Jade's Scion: Chapter 33 — Valin Rating: PG

Valin slowly leaves the quarters that he was assigned, and begins walking the darkened corridors of the large ship that he's currently on. He thinks back to this afternoon, and the dinner with the man claiming to be his grandfather.

The man with the pictorial and genetic evidence to back it up.

The man that Sannah claims is his grandfather as well.

He sighs at the thought of Sannah, not sure exactly where he stands with her, not entirely certain how everything around him is going to play out. He heard Booster give a command for best possible speed to Ossus, so he knows that the Errant Venture is heading towards the Jedi, but he still has that sinking, shaking feeling that the closer to Ossus they get, the less a part of the Jedi they actually are.

"Troubles youngling?"

Startled, he jumps and pulls his lightsaber, turning on the person who spoke from behind him. There he sees an elderly woman, one who appears in her mid eighties. She is calmly smiling at him, ignoring his threatening posture as he stands in an attack stance with his unlighted lightsaber raised high.

He lowers his blade. "Who are you?"

"I'm Cal, a friend of Ben's and your sister. Who are you?"

"Sounds like you know who I am already."

Cal shakes her head. "Not really, I know who I think you are, but I do not know who you are."

Valin frowns at her. "Is this some type of game?"

Her laughter is loud and clear. "All life is a game youngling. We are merely pawns moved about by the whims of others and the Force."

"I'm not a pawn."


"No, I'm not. I'm a Jedi, and I am nobody's pawn."

Cal quirks an eyebrow at him, the smile never leaving her face. "Then why can you not remember so many important things of your life. Why did your very own grandfather, whom you have met many, many times need to be introduced to you?"

Valin frowns, not truly having an answer. "I am not a pawn."

Cal leans up against the wall, resting there. "Of course not youngling, after all, what is a pawn but the least piece of someone else's game. You play by no other rules than those handed down by the Jedi Council." Then her eyes shift, and her smile turns sly. "And as a non-pawn, you would never break the Council's rules. Never risk expulsion from that esteemed order of spoon-benders for something as paltry as love."

Valin grabs her by the collar of her tunic, and slams her hard against the wall of the corridor, gritting his teeth. "You don't know me; you don't know the Jedi; why are you talking about things you don't understand?"

Call looks at him with her still grey eyes, and her calm smile. "I know a great many things youngling, the least of them is the ways of the Force."

Valin lets go of her tunic and drops his hand away. "You're no more a Force Sensitive than that smuggler is. I don't care that you people are all claiming he's Master Skywalker's lost son, especially when the Master doesn't even have a wife." He turns away from her. "You can probe him with the Force and he barely registers in it if at all. And the same applies to you."

Cal laughs at him. "Oh how little you truly understand, and how less you know. I learned from observing Ben how to shield myself this way, it took me years. He does it instinctively."

Valin turns back, and Cal's smile turns sly once more. "Here see." Then she drops her shields, revealing her controlled presence in the Force, a well-spring of power, where moments ago a mere wake existed. Then as if she had flicked a switch the well-spring fades, and Cal is once more a small ripple in the Force.

Valin looks at her with his eyes again, and sees the calm grey eyes and the light smile.

"Remember youngling, there are still a number of things here that you do not know." Cal pauses for a moment and presses her hand against her head. "And a number of things are going on here that even I do not know."

Suddenly she looks up at him. "Tell me, do you know anything about the green room?"

Valin can feel an instinctive fear in his heart, one that stems directly from the vision he had received of the room she is talking about. "I've had a couple of visions about the green room."

Cal silently strokes her chin for a moment, and then abruptly nods her head and walks away down the corridor. Valin frowns watching as she hobbles away, not entirely sure what to make of her. Looking around the corridors he is in, he tries to figure out where he is.

Then he figures it out, this is the hall where Sannah was billeted. For a second he wonders why he would come here during his aimless wondering, and then he decides it does not matter.

Walking down the corridor a few more steps he stops as he recognizes Sannah's room. Taking a deep breath he can almost smell that clean, watery fragrance that she seems to always have around her.

Stepping closer to the door, he raps on it once, not entirely certain what he's doing. He can hear her shuffling around in the room, and as he looks at his palms, realizes that he's nervous. He quickly wipes his palms on his robes as Sannah's door opens wide.

Valin's eyes open slightly wider, as she is dressed in a short, low-cut nightgown. He watches as the shimmersilk it is made from glitters in the light as it clings to her curves. Looking up from her outfit, he gets captured in her eyes.

He can hear her voice, as if it's coming from somewhere else. "Hello Valin, can I help you?"

Not trusting himself to speak, he just mutely nods his head and steps closer to her, inhaling that clean, watery scent that he relates to her once more. Then he leans his head down and kisses her. Startled she steps back into the room, and he follows, claiming her lips once again as the door behind them closes.

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