Jaina's Discovery
Chapter 3
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place within a few months of the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. It is the fifth Star Wars story I have written. Unlike the last three, this one is not a sequel to any of the others. I hope you read them anyway, and enjoy all of my stories. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

Un-kriffing-believable, Alema Rar thought as she turned off the comlink with the Force. Next she used the Force to unlock the binders clamped on her wrists. Then she carefully brought one hand around in front of her—they'd been cuffed behind her back since sometime the night before—and gently moved one of her bedmate's arms off her.

To her relief, Nat'tf'enn didn't awaken. He just let out a half-whistling snore, then returned to his normal rasping. Even for someone long used to sleeping under almost any conditions, Nat'tf'enn snoring in her ear all night made it hard to rest. Climbing out of bed was tricky, as she didn't want to wake her other bedmate either.

Once she made it to the floor, Alema Rar headed towards the 'fresher. The fifteen-centimeter heels she had worn to bed tapped with every step. Still, she made it a little quicker than her normal 'just out of bed' 'fresher trips, as her bedmates hadn't replaced the chain connecting the nerfhide cuffs wrapped around her ankles after the threesome.

After the 'fresher Alema Rar walked into her closest, surveying her wardrobe. Luckily Lando had commed her while she was at her apartment, and not someplace else. After a couple of minutes, Alema Rar found the closest thing to loose that she had.

Quite a few of her outfits covered more skin, but they were all very tight on her, so probably wouldn't even fit whoever Lando needed it for. The dress she had selected was dark purple, with a low-cut top and short sleeves. The bottom came down to almost to mid thigh on her. The dress was a little tight around the middle, but that couldn't be helped. Alema Rar had received it as a gift, but had never worn it.

While dancing at Lando's club, she had attracted the attention of a young Hutt named Gosska, who had given her the dress. The problem was, the clever Hutt had had the words “Property of Gosska the Hutt” prominently printed on the front, and across the ass of the dress, in ultraviolet lettering.

Apparently the Hutt had added the little feature to all the gifts he had given the dancers at the club. Luckily for Alema Rar, she had invited a Defel to her place for some fun that night, and his species could see into the UV range.

Alema Rar was happy to be rid of the thing. And since she was doing Lando and whoever a favor, it served them right to walked around labeled as property of a Hutt. Better not wander into his territory, though, she thought with an evil smirk.

Then Alema Rar frowned. Even though Gosska had a few shady operations going, he operated mostly above the law. When Coruscant re-opened the maglevs, the Hutt had gotten the contract for the Maglev Security Force. That made him the head of a private police force numbering into the hundreds of thousands, and every maglev station and train his territory.

The Twi'lek pulled on a pair of silver skin-tight hotpants, buckled a studded nerfhide belt through the loops, then squeezed into a purple tube top with wide black stripes down each side. Since her high-heeled sandals were black, Alema Rar didn't have to change them. And since she wasn't changing them, she didn't bother to take off the black nerfhide ankle cuffs either.

Her wrists, however, were bare, which would not do, even for a brief trip out. Alema Rar selected a stack of silver bangle bracelets from a peg on the wall, and slid them onto one arm. A matching set went onto her other wrist. The black nerfhide collar locked around her neck stayed as well.

Alema Rar checked to make sure her bedmates were still asleep, grabbed the 'loose' dress, and walked out of her apartment to meet Lando.

* * * * *

Twelve minutes and twenty-eight seconds after the comm call, Lando's air taxi arrived outside Alema Rar's apartment. As soon as the taxi came to a halt, Lando climbed out.

“You call this modest?” Lando asked her incredulously, as he held up the tiny dress.

Alema Rar rolled her eyes. “No. I don't. I told you that I don't have modest clothes. You wanted loose, and that's the closest I have. If you don't like it, go shopping,” she replied in annoyance. Inside she laughed at the thought of his girlfriend, or whoever it was, wearing the dress with the UV printing on it.

