Jade's Scion: Chapter 27 — Jysella Rating: PG

Jysella sits and stares at the Hypercom for a few more moments before Tycho's voice interrupts her thoughts. "We should probably head out."

Jysella focuses on him, and nods her head. "Okay, lead the way."

As they walk into the corridor they are met by Cal, who is standing there waiting on them. Her grey eyes bore into Jysella's. "Are you certain this is the path the Force leads you down?"

"No, but it is the path I have chosen. I am bound for the Errant Venture."

Cal nods her head, and then lifts the hood of her robe to cover her face and head. "I will follow your lead in this young Jedi."

Jysella looks at her traveling companions, an old mystic who claims she was once a Jedi, an old man who claimed he knew her father and his wife. Giving her head a quick shake, to clear the sense of recognition, she starts following Tycho to the hanger.

She looks at the ship in awe as Tycho boards her. It is a Baudo-class yacht, so eerily similar to the ship her parents still fly. She rushes on board, and starts poking around, noticing the pristine shape the ship is still in. Hearing a chuckle, she turns to see Tycho watching her. "You like?"

She smiles at him. "Yes! It's just like mom's."

He nods his head, "I know; your mother is why I picked this particular ship. Her name is the Winter Belle." He turns his head to watch Winter and Cal board the ship. "Is everyone ready?"

Jysella frowns. "What about Jemsen?"

Winter answers. "It will probably be safer for him on Shelter, he has Nanny, and there is still a starship here which if we don't return within a certain timeframe, Nanny will use to take him to some friends."

She watches as Tycho and Winter head toward the cockpit, and a few moments later can feel the ship shudder as her engines start in preparation for launch.

She turns around and sees Cal standing there, the top of her face hidden by the robes. "Will you meditate with me?"

Jysella nods her head, and sinks to the floor as Cal does as well. She can see Cal's lips twist into a smile. "Thank you, now what shall we meditate on, the past, present or future?"

Jysella frowns. "I think the answers we need will be found in the past."

"Very well."

With that said, Cal drops into a meditation trance, with Jysella right behind her.

She watches as a young man hobbles around a starship with a staff, dodging sand people and gamorreans. Then sees a very young, very beautiful Cal there talking to him, even though she isn't able to hear what Cal is saying.

Then things shift.

She sees the young Cal on Yavin 4, the great temple where the academy used to be standing in the background. She can feel the sadness coming off of Cal, as she looks back towards the temple, and then climbs into an E-Wing and launches the craft.

Then things shift.

She is watching over Cal's shoulder, as Cal spies on a wedding. As the bride and groom are presented, she can see that the groom is Master Luke, and surprise at that, at the fact that he would marry catches in her throat. Again, she can feel Cal's sadness permeating the Force.

Then things shift.

She sees her grandfather, standing proud and tall in front of Master Skywalker. She sees her brother and a girl with yellow eyes standing beside him, all of them talking, welcoming Master Skywalker, and another Jedi, one with red hair who is pregnant. She watches as her mother leads the redhead and Master Clighal off through a door.

Then things shift.

She watches someone who she recognizes as Anakin Solo as he dances in and out of battle with dozens of Yuuzhan Vong. A gaping wound to his stomach, he starts to glow with the Force energy he is releasing. She notices him flicker his hand, and sees a thermal detonator roll towards an odd shaped box thing. The explosion rocks the building, and she watches as Anakin falls to the ground unmoving.

Then things shift.

She gets flashes of Master Jacen. He is visiting world after world, talking to person after person, learning, growing.

Then things shift.

She sees a group of Jedi surrounded by bugs. As one the group looks to the west, as spacecraft come into range, and the Jedi and bugs run that way. There is a flicker, and she then sees Master Luke fighting the burnt man from one of her earlier visions.

Then things shift.

She finds herself once more in the green room. This time, she sees that two of the cylinders are full, and they are dragging in a blonde Jedi. Light falls across her face and Jysella can recognize her as Tahiri Viella. For a moment, Jysella wonders about that because Tahiri should still be on Dagobah. The third man then walks up to her and Tahiri's face shows her hate and disgust at the third man, as she spits at him. A wave of amusement flows out from him, as he injects her with something. Then she is stripped and tossed into one of the cylinders. She calmly watches as the cylinder fills up with the blackish-red fluid, her expression one that promises revenge.

Then things shift.

She sees herself sitting next to Cal, in a standard meditation pose. She understands what this means, this is the present. She is being shown things in a time frame of how they happened.

Then things shift.

Once more she finds herself in the green room. She looks around and notices that six of the seven cylinders have been filled now. Then the two men drag someone into the room. This time the light falls across the woman's face, and Jysella recognizes her own features. She sees the utter depression that is on her face and as the light falls across the man holding her left arm she can understand why.

The man holding her left arm is her father.

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