Jaina's Discovery
Chapter 4
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place within a few months of the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. It is the fifth Star Wars story I have written. Unlike the last three, this one is not a sequel to any of the others. I hope you read them anyway, and enjoy all of my stories. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

The All Species Pleasure Boutique was only a few blocks away from the station, and a few levels up. Only a few steps inside the store, and Jaina already felt more comfortable dressed like a Twi'lek slut here than anywhere else. Then she wondered why she had thought of Alema Rar.

A red-skinned Zeltron was eager to help them. At least Jaina thought he was a Zeltron—she had never met one. For some reason though, Jaina felt much better near him. Lando, who introduced himself as Mister Smyth, explained to him that he'd spoken with a Rebekka, who had told him that a programmer would be expecting them.

Meanwhile, Jaina felt her pussy moistening again. Conscious of her lack of underwear, she squeezed her legs together to keep from dripping onto the floor.

“Before I summon our programmer, Mister Smyth, your slave seems to be missing something,” the Zeltron said to Lando.

With that, he reached over and took the chain leash from Lando, who didn't seem to being holding onto it too hard. Then, while Jaina was busy fighting the temptation to find a 'fresher for some relief, the Zeltron calmly reached up to her slave collar and clipped the leash to the ring hanging from the front.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Jaina wanted to take the leash off. The near-constant state of arousal she'd been in for the past several hours was much more powerful though. Almost in a haze, she heard the two men talk about her.

“You have a very beautiful slave, Mister Smyth,” the Zeltron commented as he passed the leash back to Lando.

Jaina didn't even notice the slave part. All she noticed was the Zeltron calling her beautiful. Now she fantasized about the Zeltron taking her someplace private.

“Thank you,” Lando replied, not even bothering to contradict him. “I just got her today,” he added with a grin as he eyed the obviously aroused Jaina.

“Oh, you're very welcome,” the Zeltron paused a moment, looking Jaina over. “If you'll forgive my presumption, she seems a bit fidgety. May I offer you the use of some binders?” he asked Lando, as if he were offering to let him borrow a hydrospanner.

Feeling like a youngling caught with her hand in the cookie jar, Jaina jerked her hands away from her crotch, where they had been slowly slipping under the hem of her dress.

Jaina looked from the Zeltron to Lando helplessly. She couldn't get her head together enough to even offer a token protest.

“Nah,” Lando said after considering it a moment.

Jaina felt relief that Lando knew she really didn't want to be cuffed in public like some bondage slut.

“The binders might scratch her bracelets,” Lando continued. “Thanks anyway though.”

Scratch the bracelets? Jaina thought with astonishment. What about me?

“Don't mention it, Sir. Now, if you are ready, I'll take you to our programmer,” the Zeltron offered.

“Please do,” Lando answered, without even a glance at Jaina.

The Zeltron led Lando, who via the leash, led Jaina, down a flight of stairs and to the boutique's programmer. A dark-skinned human male about thirty years old was working amongst a few computer terminals and dozens of restraints and other bondage gear. Jaina saw a humanoid-sized cage against one wall.

Lando quickly explained the problem to the bored slicer. Jaina wondered if how many other girls were stupid enough to get trapped in humiliating slavegirl outfits like she had.

The slicer, who had introduced himself as Luke, calmly listened as Lando explained the problem, without mentioning names of course.

“The current password will run you five hundred credits, plus tip. That won't stop whoever has the control unit from changing it, or get whoever's voice it's coded to to say it,” he told them. “For fifteen hundred, I can program you a datapad that will update the password every time they change it, with only a few seconds delay. That however, will take me about eight or nine hours, and still won't get them to say it,” he said calmly.

None of those options were what they were looking for. “Can you get the outfit off her like now?” Lando asked him.

“Well, if that is a standard model, then yes. That will be a thousand credits,” he replied in the same bored voice.

Lando frowned, then asked, “Well, the datapad says that this is an advanced model, what about that?”

Now Luke let out a long whistle. “Wow. To actually unlock an advanced model Hutt slavegirl outfit will run you twenty-two hundred, and take about thirty or forty-five minutes.”

Lando cringed, but a glance at his chrono made up his mind for him. Have to find some way to delay Han, he decided. It wasn't that he didn't have that kind of money, he just hated spending it with no return. Lando looked at Jaina, wondering if he could talk to her about paying him back, but she was overcome with the Zeltron's pheromones.

