Jaina's Discovery
Chapter 2
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place within a few months of the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. It is the fifth Star Wars story I have written. Unlike the last three, this one is not a sequel to any of the others. I hope you read them anyway, and enjoy all of my stories. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

What are you doing here!?” they both screamed at the same time, Jaina a little louder than Lando.

Lando had smiled in amazement when he caught sight of the gorgeous brunette finger-banging herself on Han's couch. How she got there hadn't really seemed important at the time. Barely a second into absorbing the view of her nearly naked body, though, he realized who the girl in the slave outfit was.


The two stared at each other for a moment.

Then Jaina grabbed one of the cushions off the couch, to cover herself a little better.

“Han wanted me to stop by and turn on the cooling unit for them,” Lando replied, getting a good look at the bits of Jaina he could see. “They're supposed to be back late tonight. What are you doing here?” he asked again.

“I just stopped by for a visit,” Jaina answered defensively as she scooted behind the end of the couch while keeping the cushion in front of her.

Jaina couldn't believe she had been so stupid to try on mom's costume. And I can't believe I was so busy masturbating that I didn't sense Lando either, she thought with exasperation. I can't let mom and dad find out about this, she promised herself. Or Uncle Luke, she mentally added.

Being a lifelong gambler, and a self-confessed ladies' man, Lando had quickly regained his cool. He still saw Jaina as his best friend's daughter, but as his adult daughter. “Nice outfit,” he commented with a smile as he stepped further into the apartment. The door slid closed behind him with a hiss.

Jaina flushed with embarrassment. She looked like she couldn't believe this was happening. “How did you get in here?” she asked, ignoring the compliment.

“Han gave me the code,” Lando said innocently. “I own the complex anyway,” he added with a shrug.

“Well get out of here. Can't you see I'm not dressed?”

A dozen thoughts flashed through Lando's mind. Tendra, his wife, was the most important of them. Han's daughter, was the second.

“Of course, Jaina. My apologies. I'll be outside when you are… free,” he said with a grin as he turned and stepped out of the apartment.

* * * * *

Jaina's mind was racing as she started unfastening the bra. Lando! How could I have been so stupid as to try on mom's clothes? How can I stop them from finding out? Lando! Why won't this bra come off?

She used the Force to calm herself, and tried the magnetic coupling between her breasts again. It didn't budge. She began to panic again as she tried the belt, then the collar. Not even the small magnets on the boots would budge.

Lando, she reminded herself, as she tried to figure out what to do.

Then Jaina spied her flight suit hanging over the arm of the couch. She walked over and started pulling it on over the slavegirl outfit. The zippered legs were designed to fit over bulky combat boots, and had no trouble fitting over the high-heels. Miraculously, the two lashaa silks hadn't come off. Jaina barely noticed them as they hung down the insides of the pants legs. The stretchy waistband fit over the durasteel belt with little difficulty.

The long sleeves of the flight suit covered the armbands and bracelets. Jaina tucked the cold chain leash into the suit as she pulled the zipper up. The collar of the flight suit wasn't quite tall enough to cover the gold slave collar, though.

Jaina desperately wanted to hide the outfit completely, or better yet, get it off all together. But for all she knew, Lando was comming her parents now, telling them what she was wearing… and doing. With a sigh of frustration, she stalked over to the door to let Lando back in.

Lando seemed to be a lot calmer now. “Jaina, I'm really sorry about that. I didn't know that you were going to be here,” he said with the friendly grin he always seemed to have.

In spite of the sincerity in his words, Jaina didn't miss the fact the he noticed that she was still wearing the boots, and slave collar. She got right to the point. “Please don't tell mom and dad about this, okay?”

The Jedi felt sympathy from him. She had briefly considered trying to use the Force to influence his mind, but discarded the idea just as fast. She wasn't completely confident that she could do it, and it was dangerously close to the dark side. Besides, it was her mistake anyway.

