she was strutting around the shoe department, Jaina tried to unlock them with the Force. She knew from the Jedi Academy, and from personal experience, that most magnetic locks couldn't be pulled apart with the Force. Still, she tried, and tried to make them unlock. Depending on the sophistication of the lock, that was sometimes successful.

After several minutes, Jaina gave up on both methods. The only way to get the boots off without the remote would be to cut them off, and that would still leave the durasteel cuffs. “I'll take 'em,” Jaina said to Taorii as she admired the boots in one of the floor-length mirrors.

“Okay,” Taorii replied cheerfully. “But why don't you try them with some higher heels first?” she asked with a questioning expression. “You'd look great in them,” she added with a smile.

With her Jedi reflexes, Jaina had proved quite nimble in the twelve-centimeter heels she had. Walking in the ten-centimeter boots was effortless. Still, she hadn't even thought about higher heels.

“Sure,” Jaina replied, eyes wide open at the suggestion.

A minute or so later, Jaina was wearing nearly the same pair of black ankle boots, except these had fifteen-centimeter heels. The soles of the boots were thick, but not quite enough to be considered a platform. The heels were chucky, maybe two or three centimeters in diameter, which made them easier to walk in.

Jaina definitely liked the way these affected her stride. They seemed to push her ass back further, and her chest out more. As she walked, she had to swing her hips farther out. Jaina happily told Taorii that she'd take them instead of the first pair, and that she wanted to keep wearing them while she shopped.

“No problem,” Taorii replied without batting an eye. “I'll put your old ones in the box for you.”

“So, what's next on your list?” Taorii asked her once she had gotten her old sandals taken care of.

The question startled Jaina, who had been busy admiring herself as she walked back and forth in her new boots, getting used to them. Before she answered, she moved a little closer to Taorii. Then she glanced around nervously. “Um, I need some binders,” she said once she made sure no one was listening in.

“Right this way,” Taorii answered with a smile.

Jaina had almost expected to sense a flash of disapproval from Taorii, but the salesgirl seemed genuinely happy to help.

“Do you know what kind you're looking for?” Taorii asked as they climbed onto the store's down slideramp.

All Jaina had thought about was getting a pair of binders like the Maglev Security Force used. The only types she was familiar with were regular binders, and stuncuffs, and she knew that she didn't want stuncuffs, which would shock her if she struggled.

“I don't know,” Jaina replied as they arrived at the next floor. “What all do you have?”

About a minute later, Jaina found out what all they had. Well, at least she couldn't imagine them having more.

The All Species Pleasure Boutique's restraint department wasn't as big as their shoe department, but it was big. Jaina began looking around, almost lost in the various restraints.

The restraints were divided based on what they were made out of. Basic durasteel was the most popular materiel, followed by nerfhide. After those two, there were noticeably fewer restraints made out of synthhide, plastex, and even clear transparisteel. There was also a selection of synthrope and other, similar material.

The colors of the restraints were even more varied than the materials. Silver was the most popular, especially silver durasteel. Black seemed to be next overall, but was heavily concentrated among the nerfhide and synthhide. After silver and black was red, but Jaina saw virtually every color of the rainbow.

Quite a few were stuncuffs, which would stun the wearer if they struggled, or could be activated by someone with a remote.

Eventually, the overwhelmed Jaina picked up a set of standard police binders. They looked just like the ones carried by the Maglev Police Force. Jaina couldn't be a hundred percent sure though, since she hadn't got a good look at the binders when they slapped them on her.

Jaina had some trouble putting them on herself, but Taorii was only happy to help her out.

“Do you mind if I ask you how you're going to use them?” Taorii asked as she locked them around Jaina's outstretched wrists. “I might be able to suggest something better?”

While Jaina knew that most beings didn't purchase binders from the All Species Pleasure Boutique for professional use, she hadn't planned on sharing such intimate information. Still, she didn't have an unlimited amount of funds to spend, so she wanted to get the right thing the first time. Jaina glanced around, and reached out with the Force to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

“I'm gonna um, wear them while I masturbate,” Jaina practically whispered to her.

Once again Jaina was pleasantly surprised, and relieved by Taorii's professional reaction. It definitely helped allay her embarrassment.

“It's perfectly okay. You'd be surprised at how many people do this,” Taorii reassured her. “I think these shackles will work better for that, though,” she added as she pulled another set off the wall.

The shackles were silver durasteel, and separated by a short chain five or six centimeters long. Jaina meekly held out her hands and let Taorii unlock the police binders, then quickly replace them with the shackles.

