Jade's Scion: Chapter 19 — Jysella Rating: PG

Jysella snaps her mouth shut as she realizes that it had been hanging open.

She turns away from Tycho, trying to figure out her feelings, and then abruptly wheels on him again. "He just upped and left me here?"

She watches as Tycho chuckles slightly. "Yes, I'm certain that's what I said."

She spins from him and resumes her walk down the hall to the mess, her feet stomping loudly on the metal deck. Tycho follows, still chuckling to himself.

As she enters, she scans the room, and then gets herself some warm cereal and a protein shake. She randomly picks a table to sit at and starts spooning sweetener onto the cereal. As a shadow covers her, she looks up at Tycho, whose face still shows his merriment. "Mind if I join you?"

Sighing, she shakes her head and points with her spoon at the empty chair right in front of him.

They eat their cereal in silence, Jysella once more wondering why Ben would suddenly leave.

"So Knight Horn, do you happen to be related to Corran Horn?"

Startled she looks up from her bowl at Tycho. "Oh! I'm sorry, I was lost in thought, what was that?"

Tycho smiles at her. "Are you related to Corran Horn?"

She nods her head. "Yes, he's my daddy."

She watches as Tycho leans back in his chair, an odd look crossing his face. "You know I was in Rogue Squadron with him, back when the New Republic was first formed."

Suddenly interested, Jysella focuses her full attention on the man, her disappointment and sadness at being left behind temporarily forgotten. "Really? Daddy never talked much about those days, did you know him well?"

"I knew him. He saved my life, I saved his. My personal favorite was that I was accused of murdering him."

Both Jysella and Tycho spin towards the door as they hear a new voice. "Ah Tycho my love, are you telling tales of ancient history again?"

Jysella looks at her, and thinks how regal Winter holds herself. Finally after a moment, she decides it's in the tilt of her chin, and the flash of defiance still visible in her eyes, but Jysella thinks she looks like royalty.

As Tycho answers her, she turns her attention back to him. "Of course, did you know that this young Jedi is the daughter of Lieutenant Horn?"

As Jysella turns back to Winter, she has the unmistakable impression that Winter knew that already. She frowns slightly as Winter smiles at her and then sits down on the far side of Tycho, so that Jysella is between the two of them.. "Truly? This is a small galaxy. How is Corran these days?"

Feelings of paranoia flow into Jysella. She stands and leans over the table, her head swinging from one to the other. "What are you both hiding from me?"

"Why exactly would we hide something from you?"

"I don't know," as she continues, Jysella points a finger at Winter, "but I do know that you knew that my father is Corran Horn."

Jysella watches as Winter's face flows into a blank mask, worthy of any Jedi or senior politician. "Did I ever say otherwise?"

Jysella can feel her outrage shift to confusion. A denial or an attempt to change the topic she was expecting, but Winter's response caught her off guard. "No. But, you made it sound that way."

Winter smiles at her, one which makes Jysella feel like she is in school again, and has just given a really wrong answer to a simple question. "One would think that as a Jedi, you would know the difference."

"I, I just don't know." As she speaks, Jysella slumps back into her chair, placing her hands on the edge of the table so that she can look at her palms. "Everything used to be so clear, I am a Jedi, I had a purpose, and I served the Council. Yet ever since I woke on Ben's ship, I've been confused and off balance. Like I should be remembering something, but it refuses to come to me. I know my family is probably worried sick about me, but I feel like I shouldn't contact them. And then I'm here telling all this to two people who may as well be strangers!"

She watches as Winter takes on of her hands. "It's okay Jysella. And there are things that we know, that we have not told you. Starting with that not only do we know your parents, but we know them well, along with the Masters Skywalker, and the Solos."

Jysella looks at Winter, and can feel her own confusion, and the beginnings of that same irrational fear she felt when Ben dropped out of hyperspace in front of the Maw. "Then why have I never seen either of you before?"

As she watches, Winter quickly looks towards Tycho and then down at where her hand still grasps Jysella's. "That's the thing Jysella, you have seen us before, many, many times in fact."

As Winter finishes speaking, Tycho sets a portable holoimage cube on the table in front of Jysella and then presses a button on it. An image appears centered within it is Jysella with her parents and brother, on one side are Tycho and Winter and on the other side are another couple both with dark brown hair.

As the images cycle, Jysella can feel her confusion and fear as there before her is herself and this couple throughout her life. The final image in the series, is her in her early teens, with a younger looking Tycho and another, familiar man, one with a widow's peak, and a cigar clenched in his teeth as he smiles around it. A man she had seen in a vision discussing her father with a Twi'lek.

With horror she realizes that these images displayed her life.

A life she did not know.

A life she could not remember.

Ultimately she realizes that it is a life that someone took from her.

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