The Zeltron took advantage of the break in the conversation. “If you'll excuse me, Mister Smyth, I need to get back to the floor,” he said politely.

“By all means,” Lando responded, watching him suspiciously as he left the room.
* * * * *

As soon as the Zeltron was gone, the intense fog of arousal that Jaina had been experiencing disappeared. She took a deep breath, and looked towards the now-out-of-sight Zeltron, thinking of chasing him down. She missed the fact that both Lando and the slicer had stopped talking.

“Calm down, okay,” Lando said soothingly. “He didn't mean you any harm, and you're perfectly okay now. It's just their way,” he added.

Now Jaina was completely confused. While she was near the Zeltron she had felt incredibly horny. When he got about four or five meters away, all of the sudden she felt normal again. Well, as normal as she was before meeting him, which was only kind of horny, and very humiliated.

“What are you talking about?” Jaina asked as she turned back towards Lando. She didn't even notice the leash that was still attached to her collar, and that Lando was still holding the opposite end.

“You know about what Falleen can do right? The pheromones and stuff?”

“Yeah,” Jaina answered hesitatingly. Then it dawned on her. “You mean Zeltrons can do that too? He is a Zeltron, right?”

“Yes he is,” Lando answered the second question first. “And their abilities go a bit farther than the Falleen's, and work a little differently, but if you are aware of them, then they can't influence you… much,” he explained.

Now the slicer laughed. “Yeah, Baahn does that sometimes,” he confirmed. “He's harmless though. Just tries to increase sales. I'd tell him to back off, but his family owns the place.”

Lando glanced at his chrono, then deliberately cleared his throat. “Well, don't worry about it today, Luke. We are kind of in a hurry, so we'll take the total unlock package, as quick as you can,” he told the programmer as he passed him a credit chit.

“Alright. Come around here and let me get a closer look, baby. I'll see what I can do with that Jabba the Hutt slavegirl outfit,” he said to Jaina as he slid the chit across a credit scanner.

Since he was helping her, Jaina just bit her lip when he called her 'baby.' She did take her frustration out by unclipping the leash from her collar and throwing it at Lando's chest.

“Serves you right,” she added as he winced from the blow.

Once she got around the counter, Luke ran a small hand-held scanner over her, and then professionally informed her that he needed to examine the entire outfit. While Jaina had half-expected this, she wasn't eager to do it.

“It's just business, honey,” Luke said. “I promise, I've seen lots of women, and men, and some other things, in all kinds of restraints and costumes. A human woman trapped in a Hutt slavegirl outfit is just another day at the office,” he explained rationally.

Through the Force Jaina could sense his sincerity. Still, somewhere in her mind, she wanted him to want to see her naked. “Have you got some place I can change?” she asked.

Luke looked at her like she was being ridiculous. “Change into what?”

“Oh. Frakk,” Jaina said in annoyance as she started peeling off the dress.

Jaina did remember to get the two strips of lashaa silk from Lando and attach them to the belt before she took the dress completely off. Luke did seem a little more sexually interested than he had let on at first, although not enough for Jaina to comment on it.

Luke kept going back and forth between the computers, and running scanners over the slavegirl outfit. Jaina paced back and forth, picking up and looking at the various pieces of bondage gear. That is, until Luke threatened to lock her in the cage if she touched anything else.

“As matter of fact, why don't you just come over here and kneel down next to me?” Luke asked, gesturing to the floor next to him.

“No way!” Jaina replied indignantly, hands on hips.

Luke smiled. “I need to scan your collar a lot, and if you kneel down next to me, I won't have to keep getting up to do it,” he explained.

Jaina could sense that he was being honest. Mostly, anyway.

“I can get you out of it faster,” Luke added, again truthfully.

“Alright,” Jaina replied after a moment of hesitation. Then she walked over, and knelt down alongside him, the back of her collar less than arm's length from him.

A few minutes later, Luke jokingly suggested, “I've got some binders I can put on you if you want.”

Jaina almost answered yes to the question without thinking. For some reason she liked the thought of binders tight around her wrists. Sure, she was wearing the bracelets and armbands, but for some reason it wasn't the same. “No thanks,” she replied, displaying one of the gold bracelets. “They might scratch my bracelets,” she added, remembering Lando's line from earlier.

