Jaina's Discovery
Chapter 1
Rating: R

Bethany Handcuff

Author's notes: This story takes place within a few months of the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. It is the fifth Star Wars story I have written. Unlike the last three, this one is not a sequel to any of the others. I hope you read them anyway, and enjoy all of my stories. Please leave me feedback, public or via email. (ahandcuffgirl at yahoo dot com)

“Mom!” Jaina Solo called out as she set her bag down by the door.

She didn't even know why she had called out. Through the Force, she knew that her parents' apartment was empty before she even entered. “Three-pee-oh!” she called, as she reached out with the Force again, to flip on the glowpanels.

The apartment's cooling unit had been off a while. Her parents always shut it down when they were going to be away for more than a couple of days. Jaina quickly pulled apart the stiff collar of her bright orange flight suit, and unzipped it a few decimeters to fight the warmth.

Just to be sure no one else was here, Jaina checked the small kitchenette and two bedrooms in the apartment. This was actually the first time she had been to the place. It was in a newly de-vongformed section of Coruscant. She hadn't particularly expected her parents to be here anyway.

Must still be in the Reecee system, Jaina thought. That was the last system they were visiting before coming home. Then she noticed a door in the master bedroom that had been left half-open.

Jaina was only a step from the door when she realized that it was probably a closet. Since she was so close, she decided to take a peek anyway, just to be sure.

It was definitely a closet. About two meters wide and four long, practically empty except for a couple of packing containers stacked in the back. Just as she was about to close the door, Jaina noticed an open package in a front corner. Curious, she turned on the closet's glowpanel to get a better look.

Sticking out the top of the shipping container was a gold, round, engraved… something. Jaina leaned over and pulled it out, revealing a golden bra, made of light-weight durasteel alloy. She stood there in stunned silence for several seconds. Then she laughed as she realized that her mother had bought it. Probably for dad, she thought with mild disgust. Imagining her parents in any type of romantic situation was as disturbing to her as it was for anyone else in the galaxy to imagine their parents. Then a vague memory popped into her mind.

OH SKRAG! she realized with sudden amazement. This wasn't just a gold durasteel bra, it was THE gold durasteel bra. The one that slug Jabba had forced her mom to wear on Tatooine all those years ago. Not the exact one; but a replica. Jaina had watched the edited holo-footage of her parents, Uncle Luke and Chewie in Jabba's throne room once, in a history class.

Only recently had she discovered that there was a brisk business selling the un-edited footage, not to mention high quality holographs of her mother in the humiliating slave-girl outfit. Many people sold fake copies, with holoactresses playing the part, but apparently nothing sold like the real thing. Jaina figured it was something about seeing a woman in power, as opposed to some model doing it for money.

Now Jaina knew that the business also included reproductions of that gold slave-girl outfit. With a sort of morbid fascination, Jaina set the bikini top back in the shipping container, picked the whole thing up, and carried it into the main room of the apartment.

Jaina sat down on the couch, and put the container on the stimcaf table. She barely noticed the holodisplay attached to the lid, and quickly pulled the durasteel bikini top back out of the container.

From what she remembered from the handful of holographs she had seen of the original, this one would cover a bit more of mom's, ew, breasts in comparison. The straps going over the shoulders and around the back were made of a tightly linked gold durasteel chain a couple of centimeters wide. The chain was flat and felt like it would be comfortable enough to wear. The insides of the bra cups were lined in some kind of smooth synth-hide. Shaking her head in amazement, Jaina set the bra aside and reach into the box again.

This time she pulled out the bottom half of the bikini. At least she guessed it was the bottom half. It was more like a rigid belt, made out of the same gold durasteel alloy as the top. The belt was shaped to match the wearer's hips, with the front and back being a little lower than the sides. The front of the belt was wider than the rest, as well, and had the same design engraved on it as the bra had.

Two long strips of lashaa silk hung from the front and back. The silks seemed to be attached to the belt with small magnetic strips. Jaina gently took the front silk in her hand, and ran her fingers down it, feeling its smoothness. After only a few centimeters, the silk came loose in her hand.