“Hey, your secret's safe with me,” Lando replied happily. Jaina relaxed slightly, before he added “Nice collar,” with a sly grin. Jaina's hands flew up to her neck, making the sleeves of her flight suit slide down a little. “And bracelets,” he added. Annoyed, Jaina tried to cover the collar with one hand and that wrist with the other. “Boots too,” Land said with a grin.

Jaina stepped behind the stimcaf table, trying to hide the high-heeled boots. She didn't quite know what to say. “Thanks,” she finally said with embarrassment.

Lando calmly sat down on the couch, picked up the datapad off the stimcaf table, and started reading.

“What are you doing?” Jaina asked, puzzled.

“Reading about that cute outfit you're wearing under there,” Lando replied without looking up. After a few seconds, he added, “Hey, why don't you come over here and sit down,” patting the seat next to him.

“No thanks,” Jaina replied, still embarrassed, but curious about why Lando wanted to know about the outfit she was wearing.

After scrolling through the datapad a minute, Lando sat it back down, and looked up at Jaina with a smile. “So, whose voice is that slavegirl outfit coded too?” he asked casually.

“What?” Jaina asked in stunned disbelief.

She saw the huge grin blossom on Lando's face, and felt the air of superiority, like a snubfighter pilot just before a kill. “You don't know whose voice unlocks the slave outfit, do you?”

“What?” Jaina repeated, with the beginning of understanding… and horror.

“When you put the outfit on, it locked automatically. It's set up only to open when it hears the voice of the owner,” Lando explained with amusement. He had no idea Jaina was into this sort of thing. He wondered, with envy, who she was planning on wearing it for. Must have been a gift, he thought, which would explain why she didn't know about the outfit's voice lock feature. He also wondered if she knew of the inspiration for that particular slavegirl outfit.

“Do you know who bought it for you?” Lando asked, curious about that himself.

A look of absolute guilt washed over the young woman's face. She tried to say something, but stopped before any words escaped her mouth.

After a few seconds, Lando realized why she looked so guilty. “It isn't yours, is it?” he asked in disbelief. Inside he felt like falling on the floor in laughter. This girl had no idea what she had gotten herself into.

Several more seconds passed. Jaina dropped her head down, and shook it side-to-side slightly. She was so humiliated, and yet strangely aroused, she couldn't even sense that Lando was virtually erupting in laughter at her predicament.

“Well, whose is it?” Lando asked her with fascination.

Now Jaina wished she could crawl into a hole somewhere. “Mo—om's,” she stammered after hesitating a few moments.

It took Lando a few seconds to process what she had said.

“Leia?” he asked incredulously.

The barest nod of Jaina's head was all the reply she gave.

Lando was completely blown away. LEIA? He had never forgotten the slavegirl outfit that Jabba had forced her to wear. But she hadn't complained—it was to free Han.

Then raw jealously hit Lando. Han! That lucky son of a bantha! Not only did he have the fastest ship in the galaxy, he had the best—well, second best, as he thought of his Tendra—woman in the galaxy… DRESSED AS A SLAVEGIRL!

“That outfit belongs to Leia?” Lando asked in amazement.

“Ye—ah,” Jaina stammered. For a couple of seconds, she just stared at him, humiliated. “My-parents-can't-find-out-about-this-how-am-I-gonna-get-this-off-me-with-out-them-knowing?” she blurted out in a rush.

“Hey, relax, okay,” Lando suggested soothingly.

Jaina's eyes popped out. “Relax! You relax!”

Lando sighed before replying. “Look, Han and Leia won't be back until late tonight. We've got time to deal with this. Just calm down though, okay?”

That seemed to get the still obviously distressed girl to relax a little. “You've got to help me!” she demanded.

Help a gorgeous woman trapped in a Hutt slavegirl outfit? That was as dream come true for at least ninety-five percent of all males in the galaxy. For the first time in a long time, Lando almost wished he wasn't married. And if it wasn't Han's daughter…

“I'm sure we can take care of it,” Lando replied.

