Jedi Jaina Solo is ... Arrested on Agamar!
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Bethany Handcuff

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Not too long after the Yuuzhan Vong War, on the planet Agamar ...

Jedi Knight Jaina Solo looked at the package that had just been delivered to her room with curiosity, and a little trepidation. She had only been on Agamar a few hours, but apparently someone had found her already. The package was addressed to her room, with no name.

She had come to Agamar to investigate claims that a rural constable was arresting attractive women on trumped-up charges and forcing them to perform back breaking physical labor as punishment. The main problem was that he was also allegedly forcing them to work nights as strippers and prostitutes. Apparently the poor women would spend ten or twelve hours a day on a chain gang, then another four to six dancing on a stage or flat on their backs with their legs spread for the local yokels.

Practically any reasonably attractive woman between the ages of eighteen and forty-five that passed through Constable Beaver's territory was arrested for the most trivial offenses. Littering was one of they more outrageous things that Jaina had seen on the list. Of course, every arrest included a full strip and cavity search. The New Republic had been conducting an investigation, but the the Yuuzhan Vong invasion created other priorities. Now the Jedi Order was trying to get things back on track.

Jaina reached out with the Force again to check for danger from the package. Then she carefully opened it. Inside she found a cheap datapad, and a silver durasteel collar. A divider underneath them hid whatever else was in the container.

She picked up the collar and examined it a few moments. It was about four centimeters tall, and perhaps five millimeters thick. In small print around the outside was Property of Constable Phil Beavers, return for reward if found. Phil Beavers was the Constable she was here to investigate, and locking tracking collars on his prisoners—only the attractive females ones—was another barbaric practice she was here to investigate. Jaina rolled her eyes at the sound of his name, set the collar down, and picked up the datapad. She turned it on and a message appeared.

Greetings, and welcome to Agamar, Jedi Jaina Solo. I understand that you've come to investigate our law enforcement practices hereabouts, particularly our rehabilitation policy towards young women that break the law on our part of the planet. Well, if you want a real inside look, then all you have to do is put on the little undercover outfit I've included, and just head out our way. I'm positive my officers will find you pretty quick; they've got a real eye for sexy girls like you.

Don't bother bringing any ID or credits. You won't need them in our women's jail. Of course, if you really want to bring some credits, that's fine. I'm sure one of my officers will use them for you while you're experiencing Agamar style justice.

Jaina rolled her eyes in annoyance. Another complaint the Jedi Order had gotten was that the Officers confiscated whatever valuables the women had on them when they were arrested, and never returned them. The message basically told her to bring credits for them to steal.

It'll probably take you a few weeks or so to conduct a proper investigation, so before you come out to see us, leave all those old Jedi robes and anything else you brought with the hotel's front desk. I'll have one of my officers come by and pick it up. Make sure that laser sword thing you Jedi carry around is off though. I wouldn't want my officer to get his arm cut off or something.

Now, I know I told you that my officers would find you pretty quick in the undercover outfit I sent you. Since you're from Coruscant though, you probably think we're just a bunch of dumb rimkin. Well, it's possible we might have some trouble catching a Jedi that wanted to evade justice, even in that outfit you'll be wearing. So to make sure you don't have to wait to long to start working off your debt to Agamar, why don't you go ahead and lock that tracking collar around that cute little neck of yours. You'll be wearing it for your entire investigation anyway.

Jaina was stunned by the message; and a little aroused. She sat the datapad and tracking collar down, and opened up the rest of the package, to see the undercover outfit they wanted her to wear.

First she pulled out a tiny, thin white tank top. Then a scandalously short blue micro-miniskirt with frayed edges where it had been cut off. Under that she found a tiny white g-string. Then about a dozen cheap plastex white bangle bracelets, and a dozen more in blue. Last there was a pair of crystal clear plastex sandals with probably fifteen-centimeter heels.

Jaina recognized the outfit. It was very similar to what the women were forced to wear while they served their time in Constable Beavers's jail. She picked up the tank top and held it against herself. It would barely come down to the bottom of her ribcage. The skirt didn't look like it would even cover her ass.

She had planned on swooping into the Constable's headquarters in her full Jedi robes, sending the officers into a panic. Constable Beavers himself would beg for mercy as he ordered his men to free all of the wrongfully convicted women. He would immediately resign, and Jaina would stay a few weeks to keep an eye on things, while the remaining officers catered to her. But if she did as the message suggested, she'd get a first-hand experience of what all the other women had gone through. Jaina squeezed her legs together in arousal.

Before she realized what she was doing, Jaina had stripped off her tunic. In less than a minute she was standing in her hotel room naked. She picked up the g-string an pulled it on. It was nothing more than a tiny triangle of thin cloth connected by three strings. It barely covered her pussy it was so small. Luckily she didn't have any hair down there.

