Jaina's Discovery
Chapter 5
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place within a few months of the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. It is the fifth Star Wars story I have written. Unlike the last three, this one is not a sequel to any of the others. I hope you read them anyway, and enjoy all of my stories. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

The maglev arrived at the station, and Jaina and Lando exited. Jaina was still trying to make herself as close to invisible as she could as she moved through the crowd. They had only made it twenty meters or so before three maglev security officers intercepted them.

The security officers, two Humans and a Rodian, informed Jaina that she had been randomly chosen for an additional security check. When Lando explained that she was with him, they simply invited him along, making it clear that it was an invitation, and that he wasn't being detained in anyway.

Conscious of the minutes ticking by, Jaina took a deep breath, then said, “You don't need to do an additional security check on me,” as she waved her hand in front of them.

The Rodian and one of the Humans seemed to be on the verge of letting them go. The sergeant, however, looked at her funny for a moment, then snorted derisively. “Of course not, Jedi sweet-cheeks,” he replied as he grabbed her by the arm. “Let's go,” he added, as the Rodian took her other arm.

In spite of Jaina's attempted mind trick, she was hustled off to a nearby security office, with Lando tagging along. Another Human officer, this one with a Major's insignia, was already there. It quickly became obvious that Lando's warnings had been right.

Jaina sensed that the Major's mind was strong, just like the Sergeant that had brought her here. She felt like she could still get them to let her go, but she didn't know how long it would take. Her main fear was that, if she tried, they might realize that she was a Jedi. Then it wouldn't take them long to figure out which Jedi, and she was dressed very un-Jedi at the moment. Not to mention un-Galactic Alliance Lieutenant Colonel, wearing her mother's Hutt slavegirl costume.

She knew that there were lots of holocams in the station, and absolutely didn't want those images getting out. On the other hand, she absolutely had to get the slavegirl outfit back in her mom's closet before her parents found out it was missing.

“Mister Calrissian,” the Major greeted Lando. Then he openly checked out Jaina, from head to toe, before turning his attention back to Lando. “Chief Gosska sends his warmest regards, and says that he hopes to see you at your club tonight.”

Chief Gosska? Who the skrag is chief Gosska, Jaina wondered.

“He would also like to apologize for detaining your new dancer,” the Major added.

Dancer, Jaina thought, puzzled and insulted at the same time.

Jaina sensed Lando's puzzlement through the Force for a moment, but he hid it well. “Well Thank you Major,” he replied. “And my dancer and I—” he glanced at Jaina—“are in a bit of a hurry. Is there anyway we can expedite this security check?” Lando said as he smoothly passed him a few hundred-credit chits.

“Please, Mister Calrissian, the Maglev Security Force doesn't accept bribes,” the Major said stiffly. Then, after a brief pause in which Jaina sensed amusement from the other officers, he reluctantly added, “At least from you, anyway, Mister Calrissian.”

“Of course,” Lando replied with a frown, as he pocketed his would-be bribe.

“You, of course, Mister Calrissian, are not being detained in any way, and may leave at any time,” the Major told him. “However, our computer chose your companion here for an additional search, and we are required by regulation to complete it.” Before Lando or Jaina could respond, he added, “It should only take half-an-hour or so.”

Now Jaina understood why the Force had told her to tell Lando where she had found the slavegirl outfit. She took a deep breath, and suggested to Lando that he should go ahead and leave her, but take her dancing costume with him for safekeeping.

That pleased the security officers—thugs, as Jaina thought of them—immensely. It only took a mention of the time to convince Lando to go along with her plan.

Jaina quickly began to remove the various pieces of the slavegirl outfit. The armbands, bracelets, collar and boots were easy enough. She was even able to take off the belt without too much trouble. But when Jaina asked for some privacy to take off the bra, Major Graahm flatly refused, saying regs required them to keep her in sight at all times until she the security search was complete.

With a sigh of regret, Jaina unzipped the dress, and removed the bra while doing her best to keep her essentials covered. The security thugs watched her closely, while she tried to ignore them. Once she got the durasteel bra off, Jaina quickly handed it to Lando and told him to hurry.