Jaina reattached the strip of lashaa silk, then tugged on it again. It popped free again. Jaina didn't quite understand why it came off so easily. Kriff, you couldn't even adjust them without them coming off, she thought with derision. Maybe you can increase the strength of the magnets? she mentally added, after a moment's thought. It never occurred to her that the slave outfit was designed that way to increase the wearer's humiliation.

The two strips of maroon lashaa silk seemed like they were more to make the wearer think she had some sort of modesty than to actually cover anything. Jaina held the belt up, and could easily see through both strips of silk. They would hide nothing.

Next her hand came out with a heavy circle of durasteel. It took Jaina a moment to recognize it as a slave collar. It was no trouble to tell that this was a much more… substantial collar than the one Jabba had forced her mom to wear. It was probably about six or seven millimeters thick, and sixty-five to seventy tall.

The collar was gold, like the bikini, but instead of being slightly dull with a design engraved onto it, the collar was gleaming. If Jaina held it just right, she could see her reflection in it. There was a barely visible hinge on either side, and it closed in the back.

The only thing interrupting the endless circle of gold was the small D-shaped ring attached to the front, with a larger O-ring dangling from it. The O-ring was about five centimeters in diameter, and maybe five millimeters thick. It practically invited someone to attach a leash to it, and lead the wearer around like a pet.

Impatient, Jaina quickly started pulling things out of the container and setting them on the stimcaf table. A smaller pair of polished durasteel bands. Another, even smaller pair. Both pairs were slightly oval-shaped, with the smaller pair a little more so than the larger. Maroon and gold calf-boots with super-high heels. A gold durasteel chain about a meter long, with a padded grip at one end.

Jaina moved the now empty container to the floor, and inspected the contents. She was still stunned that her mom―MOM!―had bought something like this. Maybeshe thought as she picked the container back up and checked the address on the holodisplay. Nope, it had come to the right place, although there was no name on it. The return address didn't have a name listed either, although it was on Coruscant. Still puzzled, Jaina set the container back down and picked up the slave collar again.

The collar weighed about a kilo-and-a-half. Almost on autopilot, Jaina opened it and lifted it to her neck. It felt cool as it touched her throat. Holding it in place with one hand, Jaina reach back and closed one side, then the other. She let go and the collar opened, almost falling. Jaina easily caught it, still processing the sensation of the hard durasteel around her neck. She closed it again, in front of her. Looking at the back, she tried to figure out how it stayed closed. After a few seconds, she checked the shipping container again, to see if she had missed some sort of key or something.

She found a cheap datapad attached to the inside of the lid, but no key. On the display of the datapad were the words All Species Pleasure Boutique, which Jaina figured was the place the outfit had come from. After setting the datapad on the stimcaf table, Jaina began to wonder how the collar looked on her. Luckily there was a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall nearby. Jaina walked over, and closed the collar around her neck again.

It looked wrong around the stiff collar of her flight suit. After a few seconds of fumbling to get her clothes out of the way, Jaina set the slave collar back down, and unzipped the flight suit all the way to the waistband. Then she pulled both arms out, and left the flight suit hanging around her waist. Underneath she was wearing a tight black tank top, with built in support for her breasts. Now she put the collar back up to her neck, and closed it again. Jaina still had to hold the two ends together behind her neck, but the collar was much easier to see with the flight suit out of the way.

For some reason, Jaina loved the way the durasteel slave collar looked—and felt—on her. Once again she wondered how to keep it closed. After nearly a minute admiring herself in the mirror, Jaina went back to the couch.

Since the apartment was too warm anyway, Jaina decided to strip her flight suit off completely. Trying to save a credit on the cooling bill, she thought as she pulled the flight suit off over her boots and tossed it to the end of the couch. The tight-fitting black underpants were much cooler without the bulky flight suit on top. After a few relaxing breaths, Jaina picked up one of the smaller durasteel rings.

