Jade's Scion: Chapter 30 — Sannah Rating: PG

Sannah staggers slightly under Valin's weight. Touching the Force, she is able to fully lift him, and help him onto Ben's ship.

She lays him out on the couch in the common area, and kisses his forehead, and then takes off for the cockpit. Wondering what on earth possessed Valin to attack Kyp like that.

Pushing that distracting thought from his head, she slides into the pilot's station and begins preparing the ship for launch. She turns her head towards the R2 unit and notices that it has already plugged itself into the computer and she can hear the engines gaining power.

She notices a flash of movement outside the cockpit and sees Ben land amidst a number of barrels. Her hand unconsciously goes to her mouth as she watches Kyp appear in front of Ben, his saber swinging in fast, hard attacks. She notices Ben retreating and then sees him fall to the ground, rolling away as Kyp slices into the deck.

Standing she starts heading from the cockpit. An urgent whistle from the droid attracts her attention, "We're not leaving without Ben, so I'm going out there."

The droid emits a mournful tone, and then turns its sensor away from her, so she rushes out of the ship, and turns to find Ben and Kyp. She can see the gash in the floor, but not them, and then she sees them, Kyp standing there, holding his arm out, Ben held in the air, limp and motionless.

She starts to reach for her saber.

Then a wave of Force energy unlike anything she has felt before comes rolling from them. It hits her, and she flies backwards a meter and a half. Lifting her head, she sees Kyp impaled upon the laser canon on a nearby X-Wing, and Ben slumped in a pile on the ground.

She stands up, and rushes to his side. He weakly raises his head and looks at her, and then around the damaged hangar bay. "What happened?"

"You would have to tell me."

She notices his grimace of pain as he tries to stand, and quickly slides under him to help. He mumbles a quick thanks to her and they go to the Scion as quickly as he is able.

As she is dressing his wounds, he leans his head back and closes his eyes. Then from behind them, she can hear a voice. "You did well out there Ben."

Turning she sees a Force Ghost, standing there, someone she has never seen before, though he is handsome and reminds her slightly of holos of Master Luke when he was younger.

Interested she asks, "Who are you?"

The Ghost smiles at her, "I am Anakin."

Ben utters a short laugh. "Tell her who you really are Anakin; tell her how you're the one that destroyed the Jedi."

She focuses her attention on Ben. "This Anakin is your grandfather and that is how you talk to him?"

Ben looks at her, his grey eyes hard. "He is dead, and just comes to visit to torture me about the Force."

"Just because he is dead, is no reason to be rude to him."

Ben just harrumphs.

She looks around and notices that the ghost is gone. Then she continues dressing Ben's wounds. As she works, she asks a question that has been bothering her. "Why do you hide from the Force Ben?"

"I," Ben hesitates here, not entirely certain on how to go on, then deciding upon a course, continues talking. "I am not really sure; it's just that the Force has always been so dark for me. When I was little, every time I touched it, I just felt this overwhelming darkness. I guess initially I was just scared."

"And now?"

"Well now, I've seen how the Force has treated my family, the pain, misery, death. All of it due to the Force."

Sannah frowns as she mulls over his words, wondering how much truth there is in them. Finally she manages a small smile. "I guess I can understand that, but I must ask, is your life free of pain, misery and death because you are not using the Force?"

She watches as Ben opens and closes his mouth a few times. "And what would you suggest? That I become a Jedi? One of those happy warriors of the Alliance? Especially considering that most of the ones I've dealt with recently can't seem to remember their closest friends and family?"

She falls silent at his outburst, and begins putting away the medicines. After a few moments, she can feel Ben touch her shoulder gently. She looks at him, and sees sorrow in his grey eyes. "I'm sorry Sannah, that was uncalled for. But I was wondering, why do you remember me?"

She can feel the prick of the old pain, and wonders if it will ever go away. "The only answer that we can come up with is that I was forgotten, slipped through the cracks by whatever it is that did this to Valin."

She notices Ben's thoughtful look as he stares at the ceiling. "Ben?"


"You do know that you can be a Force user without being a Jedi. Acknowledging and accepting the Force, is not the same thing as becoming a Jedi."

She is scared by the look he turns her way at this suggestion. "My Dad would disagree with you on that point."

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