Jade's Scion: Chapter 35 — Jysella Rating: PG

The thrum of the lightsaber blade fills her soul, as she faces off against the three proto-vong droids. She is not sure who built or designed them, but they move eerily similar to the way the Yuuzhan Vong move and fight, even down to their simulation amphistaffs having a spitting action. She grimaces as she remembers the stinging sensation caused by that brownish liquid touching her skin.

Currently, she is facing off against two of the machines, each of them lightly twirling their amphistaffs in a rigid form. She is in a low crouch, ready to spring in either direction.

This she likes, just the simple act of movement, the beautiful orchestra of a fight. It calls to something deep within her, some part of her that is innately her mother's child.

Slash. Parry. Duck. Attack.

Simplicity in motion, complexity in design.

Just the simple exercise gives her a focus for her thoughts, her feelings. She wonders just what has happened, what has fallen upon the Jedi to cause this.

Stab. Feint. Roll. Slash.

A shudder, just barely above the threshold of perception rolls through the training room, and Jysella looks around. She turns her attention away from the droids for a second, and they take that second's distraction as the opportunity to attack. They come in fast and hard, and Jysella dives and rolls away; putting some space between herself and the droids.

Yet as she rolls, one of the droids flicks out its amphistaff in whip form, wrapping around her leg, pulling her roll to a sudden stop. The other droid, steps forward in an eyeblink, its staff rigid, and flying downward towards her. She cringes, knowing the blow, while not fatal, will sting and burn.

Then a flash of red flickers over her head striking the droid in the chest, and exploding in a shower of sparks. She twists her head, to keep any of the bits of droid from striking her eyes, and then looks up to see Ben standing there, a blaster in his hand, concern flashing in his eyes.

"Stop." She twists around, and gets to her feet. "I could have handled it."

He gives her one of those irritating smirks he seems to have perfected. "I know, but I couldn't just let it hit you."

"Why not?"

She can feel her anger build as he once more turns that smirk on her and shrugs his shoulders. "We're taking a slight detour to Dac. Sannah had a vision; we need to go see Cilghal. Tycho told me how… upset you were when I left you on Shelter, so I thought I would offer you the chance to come with me this time."

She glances away from his bright blue eyes, and looks into a corner of the room. "I don't know. How can I trust you?"

He laughs aloud at that. "What makes you think you can?"

She presses down her feelings, trying to suppress the anger, frustration as well as the warm thoughts she keeps having about him. Then she shakes her head. "I might as well, if I don't you'll probably just kidnap me again."

He raises an eyebrow. "I thought you said that you were my guest, and not a prisoner or kidnap victim."

"I'm a woman, I can change my mind." She smiles at his laughter, and then walks over to pick up her towel. She allows the smile to slip from her face as she turns back to him. "So are you going to ask me to get something to eat with you, or are we going to just stand around looking at one another all day?"

She allows a smirk to come to her lips, as for once, she watches the one on his die. After a second, he regains his composure. "So, Jedi Horn, would you be willing to accompany me to the mess?"

Shrugging into her robes, she slips her arm around his. "I thought you would never ask."

They walk arm-in-arm until they reach the mess, which held only a few of the night shift workers. Jysella slips away and sits down at one of the table, and smiles up at Ben. "You'll get me something right?"

"Why me?"

She lets her smile grow a bit wider. "Because you asked me to dinner."

She watches as Ben considers the request, and then shaking his head he walks away towards the food service line. He returns a few minutes later carrying two trays, and sets one down in front of her, and then slides into the seat next to hers.

After she finishes eating, she looks at Ben once more. "Tycho told me a lot of things, and I have learned more since I arrived here. But what I don't understand is you. Everyone says that you're Master Skywalker's son."

Ben sighs heavily, and looks up at her. "Yes, I am Ben Skywalker, born here on the Venture, raised and trained at Ossus until a few years after the Swam War. At which time I appeared to disappear from the Force and the face of the galaxy. Along with Fiver who I," Ben pauses here, considering his next word, "appropriated from the Jedi, I became Ben Whitesun, a smuggler from Tatooine."

"So you knew who I was the entire time?"

He shakes his head. "Not the entire time. After you introduced yourself, I remembered you." She watches as he glances away, a red tint slightly shading his cheeks. "Actually, I remembered having a crush on you during that training. A big one."

A mischievous light appears in her eyes. "Aha! So the real reason you kidnapped me has became clear."

A somber look appears in his eyes. "I just wish it was clear to me."

Jysella tilts her head, looking at Ben, trying to figure out what he means. After a second, his eyes lose that faraway glaze, and focus on her again. "I don't know Jys; the Force is trying to get me to do things. It wants me to take up a mantel that I don't want. And it is not going to take no for an answer."

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