“Are you sure about this?” Lando asked her once again.

Jaina looked at the four men leering at her with anticipation. “Of course not,” she replied to Lando. “Now hurry up and get going,” she added as she thought about the humiliating quarantine processing that she had gone through on Duro.

Lando glanced at his chrono. “Sure thing,” he replied. Then he turned and walked out, a look of determination on his face.

As soon as the door closed, the foursome became noticeably more aggressive in their attitudes.

“Why don't you go ahead and hand me that dress, my dear,” the sergeant told her with a smile. “So I can search it for spice and such.”

Now that Lando, and the slavegirl outfit, were safely gone, Jaina considered her options. What she wanted to do the most was kick the kriffing sithspit out of these four nerfherders.

The only problem with that was, these were actually authorized law enforcement officers, even if they were more interested in seeing her naked than performing a security check, just like on Duro.

So if she did leave them lying on the floor, there would be an investigation, and her holos would be plastered all over the place, probably with the slave collar easily visible. Also, they knew Lando by name, so he would get dragged back into it, and she didn't want to do that to him.

Another option was to attempt another mind trick, to convince them to let her go. She had already tried that though, and failed. The Major's mind was at least as strong as the Sergeant's, so she wasn't confident of success with both of them present. If she tried and failed, they would know that she was a Jedi.

There was no way she wanted them getting even a hint of who she was. With less than a hundred Jedi in the galaxy, it would be easy to identify her, and there were still the holos of her with the slave collar and all.

Which left cooperation, as limited as she could get away with.

“Come on, shag, we don't have all day,” the sergeant said impatiently.

“Yes, se-sir. Sorry sir” Jaina replied quickly and meekly, as she stripped off her only article of clothing. She had been about to call him by his rank, sergeant, but decided that a frightened dancer wouldn't be able to recognize military-style rank insignia. Jaina handed him her dress, leaving her completely naked.

The sergeant passed the dress to the Human officer, who gave it a brief search and set in on a nearby bench. “All right, cutie,” the sergeant said. “Sometimes you girls get a little frisky while we're searching you, so regulations say I got to cuff ya'.” As he spoke, he pulled out a set of durasteel binders.

This is gonna get worse before it gets better, Jaina thought as she held her hands out in front of her. With the Force, she tried to get the sergeant cuff her hands in front of her.

The sergeant—Jounson was his name—locked the binder on her right wrist. Then, using that arm for leverage, he smoothly spun her around and pulled both arms behind her back. As he closed the other binder around her left wrist, Jaina used the Force to try to get him to think he was locking the binder when he really hadn't.

When she heard a distinct 'click,' Jaina sighed in failure. The trick had worked with Salkeli on Bakura. Got to practice that more, she thought in annoyance.

After Sergeant Jounson double checked the binders, he turned to Major Graahm and asked, “Should we retina scan her?”

Jaina held her breath and concentrated on the Force. Luckily, Major Graahm was already answering no.

“Nah, she's just one of Calrissian's shiks. If we want to know who she is, we'll just buy a table dance,” he said with laughter.

Now Jaina ran through a couple of Force exercises to calm herself. They casual way they were dismissing her was infuriating. At least there was a reason she was putting up with it. Jaina knew that they had done this to countless other women, who couldn't beat the Sith out of all four of them while cuffed.

“Hey, she can do that after the search,” the Human officer chirped in with a laugh.

“Yeah, her tip will be getting her clothes back,” the Rodian added over the group's laughter.

Un-kriffing-believable, Jaina thought as she stood, naked and cuffed, listening to these supposed security officers. I swear I'm gonna have these nerfherders put in prison.

“Alright shag, spread 'em,” Sergeant Jounson said, as he pulled her to a cold durasteel table. Then he pushed her upper body over the tabletop with his hands and bumped her feet apart with one of his boots.

Now Jaina was leaned over the table, with her feet spread nearly twice shoulder length apart. Her head hung over the far edge of the table. Sergeant Jounson pulled a wide nerfhide strap from one side of the table, and tightened it over her upper back and biceps, pressing her tits into the hard table. Another strap went over her hips, underneath her cuffed hands.

