Jade's Scion: Chapter 17 — Valin Rating: PG

Startled, Valin watches as she flees the room.

Hesitantly, he walks to her cabin and knocks lightly on her door. He can feel the tempest of emotions that she's trying to not broadcast through the Force. "Sannah? I'm sorry Sannah, are you all right?"

He can barely hear her voice through the door. "Yes, I just. I need some time alone, okay?"

Frowning, not entirely certain on what to do, he decides to give her that time. "Okay. I'm going out into Mos Eisley again to hunt for some information on our smuggler. Comm me if you need anything."

Again he can barely make out her voice, it sounds weak and confused. "Okay. Be careful please."

"I will."

He watches the door for a moment, and then steps into his room to get a new tunic and robe and walks out of the ship.

He watches as the ship closes up, and quickly locks it to ensure no one will enter while he's gone.

Slipping quietly from place to place, using the Force to mask his presence and to ensure that others do not see him, unless and until he wants them to. He stops random people on the street, showing an image of Whitesun asking if they had seen him before. Then he starts ducking into various shops and cantinas asking within them as well.

Ultimately, Valin finds himself in a corner booth of a bar on the far side of Mos Eisley.

He is intently listening to a deal being made between two smuggler's agents and what had caught his attention was the name "Whitesun."

He smiles as he realizes that they are discussing the transfer of a data packet, similar to what was used in the sting operation where he had almost caught the smuggler. Quickly memorizing the coordinates for the transfer, he silently slides away from the booth, and goes to the bar to order a drink.

As he is silently drinking, a large hand drops on his shoulder. Casting a quick glance over that shoulder, he feels his heart sink. Towering behind him is the large being that shot him earlier.

"Hello runt. You and that fem of yours killed Qem. Now I'm going to make you hurt."

Valin glances to either side of him, and sees two others who look basically the same as the first; all appear to share a common desire to make Valin feel pain.

Valin's fist shot out catching the first man in his solar plexus, leaving him gagging and gasping for breath. A quick punch to the stomach and then an even quicker uppercut sends the man to the floor. He steps on him and uses him as a springboard to jump towards the second guy, but number three catches his foot and slams him into the floor.

Valin rolls to the left, and grabs his saber. He quickly stands and ignites the saber, holding it in a high ready.

He stalks forward slightly. "Last chance guys, run away and don't bother me again."

The two still standing, look at one another and quickly start to back away.

Valin looks at the man on the floor, and sees him staring up at him, a look of fear in his face. Valin frowns down at him and waves his hand. "Shoo."

All three quickly scurry away.

Turning back to the bartender he orders a meal for Sannah and himself and heads back to the Big Eye.

Setting the food on the table, he goes into the cockpit and turns on the Hypercom, to contact the Jedi Council.

As the image of Jacen Solo appears, Valin bows his head. "I have news Master."

Valin lifts his head to see Jacen scratching at his chin, looking at Valin intently. "Report."

"The smuggler Whitesun shall be in the Antimeede System tomorrow for a data packet transfer. I'm sending the exact coordinates to you now."

"You have done very good Valin, but I sense doubt and fear in you."

Valin quickly swallows. "No Master, I have no doubts, I'm just trying to get my sister back."

Jacen leans back into his seat. "Good. Again, I must say that it is highly important that neither you nor your sister set foot aboard the Errant Venture. Are we clear on that fact?"

"Yes Master. Might I ask why?"


Valin's eyes widen slightly at the sharpness of the reply. Having a hard time remembering when he had been denied information regarding a mission in such a fashion.

Jacen turns to look off screen at something that Valin can't see, and then focuses once more on Valin. "We will handle this contact with Whitesun. You stay out there and try to find more information regarding him and his base of operations."

"I obey Master."

Jacen smiles at Valin. "Good. Ossus out."

As the screen goes dead, Valin gives a slight involuntary shudder and then stands and retrieves the food he had brought.

Walking over to the Sannah's door he lightly knocks. He notices that her voice sounds stronger, more sure of itself. "Come."

He walks in and sees her sitting near her bed on the floor. He smiles at the somewhat innocent expression on her face. "I brought dinner, are you still upset at me?"

He can feel his spirits lift slightly at her return smile. "No, I'm not upset, and thank you for dinner, I'm starving."

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