“But my parents CAN'T find out,” Jaina repeated yet again, as she walked around the stimcaf table and plopped down on the couch next to him.

“They won't, trust me,” Lando repeated. He wasn't quite sure how, but he'd figure something out. “Look, we'll just slice that one off,” he said.

Jaina interrupted him. “Physically, or with a computer?” she asked, referring to the dual meaning of the word.

“Either,” Lando answered with a satisfied grin. “Then we'll buy another one and put in the box. They'll never know.”

“Except when mom's voice won't open the new outfit,” Jaina replied after a second's thought.

Lando frowned. He hadn't thought of that. “Oh. Kriff.” Then he had a thought further along those lines. “Although it's probably your dad's voice,” he informed the distraught girl.

“What? Why would mom let dad…?” she trailed off as she realized the answer.

“EEWWWW!” she said in disgust.

Lando just nodded sympathetically in reply.

After calming down once again, Jaina reached up and vainly tugged on the collar. “Come on. Help me!” she pleaded.

Lando thought a few more seconds. Then he said, “Tell you what, let me see the whole thing again.”

“What?” Jaina said as she stared at him a few moments. “No way,” she added defensively.

“Not like that,” Lando replied, quickly placating her. “So I can see what I'm up against.” That last part was about eighty percent true. He did think it would help to get a closer look at the outfit. The other twenty percent of his mind just wanted to see more of her in the outfit.

Jaina propped her elbows on her knees, and set her forehead in her hands. “Fine,” she finally said in resignation.

Lando resisted the temptation to ask her to stand in the middle of the room—or dance on the stimcaf table—as she stripped down. Instead he silently watched while she unzipped the flight suit to her waist, and pulled her arms out of it.

“Let me get that for you,” he said as he reached over and unsnapped the leash from the collar.

“Thanks,” she replied softly as she continued undressing.

Having been around Jedi for a long time, Lando tried not to even think of how amazing she looked in the gold bra. Or how much money she could make wearing the outfit. The collar, armbands and bracelets looked fantastic on her as well.

Jaina had to stand up to finished taking the flight suit off. Lando noticed how careful she was about the lashaa silks coming off. Her legs were great looking and well toned, and that was before the enhancements of the high heeled boots. Once the flight suit was completely off, Jaina tossed it aside.

“Happy now?” Jaina said wearily as she stood in front of the couch, not even a meter away. She kept one hand over the lashaa silk hanging between her legs.

Leaning forward on the couch, Lando took a few moments to, mostly professionally, appraise the golden slavegirl outfit. From the datapad, he knew that it wouldn't be possible to open the magnetic locks by force without destroying the boots, and causing serious damage to the pieces of durasteel. But maybe we could open them by the Force, Lando wondered.

“Don't you think I tried that?” Jaina answered in annoyance, after he suggested it.

Lando thought a moment. “Okay, let me see the back,” he suggested.

Jaina sighed, and turned away from him. “You better not be checking out my ass,” she told him suspiciously.

There was no possible way to avoid checking out her ass. The strip of lashaa silk seemed to highlight the crack of her ass more than hide it. “Trust me,” he replied smoothly.

Jaina let out a grunt of disbelief, but left it at that.

Just to be sure, Lando reached down and tried unsuccessfully to unzip the boots, causing Jaina to flinch away with a yelp.

Lando quickly apologized, and asked permission to try the belt.

Even though he was bare centimeters from her ass, Lando concentrated on the durasteel belt. After half-a-minute or so, and only a few peeks, he gave up on that.

“Maybe the collar?” he suggested.

Lando was quite aware of the symbolism of Jaina kneeling in front of him as he sat comfortably on the couch, even if she was turned away so he could examine the back of her collar. That took less time than the boots or belt did.

“Alright,” he said after giving up on the collar.

Jaina started to climb back to her feet, a new experience while wearing such high heels. During the maneuver, her boot heel caught the end of the lashaa silk.

Since Lando was still emphatically a man, he was of course watching Jaina's toned body flex as she stood. He didn't think she even noticed the silk come off, but even a novice Jedi wouldn't have missed his reaction.

