Jade's Scion: Chapter 29 — Valin Rating: PG

Valin can hear the voice. One that has plagued him for years, ever since he first heard those angry mocking tones directed towards his father.

Valin is a good Jedi; he is almost always in control. If it could be truly said that he has a weakness, a single point of contention in which he loses his control it would be his family. He is fiercely loyal and protective of his family.

It is his number one failing as a Jedi.

And Kyp has never been the favorite Jedi of the Horn family.

Valin can feel that cold seed of anger and hate as he hears Kyp speaking. "Stop. You are not going anywhere."

Finally happy to have a reason to unleash himself against Kyp, he pushes past Ben, drawing and igniting his saber in one clean, clear move. To his own surprise, the words fall off his tongue smoothly and without hesitation. "You're not stopping us Durron."

He can feel Kyp pulling the Force to him, knows what is coming next, but is still unable to get his saber up in time to block the blast of lightning that strikes him in the chest.

He screams and flies through the air, landing a few meters away from where he started.

The next thing he knows is the cool touch of Sannah's hand as she is mumbling soothing sounds, and using her hands and the Force to ensure he is okay.

She helps him stand, slipping his arm around her, as she supports his weight. The R2 unit rushes past them and quickly boards the smuggler's ship. He quickly casts a glance towards the smuggler, and sees him igniting Jysella's saber as Kyp rushes him. To his surprise, the smuggler does not end up impaled on Kyp's blade.

Finally they are boarding the ship, and Sannah directs him to the common area, placing him on the couch. He smiles as she kisses his forehead, and rushes off down the corridor towards the cockpit.

Leaning back, he closes his eyes, evens out his breathing, and tries to drop into a healing trance.

He opens his eyes onto the bridge of a star destroyer. He sees his parents talking to its captain, arguing with him. The man is around 1.8 meters tall, with grey hair and a pronounced widow's peak. Valin walks closer just in time to her his mother say, "This is how it is going to be, stay away from us, for your own sake."

He can feel the anger, hate and disgust that rolls of the man, most of it directed at his father, and he can feel the strong underlying bitterness and disappointment directed at his mother. He notices the man fingering his blaster, and Valin reaches down for his saber. Not finding it he looks down and notices for the first time that he is lacking a body.

He realizes this is a Force vision, and once more focuses on the group in front of him as the man says, "If they come to me here, I will not hide from them, nor deny them. They are my grandchildren."

Corran answers in reply. "Don't worry, they won't come to you."

"Listen CorSec. Right now, I don't care that you are my daughter's husband, I suggest you get your sorry carcass off of my ship before I shoot you for the sheer kriffing enjoyment of it."

This is when Valin gets a surprise. In his forty-eight years, he has rarely seen his father do something in fear. Yet his dad's response to this threat is a look of fear crossing his face, quickly followed by his father turning around and walking from the bridge.

Valin frowns at his dad's back, but quickly focuses on his mother and the continuing conversation. "How Mirax? How could you do this? These are my grandchildren! Why in the name of the Force would you go along with this?"

He notices the way that the man stands as he is yelling at Valin's mother, recognizing it from somewhere, and as the man puts his hand on his head, Valin realizes where he has seen it before; it is the pose and actions that his mom took, takes, when lecturing him or his sister.

"What am I supposed to do Dad? Tear apart my family? Leave Valin and Jysella alone and without a mother? They're Jedi, and sometimes sacrifices just have to be made."

With a start, he realizes that this man is his grandfather.

He watches as his grandfather shakes his head. "Your mother would be quite disappointed in you Mirax."

Mirax takes a step back as if physically struck, and then Valin can see the anger flash in his mom's eyes as she pulls back her hand and slaps the man across the face. The man doesn't flinch or twist his head, he merely accepts the blow.

The man's stare is cold and hard. "You hit me because you know, deep down that I'm right. Now get off my ship, as long as the two of you are acting like this, keeping my grandchildren from me, I have no daughter."

With that said, he turns from Mirax, and stares out the window. Though his face is cold and hard, Valin can feel the anguish and sorrow that rolls off of him. Valin watches his mother as she stares at the man's back a look of sorrow on her face; then she turns and strides from the bridge.

As the turbolift doors close with a swishing sound, the man spins around and walks to the rear bulkhead, and slams his fist against it, leaving a shallow impression of his fist on the wall.

Valin watches as a twi'lek walks up to the man. "Did that make you feel better or just break your hand?"

The man starts walking back towards the captain's station and picks up a datapad, before turning back to the twi'lek. "I can't believe that that Corsec Jedi would do such things! What right does he have to tell me that I can no longer see them?"

The twi'lek's red eyes watch the floor. "I know, it does not seem like the Corran I remember, but the wars have changed us all."

"I should have never trusted that Jedi. I should have shot him when I had the chance on Tatooine."

The twi'lek does not answer, just grimaces slightly and rubs his arms as a shudder runs down his lekku.

"I just can't believe that Mirax went along with it, my own daughter, choosing to keep Valin and Jysella away from me." Suddenly the man flings the datapad across the room, where it hits a console and shatters. "I can't believe she would do that, I can't believe she went along with it!"

With a start, Valin awakens from his trance.

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