Jade's Scion: Chapter 26 — Sannah Rating: PG

Sannah is watching the interaction between brother and sister as they speak over Hypercom. She is enjoying the bubbling happiness that he broadcasts into the Force. Then she hears Jyeslla ask them to go rescue Ben, and she can feel that happiness begin to drop, and notices as Valin sags in his chair.

Noticing his brow creasing in thought, she realizes that he is planning on telling her no. Without thinking, she pushes into range of the transmitter and answers Jysella's question. "Yes, we will go get Ben and take him to the Venture. We will see you there."

She can feel Valin's eyes on her as she leans out of range, and waves at him to continue his discussion. Silently she wonders exactly why she did that and the memory of Anakin's grin pops into her head unbidden.

Valin's sudden confusion and the darkening of his emotions in the Force draws her attention once more. As she focuses on him, she notices that he is staring at the silent holocom, wrapped up in thoughts that are bordering on dark.

Again, she acts without thinking and leans over to him and lightly kisses his cheek. She stands back up, as he looks at her, his blue eyes sparkling and showing signs of happiness. She quickly tucks her hands into her robes, feeling them start to redden from embarrassment.

A beep from the navicomputer distracts them, as it is time to come out of hyperspace.

Valin quickly jumps into the pilot's station and pulls the levers dropping them from hyperspace. Looking out the viewport, he can see a star destroyer hanging in space, its white dagger-shape glittering slightly in the glow of its running lights.

There is a beep from the com station, and she looks towards it, and notes what it says. "We have permission to land in the main hanger bay."

Valin nods his head and heads toward the hanger. As they arrive, Valin pilots the ship through the magcon field and lands next to a Horizon-class star yacht. She notices as he stares at the ship. "Do you know that ship? It looks like the one that Master Mara flew during the Vong War."

"I think it's Whitesun's. Is Master Mara the red-head from the vision?"


"Sannah?" Sannah sighs and turns to Valin, as he asks the question that has been bothering her for a while now. "Why do you think that you remember all these things, while Jysella and I don't?"

Sannah can feel an answer, she knows there is one, but does not want to admit it; does not want to give it weight and power by speaking it. She does not want to admit it, because of the deep fears and emotional wounds it will reveal.

"I think." She stops and frowns at Valin, unconsciously shaking her head. "I don't know."

She watches as he turns towards her. "Tell me, please."

She looks out at the star yacht sitting in front of them, taking a deep breath before speaking, calming herself. Closing her eyes she answers him. "I, I think it may be because I was forgotten. Everyone left me alone; they were not concerned about me, not worried about me. I was just stuck in the limbo that was my life, between childhood and adult, not worthy to be tampered with."

She feels his hands on her cheeks, directing her face to look at him. She can once more feel the loneliness and abandonment of these past twenty-eight years. She opens her eyes, and sees his face inches from her. "I promise you Sannah, I will not abandon you."

She throws her arms around him, pulling him into a fierce hug, pressing herself against him, clinging to him.

After a few moments, she releases him, and he stands. "Come on, let's go get Whitesun."

As they leave the Big Eye, she watches as Valin walks to a terminal and starts typing away. She watches the guards and those around them, as he turns from the terminal, he flashes her a smile. "Come on, we're going to cell block D."

They enter the detention area, and the first thing they notice is the R2 unit sitting in one corner in power-down mode. Ignoring the droid, Valin waves his hand and they walk past the guards on duty and head directly to the cell they're after.

She watches as Valin opens the door and looks in. She reaches out to touch his shoulder as she notices that his hand is playing with his lightsaber. When he looks at her, she smiles at him. "We're here to rescue him, remember?"

He laughs, and turns back to Ben. "Come on, we're getting you out of here."

She watches as the smuggler steps out of the room. His presence in the Force almost not there, but she recognizes him regardless. She gives him a smile. "Hello Ben, it's been a long time."

She watches as recognition seeps into his face. "Sannah? Wait, you know who I am?"

For once, she feels amusement at this situation. "Yes, but it appears that I am the only one. Now we need to get to the Errant Venture."

She leads the way, with Ben right behind her, and goes into the reception area. The guard looks up at them, alarm showing on his face. "Hey! How did you get in here, and where are you going with him?"

With a quick wave of her hand, she pushes out with the Force. "It's okay, we're free to go."

She smiles as the guard mimics what she had just said, and turns to leave. She notices that Ben stops and awakens the R2 droid, and they all head back towards the hanger bay.

They enter and start heading towards their ships, when someone in a Jedi robes steps in front of them. His voice is demanding and instantly recognizable, as Kyp Durron calls out, "Stop. You are not going anywhere."

Valin rushes past Ben, his saber igniting with a snap-hiss. "You're not stopping us Durron."

Sannah screams as Valin is hurtled back because of the Force lightning that Kyp hurtles at him. She rushes to his side, ensuring he is okay.

Absently, she can hear Ben speaking. "Fiver, saber. Sannah, take him to the Scion, Fiver can get her started, I'll be there momentarily."

She looks to Ben, and can see the intent expression on his face, the lightsaber in his hand. Then putting all of that out of her mind, she helps Valin up and begins walking towards the Jade's Scion.

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