“Well, if you change your mind, let me know,” Luke answered as he turned back to the computer.

“Okay,” Jaina agreed cheerfully.

Lando kept busy on his datapad, and checking his chrono, seemingly oblivious to the conversation.
* * * * *

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Maglev Security Force…

“Chief Gosska, our surveillance holocams have captured some images we think you should see,” a human Maglev Security Force Colonel said, as he displayed a holograph of Jaina Solo entering a maglev car. “The girl is wearing one of the dresses you give out, along with a slave collar and other associated jewelry,” he added with a smile.

The Hutt stared at the holograph, and let out a noxious belch.

The Colonel hit a button on a remote, and the holograph on the large wall-mounted flatscreen changed to an ultraviolet image.

Gosska stared at the holograph a minute. The black dress was one that he gave out to scrumptious females. Most of them had no idea what was printed on it, however, which was the best part. He didn't even recognize this girl, although he wouldn't mind having her chained to his repulsorsled for a while. “So?” he demanded.

“She was with Lando Calrissian,” the Colonel said in triumph, as he brought the corresponding holograph up on the flatscreen.

Calrissian! What kind of scheme is he up to? Gosska wondered. Then he thought for a moment, and let out a booming laugh. Probably just taking a new dancer to that All Species Whatever place to buy her some things, he decided. The thought of a new dancer at his favorite club excited him.

Gosska barked out instructions that he would be visiting Calrissian's club tonight. His lackeys—that's how he thought of them even though they were fully authorized security officers—erupted in cheers. They enjoyed Calrissian's club almost as much as he did, although not all of them would be accompanying him.

The Colonel who had told him about Calrissian and the dancer—Cremk was his name—got his attention. “We can stop them for an additional security check, and bring her to you, if you prefer, Chief Gosska?” he asked, in obvious anticipation.

Now Chief Gosska—he relished his official title—thought about that. The additional security checks were nothing more than a scam to strip unsuspecting girls out of their clothes. Once his officers realized that they could strip virtually any woman they wanted down and grope her under the guise of a search, he had men lining up to become Maglev Security Officers.

Then, like any good businessman, he dropped the officers' starting pay by twenty percent, and still had more applicants than his staff could process. After another twenty-percent drop things started to level off. Most of the well-qualified applicants, those with legitimate law enforcement experience, withdrew their names from consideration.

That left Gosska with mostly inexperienced candidates, who he put up with to save money, or men who just wanted to strip women down for fun, who were exactly the kind of officers he wanted.

Of course all the strip searches were recorded, for the woman's safety of course. After Gosska got his copies, his officers attempted to identify the victims—oops—subjects of the search. In highly selective cases, Gosska had some associates who would send the women a few holographs, then blackmail them to keep the entire recording from being sent to their friends and family.

The blackmail scheme had only worked a few times, but with great results. Why, that young lawyer paid nearly twenty-five thousand credits to keep the recording of her orgasming during a strip search from being made public. What made the scheme particularly bold was, if one of the recordings actually did become public, the Galactic Alliance would have grounds to cancel his contract.

Gosska weighed seeing the girl dance versus seeing her strip-searched.

A few weeks ago, he would have had ordered the girl stopped. But now the Galactic Alliance was investigating him. First, he would have to make sure that there weren't any GA agents in the station. He also didn't want to upset Calrissian too much—the human did run a great club.

“Leave them for now,” Gosska instructed Colonel Cremk.
* * * * *

“Got it!” Luke announced in triumph. “And in only twenty-eight minutes!” he added with a huge smile on his face.

Jaina had sensed his achievement a few seconds before he announced it. She was still thrilled to have it confirmed by him. Lando seemed happy about it as well. The only problem was, Jaina hadn't sensed or heard anything from the slavegirl outfit indicating that it was unlocked. She reached up and pulled on the collar's magnetic lock.

“It's not coming off,” she informed them.

“Oh, sorry,” Luke said, and pressed the enter button on the keyboard.

Suddenly the collar popped open in Jaina's hands. Now she was thrilled. She switched to sitting on the floor, and took off the boots. Then she massaged her feet in relief.

Lando looked at his chrono again. “She can take everything else off whenever she's ready?” he asked Luke.

“Yeah, anytime,” Luke replied. “In fact, maybe she should go ahead try the bra and belt, just to make sure,” he added with a grin at Jaina.

