Jade's Scion: Chapter 24 — Ben Rating: PG

Ben watches Jacen and subtly scoots himself closer to Fiver. "I was never in the dark Jacen. I'm happy out here. I don't want to be a Jedi."

Jacen's cold eyes follow him. "Well, the Jedi have missed you and you will become one. So tell me cousin, where have you been all these years?"

Ben places his hand on Fiver. "Here and there, and the Jedi can shove it out an airlock as far as I'm concerned."

Ben notices one of the guards chuckling in amusement. Jacen turns from him, and looking at the officer says, "Bring him."

As the guards surround him, Ben frowns at Jacen's retreating back. A sharp prod by a blaster starts Ben walking after him. As he walks, Ben is trying his best to figure out how he can escape. Unfortunately, he is drawing a blank.

Jacen leads them down the egress hatch, and into the bustling landing bay of an Imperial class star destroyer. Ben looks around, and fails to see anything of interest, but notes that the repair crews have already started doing repair work to the Scion.

He speaks to Jacen's back. "That's awfully nice of you to repair my ship for me."

"Well we are cousins are we not? After all you're a Jedi. It is not like you're a smuggler or a pirate right?"

Ben keeps his face passive, and tries his best to not jump Jacen right there. Jacen stops and turns towards him, his face once more twisting into a predatory grin. "Please don't try to assault me. I have the Force on my side."

"Stay out of my mind Jacen."

Jacen steps closer to him, and Ben can feel the anger coming off of him. "Then don't give me a reason to be in it Ben."

Then suddenly Jacen spins away once more speaking over his shoulder to Ben's guards. "Take my wayward cousin to the infirmary and then to cell block D. I'll send a Jedi to fetch him in a little while. Oh and Ben? Your dad is going to be thrilled to have you back with us."

Ben finds himself once more grinding his teeth, with a nearly overwhelming desire to shove a foot down Jacen's throat, but a quick prod from one of the blaster's held behind him changes his mind.

Sighing Ben allows himself to be lead to the infirmary and get treated for his concussion.

A short dunk in bacta and Ben is standing before the medics, who are trying to find something wrong with him. After the medics are through poking and prodding, the guards reappear to take him to the detention level, and push him into one of the cells. He spins around to watch the door close, and hears a familiar voice behind him.

"This is good. You've survived."

Ben turns to face the ghost behind him. "I really wish you were solid so I could punch you right now." Ben shakes his head as Anakin laughs. "So, what exactly do you want from me this time?"

Anakin stops laughing and gives Ben his full attention. "I want the same thing as earlier. For you to trust in the Force."

"Why? Why do I have to trust in the Force? What did the Force ever do for me?"

"Did you know that your mother was terminally ill while she was carrying you?"

Ben frowns. "I remember my parent's talking about the Vong poisoning her."

Anakin nods his head. "Yes that's the thing. While you were in the womb, she was fighting for her life. When you were born, she almost died. Do you know why she didn't?"

Ben shakes his head, not trusting himself to speak, not entirely certain he likes where this train of thought is taking him.

"She didn't die because the Force knew you needed your mother."

Ben frowns at him. "But the way you talk about it, the Force is sentient, like it has a plan."

"Who is to say it doesn't?"

"Jacen and my dad."

"Are wrong. The Force is sentient, and has a plan and an overall guiding intelligence. One that is shaped and shared by all the beings of this galaxy. We are all a part of the Force, and the Force is a part of us."

"Then what is the big deal about balance?"

Anakin smiles. "That was my task. To bring balance to the Force. That is the task that will ultimately fall to you and your children as well. Because I ultimately failed at my task, and rather than bring a balance to the Force, I left it in ruins. But I'm getting away from myself, what do you think balance means?"

"We were taught at the Academy that it means to keep things equal, the light and dark inside us should be stable, and us listening to the Force for direction."

Anakin waves his hand, as if pushing away that concept of balance. "Once again, you have been taught, not wrongly, but not entirely correct."

"Then what does it mean?"

"First remember, the balance of the Force is based upon a prophecy made nearly three millennia ago. And it was translated into basic, as such, that means there were some inaccuracies included." As he is speaking, Ben notices that he is getting light and lighter. "To bring balance to the Force means to destroy any and all of one side or the other. Such as destroying all Dark Side users, allowing only the Light to remain. I had the chance to do that, to take away the Dark Side, until the balance of the Force was all that remains. Yet, I failed. I chose the Dark Side, and was unable to destroy the Jedi entirely. Then I was redeemed, and that balance point had passed. Remember how I said that the Force is shared and created by all the inhabitants of the galaxy?"


"Important concept that, for it plays into how the Force shapes things to its will. Yet that will is composed of a dualistic nature, one of light and dark. The first Force users called the separate natures of the Force Asla and Bogan." The ghost waves his hand. "Not important. I was given the choice, and when I made it, the Jedi were slaughtered, then for whatever reason I was presented the choice again, and this time the Sith were not chosen, allowing the Light Side to become dominant once more."

Ben frowns slightly. "Okay."

"The Force will always sway from one side to the other, as power shifts and flows in the galaxy. Then at certain points, a decision must be made, one which will balance the Force again, allowing either the Dark or the Light to become dominant."

Ben gets a sinking feeling in his stomach, as he begins to guess where Anakin is taking this. "What does that have to do with me?"

Anakin points his finger at Ben. "You have to make that decision."

Finally the ghost is gone, and Ben's cell door suddenly opens. Ben turns towards the door and sees the man from the bar standing there, fingering his lightsaber.

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