It fit perfectly around her wrist. Jaina was still puzzled as to how the collar and… bracelet?… closed. To her disappointment, the mid-sized ring was a little big for her ankle. She was about to set it back down when she remembered that original outfit had included a gold armband.

The gold band was a little tight on her biceps. Must be stronger than mom, Jaina thought with smug superiority. When she relaxed her arm, Jaina could get the ends to meet, but not close. Disappointed again, she set it back on the stimcaf table.

The calf boots were maroon, overlaid with the same pattern as the bikini top and bottom in gold. The heels looked to be at least twelve centimeters high, and maybe two in diameter. The front part of the boots were elevated a couple of centimeters as well. Small magnets were at the top of each boot, on either side of the zipper, to keep it from coming open. The boots also had plenty of ankle support, although the thick nerfhide band seemed like it would be just above the actual ankle joint.

Jaina had always kind of liked high heels. Through the war she hadn't had much of a chance of wearing any, though. Although Alema Rar always managed to, Jaina thought with puzzlement. She knew that she wore the same size shoes as mom. As matter of fact, I'm only a little bigger than mom in everythingJaina realized, as she held the boot in her hand.

Jaina slowly scanned the outfit lying on the stimcaf table. It looked a little small, especially the top, but it would probably fit her. For some reason, the thought of wearing the humiliating slavegirl costume turned her on. The fact that it was someone else's definitely added to her arousal.

She reached out with the Force to make sure that the front door was still locked. Then she realized that, even if they'd been away for a week, her parents could be on Coruscant already, and here in minutes. Jaina quickly set the calf boot back down and walked over to the apartment's computer. There she made a comm call to the Falcon, to find out when they would be back, discreetly.

Threepio answered, and informed her that both her parents were asleep. Jaina quickly stopped the droid from waking them, and after a few questions, found out they wouldn't be heading back for at least a few more hours. Jaina knew that it was at least a six hour hyperspace flight from Reecee to Coruscant. She left a message with Threepio for her parents saying hi, and not to hurry back on account of her.

Now that she knew that she wouldn't be disturbed, Jaina began stripping off the rest of her clothes as she walked back to the stimcaf table. Her anticipation increased with each step, and each item she tossed to the floor, until she was completely naked.

The first thing that Jaina picked up was the belt. She glanced at the smooth inside and noticed a sensor pad located on the front, just above where her pussy would be. Puzzled, Jaina picked the datapad up off the stimcaf table.

Should have read this before, Jaina thought as she scanned the instructions. The sensor pad in the belt activated magnetic couplings on the entire outfit when in came in contact with the wearer's skin. All I needed to know, Jaina thought happily as she tossed the datapad back onto the table.

Jaina wasted no time in opening the belt, which had hinges at either side like the collar, and pressing the front against her lower abdomen. With both hands holding the belt in place, she slid them around, closing the belt along the way, and pressed the two ends together with a 'click.' The belt was a little tight, but not too tight to wear for a while.

The two strips of lashaa silk were about what she expected. Looking down, Jaina could easily see the outline of her moist lips, and knew that someone standing behind her could see just as much of her ass. The two strips reached down to the floor, with several centimeters dragging. Remembering how easily they came off, Jaina reminded herself not to step on them. They were only about twenty centimeters wide, so they barely disguised anything anyway.

The bra came next. Since Jaina was a little bigger on top than her mom, it took a minute to squeeze her breasts into the gold durasteel bra. Luckily it closed in the front instead of the back. With the two main pieces of the outfit in place, Jaina took a moment to check herself out in the mirror again.

Wow, Jaina thought as she admired herself. Mom wishes she could look this good. Then she realized that if her mom could still wear the same sized clothes as her twenty-one year old daughter, then she did look good, for a forty-nine year old anyway.

The boots fit perfectly. Jaina closed the magnets at the top of the zippers, and the bigger ones on the nerfhide straps at her ankles. Then she stood and took a few practice steps, back to the mirror, trying to get used to the high heels. The boots made her toned legs and tight ass look fabulous. Jaina was surprised at how easy it was to walk in the boots. The ankle support helped as well. An unexpected bonus of the boots was that the extra height kept the strips of lashaa silk off the floor.