Then Jaina stepped into the cut off micro-miniskirt and pulled it up her legs. To get it far enough down to cover most of her ass, she had to pull it low on her hips. Now the skirt sat so low that someone could easily pull it down completely. The strings of her panties were several centimeters above the top of the skirt.

Next Jaina pulled on the tiny white tank top. There was no bra. Her nipples were easily visible through the thin material. Just as she had suspected, the bottom of the shirt stopped about halfway between her breasts and her belly button, leaving about twenty-five centimeters of exposed skin between the tank top and tiny skirt.

Jaina squeezed her legs together with arousal. Then she strapped the towering high heels onto her feet. Next she slid the bangle bracelets onto her wrists, alternating white and blue on each wrist. While the top and skirt were far too revealing for her tastes, she actually liked the bracelets, and heels. As Jaina looked at herself in the mirror, she knew that this was what she would be wearing when she went to see Constable Beavers. Then she picked up the tracking collar, and quickly closed it around her neck. It locked with a magnetic 'click.' Jaina took a moment to check herself out in the mirrror, and decided that she sort of liked the dull silver collar too. Except for the tracking device and 'Property of Phil Beavers' printed on the side, that is.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A couple of hours later, in a small, rural town on Agamar ...

Jaina climbed out of the taxi and tugged her tiny micro-skirt down nervously. That pulled the top of it down a couple of more centimeters. She looked around for one of Agamar's finest to swoop in and arrest her for something or another. They wouldn't have to look very hard. She was only a few dozen meters from the Constable's headquarters.

“Hey sexy!” someone said from behind her. “You've got a great ass. What's your name so I can ask for you tonight at the strip club?”

Jaina turned and saw a middle-aged, overweight man wearing farmer's coveralls leering at her. That was another part of of the complaints. The women would be harassed by the locals, and if they tried to do anything but meekly accept the lewd comments, they were promptly arrested. Even reporting the harassment to the police resulted in the woman be arrested and strip-searched!

In spite of her first instinct, which was to Force hurl the farmer into a wall, Jaina didn't want to make things to easy on Constable Beavers's officers. She also didn't want to actually hurt the old rimkin. That didn't mean she was going to let him get away with it.

“Don't your nerfs keep you enough company?” she asked him sarcastically. The effect was somewhat less than she had hoped since she was dressed more like a stripper after a dance than a respectable woman in public.

To her further confusion, the farmer burst out in laughter. “Feisty little slut! Well, Constable Beavers'll teach you some manners pretty quick. Hey, there's Deputy Griffy now.”

Jaina turned around and saw an average sized man in a brown Agamar Deputy's uniform walking out of a tapcafe.

“Hey Bob,” the deputy said as he leered at Jaina. “This cute little thing causing problems?”

“No, I—” Jaina started to say, not even realizing that she should have objected to being called a “cute little thing” by an on-duty deputy.

“I offered her a compliment, and she implied that I have relations with my nerfs!” the farmer—Bob—said indignantly.

That was a compliment? Jaina thought incredulously; all she remembered was him calling her sexy and asking her name so he could ask for her at a strip club.

“Is that true miss?” Deputy Griffy asked her sternly, as his eyes traveled down her legs from the micro-miniskirt to the clear plastex fifteen-centimeter heels. “We take nerfherding real serious around here. Let's see some ID,” he commanded her, as his eyes moved to her tits, which were displayed rather than concealed by the thin white tank top Constable Beavers had sent her to wear.

Jaina knew he had to have seen her tracking collar. How could he not? The message had told her not to bring her ID either. She still had the Force though. She could do a mind trick on both of these yokels; if she wasn't so horny her pussy was practically dripping.

“I guess that's a no, babe,” Deputy Griffy said after a couple of seconds. “Well, I guess I'll have to take you in for processing until we find out who you are. Well, that and theft,” he added with a chuckle.

Jaina's head was spinning. “Wait, I haven't stolen anything!” she said as she squeezed her thighs together.

Deputy Griffy laughed. “How'd you get that tracking collar then?”

“Constable Beavers sent it to me,” Jaina explained.

Then she realized how ridiculous she sounded. How could she explain why she had put it on. Jaina stood meekly as Deputy Griffy pulled her bangle decorated wrists behind her back and closed his binders around them.

“You want to come watch her processing?” Deputy Griffy asked Bob causally, as if he were inviting him to dinner. “We'll let you help out if you want.”

Jaina's eyes went wide with shock. She had thought the complaints that the constable let locals watch the humiliating strip searches were exaggerated. Surely no legitimate law enforcement agency would allow random strangers—and in many cases the real criminals—to help strip-search a woman who had done nothing wrong.

