Jade's Scion: Chapter 38 — Sannah Rating: PG

Sannah is deep in meditation, probing the Force, trying her best to once more contact Anakin. To get some semblance of affirmation on the course of events that she has chosen. She wishes to know for certain, if the steps she is taking are the ones she should.

To her frustration the Force is silent.

Letting out a sigh of frustration, she opens her eyes, and sees a blue ghost shimmering in a meditation pose directly across from her.

As if he could feel her gaze, his eyes pop open, and he smiles at her.

She returns it. "I thought you were for Ben."

"I am, but due to my other grandson's obstinacy, a family trait I'm sad to say, you lost your guide. The Force in its infinite wisdom has deemed that I get to rectify that situation."

She tilts her head slightly. "Then you can tell me if what I'm doing is correct and right?"

Anakin shakes his head. "No, I cannot. The dead cannot make those types of value decisions. That is why the Force works through the living."

"But this is the course that Anakin sent me down."

"Yes it is. So the question is do you trust Anakin's ghost enough to let him lead you where he wanted you to go?"

Sannah frowns at that. "You're not helping."

"Yeah, that's the problem with us ghost guides. We don't help that much."

"I just want to know if what I'm doing is right."

"What is right? Remember, there was a time, when I thought that slaughtering the Jedi, even the younglings, was the right thing to do. Right so often is a subjective term."

Sannah rubs her face in her hands a low growl coming from her throat. "But is this the best thing to do?"

"The future is always in motion."

Sannah moves her hands away, and stares at the ghost. After a moment, the ghost smiles again.

"The problem with the best thing to do is the same as the right thing to do. Was my slaughter of the Jedi the best thing to do?"

Sannah gives her head a quick shake. "No! You destroyed millennia of knowledge and history."

"Actually, based on my communion with the Force, I think it was the best thing to do, regardless of the fact that it may not have been the right thing to do, at least how you define the right thing to do."

Sannah tilts her head again. "I don't understand."

Anakin sighs slightly. "The Jedi Order of my time had become stagnant and hide bound. They were more worried about maintaining the status quo that they could not see anything above and beyond themselves. Such an Order could not have survived or even prospered much longer, they were destined to fall, and the Force tells me if it had not happened in the way it transpired, then the light of the Jedi Order would have been extinguished for all time. So, it was the best thing for me to purge the Jedi, but it does not mean that it was the right thing to do."

Sannah leans back slightly, thinking hard. "So right and best can be mutually exclusive things."

"Exactly. We just have to trust the Force to lead us."

"I see."

Anakin nods his head again. "Have you been practicing making yourself small?"

Sannah nods her head. "Yes, though I fail to see what I need it for."

Anakin just shakes his head. "It's just something that is good for you to know." Then he fades away, leaving Sannah alone once more.

Standing, she can feel her joints pop from staying in one position to long, and she grabs her saber, and steps out of her cabin, looking around the common room. She sees Valin and the old woman in conversation about something, and glances towards the cockpit door, noting that it is closed. Frowning she focuses the Force that way, and can feel her hands start to warm from embarrassment as she figures out what Ben and Jysella are doing in there.

Turning from the room, she heads towards the cargo bay, which while empty is large enough to perform some simple training katas. She strips off her cloak and tunic and pants, revealing a set of tight fighting training outfit.

With a deep breath, she closes her eyes and activates her saber, and steps forward, her blade lifting, moving to a point where it can protect her from another saber.

Another breath, and another step, and the saber moves to a lower guard.

Another breath and another step, and the saber moves to a standard parry position.

Another breath and another step, and the saber moves to an attack position.

Then she speeds up, her step moving faster and faster, her saber a whirl around her as she quickly falls into the patterns of the exercise, of the dance back and forth across the floor of the cargo hold.

She keeps her eyes closed, focusing on the Force on her movements, trying to still her mind of the doubts that plague her.

Then suddenly her saber crashes against another one, and her eyes pop open. Valin is standing there, his silver blade crossed against hers, a smile on his face and in his eyes.

"Would you mind some company?"

She takes a step back, and allows a smile to come to her face. "I'd love some."

Then they give each other abbreviated bows, and Sannah strikes. She jumps forward, her saber slamming against his with a crackle of energy, she lands and twists, stabbing her blade forward, exhilarating in the moment, in the movements.

Exhilarating in the company.

She decides that she likes this, having someone to train with, someone to talk to. Having someone. It is something that she has missed.

And it means all the more to her that that someone is Valin once again.

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