“HEY!” Jaina said indignantly as she twisted around and covered her now completely bare butt with both hands.

“Sorry, sorry,” Lando quickly apologized as he raised both hands in a gesture of surrender.

Jaina squatted down to pick up the lashaa silk, keeping both eyes firmly on Lando, who wisely looked off to the side. It took her a few tries to line up the magnetic strip sewn into the silk with the magnet on the back of the belt. She kept her eyes glued to him the whole time, which was part of the difficulty.

Once the translucent silk was back in place, Jaina sat back down on the couch. She glanced across the room at the spot Lando had been staring at while she replaced the silk, and locked eyes with him in the mirror.

“LANDO!” she said in shocked indignation as she realized that he had been ogling her in the mirror the whole time. A backhanded slap to his chest punctuated the word.

“Fra—OW!” Lando had started to mutter the first word in annoyance—and embarrassment at being caught, then shouted the second one as he rubbed he chest painfully. Damn those Jedi hit hard, he reminded himself. “Look Jaina, I couldn't help it. I'm really sorry,” he apologized to her.

Men,” she replied, packing all the contempt she could muster into the word as she crossed her legs and held her flight suit over her to cover herself.

Knowing that was the best he was going to get, Lando tried to change the subject. “Let's comm the store,” he suggested, having wisely given up on examining the lock on the front of the bra.

That brightened Jaina up. “Yeah! They probably have some sort of master release code or something!” she said enthusiastically.

The All Species Pleasure Boutique's comm code was prominently listed right on the datapad. While Lando contacted them, Jaina pulled the flight suit back on over the slave outfit.

This time though, to Lando's delight, she left it unzipped past the durasteel bra. Jaina also opened the zippers running from the ankles to the knees of the legs, which flashed her boots every time she moved her legs. There was a zipper circling each sleeve at the bicep as well, which she unzipped, removing the long sleeves all together. This displayed the wide gold durasteel bracelets and armbands, the latter of which were a few centimeters below the now short-sleeves of the flight suit.

The comm call went through, and a friendly sounding female, named Rebekka answered. Lando explained to her that a friend of his had tried on an outfit from the boutique, and since the outfit was voice coded, she couldn't get it off.

“Well sir, just get whoever's voice it's coded to to let them out,” Rebekka answered, as if that were the most obvious thing in the galaxy.

Lando paused a moment. “Well, the thing is, we can't contact them at the moment,” he replied.

“Well, if you can tell us who it belongs too, we may be able to contact them for you, sir,” she responded helpfully.

Even though he was pretty sure of her opinion, Lando shot a token glance at Jaina, who was shaking her head vehemently, causing the leash ring on the collar to jingle against the D-ring as well. “We'd rather not go that route,” he replied into his comlink.

“Well then Sir, if you can come to our store, we can unlock practically all of our bondage gear,” Rebekka replied cheerfully. “For a nominal fee, of course,” she added after a moment.

Lando looked back at Jaina, who was shaking her head again. “Just a moment,” he said into the comlink, then muted it.

“Have you got a better idea?” he asked pointedly.

Jaina bit her lower lip in concentration. “No,” she replied in resignation.

“You're gonna owe me, big time,” Lando told her, having caught the mention of a 'nominal fee.' Jaina nodded her consent and Lando hit the comlink's mute button again. “Still there Rebekka?” he asked.

“Of course, Sir,” came the cheerful reply.

“We'll come down,” he told her.

“Great! I'll let our programmer know, so he'll be expecting you,” Rebekka replied.

“Alright,” Lando glanced at the address on the holodisplay, and mentally calculated travel time to the All Species Pleasure Boutique. “It'll take us a few hours to get there,” he informed her.

“That's no problem Sir. We'll have someone ready for you.”

Lando thanked her and ended the comm call.

Jaina was nervously running her finger around the edge of one of the bracelets.

