Jade's Scion: Chapter 11 — Jysella Rating: PG

"Now if you'll excuse me I have a few matters I need to attend to."

She hears him say it, but is not really paying attention. Her sense of wonderment has been replaced by fear and confusion. She looks around the room, frowning. She knows that she has been in this place; she knows that she's seen this room before.

Yet she cannot remember it at all.

She walks to the wall, and notices a small tear in the wallpaper that covers the room. Without thinking she picks at it, and then yanks the wallpaper down, pulling it away.

Underneath is another set of wallpaper, pastel in shade, with childlike ewoks and banthas dancing on that baby blue color.

She removes more of the wallpaper, revealing more and more ewoks and banthas.

She can feel her fear as it rapidly climbs, threatening to overwhelm her. For the first time since she was awoke, she reaches out for her brother, and finds him reeling in every imaginable negative feeling and emotion. The pain, sickness, misery, anger, hate and death that is pummeling his Force Presence scares her, and she quickly pulls back from him, and sits on the ground, putting her head on her knees. She can feel the tears start to come, and she wonders why exactly she is crying.

She evens out her breathing, and attempts to touch the Force again.

This time she is given a vision.

She sees a gathering of three Jedi and a number of younglings. Two of them are a younger Master Tionne and Master Skywalker. The other Jedi is a red-haired woman that appears to be around the same age as Master Tionne and Master Skywalker. Master Tionne is holding an infant child with pale reddish blonde hair; other younglings are scampering around at her feet.

She feels like an intruder as she watches Master Skywalker bend down to kiss the babe's cheek, and then the red-haired female Jedi does the same.

She can only watch, as Master Skywalker and the red-haired Jedi, turn and board a Horizon-class star yacht, similar to Ben's ship. She is unsure of what to make of it, as Master Skywalker and the other Jedi were holding hands.

Frowning slightly, she watches the younglings, as they all wave at the starship as it lifts off and flies out of the magnetic shield.

As it speeds away, the younglings all follow Tionne back into the main part of the complex they are in. Jysella is dragged along, some part of her not wanting to go, some part of her struggling against the vision.

Startled she realizes that she can hear things now. She pays attention as Tionne speaks, "Okay younglings, please run along to your lessons with Master Kam, I will be there as soon as I put this wee one to bed."

All the children run off save for one. She is a dark-haired little girl with green eyes, who appears to be about three or four years old. Jysella is transfixed as she listens. "Can I stay with you Master Tone?"

"Of course young one."

Tionne, the infant and the little girl enter a room, once more dragging Jysella along. She looks around, and sees that the room is decorated in blue pastels, with ewoks and banthas. A crib and dresser are against one wall, and a rocking chair is set in the middle of the room.

Tionne sits in the rocker chair, still holding the infant. The little girl sits on the floor at Tionne's feet, watching Tionne's every move. She gives the girl a quick smile, and then begins to sing a lullaby to the baby.

As she finishes the song, Tionne stands and gently places the sleeping infant in the crib. The little girl pulls on Tionne's robes, and holds her hands out to be held. Smiling Tionne reaches down and lifts the girl up.

Jysella can only smile at the girl's innocence as she says, "He's pretty."

"Yes, he is a beautiful baby."

The little girl looks at Tionne, her eyes reminding Jysella of someone or something. "Master Tone, do you think I can be a mommy with a pretty baby someday?"

Tionne hugs the girl close and replies. "If the Force wills it, Jysella, if the Force wills it."

At the sound of her name, Jysella bolts from the vision, a scream echoing in the room. She casts her eyes about, and screams again, upon seeing the ewoks and banthas still decorating the wall.

Then there is a pounding on the door, and someone outside it screaming. "Jysella!"

She scampers into the corner on the far side of the bed, and reaches up and drags the comforter off the bed and pulls it tight around her. She feels so cold and frightened.

She notices that the pounding has stopped, and with a swoosh the door opens. She looks over the top of the bed, and sees a dark silhouette in the doorway brandishing a blaster.

"Jysella, are you okay?"

She finally recognizes the smuggler's voice.


She barely recognizes herself as she says that. Her voice is raw with fear and pain. She looks up as she hears the scuffle of a boot on the floor, and sees the smuggler standing over her, putting away his blaster.

He kneels down beside her, his face serious. "Are you okay?"

"Yes! Now go'way."

She begins to get angry and frustrated as he ignores her, and continues to kneel there in front of her.

Then with a quick nod of his head, he stands. "If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask."

Her anger quickly slips away to be replaced by fear as he leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

Jysella curls up into a ball there on the floor and starts to cry as she wonders what is wrong with her.

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