While he was strapping her down, Jaina looked under the table to see the other two officers each pick up a shackle that was chained to the floor. Then they each pulled her feet a little farther apart, and locked the cold shackles onto her ankles.

Now Jaina ran through several Jedi calming exercises. She still wasn't completely helpless, but if they really wanted to hurt her now, they probably would. Being completely naked certainly made her feel helpless. She could only imagine how some poor girl would feel strapped to this cold table, completely naked, and without the Force as her ally. The calming exercises didn't do anything for her shivering though.

“We are almost ready, my dear,” Major Graahm said as he approached her from his desk, carrying a thin nerfhide strap with a hard ring in the middle of it. “Unfortunately though, the subjects of some of our searches have gotten a little loud in the past, and disturbed our Maglev passengers.”

He stopped right next to her head, and gently ran his hand down Jaina's back, just inside her cuffed arm, causing her flinch.

“My my, don't be frightened my dear. Trust me, this is purely a professional matter,” Major Graahm said, attempting to placate her. “I am sorry about the cold, though… but I'm sure we can warm you up,” he added with an evil chuckle.

Jaina bit her lip in response.

Before Major Graahm could continue, a comlink on his desk beeped for his attention. “Can you get that?” he asked one of his subordinates with annoyance.

Jaina twisted her head back to see the Human officer pick it up. Inside she was impatient, and annoyed with the delay. She wanted them to get it over with. For some reason, she also felt a little aroused, which embarrassed her even more.

“It's Chief Gosska,” the officer informed Major Graahm warily.

“Well, I best hear what sort of wisdom our mighty Chief has for his minions today,” Major Graahm said half-sarcastically, as he stepped over and took the comlink from him. “Probably, strip-search another Jedi, or something like that.”

Jaina started to panic when she heard him say another Jedi. Then she caught the sarcasm in his voice, and sensed his emotions. Then Major Graahm put the comlink to his ear. “Major Graahm, Chief Gosska… Yes Chief Gosska. She's right here, strapped down tight, Chief Gosska… You want us to do what to her? Are you sure, Chief Gosska…? Well, of course then, Chief Gosska, I will carry our your instructions explicitly.”

Jaina had picked up Major Graahm's half of the conversation around the do what to her?! part. Whatever it was that Chief Gosska had ordered Major Graahm to do, it definitely shocked the Major. Which meant that it probably wasn't going to be good for one Jedi Jaina Solo.

Calmly, Jaina reached out with the Force, trying to unlock the binders around her wrists. I've got to get more practice with this, Jaina thought, when the cuffs wouldn't open. Strangely, she did kind of like the feeling of the binders on her wrists, and the knowledge that they were locked on securely. Maybe that's why I failed, Jaina thought, as she flexed her wrists against the cuffs.

Then Major Graahm clicked off the comlink. “By order of Chief Gosska, we are to release her immediately,” he announced.

What? Jaina thought in shock. He has to be joking!! But she could sense the seriousness of his words. Strangely though, Jaina was a little disappointed by the idea.

The sergeant and two officers were loudly voicing their displeasure with the order.

“I can smell her! She wants us to search her!” The Rodian proclaimed with glee.

Jaina moaned, and turned as red as the Errant Venture's hull.

Then Jaina felt a finger brush her snatch, and Sergeant Jounson announced, “And I can feel her randiness—I mean readiness!”

Even Major Graahm took a moment to laugh at the joke. Luckily for Jaina though, it ended there. The Maglev Security Force turned out to have more discipline and structure than she thought.

“What the Frakk are you waiting on?” Major Graahm asked them, wiping the grin off his own face. “Chief Gosska to come down here and slap you with his tail? Start releasing her!” he added as he sat back down behind his desk.

Tail? Jaina thought. What kind of being has a tail? she wondered. Then she remembered seeing a news story a couple of months earlier about a Hutt getting the contract for Maglev security on Coruscant. Now she wondered why the Hutt was letting her go.

