Jade's Scion: Chapter 21 — Valin Rating: PG

Valin can feel the Force push as it slams into him knocking him against the door. He can hear Sannah's voice as it rises in volume due to her anger. "Get out! Get Out! Get Out!"

Valin reaches up and opens the door, and can feel an unexplainable sadness well up within him. He wishes she would stop yelling so they could talk about it. As he opens his mouth once more to ask her what was wrong, his danger sense goes off.

Then he is tumbling into the common area, the after effects of Sannah's Force Push knocking various objects from their shelves behind him. He comes to a rest against the blast couch that is set up against the far wall from Sannah's room, and slumps to the floor.

Standing, he winces at the flare of pain from his blaster wound, and walks towards her door. From the other side, he can hear her tears and that unexplainable sadness grows in intensity.

Looking around the room, not sure what to do, he sits in the middle of the floor of the common area, watching the door to Sannah's cabin. Absently rubbing his shoulder where it was bruised from her Force push. As he watches the door, he can realize that he can still hear her cries and sobs, and can feel the sadness and grief pouring off of her.

He can feel his frustration and confusion bubbling over, and wonders just what had just happened. They were enjoying the meal together when she forcibly removed him from the room.

Then he realizes that that is not exactly what had happened, he showed her the picture of Whitesun first. He searches his memory, trying to remember the name that she called him. Finally it comes to him. Ben, Ben Skywalker.

Sitting up slightly so he can meditate, Valin wonders just what Sannah's connection to the smuggler, and the Errant Venture is, and he wonders why he feels so horrid that she's crying.

For the first time since his sister was taken, he is wondering not what trouble his sister has gotten into, but just what type of trouble he is finding himself in.

Closing his eyes, he evens out his breathing and begins to meditate.

He opens his eyes, to a scream. In front of him lying on a bed is a woman with red hair, and ashen skin. She is giving birth, and beside her he can see a younger Master Skywalker. He notices that Master Skywalker's face appears drawn and in pain, suffering emotionally and physically alongside the red-haired woman.

Finally the child is born.

He sees people come and go, including Anakin, and Tahiri, both appearing in their teens. A brief stab of pain flows into Valin at the sight of his two close friends who have been gone from his life for so long. He sees his parents looking young and spry, carrying a three year old child that he recognizes as Jysella.

Then he sees himself and Sannah come into the room, walking hand-in-hand, he is laughing at something she has said. Valin can feel the happiness that he is exuding in this vision, and realizes that it is something which is lacking from his life. He watches as Sannah drops his hand and rushes to the woman, the smile that lights her face is amazing.

Then the world fades away.

To be replaced with a walkway that is burning. Valin watches as Whitesun battles someone else with a lightsaber. He is amazed at the ferocity and grace evident in their battle, the way each move seems to flow from one to another, always perfectly placed, always perfectly parried.

Then as he watches the fight, he can see his sister walk out onto the platform, he sees her eyes widen in shock and surprise, and can hear her voice call out in clear concise tones. "Valin! No!"

He spins back to the lightsaber fight, and Whitesun's opponent steps into a shaft of light, and Valin can see his own face, twisted with hate and anger. It is a face in stark contrast to the calm composure found on Ben's.

Suddenly Valin is propelled from the vision. He finds himself squirming on the deck of the Big Eye, holding his head in his hands due to the sudden pain.

As he squirms on the deck, he is overcome with another vision. He can feel himself being held down to a table, straps holding his arms and legs, someone's hands holding his head, and he can see a hand reaching out to his head, one that glows with Force energy.

Then the darkness overcomes him.

He awakens to a hand pressed gently against his forehead; he can feel the Force energy flowing into him. Startled, he starts scampering back from the hand, a cry of terror nearly escaping his lips.

"Valin, be still please."

Looking at the speaker, he can feel his fears collapse under their own weight. He manages a weak smile for Sannah. "Sorry."

"What happened?"

Valin sits up, holding his head with one hand. "I'm not sure, I was trying to meditate after our little," he hesitates as he looks at her, wondering if she is feeling better. "After our little spat, when I started to come out of the vision, I felt an intense pain, and I guessed I blacked out and had a nightmare."

She looks away from him. "When I found you out here unconscious, I contacted Master Solo, and he ordered us to meet him in the Teferglon System, which is where we are heading now."

As she starts to stand, Valin reaches out and grasps her hand. She turns to look at him. "I'm sorry Sannah."

She looks away from him. "Forget it Valin. I was being a silly youngling."

As she starts to stand once more, Valin continues to hold onto her hand. She turns to look at him, and he pulls her down to her and kisses her.

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