Lando looked at the dress again, imagining Jaina wearing it, with the slave outfit underneath. The dress would barely conceal the durasteel bra. It was way shorter than anything he had ever seen her in, not counting the slave outfit. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, he decided after a moment's consideration. I'm not the one that got locked into the slave outfit anyway, he mentally added.

“Look Lando, I hope you and your… friend, have a great time, but I got some stuff to do, okay?” Alema Rar said, as he was examining the dress.

Lando stared at it a few seconds more, in deep thought. “Well, I'm sure it'll be—interesting,” he finally said, with an ironic smile.

“Great,” Alema Rar replied. For some reason she had the urge to warn Lando about the UV printing, but dismissed it. “Bye bye,” she added, as she turned and strutted away.

Lando looked at the dress again, then shrugged. Jaina would pitch a fit. It was perfect. He checked his chrono, then he climbed back into the air taxi, and headed back towards Han's apartment, smiling.

* * * * *

“What slut did you get this from?” Jaina asked Lando when he gave her the dress.

Lando was well prepared for her objections. “One that could get it to me in a hurry,” he replied.

Then he pointedly looked at his chrono. “I already spent half an hour getting you the dress. It's gonna take us about three hours to get there by maglev train, plus how ever long it takes us in the store, and at least three more to get back. I talked with Han, and they'll be in hyperspace in a little over an hour. They'll be here in less than eight hours.” He looked at her with satisfaction. “We can leave as soon as you're ready.”

Jaina looked at the tiny black dress, then stalked off into the bedroom in a huff. Less than a minute later, she came out, wearing it.

Just as Lando had predicted, the dress would fit right in at the All Species Pleasure Boutique. Or my club, he thought, intrigued.

Jaina wasn't quite as slim as Alema Rar, so the whole dress was kind of tight on her. The top of the dress mostly hid the gold durasteel of the bra, as long as she didn't try and reach for anything, or move around too much. The collar, armbands and bracelets would all be clearly visible, as well as the high-heeled boots. The lashaa silks hanging down from the dress would only attract more attention, so Jaina had removed them, and was carrying them in her hand.

“I can't go out in this,” she exclaimed to him.

Lando, who was relaxing on the couch, took a deep breath. “No problem. We'll just wait for your dad, and you can ask him to say the password to release you from your mother's slavegirl outfit,” he calmly replied.

“Frakk,” Jaina muttered. “I look like a kriffing whore!” she stated, much louder.

Lando didn't quite agree with her assessment. With the slave collar and arm jewelry, she looked more like—well, a Hutt's slave, than a whore. However, with a lifetime's experience with women, that thought never crossed his lips.

“Look Jaina, I understand. But I don't see what choice we have. Your flight suit will certainly get you noticed, and probably recognized. The dress is all I could come up with.”

“Alright then, let's go,” Jaina said in resignation.

Jaina picked up her lightsaber, as Lando picked up the datapad and leash.

“Why are you bringing that?” Jaina asked him suspiciously.

He knew she wasn't referring to the datapad. “When you are going into an unknown situation, you take all the tools you can. We probably won't need the leash, but if we get there and do, we'll regret not having it,” he informed her.

“Oh, okay then,” she replied, accepting his plausible explanation.

“Now, exactly where are you going to carry that lightsaber on the maglev train?” he asked with the air of someone who already knew the answer.

Jaina looked down at what she was wearing. The tight black dress barely covered the durasteel bra, and she wasn't even sure if she could sit down while wearing it, especially since she didn't have any panties. The maroon and gold boots were also too tight to conceal it, and they were locked on anyway. “Maybe you could…?” she asked.

Lando raised an eyebrow as he glanced down at his finely tailored clothes. If he thought there would be any real danger, he wouldn't care about one stitch. “It'd stretch my pants,” he replied in mock seriousness. Then he added, “Besides, billions of people take the maglev everyday without a lightsaber.” He paused before adding, “And they don't have a handsome escort such as myself,” with a theatrical grin.

In spite of Lando's ringing endorsement of himself, Jaina hesitated before setting her lightsaber back down. Then she suggested they should take an air taxi instead of the maglev, because it would be more private.

