Jade's Scion: Chapter 23 — Jysella Rating: PG

Jysella stares at the image for a few moments more. Finally she points towards the man with a cigar in his mouth and looks at Tycho. "Who is that?"

She watches as Tycho's eyes flick from the image to her, to Winter then back to her. Finally he looks down, as Winter answers her question. "His name is Booster Terrik; he is the captain of the Errant Venture, father of Mirax Terrik." As she hears her mother's name, Jysella's head shoots around to face Winter, who has her eyes closed, reciting information as if she's reading from a datapad. "Grandfather to Valin and Jysella Horn. His wife died unexpectedly to heart failure sometime around 5 BBY. His wife's name was Jysella Terrik. He never remarried."

Jysella just stares in shock at Winter. After a few moments, she shakes slightly. "Are you saying that he is my grandfather?"

Tycho answers. "Yes, that is what we're saying."

She turns to look at Tycho. "But I don't have one, they're both dead, and have been for decades."

Tycho slowly shakes his head. "No, Booster is alive and well. Ben wasn't exactly sure how you would react to all of this information, and was planning on telling you when he returned."

"How can I not know this stuff? It's all about me? It's my life. My family!"

Winter answers and Jysella can feel the sadness flowing from the older woman. "None of us knows why you can't seem to remember anything."

"I think I may know."

The three turn to look towards the door, seeing Cal standing there. She smiles at them as she walks over and sits in the final chair at the table.

She reaches out and touches Jysella in the center of her forehead before speaking again. "The Force is twisted and unnatural right here in your presence. Someone has ripped these memories from you. Someone who is very powerful in the Force."

Jysella frowns at her. "Are you a Jedi?"

Cal laughs. "No, though I was once, a long time ago. Back before you were born. I made some bad decisions, did things that were unnatural, and then had to spend thirty years finding a way to access the Force that did not involve the Dark Side."

Jysella looks between the three others that sit at the table. "But there is no Dark Side?"

"Rubbish, pure rubbish, where did you hear that drivel?"

"That's what is taught at the Academy, it's what the Council teaches. There is no Dark Side, just our own natures."

Cal leans back in her chair and stares off at the ceiling for a moment before focusing on Jysella once more. "Has Luke fallen so far?" Then she waves her hand and sits forward. "Time is not on our side here. Ben has been captured by the Jedi, we must go help him."

Jysella closes her eyes and probes the Force.

Opening her eyes once more, Jysella shakes her head. "No, I need to go see my grandfather."

Tycho nods his head. "That can be arranged."

Cal frowns at her. "You would leave Ben to his fate at the hands of the Jedi?"

Jysella looks at her, and can feel anger flash through her. "I am a Jedi if you will remember. But I think I know someone who will rescue him if I ask him to." She turns towards Tycho. "Can you take me to the Holocom?"

Tycho nods his head, and leads her from the room, with Winter following and Cal sitting at the table, frowning at the spot Jysella had just left.

As they arrive at the com center, Jysella activates the Hypercom, and enters the code for her brother. After a few minutes he appears on the screen, a look of shock crossing his face. "Jys! Where are you?"

Jysella smiles at him. "That doesn't matter now. I am about to leave to go see our grandfather, I need you to rescue Ben. He was in the- hold on." She turns to look at Tycho, "Where was the meeting?"

"Antimeede System."

Once more facing Valin, she continues speaking. "He was in the Antimeede System, and captured. Can you do this for me?"

"Grandfather? Wait who's Ben? The smuggler who kidnapped you?"

Jysella laughs slightly. "Yes, that's him. Now will you rescue him? Then ask him to take you to the Errant Venture, that's where I will be."

Valin frowns. "Jacen said that if you set foot aboard the Errant Venture then you would be expelled from the Order."

Behind her she can hear Tycho mumbling something about ungrateful brats, but she keeps her focus on Valin. "That doesn't matter Valin. Please do this for me; I'll explain everything when I see you, or at least what I can explain."

She watches as Valin deflates a little, and then sees him pushed out of the way as a second face appears in the transmission. She looks familiar, but Jysella can't quite place her face. Jysella likes the sound of her voice though as she answers for Valin. "Yes, we will go get Ben and take him to the Venture. We will see you there."

She disappears from the screen and Jysella watches with impatience as Valin turns his head from the direction she went back to her. "I guess we'll see you there, I'm happy you're all right Jys."

Jysella shakes her head. "I'm not all right, nothing is anymore."

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