Next, Jaina closed the armbands around her upper arms, just above her elbows. She was able to flex her arms better with them like that, instead of directly on her bicep muscle.

The gold durasteel bracelets fit her wrists easily. She slid them up and down her arms, to see how far they would slide. It was only a few centimeters either direction. There was no way she could slip them off without opening them again. The bracelets and armbands were both the same width and thickness as the collar. She could feel their heft. Jaina could barely see the seams on the bracelets. It looked like she had an unending band of gold durasteel around her wrist.

As Jaina lifted the collar to her throat, she felt the spark of arousal from her pussy. She pushed the two ends of the collar together at the back of her neck, and heard it click shut.

Jaina felt a flash of danger from the Force a split-second before the entire outfit—boots, bikini bottoms, top, bracelets, armbands, and collar—all clicked again, simultaneously. With all the speed of a Jedi, she reached out with the Force and called her lightsaber to her from across the room. Before it reached her outstretched hand, the sense of danger passed.

Jedi Solo stood crouched between the couch and stimcaf table, lightsaber un-ignited, trying to get a sense of what she had felt from the Force. After about thirty seconds, she gave up, and relaxed, tossing her lightsaber onto the couch. Whatever she had felt was gone.

Jaina was almost overwhelmed with the strange sensations coursing through her body. She felt excited, horny, and naughty all at the same time. There was a strong clip on the opposite end of the chain from the nerfhide grip. Jaina had to squeeze it hard to open it enough to get it on the leash ring on the front of the collar. For some reason a shudder of pleasure hit her as she did.

As Jaina posed in the mirror with entire outfit on, she had flashes of herself kneeling at the feet of a faceless master, or lounging on soft pillows at his feet. I wonder how much one of these costs, she thought to herself as she gently stroked her clit through the lashaa silk.

One finger was quickly joined by another. Frakk, it's been MONTHS! Jaina realized as she reached underneath the filmy silk with her other hand. She spread her legs a little, to give herself better access. Impulsively, she wished that Zekk were here with his big dick.

Or Master Durron, she thought with a shudder. She wasn't sure how big Master Durron's dick was, but she imagined that it was massive. Then she imagined Master Durron holding her leash and nearly fell to her knees in ecstasy.

Jaina quickly stumbled back over to the couch, and fell down onto the comfortable form-cushions, legs splayed obscenely. She hooked her boots heels on the edge of the stimcaf table, and pushed the strip of lashaa silk to the left, out of the way. The chain leash draped off to the other side. One hand reached up to tweak a nipple, but was stopped by the durasteel bikini top. Jaina let out a moan that was half frustration, half arousal as the hand returned to her snatch.

“Heeeyyy,” someone said from just inside the doorway. Jaina was far too absorbed to notice that someone had entered the apartment. “OH FRAKK!” the voice screamed out barely a second later, just as she was starting to come back to reality. “Jaina!”

Flying an X-wing with no shields and one engine against a hundred coralskippers, Jaina didn't panic. Wearing her mother's Jabba the Hutt slavegirl outfit and masturbating on her parents' couch when someone yelled “OH FRAKK!” from a couple of meters away, she completely freaked out.

“AAAEEEE, FRAKK,” she screamed out as she tried to cover herself with the strip of lashaa silk, dive behind the couch, and bring up her Force defenses all at the same time. How the person had gotten inside her parents' apartment or knew her name didn't seem nearly so important at the time.

The lashaa silk didn't cover much anyway, so it didn't help much. As she attempted to dive behind the couch, she stepped on the leash with her boot, and fell to the floor with a yelp of pain. That broke her concentration, and Force defenses. Then she realized who the intruder was.

“LANDO!” she screamed from the floor, knees against her chest, arms crossed over them.

“Jaina!” he replied in a slightly lower shout, to stunned to move, not sure if he could, or was willing to, look away from his best friend's daughter.

“What are you doing here!?” they both screamed at the same time, Jaina a little louder than Lando.

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