“That'll nearly double our travel time,” he said, glancing back at his chrono. “Which is tight enough as it is,” he finished.

Jaina took a moment to adjust her outfit as best she could in the mirror, then the two walked out of the apartment, and towards the nearest maglev station.

* * * * *

Jaina had never been more embarrassed in her life. On the ten-minute walk to maglev station, she had been subjected to a near-constant stream of whistles, growls, hisses, and whatever else the males of several dozen different species used to express appreciation for scantily clad human females. Quite a few of them had propositioned her outright, and a few had even directed the question to Lando, assuming him to be her pimp.

The pair boarded the maglev car, and Jaina found an empty two-person seat in the corner. She sat down and slid to the window, and Lando sat on the aisle, blocking the view of her from most of the other passengers.

* * * * *

Lando hadn't had this much fun outside of a casino or bedroom in a long time. Sure, Jaina was wearing a lot less than she normally did, but not anywhere as near as little as what Alema Rar did regularly—or a lot of other women he knew, for that matter. Before they boarded the maglev, he had insisted on holding onto the strips of lashaa silk, so she wouldn't get the bright idea to wrap them around her neck, and hide the beautiful golden slave collar.

Even pretty much hidden from view, she was trying desperately to hold the hem of her dress down, and cover her tits. He could tell she was still very frightened with embarrassment. The collar was easily visible, but still, not that many people were paying much attention to her.

Then Lando noticed a very old Bothan couple working their way through the crowded car, looking for a place to to sit down. With an evil grin, Lando caught the man's eye, and indicated that they could have his seat.

* * * * *

The scantily-clad Jedi was lost in thought when Lando suddenly stood up. Almost in a panic, she looked up at him, wondering what was he was doing. They still had over two hours until their stop.

“Jaina, I think we should give our seats to this nice couple,” Lando politely informed her, as he held out his hand to help her out of the seat.

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head at the insane suggestion. There was no way she was going to stand up on a crowded maglev dressed like she was. Then the ancient Bothan couple shuffled up to the seat, smiling in appreciation. Jaina shot Lando a look of betrayal, then took his hand, and slowly slid out of the seat.

As she carefully stood, Lando stepped back out of the way. Before Jaina could react, he pulled her by the hand to the middle of the aisle, and held her tightly in front of him, still holding one arm. There were dozens of eyes staring hungrily at her.

Jaina had never felt so frightened in her life. Somehow the dress was still covering the durasteel bra. During the maneuver, she had kept her free hand firmly on the hem, to keep it down as far as possible. She felt like a bantha in a landspeeder's lumalights.

Lando had twisted her right arm behind her, and was gently holding it in place. Jaina quickly ran through a few Jedi calming exercises, then ran through them again. She still felt like kicking Lando through the transparisteel window behind them.

Instead of attracting even more attention to herself, Jaina turned around to face Lando, who released her arm as she faced him.

Now Jaina could feel everyone's eyes on her ass—and legs. She ignored them.

“What the Frakk do you think you're doing?” she demanded.

Lando looked back at her with pure innocence. “Helping a lady out of her seat,” he replied in mock puzzlement.

Ugghh, MEN! Jaina thought with contempt—and that included the one in front of her as well as the ones behind her. “No you're not. You're humiliating me, and you know it,” she accused him. Only the desire not to attract even more attention to herself kept her voice down.

Now Lando looked pained. “I am?” he asked with a look of deep concern. “Please, accept my apologies. It wasn't my intention to embarrass you at all. I only wanted to do the gentlemanly thing and give my seat to a pair of elderly sentients. In no way did I mean you any disrespect, or mean to cause you any embarrassment,” he said so earnestly that Jaina almost believed him.

Suddenly Jaina was overcome with the absurdness of her situation. She had spent the last four years on the edge of death. Chewie, Anakin, and countless fellow Jedi, friends, and squadron mates had been killed all around her. She had survived by slaughtering tens of thousands of Yuuzhan Vong and Peace Brigaders. She nearly fell to the dark side, and now she was worried about some guys checking her out?