Jaina immediately liked these better than the police binders. They had a better range of motion. The shackles were also wider, which spread out the pressure over more of her wrists. She reached out with the Force, and tried to unlock them. She was no more successful than she had been with the boots or binders. They looked about six centimeters wide, and about five millimeters thick.

“They lock magnetically, just like your new boots,” she explained as Jaina tugged at the shackles. Then Taorii hit a button on the remote in her hand, and the chain connecting the cuffs fell into her other hand. “The chain is also magnetically locked, and can easily be switched out for different length chains or spreader bars, or for basic restraining rings. Or we can work with you for something custom.”

Jaina barely kept up with all the information. Spreader bars? She was still gazing at the shackles around her wrists. Without the chain, the virtually seamless cuffs looked almost like jewelry. That made Jaina wonder if they sold a chrono like this.

Then Jaina realized that she could wear the cuffs hidden underneath long sleeves. “Do you have these in black?” she asked.

Taorii unlocked the silver shackles and handed her a pair of identical black ones. Even with the short chain, Jaina easily locked these onto her own wrists. They were perfect. She had to have them.

After Jaina announced her decision, Taorii, asked her what lengths of chain she wanted.

“I recommend a ten-centimeter length for what you want,” Taorii suggested.

After a few moments' thought, Jaina decided to just go with that. If she needed any more, she could always come back.

“And I want a collar that matches these,” Jaina told her, displaying her still shackled hands.

“Of course,” Taorii replied happily.

Neither made a move to unlock Jaina's hands. Since the collars were also in the restraint department, they didn't have very far to go, however.

As Jaina started looking at the different models of collars, Taorii explained to her that some of them were stuncollars, which functioned like the stuncuffs. A few of the more expensive collars could also shock the wearer if they tried to speak. Some of the collars could also be programmed with virtual leashes, shocking the wearer if they got too far from, or too close to, the remote control device.

Jaina didn't want to get shocked; she just wanted a durasteel collar like the one on the slavegirl outfit. There were a few designs that weren't stuncollars, but were the same width black durasteel as her new shackles. Jaina picked one out, and Taorii helpfully locked it around her neck. After a few minutes of comparing several models, which involved locking each of them around her neck and seeing how they looked in the mirror, Jaina chose one that closed in the back, with a hinge at either side.

Since the Jabba the Hutt Slavegirl collar had a leash ring, Jaina had wanted a collar with one as well. She also wanted one that was smooth all the way around, so she could hide it underneath a top with a high collar. When she voiced her dilemma to Taorii, the helpful salesgirl showed her a leash ring that could be attached to the collar with a maglock, just like her shackles.

After seeing how it looked with and without the leash ring, Jaina picked the the six centimeter wide black durasteel collar with no leash ring. She also chose a black chain for the wrist cuffs, as well as the magnetic leash ring.

Taorii showed her some magnetic D-rings for her cuffs. They weren't very expensive, but Jaina didn't want to spend too much on something that she probably wouldn't use.

“I don't think I can afford too many extras,” Jaina explained.

Taorii frowned a moment. “Well, do you need anything else, then?” she asked, obviously still hoping for a bigger sale.

Jaina was still wearing her new fifteen-centimeter heeled ankle boots, her wrists were cuffed in front of her, and she was wearing a collar with a leash ring dangling from the front. There were two more things she needed to do at the All Species Pleasure Boutique.

“I want to program the locks on my boots, shackles, and collar,” she replied.

“Oh, that's no problem at all,” Taorii answered cheerfully. “If you'll follow me, I'll take you to our staff programmer.”

They had only gotten a few steps before Jaina realized that she was still shackled. “Hey, can you take these off me?” Jaina asked as she stopped and held out her cuffed hands.

“Sure,” Taorii responded. “Just the chain, or the cuffs too?”

“Oh, just the chain is fine,” Jaina answered after a moment's thought. There was no way she wanted to take off her new cuffs or collar yet.

Taorii released the maglocks on each end of the chain, then led Jaina to the programmer. Jaina wasn't even sure if Luke, the programmer who had helped her escape the Jabba costume, was on duty right now, much less if he would remember her.

Luke was, and he did. He was also very happy to see her again. Jaina was glad he didn't mention her being trapped in the slavegirl outfit last time.

“So, what can I do for you today, beautiful?” Luke asked her with a smile.

Jaina couldn't help but blush. “I need the maglocks on my collar, cuffs, and boots programmed,” she answered with her own smile.

“No problem, you want them programmed to remote, voice, or something else?”