The two officers started releasing Jaina from her exposed position. In less than thirty seconds she was completely free, but still naked, and a little horny. Sergeant Jounson tossed her her dress, and Jaina quickly pulled it back on. She had no idea why they had let her go, but she was eager make good on her escape before Chief Gosska, or someone else, changed their mind.

After she was dressed, as much as she could be in the skimpy dress, Major Graahm startled her again by telling her that he had been ordered to offer her a ride anywhere she needed to go.

Jaina thought about the offer for a few seconds. She wasn't looking forward to the ten-minute barefoot walk to her parents' apartment. Then she realized that she really didn't want to walk into her parents' apartment wearing only this dress. Since her parents would probably be there before she could get changed, Jaina couldn't go to their apartment anyway. She had no idea where to find Lando. The base was completely out of the question, as it was nearly seven hundred klicks away. Besides, there was no way she wanted these guys to know that she was in the military. It wouldn't be too hard to identify her from there.

“No thanks, I'll walk,” Jaina replied after a few moments of thought. She wasn't quite sure where to, but if she could find a public computer terminal, then she could access her accounts, and get some credits.

* * * * *

As soon as Lando left the Maglev station, he commed Gosska's office. After going through several layers of flunkies, he finally reached the Hutt himself. Then Lando had to hear Gosska rave about how much he liked Lando's club for a couple of minutes. Finally he shut up, and Lando explained his problem to him.

“Consider it done, Calrissian,” the Hutt replied.

Relieved, Lando started to thank him.

“I look forward to her dancing for me tonight,” Gosska added before Lando could say anything.

Now Lando was really in a panic. “Well, tonight is her off night, Chief Gosska, plus she's new and all, so I don't think she's ready for such a discerning being as yourself.”

In reality, Lando thought that Jaina would look fabulous dancing on the end of a leash, especially in that slavegirl outfit.

In order for Gosska to agree to quickly free Jaina, Lando had to promise a free, private dance from his favorite dancer, Nu'map'ak—the stage name of Alema Rar, although the Hutt didn't know that. Still, Lando got the feeling that Gosska was hiding something. Then he realized that he was a Hutt, so of course he was hiding something. Still somewhat unsettled, Lando thanked him again, and ended the call.

Next, Lando happened to walk by an air taxi that was dropping someone off, so he hopped in himself. On the way to Han and Leia's apartment, he commed Han again, to surreptitiously find out how far away they were. They were still about five or six minutes from the apartment. He would make it, barely.

The air taxi came to a stop near their apartment building. Lando paid the droid driver to wait, and dashed in, slavegirl outfit in hand.

Less than four minutes later, Lando rushed out of Han and Leia's apartment with Jaina's flightsuit, lightsaber, and gear. He had replaced the slavegirl outfit as best he could, then gathered up Jaina's belongings that were still strewn about the living room. He sighed with relief when the air taxi took off. While he had been in the apartment, he had expected Han and Leia to arrive, sooner than Han had claimed, and start asking awkward questions. Like why he was carrying their daughter's uniform and lightsaber. Or worse, why he was carrying Leia's Hutt slavegirl outfit.

As the air taxi headed back towards the Maglev station, Lando wondered how he was supposed to find Jaina amongst the hundreds of thousands of beings in the area. He had originally planned on her finding him at the station, or still in the security room, probably naked and restrained. But assuming Gosska made good on his promise to release her, Jaina could be anywhere. It was a job for a Jedi.

The only Jedi he knew that wouldn't ask too many questions, or tell too many people—mainly Han, Leia, or Luke—was Alema Rar. Lando already owed her for the dress, plus for giving Gosska a private dance. Seeing no other options, he commed his best dancer.

* * * * *

Jaina couldn't believe her luck. After walking barefoot, and dressed like a slut, for nearly thirty minutes, she still hadn't found a public computer terminal. It had taken about fifteen minutes for her arousal to recede anyway. She was currently looking for someone to borrow a comlink from, to call Lando to come get her. Only as the speeder was setting down on the duracrete did Jaina sense the presence within.

Frakk, Jaina thought with dread as the door opened. She glanced down at her dress, hating being seen in something like this. Oh well, it can't be helped now.

