Jade's Scion: Chapter 15 — Jysella Rating: PG

Jysella opens her eyes to find herself in a room. One she has never been in before, but as in so much lately seems intimately familiar to her. It is a green room, with lots of shadows; little lighting and a low roof, one which makes her feel claustrophobic. There are no chairs, no tables, just seven cylinders along the wall, appearing to be a mixture of bacta tank and sleep cylinders.

The only other thing to note in the room is a lone person, standing tall, his face covered in shadows. Yet her eyes are drawn to the saber at his belt, its silver handle shining, reflecting the little light there is. She knows this saber, but it is another thing she cannot quite place.

Two others drag in another man. He appears broken in body; he has some dark, knobby prosthetic, and his head and face are a mass of healed burns. She can see the beginnings of a large bruise on the side of his head which probably accounts for how he appears to be dead weight for those who are bringing him in.

She watches with a sinking feeling in her stomach, as the first man injects something into the neck of the burned man. She can feel her horror as the man twists and turns, his mouth opened wide in a scream she can't hear. She watches the ice-pale blue chips that are his eyes, and winces in sympathetic agony.

Then the two drag him over to the first capsule and place him inside. They close the lid, and press a button on the side. The first man gives a quick wave of his hand and the other two quickly rush from the room. He walks over to the capsule and peers inside, and Jysella can now see a thick blackish red fluid is filling the container. She also can see that the burned man is awake, and frightened of what is happening. As she watches the panic on the man's face becomes more pronounced as he pounds on the transparisteel face of the container.

She sees the first man's shoulders shake slightly, as if he's chuckling.

Slowly the fluid continues to fill the cylinder, the man's arms now flailing against the face of the container. Finally, the black-red fluid has filled the container entirely, and then it starts to churn, its vicious form moving constantly and violently.

The first man walks to a small cabinet built into the wall, and pulls out a second injector, and quickly injects himself with something. Jysella watches as the man grasps his arm and breathes in and out heavily.

She can tell that he's in a lot of pain.

He starts to lift his head, the movement bringing his face into a shaft of weak sunlight.

With a start Jysella sits up in her bed, a scream sitting on the edge of her tongue, the taste of vomit burning the back of her throat. She runs her hands over her face twice and glances at the chrono.

Noticing that it is only a few minutes before the station's morning she swings out of bed and runs through the refresher, luxuriating in the shower. Letting it wash away the tension and fear generated by her nightmare.

She closes her eyes and leans her head against the wall, and can once more see the burned man screaming.

Quickly she opens her eyes and gets out of the shower, wrapping herself up in a towel. Even in the warm humidity of the refresher, she can't seem to find any warmth.

Still shivering, she leaves the refresher and goes to the wardrobe that stands in the corner of the room. She opens it to reveal a wide selection of clothes of different styles. She sighs as she realizes that the only thing missing are Jedi robes.

She pulls out a pair of tan pants and a white tunic and quickly dresses. Still shivering she looks into the wardrobe and is drawn to a black leather jacket, with a fur collar. She pulls it out, and slips into it. She holds her arms out looking at the jacket as she wears it, the color and texture reminding her of something which she cannot place.

Despite that feeling of having seen it before, she likes the jacket, it is warm without being heavy, and she pulls it tight around her neck, pressing the fur collar to her nose and inhaling deeply.

She catches sight of herself in a full-length mirror that sits in the corner of the room, and sees her mother staring back at her. Startled, she pushes out with the Force toppling the mirror.

She backs away from the mirror, and runs into the door. Her hand reaches out and slaps the panel beside the door opening it, and she continues backing out of her room. Then large hands grab her shoulders. She screams.

From behind her she can hear an easy chuckle. "Easy there, you almost ran this old man down."

Jysella twirls around and sees the old man before her, she runs through her memory trying to remember his name.

"Oh, I'm sorry Tycho. I just," She glances over her shoulder back into the room, as the door slides shut, then looks once more back at him. "I just had a bad dream and a restless night."

She watches him as he smiles at her, and thinks his smile is kind. "I can understand, as I have had a few of those in my life. May I escort you to breakfast?"


As they walk down the hall, she catches him looking at her a number of times, always when he thinks she's looking somewhere else, and she wonders about that.

She pats her side, where her saber should hang and is once more disconcerted as it is not there.

"Are you missing something?"

She shakes her head slightly. "Just my lightsaber, I don't think Ben gave it back to me."

He scratches his head. "I don't remember him having it on him when he got off the Jade's Scion, so it's probably on her still somewhere. But if so, then you'll have to wait a few days for it, as Ben went on a quick run."

She stops in her tracks and looks at him. "He left me here?"

She can feel the anger and outrage at effectively being stranded in the middle of the Maw. She recognizes those feelings and understands where they come from. It is the disappointment that she is feeling that confuses her.

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