Jade's Scion: Chapter 22 — Sannah Rating: PG

Sannah awakens still kneeling on the floor with her head against the door. Stretching, she curses her own foolishness, not only for allowing her feelings about Valin to rekindle, but for allowing herself to fall asleep on the floor. No matter how emotionally exhausted she was.

She quickly runs through the shower, allowing the steaming water to loosen the muscles in her neck, then dresses in the simple Jedi robes. She takes a deep breath, calming her emotions, pushing her feelings for Valin away. She is a Jedi, and they are on a mission.

She opens the door and walks into the common area and sees Valin. She rushes to his side, and can feel his pain in the Force.

She starts to shake him, attempting to awaken him. "Valin!"

She shakes him again, and leans down close to listen to his breathing and heart. "Valin, please don't do this to me."

Scared, she gets up and goes to the com station to contact the Council. As she is waiting, she keeps glancing over her shoulder looking at Valin's still form. Finally someone comes online. She turns towards the com and see Jacen's face looking at her, watching her. A brief unrecognizable emotion crosses it as she quickly bows her head. "Master Solo, something is wrong with Valin, he's unconscious in the common area of the ship."

"Is he dead?"

"No Master, just unconscious and would not awaken."

"Very well, meet me in the Teferglon System; I'm here with an Alliance cruiser and it is large enough to have an infirmary. Getting him here will be quicker than taking him all the way back to Ossus. Solo out."

As the screen goes dark, she frowns at it. Why would Jacen answer for the Council if he's not on Ossus?

Pushing her thoughts about Jacen away, she launches the starship and plots a course for the Teferglon System. Surprised with herself as the navicomputer returns a good signal on her first attempt, Sannah pulls the levels hurtling them into hyperspace.

Then she rushes back to Valin.

She kneels beside him, and presses her hand against his forehead, sending him encouragement and healing through the Force.

Suddenly he is pushing away from her, and she can once again feel his emotions in the Force. Fear and terror are pouring off of him. "Valin, be still please."

She notices as the fear clears from his eyes, and he gives her a weak smile. "Sorry."

"What happened?"

She watches as he sits up. "I'm not sure, I was trying to meditate after our little," he hesitates as he looks at her, wondering if she is feeling better. "After our little spat, when I started to come out of the vision, I felt an intense pain, and I guessed I blacked out and had a nightmare."

She looks away from him, not trusting herself to look into his eyes. "When I found you out here unconscious, I contacted Master Solo, and he ordered us to meet him in the Teferglon System, which is where we are heading now."

She starts to stand, to get away from him as he grabs her hands. She looks at him, into his eyes. So blue, is the thought that crosses her mind as he says, "I'm sorry Sannah."

She looks away from him, still not fully trusting herself. "Forget it Valin. I was being a silly youngling."

Deciding that he is now done, she starts to stand once more, but he still won't release her hand. She looks at him, as he quickly pulls her to him and kisses her.

Once more her emotions are going through a roller coaster. She remembers their first kiss, mere hours before seeing little Ben for the first time. She remembers how he was just treating her, how he has effectively ignored her these many long years, as so many of the Jedi have since Anakin's death. She remembers how happy they were during the Vong War.

She returns the kiss.

She feels these conflicting emotions, but the one that outshines all the others is the joy at being in his arms once more. If this lasts for just a few minutes, and she starts to change here and now, she will die happy with this memory.

As he pulls away slightly from them, she opens her eyes once more and can feel his confusion in the Force. As she watches him she can feel tears trying to escape her eyes. "Please Valin; please don't play with me again."


She turns away from him. "After the Vong War, you disappeared for awhile, spending time with your parents and grandfather. Then you came back, and you never came to see me, and it's, it's nothing." She glances down to where he still holds her hand. "Can I have my hand back now?"

"Not until you tell me what you were going to say."

She looks into his eyes once more, and can feel one of the tears escape. "I loved you Valin. All those long, lonely years, I loved you. You were the first boy I ever kissed, and I used to be afraid of the transformation, afraid of leaving you behind. Then you stopped coming to talk to me, stopped being around me, and the pain slowly faded, as the greater sadness of not transforming, not becoming an adult took hold."

She pauses, taking a deep breath before continuing. "And these past few days have made me realize that I love you still. Especially coming out here and finding you on the floor not moving."

Valin looks away from her. "In my vision, I saw us on a starship, holding hands, walking into an infirmary room with Master Skywalker and a red-haired woman who was holding a baby." Valin turns back to her, and she sees the tears in his eyes. "What troubles me the most is that I know I did those things, with you, and I was happy while doing it, happier than I've been since the Vong War ended. But, I can't find a memory of me doing those things."

Sannah can feel her fear as she begins to understand what he's saying, as he spells it out for her. "Sannah, someone stole huge parts of my life from me."

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