“Liar,” she responded with a fraction of the anger she felt a moment before. “Do you know that I'm not wearing panties?” she added before he could respond.

Now Jaina had the pleasure of watching Lando blush. He swallowed and his eyes popped out.

“Um…” Lando said, nearly speechless. He recovered quickly. “Prove it,” he challenged her.

Jaina looked back at him a moment incredulously. “Kriffing pervert,” she said and turned back away from him, facing her fan club.

* * * * *

Even though Jaina was a Jedi, she wasn't used to standing in such high heels for so long. She thought about leaning back against Lando, but didn't want to encourage him any more than she had too. What she really wanted to do was sit down. There were plenty of empty seats, but all of them had someone else occupying the aisle seat, which meant that Jaina would have to step over them.

After nearly half-an-hour, Jaina spotted a seat with both spots empty. She tugged on Lando's arm and headed that way.

With the maglev moving at nearly five hundred kilometers an hour, and the stiletto heels, Jaina couldn't exactly run to the seat. By the time she got there, Lando slipped around her and into the window seat.

Jaina groaned in frustration and stamped her foot. When her durasteel heel and sole of her boot hit the durasteel floor of the maglev, half the car looked towards her. That left Jaina faced with the prospect of standing there and arguing over the window seat while everyone watched, or sitting down and getting at least partially out of sight. She slid into the seat, while doing her best to keep the hem of her dress down.

“Ah, Jaina, so nice of you to join me,” Lando said with a smile.

“Bantha breath,” Jaina replied without missing a beat.

Lando just laughed.

Jaina quickly figured out that if she didn't want to risk flashing the crowd, she had to keep her knees tucked inside the back of the seat in front of her. Almost unconsciously, she started sliding towards Lando, one centimeter at a time.

About five minutes later, she had Lando pressed against the window. He bumped back.

Jaina's slick dress slid across the smooth seat with amazing ease. Only her Jedi reflexes—and Lando grabbing her arm—kept her from landing on the floor. As it was, she ended up on the edge with her legs splayed wide apart, which definitely proved that she wasn't wearing panties.

Luckily, the seat in front of her blocked the view of her naked pussy from most of the other passengers. She could still sense, see, and hear the reactions of at least a dozen sentients though.

Humiliated to a new level, Jaina quickly tugged the short dress back into place, and slid back into the seat. She was careful to give Lando a little room, and was even too mortified to even admonish him for the stunt.

The two sat in silence for the next ten minutes or so. Jaina calmed down considerably, and regained her composure. When Lando checked his chrono, Jaina realized that she had not only left hers back at her apartment, she had also left her comlink, ID chit, and credit chit. Stupid, Jaina thought about herself for about the thousandth time since trying on the slavegirl outfit.

* * * * *

After checking the time, Lando returned to playing with the chain leash that he had brought along. He really didn't think it would be of any use to them—he just wanted to have some fun with it.

Lando wondered about the best way to convince Jaina to let him put the leash back on the collar, and lead her by it. Since she had just almost slid onto the floor, he decided to give her a line about wanting to keep her close to him, to protect her and all.

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Jaina as he opened and closed the clip on the end of the leash. She didn't seem to be paying him any attention at all.

“Jaina,” he began smoothly.

“Try it and I swear I'll choke you to death with it right here,” Jaina replied, quickly and succinctly.

Wisely, Lando didn't respond. He did, however, remember what her mother had done to Jabba with her leash, and smiled at the irony.

* * * * *

Jaina eventually had some success in making herself less noticeable with the Force. By the time the two of them reached their stop, hardly anyone on the car was paying attention to her.

Maneuvering to the door through the crowded car in stiletto heels required her to divide her Force use, though. By the time they made it out of the car, Jaina was glad that she hadn't brought her lightsaber, as several men would have lost limbs between her seat and the platform. She had to make do with giving the owners of the roaming hands hard slaps, or in one case, a stiletto heel in the foot.

This maglev station wasn't quite as crowded as the one they had boarded on. It made up for that by having a noticeably seedier group of sentients. Now Jaina wished she had her lightsaber, and a couple dozen YVH droids besides.

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