Jade's Scion: Chapter 40 — Ben Rating: PG

Ben sits up in bed, sweat covering his torso, and his breath comes fast and heavy. He glances at Jysella, curled around a pillow beside him, and slips out of the bed.

He can feel the promptings from the Force. Urgent. Demanding.

With a growl, he opens the cabin door and steps out into the common area. He looks around the room, and then heads to his workstation, grabbing a handful of parts, dumping them into a small bucket; he turns away, heading into the hallway leading from the cabins to the cockpit. Halfway down, he stops, and presses on a piece of the wall. A soft click sounds, as a seam appears on the bulkhead. Ben smiles, as he pulls open the compartment, and looks at the assortment of odds and ends he has in there. A cylinder, created so long ago, the components that once a part of the weapon were removed in what was effectively another life, a different life.

Dropping it into the bucket, he grabs a few other parts, and then closes the compartment. A soft click and the wall is once more blemish free. His bare feet padding softly down the hall, he arrives at the cockpit, and reaches overhead, opening the console there. Reaching his hand in, he grabs something, and pulls it out. Holding it up to the light of hyperspace, he watches for a moment, as the light is refracted in the facets of the blue crystal.

He sighs slightly, and then once more heads back to his cabin. Dropping the pieces onto the workstation, he looks to Jysella, noticing that she is still deeply asleep; he crosses over to her and touches her forehead gently with his lips.

"I do this for you, not the Force."

Then he returns to his desk, and picking up the cylinder, probes it with the Force, feeling the energy and intensity which he put into creating the elegant weapon all those long years ago. A smile flickers on his face, as he remembers machining this hilt, crafting it carefully, and lovingly.

Ben feels another twinge in the Force, and he once more sighs, as he picks up a high-energy flux capacitor. Slipping it in, he can hear Jacen's voice in his mind.

"A Jedi manipulates the Force, binds the components together, linking them on something more than a mechanical or material level."

Ben snaps in the dimetris circuitry.

"Without this conditioning by the Force, the blade is flawed. It is unable to work at the unimagined efficiency required by a Jedi."

Ben pushes the adegan crystal into its appropriate spot.

"Feel the Force, let it flow through you, changing you and your blade."

Then the power supply is slid into its proper slot. Reaching over, he connects a cable into the recharge port and hesitates. Ben stares at the still useless weapon, wondering if this is what he wants, if this is something he should do.

He realizes that he is at a choice. Will he be Ben Whitesun or will he be Ben Skywalker. Smuggler or Jedi? And just as important, what type of Jedi would he be. Will he be a great and powerful one such as Vima Sunrider, or will he be a betrayer like his grandfather.

He frowns, as the Force twinges once more, urging, demanding he take up the mantle of a Jedi. He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breathe, slowly blowing it out.

The world turns dark.

Ben opens his eyes, and looks around, seeing Jysella standing beside him, her hair streaked with gray. She notices him watching her, and smiles quickly for him. Then she pulls a blade and holds it out to him.

"A lightsaber is the traditional weapon of a Jedi. Not as random as a blaster, an elegant weapon, for an elegant age."

Then she shifts to become Jacen, still holding out the weapon towards Ben.

"It's an obligation, a difficult new set of lessons for you. Perhaps the work involved in building your own lightsaber will teach you to respect it as a tool."

Then Jacen shifts to become Ben's father.

"You may have heard about Jedi Masters during the Clone Wars who were able to fashion lightsabers in only a day or two, using whatever raw materials were at hand, but don't get the idea that your weapon is a quick little project to be slapped together. Ideally, a Jedi took many months to construct a single perfect weapon that he or she would keep and use for a lifetime. Once you build it, the lightsaber will become your constant companion, your tool, and a ready means of defense."

Then Ben takes the weapon from Luke's hand and the world turns dark.

Ben opens his eyes, looking down at the saber hilt still in his hands, the Force still there, still pressing on him to take up his birthright. To become who it meant for him to be.

Muttering a curse, he gives in.

He pushes down on the activator of the recharging station, and stretches out with the Force. He can feel the energy flow into the power supply, and bathes the entire thing with the Force, modifying things on a sub-molecular level, allowing the whole to become greater than each individual piece.

Then it is done, and he gasps out a breath. Trembling slightly as he stands, he walks to the refresher, and washes his face, noticing the stubble that has appeared on his chin. A quick glance at the chrono reveals that three days has passed.

He picks up the saber, and looks at it. With a nod, he presses the activator and smiles at the vibrant blue blade that shoots out with the reassuring snap-hiss. He swings the blade back and forth, listening to the hum change pitch as it moves.

"I see you're finally awake." Ben turns towards the door, and watches Jysella walk towards him, a smile on her face. She briefly presses her lips against his cheek, and takes his hand in hers. "Come on, Mon Calamari is only a few minutes away."

Together they walk out of the room.

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