“No thanks, Deputy,” Bob replied regretfully. “I got to get back to the farm. Besides, I like 'em after a hard days work, when they're broken in,” he added with a laugh. Then he casually reached out and slapped her ass.

“OW!” Jaina shouted, more in shock than pain. She kicked out at him in retaliation, but he deftly stepped back as Deputy Griffy pulled her away. “He assaulted me!” she exclaimed to the grinning deputy as she pulled against the binders closed tightly around her wrists.

“Now, now, girlie, he was just saying bye is all,” Deputy Griffy replied. “Let's get you to the station before you get into anymore trouble,” he said as he began pulling her towards the Constable's headquarters.

Jaina couldn't believe how fast things were moving. She'd been in town all of five minutes and she had already been harassed, assaulted, and arrested for nothing. She couldn't imagine how she would have felt without the Force as her ally to protect her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A few minutes later, in Constable Phil Beavers's office ...

“So, Jedi Solo, how do you feel about Agamar style justice so far?” Constable Beavers asked her from his comfortable chair behind his desk.

Jaina, on the other hand, was still wearing the skimpy outfit he had sent her. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back with the binders. When Deputy Griffy had brought her in, the fat Sergeant at the desk told him that Constable Beavers wanted to see the cute thing with his tracking collar, so here she was.

“This isn't justice!” Jaina replied, stamping her foot in disgust.

Constable Beavers chuckled. “Well, everyone has their own opinion. Tell me this, though. Are you more turned on wearing that sexy little outfit with your hands cuffed like they should be, rather than standing there in those ol' Jedi robes you usually wear?”

Jaina dropped her gaze to the floor in embarrassment. “Yes Sir,” she replied meekly. Then she looked back up at him. “But it's still not right. You can't do stuff like this to women!” she shouted incredulously.

Constable Beavers laughed again. “I don't do this to women. I do it to little sluts who deep down, want it. That's why you chose to wear that sexy little outfit instead of those Jedi robes,” he explained to her.

“What about all the complaints we got?” Jaina asked him. She couldn't deny his statement about her choice of outfit.

“I had some officers that made some mistakes. They've been dealt with. But let's talk about you, Jedi Solo. Do you want to continue your undercover assignment and get first-hand knowledge of my women's jail, or put your Jedi robes back on and go on a bland, sterile tour of the place?”

Then to Jaina's astonishment, he pulled out the package that had her robes, comm, and lightsaber. She wondered how he had gotten it so fast. She also sensed his sincerity about taking care of problem officers. There was no denying how horny she was standing in his office wearing the flimsy top, tiny miniskirt, heels, and binders.

“St—stay undercover, Sir,” Jaina replied nervously.

Constable Beavers smiled practically from ear to ear. “I figured you would. Now I'm the only one who knows who you really are, and that you're a Jedi. So absolutely no using the Force while you're here, okay?”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina agreed.

“And you'll need an undercover name,” Constable Beavers said, thinking. “I know, you'll be Jamie Sels,” he announced.

Jaina could imagine what she'd be selling. “Yes Sir,” she replied obediently, squeezing her legs together.

Constable Beavers began typing into his computer terminal. “Alright Jamie Sels, you're being detained pending investigation. It doesn't matter what for. Now, while you're being detained, you'll be assigned to various work details to defray the cost of incarcerating you until I complete my investigation.”

Once again Jaina was amazed at how he had gotten away with this for so long. She hadn't even been charged with anything and he was going to put her to work. It was practically slavery! “Don't I get to talk to my lawyer, Sir?” she asked him slyly.

Jaina knew the victims of Constable Beavers's schemes were rarely given an opportunity to speak to a real lawyer. He always had some local crony represent them.

Constable Beavers smiled again. “Do you really want that, Jedi Solo?” he asked her.

Jaina twisted her cuffed hands behind her back and tugged on the binders nervously. “No Sir,” she replied meekly after a few seconds. “But you really should let the other women talk to a lawyer. A real one!” Jaina said, stamping one of her high heels to emphasize the point.

Constable Beavers burst out in laughter. “Jedi Solo, you are truly a gifted negotiator. I promise I'll consider that real soon. But right now, we need to get you strip searched and into your prison uniform, so you can start work.”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina agreed, as if that was something she should want.

A minute or so later, Jaina was standing in the station's intake room, rubbing her now uncuffed wrists. Deputy Griffy was standing next to her.

“Alright, strip; and put everything in the crate,” he ordered her.

“Um, everything, Sir?” Jaina asked tentatively. She knew it was stupid question. Constable Beavers only had male deputies, and they always strip-searched attractive women they had unjustly arrested.

