Jade's Scion: Chapter 28 — Ben Rating: PG

Ben can smell the ozone from the lightning. Keeping his stare cold and level as he watches Durron, he says, "Fiver, saber. Sannah, take him to the Scion, Fiver can get her started, I'll be there momentarily."

There is a whistle from Fiver, and Ben reaches over to take the saber from the hidden compartment. Then the droid turns and rushes away. Absently he notices that Sannah is helping Valin to the Scion, but quickly puts such distractions from his mind.

There is a snap-hiss and Kyp's blade ignites. "What is this? You think you can best me?"

Ben smiles and ignites Jysella's saber. "Scared?"


Then Kyp lunges, increasing his speed with the Force, within seconds he is pushing his saber toward's Ben's stomach. Ben easily parries, and twists away.

Kyp turns to face Ben, and brings his saber down in an overhand attack. Ben catches the blade on his, the strength of the attack almost forcing him to his knees. He tilts his saber, allowing Kyps to slide off to the left, and then flips his blade around in a lateral strike at Kyp's chest.

Kyp jumps, touching the Force to push himself up and over Ben's head. Ben spins around, lowering himself as Kyp slashes diagonally where Ben was standing. As Ben completes his turn, he extends a leg, taking Kyp's feet out from under him.

Straightening, he swings his blade down at where Kyp is lying on the floor. Kyp throws his hand up and with a surge of Force energy tosses Ben across the hanger.

Ben lands with a thud, rolling a few times before coming to a stop. Quickly getting up, he frowns as he can feel the first stirrings of anger.

Then Kyp lands right in front of him, once more pushing his saber towards Ben's stomach. Ben awkwardly twists from the thrust, sending his blade to push Kyp's away. Kyp pulls back, and once more swings downward. Ben throws himself to the left, narrowly being missed by the blade.

Kyp's hand once more waves in an upward motion and Ben can feel himself be lifted up and tossed across the hanger again.

Ben lands atop of the wing of an X-wing, and quickly slides off, as Kyp once more jumps towards him. Ben scampers under the wing, as Kyp once more swings his blade downward, this time catching it on the wing of the starfighter above Ben, showering them both with sparks.

In that split-second of confusion which Kyp feels as the sparks shower around him, Ben launches himself towards him, body checking Kyp, tackling him to the ground. Ben plants his fist into Kyp's side twice in quick succession, and then finds himself once more flying through the air.

Grimacing as he once more rolls to a stop, he can feel the anger building within him. He can hear a whisper in his mind, one that promises a quick solution to this fight, the power to end it, quickly, easily, finally. Ben tries to push the voice from his mind, as Kyp suddenly appears in front of him once again. Kyp's swings his blade in a down to up fashion aimed at bisecting Ben.

Ben steps out of range, and once the blade is lifted up, steps back into range, putting his saber up and connecting with Kyp's, using one hand to hold Kyp overextending this way, he keeps coming into the first ring, and quickly punches Kyp in the stomach.

With a loud 'oaf' Kyp steps back and Ben quickly kicks him in the stomach. Kyp once more waves his hand, propelling Ben across the hanger. Ben lands amidst some barrels causing them to fall down around him with a large crash.

He rolls twice, and gets up, feeling a slight twinge in his right leg. He sets himself for Kyp's next attack, expecting it to come any second. And he is not disappointed as Kyp is once more there in front of him, swinging his saber. Ben is barely able to keep up with him, constantly retreating beneath the onslaught of Kyp's blade.

Ben trips over something, and falls to the floor, his saber skittering underneath an X-Wing. Kyps quickly takes advantage, and swings his saber downwards. Ben rolls, noticing the bright yellow of molten metal where Kyp's blade is embedded in the ground. Ben quickly kicks out, catching Kyp in the face.

As Kyp falls, Ben quickly runs beneath the X-Wing recovering Jysella's saber. He comes out the far side of the X-Wing, and Kyp lands immediately in front of him, his saber once more coming in. Ben quickly parries the blade, but Kyp's attack was a feint, as he changes vectors and stabs Ben in the shoulder, pinning him against the X-Wing.

Ben can again hear that dark whisper, asking for the chance to punish his attacker, to make him cry and beg, scream and whimper.

Ben gasps, as Kyp withdraws his saber, and weakly swings his blade at Kyp. Kyp laughs and uses the Force to pick him up and slam him against the X-Wing. Ben falls to the ground, shaking his head to clear the ringing from his ears.

With his good arm, Ben starts to drag himself across the floor away from Kyp, hoping for the impossibility of escape to the Scion. Silently he wonders whatever possessed him to once more get involved with Jedi.

Confused, it takes Ben a second to realize that he's being dragged back towards Kyp. Flipping over and lifting his head he can see the Jedi Master standing there, a look of murderous rage painted on his face. Ben can once more hear that insidious whisper in his head, promising a quick victory, promising unlimited power, promising to hurt this whelp who wishes to harm him.

He sees Kyp lift his hand, and Ben can feel himself being lifted up, and then there is a pressure against his throat, cutting off his air supply. Ben kicks his feet, and clutches his throat, then realizes that Kyp's attack comes through the Force, and he cannot affect it physically.

He feels a quick flash of deep hatred at the Force for involving him in this. For putting those promptings into this head which inexorably lead him here, to this point in time.

As his vision starts to go black, Ben can feel an explosion in his consciousness and then an overwhelming sense of relief and release as the world goes dark.

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