Jade's Scion: Chapter 34 — Sannah Rating: PG

Sannah calmly sits on the floor of her cabin, eyes closed; a look of peace stilling her features as she meditates. She delves into the Force, trying to find answers, or even a hint to the questions that plague her.

As she swims through the Force, she can feel something pulling her back to her body, telling her that it is time to return to her corporal shell.

As she opens her eyes, she finds herself staring into the Anakin's blue-grey ones. She smiles at him, and he gives her a lop-sided grin. "Anakin!"

"Hello Sannah."

Sannah quirks her head slightly as she watches Anakin. "Are you here to guide me?"

Anakin nods his head. "I'm here to teach you how to become small."

"I don't understand."

"That's all right and it doesn't matter. I want you to try to compress your entire Force presence, your entire consciousness into as small a size as you possibly can."

Sannah mutely nods her head, and begins the process of folding her consciousness into itself. After an hour of practice, she finally manages to make her consciousness small enough to satisfy Anakin. He smiles happily at her. "You have done well, but I want you to continue practicing, trying to make yourself smaller. When you get small enough, you'll be able to control things on a molecular level."

"What does this have to do with anything?"

Anakin just smiles. "Remember the Dark Side, fear, aggression, anger. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

Sannah begins to get frustrated at him. "Are you going to answer my question?"

"I did. I wish I was there to help you in all of this, in everything, but I am not permitted to interfere only to guide."

"Who doesn't permit you to interfere?"

"Asla, but that's a topic for another day." Anakin sighs for a moment, and then glances around the room. "After I tell you this, I will not be allowed to see you again, but I need you to go see Cilghal on Dac."

"But we're going to Ossus."

A look of horror crosses Anakin's face. "Things have progressed much too fast. You need to go to Dac and talk to Cilghal."

Sannah looks at him, confusion evident on her face. "I'll tell Booster."

A sad look crosses Anakin's face. "My time here is done, may the Force be with you, Sannah."

Then Anakin vanishes, leaving Sannah staring at the blank wall, as a tear slips down her face. "I'll miss you Anakin."

As she wipes away the tear, she settles in to once more begin her meditations, focusing her breathing and trying to become small. A single harsh rap at the door causes her concentration to falter, and she stands up. Stretching out with the Force, she feels Valin standing out there. Smiling hesitantly, she opens the door.

She watches as Valin's eyes flicker over her body, and she is suddenly self-conscious about the night gown she is wearing. His eyes finally settle on her face, and she smiles for him. "Hello Valin, can I help you?"

Then to her surprise, he nods an affirmative and then steps forward, closer to her and kisses her. Unsure of what is happening, she takes a step back, opening up room between them. As she looks at him, she is startled by the sudden aggressiveness of his actions, as he closes the distance between them, wrapping her in his arms, and is once more kissing her.

She feels his hands sliding down her body, and then back up underneath her gown, pushing it up. She shivers as his thumbs trace down the sides of her stomach, and slip under the band of her undergarments. As he breaks away from her lips to kiss her neck, she is surprised by how throaty and breathless she sounds. "Valin, stop."

He hesitates in his actions, and looks at her. She is surprised and scared by the lust she sees in his eyes. She takes a step away from him, as he closes his eyes and breathes deeply. Opening them he looks at her once again. "I'm sorry about that Sannah, I'll go now."

Then before she gets to answer, he turns around and flees the room. Sannah watches the closed door, before dropping to her knees and crying. Wondering to herself, just why life has to be so complicated and confusing.

Still, sniffling, she slips into a set of Jedi robes and heads towards Ben's room. She knocks on the door. After a few moments, his door slides open, and she smiles up at him.

"We need to go to Dac."

Ben rubs his face, and then looks behind him to the chrono by the bed. After a second, he returns his attention to Sannah. "What?"

"Dac. We need to go to Dac and see Master Cilghal."

Sannah lets out a low growl of frustration as Ben speaks again. "I don't understand. What's on Dac?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but Anakin came to see me, and told me that I need to go there and talk to Cilghal."

"This is one of those annoying Jedi things isn't it?"

Sannah allows a smile to creep to her lips as she nods her head. Ben watches her for a second more, and then walks to the comm, and pushes in a code to get in touch with Booster.

"You had best have a good reason for waking me."

"Booster, I need us to drop out of hyperspace. Sannah and I need to go to Dac before we head to Ossus."


"Apparently, it's a Jedi thing."

Sannnah can feel a blush start to creep up her fingers at the stream of curses that Booster lets out. Smiling once more at Ben, she slips back into the hallway, and starts walking back to her room.

She suddenly pauses and looks at the door she is standing in front of, an odd feeling in her chest. Without thinking, she walks over and knocks on the door. Valin opens it, and is standing there a sad look on his face. Without waiting for him to speak, she jumps up at him and wraps her arms around him, pushing him back into the room to allow the door to close.

As the door slides shut, she is kissing him.

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