“Hello, Alema Rar,” Jaina greeted her fellow Jedi, remembering their time together on the Trickster, under the influence of the provoker spineray.

Rar looked ready to burst out in laughter as she got a good look at Jaina's dress. Suddenly, Jaina had a suspicion about who Lando had gotten the dress from. It certainly fit in with what Alema Rar liked to wear.

“Nice dress,” Alema Rar said from inside the speeder, causing Jaina to blush. “Lando sent me to pick you up,” she added before Jaina could respond.

Well, it could be worse, Jaina thought. It could have been Zekk. “Thanks,” she replied with a smile as she climbed into the air taxi with Alema Rar.

* * * * *

“I didn't know you had a speeder,” Jaina said as Alema Rar merged into a traffic lane.

“I don't. This is a… friend's,” she replied. “Oh, there's something for you in the back seat,” she added, flicking her right lek towards the back.

Jaina looked in the back seat and found her flight suit, boots and lightsaber. Alema Rar activated the speeder's privacy tinting, and a relieved Jaina started changing.

Once she was back in her flight suit, Jaina asked, “Do you want your dress back?”—attempting to confirm the Twi'lek's ownership of it.

“No thanks,” Alema Rar replied with a smirk. “You should keep it. It looks good on you,” she added, winking at Jaina.

Jaina smiled back, long used to Alema Rar's mannerisms. Inside, she was sort of fantasizing about wearing the dress on the Maglev, and wondering what would happen with another 'security check'. “Thanks,” she answered, after a few seconds' hesitation.

“I can loan you some shoes to go with it too,” Alema Rar offered. “And maybe some jewelry?”

Jaina thought about that a moment. Now that the war was over, Alema Rar pretty much only wore towering high heels, like the slavegirl boots Jaina had been locked in earlier. Jaina had a pretty good idea of what kind of 'jewelry' Alema Rar had in mind as well.

“We'll see,” Jaina answered with a smile.

~ ~ EPILOGUE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Several weeks later

Jaina nervously fingered the fifteen gleaming silver bangle bracelets on her wrist. They matched the ones on her other wrist perfectly. Every time Jaina moved her arms, they jingled against each other musically. The bracelets belonged to Alema Rar, who had given her the black dress a few weeks ago.

Jaina kept getting a bad vibe from the dress, and had thrown it away a couple of days after Alema Rar had given it to her. Now she wore her own brand-new, orange and black dress, several centimeters longer than the black one, and a little more concealing on top. It was still far more revealing than what Jaina normally wore in public.

Tucked in a tiny hidden pocked on the dress was an identity chit with the name Ezri Wepii on it. The only other things Jaina was wearing were the black sandals with chunky twelve-centimeter heels, and a tiny thong. Navigating the crowded Maglev station wasn't too difficult in the heels—Jaina was mainly looking for some officers of the Maglev Security Force.

Then Jaina sensed a pair of focused presences behind her, barely a second before she felt the tap on her shoulder.

“Yes?” she said, smiling as she turned to face the officers.

“Excuse me Ma'am, you've been randomly chosen for an additional security check. Please come with us,” the human officer said, as he firmly took hold of Jaina's bare upper arm.

“Of course, officer,” Jaina replied eagerly. “Hey, aren't you gonna cuff me first?” she asked, holding her decorated wrists out. Her bracelets tinkled as they slid down her arms, and the light from the glowpanels reflected off of them.

The two officers glanced at each other a half-second, then both reached for their binders. The second officer was a little faster, and snapped a binder onto Jaina's wrist before his partner could. He then smoothly spun her around, and snapped the second binder on her other wrist, below her bracelets.

The first officer didn't let his partner outdo him completely. As soon as Jaina felt the binders close tight around her wrists, she felt another cuff close on her right bicep. She looked back to see, and feel, the first officer pull her elbows together, and close the binder around her other bicep.

Her pussy was dripping with anticipation as they led her towards the security office, each with a firm grip on her bicep, and the first officer with his free hand squeezing her ass.

Frakk, that mind trick was easy, Jaina thought.

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