“Everything!” he commanded her impatiently. “Except the collar, of course,” he added with a chuckle.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied with resignation, and arousal as she began unstrapping her clear plastex heels. She sat one, then the other in the crate. Then she slid her blue and white plastex bangle bracelets into the crate. Jaina ran through a Jedi calming exercise, then peeled off her thin tank top. She was already wet, and he had barely started the search.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jaina ran through a Jedi calming exercise as she put on her jail uniform. The cavity search had been as bad as she had expected. After the squats and jumping-jacks—all nude of course—Deputy Griffy had made her climb onto an exam table—complete with stirrups for her feet! Once he cuffed her hands to the top of the table, he strapped her legs into the stirrups. Next he pulled them wider apart, and proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes with his fingers in her soaking snatch.

The jail uniform was practically identical to the undercover outfit Constable Beavers had sent her, except the word PRISONER was printed across the front of the white top in blue, over her tits. It was also printed across the back of her micro-miniskirt in white.

Besides the top and miniskirt, there were the same crystal clear plastex sandals with fifteen-centimeter heels. Jaina imagined that they would make it harder for her to hide contraband in them. There was also another tiny white g-string, and of course her tracking collar that she was already wearing.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Three weeks later ...

“You wanted to see me, Sir?” Jaina asked softly at the entrance to Constable Beavers's office.

Her tank top was crisp and bright-white. Her micro-miniskirt was also clean, and the frays on the bottom were neatly trimmed. The soles of her clear plastex heels were clean as well. She had polished her tracking collar to a shine. For the past few days she had been assigned to janitorial duties around the jail, and had to keep her entire uniform spotless at all times.

“Yes, come on in, Jamie,” Constable Beavers said after a moment.

Jaina stepped in, and noticed that Constable Beavers had a guest. She reached out with the Force, and sensed a familiar presence.

“Hey Jaina,” the blue-skinned Twi'lek said with a grin from her comfortable seat in front of Constable Beavers's desk.

“Hello Alema Rar,” Jaina replied politely as she stepped into the room. She stopped about a meter from the desk, with her hands behind her back, like she had been taught.

“Well, Jamie, apparently since you didn't report in for so long, the Jedi Order sent Jedi Alema Rar here to find you,” Chief Beavers informed her.

“Um, Yes Sir,” Jaina answered softly, not quite sure how to respond.

“I must say, Constable, you certainly know how to dress your prisoners,” Alema Rar said as she admired Jaina's uniform.

“Why thank you, Jedi Alema Rar,” Constable Beavers replied with a smile. Then he glanced down at his datapad. “Funny thing is though, just before you arrived, I received a message from a Jedi Master Kyp Durron. It says that I should be on the lookout for a young, sexy blue-skinned female Twi'lek posing as a Jedi. He suggests that I detain anyone matching that description and notify him personally,” Constable Beavers informed her.

Jaina almost smiled. That sounded just like something that Master Durron would do, and she was sure Alema Rar would enjoy a few weeks in Constable Beavers's jail. Then she sighed. That meant she would be staying longer as well.

“Really,” Alema Rar replied, raising one eyebrow expectantly.

“Yes, really,” Constable Beavers confirmed. Then he looked over at Jaina, who was waiting politely, and silently, off to one side. “Jamie, did you bring the item I told you to?” he asked her.

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied promptly as she stepped forward.

“No,” he responded, waving her back. “I want you to do it,” he told her with a smile. “Then hand me the lightsaber our fake Jedi is carrying. It's obviously stolen.”

“Yes Sir,” Jaina replied as she stepped over to Alema Rar.

Alema Rar lifted her lekku out of the way so Jaina could close the tracking collar around her neck. Then the Twi'lek pulled her lightsaber off her durasteel belt, and passed it to her. “I've heard so many interesting things about your jail, Constable Beavers,” Alema Rar said with a smile. “Is it true that you make girls work as strippers?”

Constable Beavers smiled back at her. “We like to teach our girls a trade for when they earn their freedom,” he replied.

“Sounds like fun,” Alema Rar said. “But since I'm such a dangerous criminal—impersonating a Jedi and all—don't you think I should be cuffed?” she asked, holding her wrists out towards him. Bangle bracelets slid down her arms.

Constable Beavers chuckled as he stood up and walked around his desk. Alema Rar smiled up at him as he quickly snapped a binder on her right wrist. Then he pulled her to her feet, and brought her hands behind her back. Jaina felt a little jolt of pleasure from her through the Force as the other binder closed around her left wrist.

“Before we get to the strip-search Constable, do you know how long it'll be before Master Durron comes to get us?” Alema Rar asked as he bumped her feet apart with his boots.

“I notified him as soon as you arrived. He says that he should be able to stop by in a few weeks or so to see how you two are doing,” Constable Beavers replied as he began groping her.

“Oh, sounds like fun,” Alema Rar replied with a smile, and a wink towards Jaina as she felt his hands on her inner thigh.

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