Jade's Scion: Chapter 25 — Valin Rating: PG

Valin can feel Sannah's eyes on him as she speaks. "So what now?"

He shakes his head, his confusion the only constant he has left. "I'm not sure. I think maybe we should meditate a bit. We're enroute to see Jacen, maybe he can help us."

Valin straightens himself up and prepares for meditation. As he sinks into the Force he can feel Sannah's worry and concern. "Are you sure this is a good idea after what happened last time?"

He smiles at her, happy at the concern she is showing for him. "No, but what choice do we have?"

He watches as she settles down beside him. Finally, he sinks fully into the meditation trance, probing the Force for guidance, seeking answers.

It is a green room, with lots of shadows, little lighting and a low roof, one which makes him feel claustrophobic. There are no chairs, no tables, just seven cylinders along the wall, one of which is filled with a vicious, rolling crimson fluid. So dark, it almost appears black.

He sees two men dragging in a woman with long red hair, wearing a black jumpsuit. She appears to be in her mid sixties, and he recognizes her as an older version of the woman from the medical bay in his earlier vision. She is struggling hard, and he can feel the Force pulsing around her as she tries to get away from her attackers. He has the distinct impression that he should know her, that he does know her, yet who she is, refuses to come to his mind.

A third figure walks over to her, and he can see the venom and betrayal in her eyes as she stares at him. In a sudden lunge, she tries to rake her nails down his face, but he just steps out of her range, as one of the men holding her plants his fist in her jaw, sending her to the ground.

The third man presses an injector to her neck, injecting her with something. Then the first two strip her of her jumpsuit and place her into one of the cylinders, quickly closing it. That cylinder fills with red fluid, as the redhead screams and pounds against the transparisteel.

He continues to watch as the third figure dismisses the first two with a wave of his hand, and then picks up a second syringe. The third figure walks to the tube the woman was placed in, and presses his hand against the transparisteel as the woman continues to pound and curse. Finally the fluid covers her head, and there is just a final flicker of movement in the tube as a hand presses against the transparisteel and then slowly sinks away.

The figure pulls up the sleeve of his tunic, and presses the injector to the crook of his arm. As the fluid enters his arm, Valin can tell the process is not an easy one, and just before the figure can lift his face into the light, before the figure is able to show Valin his face, the vision abruptly ends.

Valin's breath catches in his throat as he is propelled from the vision. Opening his eyes, he watches as Sannah suddenly starts scooting herself back from him, fear appearing in her eyes and Force presence.

He quickly follows her, sending calming waves. She looks up at him, tears evident in her eyes. "What was that place? And what did they do to Master Mara?"

He frowns, hoping she didn't suffer the same vision that he saw, yet knowing otherwise. "The green room?"

She nods her head, so he continues. "I'm not exactly sure, I've seen it in a vision before, and it was pretty much the same as this one. A woman is dragged in, injected with something and then shoved into the cylinder."

"What does it —"

As the holocom activates, they both turn their heads towards the communication station. Valin walks over to it, and sitting in the chair activates it, to see Jysella. He can feel his joy at the sight of her, happy that she is safe. "Jys!! Where are you?"

He watches her smile as it forms, thinking how much he's missed his sister this last week. He instinctively sits up and closer to the receiver, nearly hanging on every word. "That doesn't matter now. I am about to leave to go see our grandfather, I need you to rescue Ben. He was in the— hold on." She turns away from the com, to talk to someone else, and then returns her attention to Valin. "He was in the Antimeede System, and captured. Can you do this for me?"

"Grandfather? Wait who's Ben? The smuggler who kidnapped you?"

Jysella laughs slightly. "Yes, that's him. Now will you rescue him? Then ask him to take you to the Errant Venture, that's where I will be."

Valin can feel worry start to gnaw at his stomach. Slumping his shoulders he leans back into the chair, trying to understand what's happening. "Jacen said that if you set foot aboard the Errant Venture then you would be expelled from the Order."

"That doesn't matter Valin. Please do this for me; I'll explain everything when I see you, or at least what I can explain."

Valin can feel some of his joy fade away at what his sister is asking of him. He wonders how he should answer, if he should do as his sister asks. Finally he makes the decision that since Jacen is probably the one that has him that they will not go against him and the council. Then before he can give her an answer Sannah pushes her way into the receiver and answers for them. "Yes, we will go get Ben and take him to the Venture. We will see you there."

As she leans away, Valin watches her, a questioning look on her face. She just waves at him, indicating he should continue his discussion. Valin turns his attention back to Jysella. "I guess we'll see you there, I'm happy you're all right, Jys."

Jysella shakes her head. "I'm not all right, nothing is anymore."

"What do you mean?"

She looks up at him, tears appearing in her eyes. "I'm missing half my life, Valin, someone has ripped huge parts of it away from me, and it has something to do with the Errant Venture. And the Force is telling me Ben has something to do with it as well."

She once more looks from the com, and then turns her attention to Valin. "We have to go now; I'll see you on the Venture. I love you.

Somewhat startled to hear the admission of love from a Jedi, even one that is his sister, Valin doesn't respond before the com turns off. He stares at the empty air where her hologram had appeared for a moment more, wondering once again, just what is going on. Wondering why in an Order that forbids attachments, two members would profess love for him in that short of a time.

He starts to smile as he feels the feather-light touch of Sannah's lips on his cheek. He glances to her, and her warm, inviting, yellow eyes catch his.

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