“Well, the sooner we get going, the sooner we can get you out of there,” he told her impatiently.

“Fine,” Jaina said with a sigh, then started putting the sleeves back onto her flight suit.

Lando frowned. If he said anything, it would just make the whole thing more complicated. After she got the second sleeve on, he gave in.

“Um, Jaina,” he said to get her attention.

“What?” she answered as she zipped her pants legs closed.

“About the flight suit.” He hoped that would make her realize her mistake. The puzzled look she returned told him that it didn't.

“You are going to go to a fetish store wearing your Galactic Alliance flight suit?” he asked her.

“Oh,” Jaina said after a moment. An obvious Defense Force pilot, especially a female pilot, in a bright orange flight suit would attract a lot of attention in a place like All Species Pleasure Boutique. While it wasn't technically against regulations, it was definitely frowned upon. And once people started looking her way, they were bound to spot the very un-uniform high-heeled boots and collar. “OH… Frakk,” she added a moment later.

“Do you have anything else to wear?” Lando asked.

“Sure, back at the bas…” she trailed off. She would be better off going to the fetish store than the base.

“Maybe your mom has something… else… to wear?” he suggested with a sly grin.

Jaina frowned at the lame joke. “Probably,” she replied as she got up and headed off towards her parent's room.

Several minutes later, she came out of her parents' room and stalked into the second bedroom. Less than a minute later, she came back into the main room.

“There's nothing,” she announced in despair.

Even Lando was surprised that Princess Massive Wardrobe didn't have any clothes in the apartment.

He thought for a few moments, while Jaina paced back and forth across the room. The boots made her ass sway nicely.

“Can someone bring you a change of clothes from the base?” he finally asked.

Jaina stopped pacing for a moment. Since the end of the war the entire fleet had been downsized, shuffled, re-deployed, and shuffled again. “Only as an absolute last resort,” she told him.

He had had another idea while she was answering. “Okay then, I know someone who can bring you something to wear. Something that will fit in at the store.”

Jaina sensed that he wasn't quite telling her everything. “Who?” she demanded.

Lando leaned forwards, “A friend that's about your size, and owes me a favor,” he answered. When he saw that she wasn't convinced, he continued. “She won't even know that it's for you. I'll just tell her to bring something over. No, I'll have her meet me, then I'll bring it back here,” he quickly corrected himself.

That last part was a definite must. He wasn't sure how close Alema Rar could get to Jaina without them sensing each other through the Force, and didn't want to find out the hard way.

He didn't even want Jaina to know that Alema Rar was involved, even though he thought Jaina was blowing this whole thing way out of proportion. A lot of people did odd things in the privacy of their own home. A little fetish roleplay barely even rated, although the combination of Leia re-creating the slave outfit she was forced to wear by a Hutt and her daughter getting trapped in the outfit wasn't something you heard of every day. At least Jaina wasn't having a threesome with a Wookiee and a Barabel, he thought with a laugh.

Then Lando remembered that Jaina was close friends with Lowbacca, a Wookiee, and Tesar Sebatyne, a Barabel. He just shook his head, trying to forget the whole thing.

Jaina reluctantly agreed to the plan, and Lando quickly left the apartment before she could change her mind. He hailed an air taxi and headed towards Alema Rar's apartment. Once airborne, he called ahead to her, told her that he was on the way, and needed a loose-fitting dress from her, or something similar. Then he remembered what Alema Rar usually wore, and told her that it needed to be modest as well.

Alema Rar insisted that she didn't own any modest clothes, but Lando convinced her to do her best. Then he told her that he'd be there in about fifteen minutes, and to meet him outside with whatever she had.

Then Lando commed the Falcon, and after a brief friendly conversation, casually asked how long before they arrived.

“We'll be taking off in about an hour and a half,” Han replied cheerfully. “Should be dirtside in about seven and a half, and home thirty minutes after that.”

That soon, Lando thought with a grimace. He racked his brain for a way to delay them, but came up empty. “Alright, see you then,” he said as he quickened his pace.

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