Jaina's hand was halfway to the magnetic coupling of the bra before she realized what he was suggesting. “Good idea!” she said excitedly, grasping the coupling.

Now Luke stared at her, with a grin of superiority on his face.

Jaina gave the coupling a gentle tug, and felt it pop apart. “Maybe next time,” she told him with a wink as she closed the magnets back together.

Lando let out a dry laugh, then said one word. “Parents.” Then he added, “Soon.”

That got Jaina moving. She quickly tugged the boots back on, and climbed to her feet, while trying not to show the two men too much under the lashaa silks. Then Jaina pulled the black dress on. She really wanted to take a few minutes to get something a little less revealing, but knew that they didn't have the time, and she didn't have the credits.

How am I gonna pay Lando back what I already owe him? Jaina wondered as she picked up the slave collar off the floor. She gazed at her reflection in the gleaming gold durasteel a few seconds, then clicked the two ends together and transferred it to one hand.

On the way out, Lando asked her if she still wanted him to carry the lashaa silks for her. Embarrassed, Jaina reached under her dress, tugged them free, and passed them to him.

The crowd at the maglev station didn't seem quite as intimidating as before. While they were waiting for the maglev to arrive, Jaina realized how odd she felt without the collar. She glanced surreptitiously towards Lando, then slipped the collar around her neck.

Jaina felt much better when the slave collar snapped shut. Lando glanced over at her, and she gave him a big smile in return. He looked at the collar, but didn't comment on it. For some reason Jaina thought about letting him put the leash on her, to show him how much she appreciated him helping her out. After a few moments though, she simply thanked him.

“Oh, don't thank me,” Lando replied as the maglev train came to a stop. “You owe me twenty-seven hundred credits. Just pay me back,” he added as the two boarded the maglev car.

“I will, Lando,” Jaina responded solemnly. “I just don't know how.” Then she frowned. “Hey, didn't Luke say that it was only twenty-two hundred?” she asked.

Lando found them some empty space in the middle of the car. “Yes, plus I gave him a four hundred credit tip, since he finished so fast,” he explained as he grabbed one of the overhead handles. “Plus maglev tickets for two, air taxi ride, and so on. Oh, and at the first station a couple of security officers thought you looked suspicious, and I had to bribe them to keep them from taking you into a back room for a thorough search.”

“What? How did I look suspicious?” Jaina asked as she reached up and grabbed her own handle, pulling her dress dangerously high. With her other hand she held the hem down as best she could.

Lando snorted. “You didn't. You looked like a slut, and they wanted to have some fun with you,” he explained with a laugh.

Jaina thought about that for several seconds. “That's not right!” she complained.

“Yeah, well, if you want, then tomorrow you can go do something about it,” Lando replied indifferently. “But for now we got to get you—well, that slavegirl outfit—back to your parents' apartment before they get there.”
* * * * *

Minutes before they reached their stop, Lando got a call from Han. The Falcon had landed. Lando looked at his chrono. Then, in an effort to stall Han and Leia, he offered to buy them dinner.

For some reason, though, Jaina's parents seemed eager to get home. When she heard them whispering over the comlink, and her mom giggling, Jaina realized why.

They wanted to play dress-up.

“EEWWWW!” she muttered in disgust.

Fortunately, the general noise of the maglev kept her voice from carrying over the comlink. Then Lando muted it, and asked her if she had any ideas.

“Well, I could use my rank to have them arrested,” Jaina suggested jokingly. The idea that her, or Jacen for that matter, would take out an arrest warrant on their parents was ridiculous.

Lando seemed to be taking her seriously for a moment. “Nah, it'd never work. They'd probably take out half the security force before you could cancel it.”

“I was joking,” Jaina replied in mock annoyance. Then she remembered the muted comlink in his hand. “My parents,” she reminded him.

“How about a private table at my club?” Lando offered them. “Dinner, dancing, entertainment, you name it?”

It still didn't work. Her dad said he had to finish securing the ship, and ended the call.

Lando looked at his chrono again. “Should have about twenty minutes,” he told her with a tight smile.

Suddenly, Jaina had the urge to tell Lando where she had found the outfit. She leaned in close to him, and explained that she had found the open box in the corner of the closest, with the bra sticking out. Even though he looked confused, Lando listened carefully. Jaina hoped that it was just her being paranoid, but it felt like an urging from the Force.

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