Since the slavegirl outfit had been voice controlled, Jaina had been planning on getting that feature. But a remote would work too.

After Luke, Taorii, and Jaina discussed options and prices a few minutes, Jaina decided to have the maglocks programmed to a hand-held remote control device, mainly because that was much cheaper than the voice programming.

That brought them to the level of computer security guarding the lock. Luke explained that they had basic, standard, and advanced security. If someone sliced the computer controlling the locks, then they could lock or unlock them, or activate any of the restraints' features, like stun, voice control, or virtual leash. Luke did assure her that it was rare for someone to slice even the basic level of security, though.

“It's always someone losing the remote, not knowing whose voice it's keyed to, or something like that,” Luke commented with a knowing smile.

Jaina blushed again, and squeezed her legs together in arousal. She had already spent a lot more credits than she had planned, and since she didn't have to worry about getting stunned or not being able to speak, she opted for the basic level of security.

She had also thought about having Luke program the collar with the virtual leash, but she couldn't afford that, either. Another reason was that she could just reach out with the Force and press the remote to unlock the collar, cuffs and boots with the remote, making the virtual leash pointless.

After Luke finished programming her restraints' primary and backup remotes, he insisted on testing them, strictly for professional reasons.

“I wouldn't want you to get trapped in them,” he said with concern.

Even before arriving at the All Species Pleasure Boutique, Jaina had been aroused. Picking out her boots, cuffs, and collar had only served to heighten the feeling. Still, Jaina couldn't argue with his logic, especially since she sensed that he was mostly telling the truth. With a sigh of reluctance, Jaina held her hands out, and allowed Taorii to lock them together. As she did, Jaina's arousal went up another notch.

Luke and Taorii spent the next twenty minutes thoroughly testing the maglocks on Jaina's restraints. By the time they finished, she was virtually dripping with arousal. She was so distracted that she barely even noticed that they had left her wrists cuffed behind her back, and Taorii was holding a leash that was attached to the front of her collar.

“So, anything else you need?” Taorii asked the squirming Jedi.

It took Jaina a few seconds to realize that she was talking to her. Then it took her several more to remember what else she had come here to buy. “A, uh, vibrator,” she replied absently. Then she sensed an amused reaction from Luke, realized what she had just said in front of him, and blushed with embarrassment.

“Great. We have an extensive selection of personal pleasure devices,” Taorii replied. “If you'll please follow me, I'll lead you there,” she added with a gentle tug of Jaina's leash.

The All Species Pleasure Boutique's Personal Pleasure Device section was easily large enough to land a couple of X-wings in. There was an extensive selection of simpler, phallus shaped devices. However, as she walked around, the devices steadily grew more and more elaborate, and expensive. Quite a bit of the space was taken up by what Jaina could only describe as compact pleasure droids.

Jaina couldn't imagine how some of the devices worked. Since she also couldn't afford most of them, she stepped over to the simpler devices. After scanning the array of dildos and other devices a couple of minutes, Jaina realized that her hands were still cuffed behind her back.

“Hey, a little help here, please?” she asked as she turned and held her shackled hands out towards Taorii.

“Oh, sorry about that,” Taorii answered with an amused smile as she reached into her pocket for the remote control.

Jaina sensed her alarm a split-second before the expression reached her face.

“Oh, Kriff! I left the remote back with Luke !” she exclaimed in genuine shock. “I'm soooooo sorry,” she quickly apologized.

Jaina stood there dumbfounded. Then she tried to unlock the maglocks with the Force. It didn't work. She was far too agitated to perform at her highest level—not that she thought it would have really mattered anyway.

Taorii was in a complete panic. Before Jaina could stop her, she shouted something about being right back, and took off.

“Wait!” Jaina called after her vainly. But she was already gone, leaving Jaina alone, with her hands shackled behind her back. Her leash was still attached to her collar, and hanging down to her thighs. “Frakk,” Jaina said in frustration.

Jaina briefly thought about chasing after her, but decided against it. For one, she wasn't entirely sure she could find Taorii, and second, she didn't want to run into anyone while she was like this. Instead she ran through a Force calming exercise, and tried again to unlock her wrist cuffs. The maglocks refused to budge.

After a minute or so, Jaina had calmed down considerably. In fact, she was kind of starting to enjoy being cuffed. Soon she was quite happy being shackled, browsing the dildos. By the time she sensed a presence a couple of meters behind her, Jaina was practically grinning blissfully. Even turning to find the red-skinned Zeltron, Bahn, standing there didn't dampen her mood very much.

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