Jade's Scion: Chapter 36 — Ben Rating: PG

Ben stands at the foot of the ramp, watching the Jedi walk towards his ship. He frowns in concentration, as he considers just what he is doing. Contrary to what he wanted, what he desired for his life, here he is, running from one end of the galaxy to the other at the whims of the Force.

Or is it because of her.

He shakes his head, and turns away to see Booster standing there. "You better take care of my granddaughter Skywalker. I just got her back; I'd hate to kill you if you lost her."

"How often do I have to tell you to not call me Skywalker?"

Booster rests his hand on Ben's shoulder. "Skywalker is a proud name, Ben. It did a lot of good and bad for this galaxy. Its part of who you are; and you should never run from who you are." Booster glances towards the Jedi, and Ben follows his gaze to look at Booster's grandchildren. "After all, there are some out there who had part of who they are taken from them."

As Ben thinks about that, Booster walks away and talks briefly with his grandchildren and Sannah. Ben silently considers what Booster had said. Glancing up, he sees the three Jedi there, and smiles at them. "We ready to go to Dac?"

Sannah steps up beside him, and takes his hand. "Thank you for trusting me in this Ben."

Ben silently nods his head, and Sannah dropping his hand, walks past him and boards the ship. He turns towards Jysella and Valin. "You two coming?"

Jysella glances at Valin for a second, and then grabbing his hand, quickly starts to board the ship. She spares a quick glance and smile for Ben. "Of course."

After they board, Ben quickly does a visual inspection of the exterior of the Scion. When he returns to the boarding ramp, he looks around once more, and then starts up, stopping when a familiar voice calls out to him.

"I'm coming with you."

Sighing, Ben looks over his shoulder and sees Cal walking towards him. "You sure about this Cal?"

Cal nods her head once. "I feel that I will be needed."

He frowns, hating all the mysticism that seems to surround the Jedi. "Fine, come on."

An hour later, Ben finds himself alone on the bridge, the swirls of hyperspace soothing to his troubled mind. There is a soft click behind him, and he looks over his shoulder and sees Jysella there, standing at the now shut door. As he watches, her hand engages the lock.

Smiling, he turns his seat around to face her. "Can I help you Jysella?"

"I wanted to talk to you some more about what you said earlier."

Ben raises an eyebrow. "What was that exactly?"

"The Force. You think it's trying to get you to do something."

Ben sighs and turns his seat enough so that he can see out the viewport. "I don't know, it all is so confusing."

"Maybe if you meditated it would become clear."

Ben rubs his face with his hands, trying to decide. "I didn't want to be involved with the Force again. I wanted to be rid of this curse."

"It doesn't have to be a curse you know? It can be something good and wonderful."

Ben tilts his head. "And exactly how can it be those things?"

Jysella smiles slightly. "Open yourself to the Force, and lower your shields."

Ben hesitates, and then does as he is asked. Closing his eyes, he opens himself to the very wellspring of existence, the sum of all life. Its warm embrace welcomes him, and he can see existence in the bright swatches of colors that he has always associated with sensing things through the Force.

He opens his eyes, and sees Jysella inches from his face, her presence a warm, golden color in the Force.

Then she kisses him.

He can feel the pressure she is applying to his lips, can taste her lips as her tongue slips into his mouth. Physically, what he feels nearly overwhelms him. Emotionally, he feels that old crush he had on her blossom, mingled with the physical desire he feels for the adult Jysella. Physically and emotionally, she is amazing and calls to him on both of those levels.

Yet what he feels outside of the Force is just a pale comparison of what he feels in the Force.

In the Force she has opened herself to him, and her presence is warm and inviting. It is the warmth of the summer sun on Corellia. It is the cool taste of water while in the deep desert of Tatooine. It is the tart nectar of a sunfruit. It is the smell of salt water in the wind on a Mon Calamari beach.

It is all these things and more.

It is everything he has never seen in the Force, and more.

She pulls away, and Ben gasps for breath. Shutting down in the Force, he turns away from her, unable to keep the emotions from his face.

"So, did that feel like a curse?"

Slowly Ben shakes his head. "No. Not a curse." He sighs, weary of running from his birthright. "Definitely not a curse."

She spins him back around facing her, and smiles at him. He almost opens himself to the Force again, the desire to experience that nearly overwhelming. She comes closer to him. "Good, because I want to do it again."

Then she leans in, and kisses him again, as he takes her hand, and pulls her to his lap, reveling in the sensations and feelings she invokes in him.

He can feel the ripples that his plunging into the Force causes.

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