Jade's Scion: Chapter 32 — Ben Rating: PG

Ben smiles as the swirls of hyperspace shift away, revealing a glorious expanse of stars. Adrift amidst them is a star destroyer, painted red with some rather unique modifications attached to her hull.

Hearing a soft sound behind him, he looks over his shoulder and sees Valin standing there, noting Valin's blank expression; Ben turns his attention back to piloting the ship. He quickly gets permission to land, and swings up underneath the Venture, slowly entering her hangers.

Glancing at the various ships that are sitting here, he notices a new ship enter the hanger, recognizing the Winter Belle and smiles. He glances once more back towards Valin. "You got family on board Valin."

"My sister is here?"

Ben points to the baudo-class yacht that has come to a rest to the starboard of the Scion. "That's the ship of the folks I left her with, so I'd have to say yes."

As the ship settles down, Ben and the others quickly debark and are soon standing in the hanger. A ramp on the Belle lowers and Jysella comes running towards them, a smile on her face. She quickly gives Valin a hug, and Ben can tell that they are both happy to be reunited.

From behind him Ben can hear a gruff bass voice. "Can I get an explanation Skywalker?"

Ben slowly turns to look at Booster, noticing that even though he's well over one hundred years old, he still looks fit and in fighting shape. "You know I don't go by that name."

Ben smirks as Booster's scowl deepens. "That don't matter none, why don't my grandkids remember me?"

Ben focuses on Sannah, noticing the confused look on her face as she pointedly watches Jyeslla, before once more speaking to Booster. "There's a lot they don't remember: Shelter, the Celchus, me, you, and who knows what else."

The three Jedi start walking towards them, and Ben can see a flicker of recognition cross Jysella's face as her gaze falls on Booster. Ben points towards Booster. "Jysella, have you seen him before?"

She shakes her head. "No, yes. It was in a vision. He was fighting with mom and dad over something. And then Tycho and Winter showed me some holos of him."

Ben looks towards the floor, wondering how to proceed, finally deciding that blunt truthfulness would be the easiest solution he focuses first on Valin and then Jysella. "Valin, Jysella, I would like you to meet Booster Terrik, your grandfather."

Ben notices an elderly lady, walk around from behind Booster. He nods his head to her. "Hello, Cal. Productive trip?"

Cal smiles at him. "Quite productive, quite. You really should ask Jysella about it."

Then turning she walks away, humming a strange tune to herself. Ben watches for a moment, and then goes over to Jysella, and waits for a pause in their conversation.

"What happened on the trip, Jysella?"

She looks at Ben, and bites her bottom lip. Ben just stands there watching her, wondering if she would answer. Finally she lowers her head slightly. "I had a vision, a horrible one."

She quickly tells everyone of the vision, as she finishes, Ben notices both Valin and Sannah pale slightly at the mention of the green room. But before he can ask them about it, he can hear Booster's voice, as a deep dangerous growl. "I'm going to kill him. I knew I should have killed that CorSec scum the first time he touched my daughter."

Ben looks towards Booster. "Calm down Booster, that's not going to help anything."

"Oh yes it is, Skywalker." As Booster says his family name, he cringes slightly as he hears Jysella gasp, and can feel the stares of the Jedi behind him. Booster is either oblivious to their reactions or just does not care, and Ben silently bets that it is the later. "We're going to go to Ossus, and I'm going to kill him, and when we figure out who else was in that vision, I'm going to kill them, too."

Ben frowns up at the older man. "Is there any way I can talk you out of this?"

Booster glares down at him. "Only if you want me to pound on you instead, Skywalker."

Finally Ben nods his head in acceptance, and turns away from Booster and finds himself being stared at by Jysella. A hurt, angry look is on her face, causing Ben's spirits to sink. A quick glance at the other two Jedi and Ben realizes that they are talking together in quiet tones, with quick hand motions. As he returns his focus to Jysella he puts the thoughts about what the other two are discussing from his mind.

Before he can open his mouth, she speaks up. "You're a Skywalker? You're the Master's son aren't you?"

Ben silently nods his head. "Who was your mother?"

The question throws Ben for a loop, and a slight scowl crosses his features. "My mother is Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker."

Jysella shakes her head. "I don't know anyone by that name." Then she cocks her head to the side, thinking about something. After a moment, her attention returns to him. "Is she a red-head?"

Ben mutely nods, still wondering what has happened to his mother, that this Jedi does not know her.

"I think I've seen her in a vision then."

Ben nods his head slightly clearly interested, as Booster's voice comes from behind him. "I'm sure this is interesting Jedi stuff, but I would like to spend some time getting to know my granddaughter again."

Startled, Ben turns back to Booster. "I'm sorry Booster, I was distracted, of course, don't let me monopolize Jysella's attention." He flashes her a smile, and is thrilled by the smirk she returns to him.

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